Kamikaze ninja surprise contest!

Virtually out of nowhere comes another contest! We know…we think it’s pretty cool, too!

Leave a comment to this post by Friday, December 17 at midnight eastern time, and you could win! We’ll choose a winner at random and post the results on Monday’s blog.

What’s the prize?

Briar Rose Sonoma...will you be the lucky one?

1 skein of Briar Rose Sonoma: Content: 100% wool
Yardage/Wt.: 460 yds/437 m, 8 oz.
Retail price: $32

Can’t wait to see if you’re the lucky winner? Chris at Briar Rose has given us a special discount to share: 10% off through the end of December. Just use code KnitBR.

Good luck to you all!

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9,034 thoughts on “Kamikaze ninja surprise contest!

  1. AndreaW

    What a beautiful gift from Santa this would be. Yummy!!!! I wouldn’t be able to wait to knit it up into a shawlette so it could hug me!

  2. Theresa

    Oh, I love Briar Rose and Chris is fantastic! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her (and buying from her!) at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool fest. So kind and helpful.

  3. Laurel

    The colors are lovely — and not unlike the piles of leaves the wind has helpfully deposited in my yard … again. Pick me, random number generator!

  4. Ann B

    This yarn is stunning and I have the perfect little hat pattern I’d love to use as my first Briar Rose project!

  5. JC

    YEY! Contest! Those skeins are beautiful, I’m really hoping to be chosen (hint hint, mighty random integer generator)

  6. Leesa Gentry

    Would love to stay home everyday and feed my yarn addition. One of the greatest pleasures of my life is to give a gift that I made with my own hands. It is always given with the knowledge that it come with my love and prayers.

  7. Beth S.

    Beautiful colorway. It looks very yummy and warm and has a nice yardage too! I’m a little surprised that this is the first time I’ve seen this yarn!

  8. Christine

    Great, I’ve been thinking about a skein or two over there, but I was waiting till January because I’ve blown my yarn budget by about 300 percent already. Well, it won’t hurt anything to browse, right? LOL.

  9. Dawn

    I could use a new hat and scarf this winter! And these are such hopeful colors…makes you feel like spring is right around the corner, rather than four or five months away….

  10. Kathy

    I’d never heard of this yarn before. It looks wonderfully warm and the colours are so beautiful. *fingers crossed* I’ll be making some warm winter goodness from it soon.

  11. Diana

    What lovely colors. I’d characterize this bonus as a double bonus, a chance to win and a discount. I’ll be using the discount but hoping to win.

  12. Mandy

    I love their yarn — and they do a beautiful job of knitting up samples in it to make it extra intriguing when they are at shows. yummy! random number generator: pick me!

  13. Fern Braverman

    Briar Rose is one of my favorite yarns, every year at the Great Lakes wool festival( in Wooster Ohio) I get to see them (and of course buy)in person. What a treat for whoever wins.

  14. Laura

    Absolutely gorgeous yarn!! I never win anything and this would sure be a nice thing to win to change that!!!

  15. knitmomma

    Awesome! Thanks for the contest – that yarn is so pretty! What gorgeous colors.

    knitmomma (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. Jessie M.

    This Briar Rose yarn is gorgeous! I could knit up something lovely for my little girl. She loves color!

  17. Deborah R Ponzio

    I am a Briar Rose addict!!! Haven’t gotten to try Sonoma yet though – so what an opportunity!!!

  18. Heather W.

    How gorgeous! I hope the random number gods are happy with my sacrifice this time. I mean…sacrifice? what sacrifice? there was a sacrifice? 🙂

  19. Peggy at BothTwins

    This looks like pretty fun yarn for a lace shawlette. No nylon or poly to make it durable sock yarn.

  20. hallie m.

    Wow……….. now that is pretty stuff. Even if I don’t win, I just might take advantage of that discount code and get myself a little Christmas gift. 😀

  21. Nette

    Like a ninja comes swooping in, deadly, silent, and dressed all in black (but with comfy handknit black, of course), so I come swooping, commenting on the contest post!

    Mostly just because I like the pretty colorway.

  22. Chris in Maine

    Oooh! What a great surprise holiday treat! And the weather outside is frightfully brisk right now, so this yarn would be perfect to snuggle with.

  23. Lynne Warren

    Great of the Briar Rose folks to offer!
    Now to imagine what I would make if I’m the lucky commenter.
    It could happen, right?

  24. LilyRedCloud

    I’m obsessed with knitting fingerless mitts or I call them office gloves. So all yarn I see is transformed in my imagination into mitts! This would be wonderful to knit and divine to wear!

  25. Jacqueline Gabriel

    Colors, O, Colors
    Blended Swirls–Light, Dark, and True.
    With you, create dreams!

    by, Jacqueline Gabriel

    Enter me please!

  26. Evie

    I am an intermediate beginner and just started my first hat and just finished my first pair of arm warmers. Too broke to buy anything like that but I cant wait to finally knit something that isn’t acrylic and to actually be able to block your work! It looks sooo nice.

  27. Dawn

    Love the colors. Like autumn with a hint of spring. So many great items to be made with such beautiful yarn.

  28. Fedter

    That yarn is so beautiful. I want to make myself
    a hat out of it. It would make a wonderful return to knitting for me.

  29. Ronnie

    Good looking yarn, but at $32, the only way I would get some yarn like that is to win it!! I would love to make something with it, though.

  30. Pam

    The yarn is just gorgeous and looks very yummy. I can think of many things it could grow up to be. Pick me, Pleeeease!

  31. Leslie

    If only the swaddling cloths were knit from this yarn,
    We’d all trade His place and be born in a barn.

  32. Seana

    Of course I would love the yarn, I exist. The reason I’m entering the contest…the name, Kamikaze ninja!!

  33. Diane

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Chris and attending an open house featuring her yarns at HER HOUSE…it is a lovely home. Exactly what I’d expect from someone that produces beautifully shaded yarns for us.

  34. Holly

    ooooh, as one of those unfortunates with a christmas birthday issue, surely this would make up for those icky xmas/birthday card things! 🙂

  35. Rosemary

    Wow! Beautiful yarn…even if I didn’t win it (which I hope I do!!) I would buy it anyway. the discount doesn’t hurt either 🙂

  36. Mary Meyer

    I think I need this yarn. Looks like a great weight for a scarf. My stash is shrinking, I’ve used two bags of yarn without buying any. That probably equals about .05% of the total! LOL.

  37. Amanda

    Santa Baby, put that beauty under the tree, for me. I’ve been an awfully good knitter! Santa Baby, and maybe I’ll knit you a hat! How’s that? Maybe I will knit you a hat!

  38. Trina Bruder-Kooy

    Yummy!! So very Yummy!

    The hardest part would be deciding which pattern would do this stunning yarn the most justice!! 🙂

  39. Eva

    Wow. Pretty… but the blue is sort of odd. But of course, now I need to win the yarn so I can see how it knits up! 😉

  40. Rainy

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity yet again to win something amazing. The yarn is most beautiful. With those amazing colors, just looking at it you start to imagine what it could be. Happy Holidays to all!

  41. Regina