Deep Fall Surprise WIPs & FOs

The two patterns from our Deep Fall Surprise have inspired some seriously great knitting.

Avelinux‘s lovely Caireen.


Mabuli‘s red version.


And Frauwoauspo‘s terrific version in progress…

So lush.

And some Motleys-in-progress…

Florencemary‘s version


Annaremedial‘s bright version in Noro Taiyo

So colorful!

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9 thoughts on “Deep Fall Surprise WIPs & FOs

    1. Marion

      Thank you !
      This is my Caireen, photographed in Berlin, Germany where we have so much snow in these days.

  1. LesleyD

    I totally love Motley!! It looks like each of the pieces have little mouths trying to tell everyone “Hey! I’m keeping this guy warm!” LOVE IT!!!
    Love Florence Mary’s!

  2. Candice Hope

    Ooooh, I LOVE that first pic of Caireen in progress, I want to smoooosh my face into it! I bought yarn to make Caireen last week but who knows when it will actually hit the needles.

  3. Jennifer Cameron

    The Caireens in progress are so gorgeous! I’ve added that to the list. I just got the needles for the motley yesterday and am dying to start it. Have to get through some to do list things first 🙁

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