Furry GoKnits Bag

It would be an understatement to say I’m an avid knitter. I carry my knitting with me everywhere I go, and I’m always on the lookout for a good bag to hold my portable projects.

Perfect for winter knitting.

I’ve been a fan of the KnowKnits GoKnits bags for years. The small one in particular is the perfect size for a sock project, and it slips tidily into the corner of my bag. I never go anywhere without a little bag with a sock project.

GoKnit bags are made of a durable rip-stop nylon, and they’ve got a drawstring and and a little strap with a snap that attaches to your belt, or your purse, or fits handily around your wrist. I have one on my belt when I’m teaching, when I’m walking, when I’m at a pub, when I’m on public transport, when I’m waiting to meet my friend at the ballet, and often even in the house.

I’ve got the lime green one, a couple of the camo ones, a silver one, and now, my absolute favorite of the lot, a FURRY ONE! As an inveterate knitter-in-public with a well-developed passion for kitsch, this may well be the best knitting bag ever. Bonus: the fur may be faux, but it’s super soft. Very pettable.

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10 thoughts on “Furry GoKnits Bag

  1. Mona T

    It looks like a little chinchilla.

    Now that I’ve said that, I don’t think I could possibly pull yarn out of one. It would be way too weird.

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