WWW: Zombies, scarves & a Contest!

The always wonderful folks over at Berroco have provided a kit to make the amazing Beatnik sweater by Norah Gaughan, a prize valued at $60-$110.

If you like a chance to win, leave a comment to this post by 11:59 pm, eastern time, tomorrow (Thursday, December 2). If you are chosen, you must answer a super secret question to be declared the winner.

Our winner will be announced on Monday, December 6.

You know you wanna...

Zombie gotcha knit!

An outrageously excellent and nerdy art installation at Mediamatic in Amsterdam… participants play a video game – Multithreaded Banjo Dinosaur Knitting Adventure 2D Extreme! – and winners have their achievement knitted into a scarf.  The knitting is done by a Brother knitting machine, driven by code generated by the game itself.

The post contains details on the game and how it was built, as well as some truly wonderful photos of the design and construction process.

Inspirational spinning

Interweave is launching their first spinning emag today. Modeled after Sockupied, their new sock knitting emag, SpinKnit is a multimedia party.

Spinners can travel the world, learning about spinning and knitting in Peru, the Pacific Northwest and upstate New York. Through video, slide show and articles spinners will learn techniques from experts Kathryn Alexander, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and Judith MacKenzie.

A 10-day initiative at a shopping mall in Riga, Latvia has resulted in a scarf over 107 feet long. Shoppers were invited to stop and knit a row or two (or more) with the goal of producing a long scarf in the national colors of Latvia. The scarf will be divided up and sold off to raise funds for local soup kitchens.

The video is great, with some lovely shots of colorwork and continental knitting!

Scarves for unity.

Special Olympics Minnesota is an organization devoted to providing sports instruction and participation opportunities for adults and children with intellectual and physical disabilities. The organization has teamed up with Red Heart Yarn to kick off the 2011 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project.  The committee is looking to collect 1,000 handmade scarves (knitted or crocheted) for athletes, coaches and volunteers participating in Winter Special Olympics events across the US this winter

More info here.

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2,397 thoughts on “WWW: Zombies, scarves & a Contest!

  1. Diana

    I love the Multithreaded Banjo Dinosaur Knitting Adventure 2D Extreme! scarf and art installation! That’s hilariously cool!

  2. Bonnie

    Looks like a sweater I would have worn in the 1970s and would like to wear again. Please, pick me!

  3. Cheryl Jackson

    I just started to learn cables and am totally hooked! I would so love to win please and thanks for a great publication!

  4. aliceq

    What a nice looking sweater! The specified yarn sounds interesting. I wonder what it feels like (hint, hint).

  5. Janice

    “Multithreaded Banjo Dinosaur Knitting Adventure 2D Extreme!”. You had me at Multithreaded Banjo. 🙂 Wait, I could win yarn for a sweater ?? Count me in!

  6. Kelly S

    Sign me up for the contest! Remix sounds like such an interesting yarn…I’d love to win some to knit one of Norah’s sweaters.

  7. Elizabeth W.

    OK, any post that combines zombies and the Beatnik sweater is a win.

    Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaains *snap*snap*snap*

  8. Emma

    Oh wow those video game scarves are awesome! (And I’ve been wanting to knit that sweater for a while.)

  9. Meg

    I love this sweater; what a great contest prize! And thanks for the Special Olympics link–I’ve been wanting to make the Crocodylia scarf.

  10. erin

    love that sweater! just went to a new yarn store near my dad’s house while i was home for thanksgiving in order to buy the yarn to make it. don’t usually knit sweaters with their intended yarns, but the berroco remix is so yummy i have to use it. unfortunately, they didn’t have it in stock. so, i would love to win it instead!

  11. Mya

    Wow, a super secret question huh? Hope it’s not too hard because I’d love a chance to win the kit. That’s a fab sweater!

  12. april


    what? you said leave a comment. just kidding- i know thats not what you mean-
    ok, so really i do love that sweater and the photography was cool with her jumping.

  13. Anne Marie

    Love this sweater, but don’t have anything in my stash that is appropriate. Would seriously love to win the kit! Thanks!

  14. Deb

    oh I could so use a little warmth here with the snow and wind…I feel warm just looking at the sweater 🙂

  15. Kate

    I love these posts. It feels like I’m watching the nightly news show that has just knitting content. Bring on that super secret question!

  16. Johanna

    That really is a beautiful sweater, I must say. I’ve admired it at knitty.com since it came out!

  17. Jamie Wang

    Love that sweater! Whether or not I win the yarn pack, I plan to knit it.

    Thanks to you and the folks at Berrocco for this wonderful offer.

  18. Tabitha

    ohhh, that sweater looks like so much fun to knit!! I would use soe kind of electric or teal blue :).

  19. SarainBrooklyn

    I can see why she’s jumping for joy – great sweater! I’m recently re-obsessing about cables, after what shall hereafter be known as the year of the short rows.

    1. Carol Perecman

      What a great sweater! Thanks for the opportunity to win the kit. Love the yarn and the aesthetic.


  20. Katy

    Ooh, this pattern is on my must-knit list, and I could definitely use some help with the yarn. C’mon random number generator!

  21. Reb

    If someone offered me some knitting at a mall, to help refocus and block out the extraneous stuff, I might shop.

    But I would stay home and knit cables if given the yarn . . .

  22. Leah

    Oh man. I have wanted to make beatnik since first seeing it… Here’s hoping i can do it with the called for yarn! 😉

  23. Betsy

    Love those cables…

    I am in awe of the zombie art…one of the few knitted things I have seen that I haven’t put in my queue!!!

  24. Cat

    Wow – blend of my husband’s hobby and mine. Love the video game knitting! (And would love to win the yarn for the sweater.)

  25. Diane

    I also have the Beatnik in my queue, but winning a kit would be sweet! And my boys love the zombies…!

  26. krystina

    This is my first time entering a knitty contest. I’m really excited! And thank you for posting about the Special Olympics, what a worthy and exciting reason to knit a scarf!

  27. Thatgrrl

    Love the sweater and really want to win since I’ve blown my yarn budget for months on gift projects.

  28. M.F.Peterson

    This sweater is sitting patiently in my Rav queue…maybe if I get the kit, it will move to #1??? *fingers crossed*

  29. aprilshowers

    I’m a little nervous about the super secret question but it is worth the shot to win that gorgeous kit.

  30. Cathie Kimball

    I have put the yarn to make this pullover in a checkout queue a couple times… I love it!

  31. Nicole

    I didn’t know about the Special Olympics scarf project! Thanks for putting it in the same post as the contest…I’d still love to win, but since it’s not very likely I’ll hedge my bets and feel good about making a scarf for a local athelete. 🙂

  32. Schoep

    Dear Santa,

    I’ve been a good girl this year. Can I please have this kit? I promise I won’t ask for any more gifts!


  33. sharmie

    i’d love a chance to win that kit! i love the sweater a whole lot.

    i’m also in love with that video game scarf–i need a knitting machine!

  34. Sarah

    Oh wow, trust knitty to know exactly what I’m thinking. Been trying to chose my next sweater project and this was on my shortlist. 🙂 Fingers crossed and good luck to everybody in the competition

  35. RichelleCK

    Of course I’d love to win the Beatnik kit!!! That color would even be perfect! And if I don’t win, I’ll continue with my stash diving plan. 😉

  36. Debby

    I love Berroco, and Norah Gauhan is such a gifted designer. I would love to win this gorgeous sweater kit!

  37. holly

    Love that sweater!

    I also really love the knitting machine interactive installation. VERY cool stuff!

  38. Louise Boutot

    Please! Please! Please! I just have to win this kit. I’m an old beatnik at heart. I love all the wonderful contest and patterns.

  39. Sarah

    That sweater is gorgeous, being able to make it with this kit would make it just that much better 🙂

  40. JC

    I’d love to give this sweater a try. Berroco yarn is one of my go-to yarns when I need to do a project. And cables are so much fun!

  41. Shell

    Love Berroco yarns and have this in my list of to do projects. The design is so interesting!
    Thanks for the great pattern!

  42. Miranda

    I totally need that sweater. Please pick me!

    A great post all around. I love that zombie program thing too.

  43. Louise Rownd

    Norah Gaughan is my number one favorite designer. I would love to be able to knit this great sweater.

  44. Jaclyn

    Hmm, my little brother could get a knitted object while never leaving his video game? Excellent! Now, what am I going to do with the yarn for the pirate hat I planned on making for him?

    PS. Beatnik, dude, awesome!

  45. Debbie (fiberfriend)

    I grew up in the Beatnik days but I’m still growing up.
    That means that I want to learn more about cables with Berroco by my side…so excited about this contest!

  46. Shana

    Zombies AND sweaters?!?! Who can resist that? Better yet, I could use a little stress relief knitting, and this looks like just the thing!

  47. Heather K

    Go, Latvia – and their colours are the same as Canada’s, LOL.
    Does an old Hippie count as a Beatnik? I could knit this sweater.

  48. Ulla Martin

    When I was young, I aspired to be a beatnik but I was not quite old enough and didn’t smoke, and my hair was short and curly instead of long and straight. Send me the sweater kit and I can finally relive my youth through my favorite obsession – knitting!
    Great sweater, and I love 3/4 sleeves so I always change the patterns – don’t have to here.

  49. Nancy

    I love that Berrocco sweater! Too much fussy lace, and I’m a gone, but cables make me swoon. Can I win, please??

  50. Barbara

    Perfect timing. I am just finishing a bunch of baby items for my 1st grandchild & would love to knit something for me. Love the skarf. Someone should organize this in the US.

  51. Brenda

    I Love Knitty!!!!! I read each issue and have knitted a lot of your patterns. Thanks for a great knitting resource.

  52. Marie

    Love the Beatnik sweater! When I win (hee hee) does the prize come with enough yarn for a plus size?

  53. Mimi

    I belong to the Beatnik generation. It is fitting that I knit the sweater! I would love to win this.

  54. Lisa Swanson

    I’m pretty sure I’ll have to knit this sweater even if I don’t win!
    I love anything with 3/4 sleeves.

  55. joanna

    Yes, I want to win! I always want to win!

    But I also want to receive the special message from knittymagazine@gmail.com

    I received Amy’s message with her promise, but I can’t find any other message from Knitty, not in my “inbox” nor in my “spambox”.

    Am I confused?????

  56. Jackie D.

    I want to make the Beatnik, I even bought the yarn for it, but your kit is better. I’d love to win it.

  57. Kerry

    I totally want it!!

    ALSO: I’m in the same boat as Joanna here. I got Amy’s email saying there was another email in the ether somewhere, but found none anywhere. Thoughts? Should I rejoin the mailing list?

  58. Leez

    I would dearly love to win this sweater…

    But my word, I am rather more excited about videogame/knitted scarf thing. So very geeky and awesome!

  59. Lisa

    Beatnik is a gorgeous sweater which I would love to knit. How wonderful for Knitty to be able to encourage new independent designers and the more well established designers like Norah Gaughn. Keep on with the fantastic knitting magazine!

  60. Nancy Reed

    I would absolutely love to make that gorgeous sweater, in tomato red, too! It looks like a tree of life pattern, and at almost 74 it would be a tour de force for me to knit, after 60+ years of knitting!!

  61. Jen Stremel


    I would love to win the kit. And I also received the note telling me that the newletter email had changed, but not the newsletter email – in my inbox or in my spam box. 🙁


  62. Crystl

    I love the dinosaur scarf! I have a family of geeks! Wonderful cabling on the sweater. I loves me a good cable design!

  63. Angie

    Love the sweater; Love the color! I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with this, but I did not get the email from the gmail account either (not even in my spam mailbox).

  64. Bettina

    I want the sweater- but even more, I want that 60’s hair!! I have lots of Nora Gaughan’s patterns in my favourites list, but haven’t as of yet knitted one, so this would be a great chance…

  65. Mikki

    comment, comment, comment.
    I am so pleased to see you post the info on the special olympics scarves. I did that last year and I am working on one for this year also.
    I want to enter the contest! Please!

  66. Julie

    Love the cables and the 3/4 length sleeves – Q: why can’t I come up with these combinations on my own?

    Answer: need to knit more to come up with my own configurations…this prize would surely help!!!

  67. SheriB

    Commenting and Congratulating on 8 years!
    I’d love to make this sweater! Thanks for the contest!

  68. Adrienne

    I’m looking forward to knitting Beatnik. it would be great to knit it in the suggested yarn, too!

  69. nikkapotamus

    Another great contest! Thanks for posting about the SpinKnit emag-it came just in time for me to work on my thesis. I’m writing about Andean Knitters 🙂

  70. Adrienne G.

    Crossing my fingers! This looks like a nice warm knit, though I’ll have to make long sleeves… it’s already snowing here!

  71. Kerry

    Great sweater. And I like that you posted information on the scarf project – good place to send all those scarves you end up making to use up yarn or try out a single skein.

  72. Marianne J.

    Oooh! Pick me, pick me! The sweater looks like a lovely project–and I’m glad to have a chance to win it!! And the other prizes look pretty cool, too!

  73. Rosie

    Zombies! Knitting! Possibly the best combination ever created!

    I love the Beatnik sweater, and I’m on a yarn-shopping ban until I clear my stash, so have my fingers crossed hard!

  74. Diane

    I LOVE that sweater pattern and the color! That’s the type of neckline that looks great on me, too. Therefore, I think I should win! Haha! Thanks and keep up the great work. You always have the most intriguing patterns in each issue. I wish I had more time for all the projects. 🙂

  75. CarolK

    I love the sweater. I love the orange. I love the cables and that neckline is devine. Of course the image of the model coming down in her upward jump is really great. Makes the sweater come to life.

  76. Rosemarie

    Thw sweater is absolutely gorgeous and definitely something that I’d love to knit. Keeping my fingers crossed that I am picked to be the winner!!!!

  77. Annie

    Please enter me in the contest. My birthday is Dec. 7…what a great b-day gift it would be to win!

  78. PickleSoup aka Peggy

    Sounds like a wonderful contest! If I get picked, I hope I can answer the question right!?! 🙂

  79. Jennifer

    I would love to win the kit as well! I hope I can answer the question correctly if I’m picked…

  80. Susanne

    I would L.O.V.E. to knit that sweater…do I get to choose the colour?????? pick me pick me pick me!

  81. Laura Raider

    Leaving a comment to enter the contest. It’s a super-cute sweater but I can’t afford to buy yarn right now.

  82. Nicole

    to quote The Smiths “please,please,please letme letme letme get what I want this time” and what I want is that sweater kit…LOL

  83. Kitten With A Whiplash

    Brains….Yarn….Brains….Yarn…Yarn…Yarn I must be a knitting zombie. Please enter me!

  84. Valerie

    Well, I would jump too if I had this sweater! And the challenge of a secret question just makes it better.

  85. Michelle

    I LOVE this sweater so much and Zombie scarf is wonderful as well….my son would get a huge kick out of it!

  86. Elaine

    Beautiful sweater, I’d love knitting it and wearing it! Goes great with all the 60’s music I’m listening to right now!

  87. Jane

    Love the sweater, good luck to all (even though only one can win!) Also love the idea of the 107 ft. long group knit scarf. Thanks for sharing

  88. Crystal

    Ooh, a giveaway! I finally noticed that I wasn’t subbed to the Knitty blog — doh! But now that I’m here, count me in for the giveaway. ;D

    And thanks!

  89. Latrilla

    I am at the Knitty website all the time. How did I miss the blog?! I have been eyeing that Beatnik sweater and want to make that so bad!

  90. Emmy Jay

    I have loved this sweater since I first laid eyes on it. It reminds me of the first fisherman sweater I even owned — I wore it with a wraparound pleated skirt(complete with kilt pin) to junior high and thought I was oh so cool.

  91. Janet

    I love that sweater! I’m also excited about the spinning mag as I am a very new spinner. I love your blog and website. Gush-Gush-Gush. I just can’t help myself.

  92. Charlotte

    Love Beatnik – It’s already in my Rav queue. If the yarn fairy brought me a few lovely skeins of Berroco, it would be much appreciated!

  93. Teri S.

    Nice sweater. So far I’m 0 for many in the contests I’ve entered? Will this one be different? Will I be tripped up by the super secret question?

  94. Emma

    The cables in that jumper are gorgeous, although it looks like it would take me quite a while to knit!

  95. Inna Z.

    A super secret question… makes me think of Tolkien. Only I hope the person asking isn’t Gollum.

  96. Kerri

    I’m not entering the contest, but am one of those people who didn’t get the new e-mail (yes, I’m on the list). My guess is that Knitty got tagged as a spammer by some ISPs (I’m with Comcast). You’ll want to check your e-mails that bounced back and see if there’s a pattern to the error messages. This is why the company I used to work for uses Constant Contact for mass e-mails now. They “chunk” the e-mails in small batches so ISPs won’t think they are spam. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I couldn’t find an e-mail address for technical difficulties on the website.

  97. Jane

    Ooooh, I love the sweater. Haven’t been brave enough to tempt one yet, but this could do it. I also love the pumpkin color!

    Pick me, pick me!!!

  98. Kat

    Meeee! My sister made this and I am so jealous of it. The only way I can beat the fact she already has made hers is if I *win* yarn 😉 Plus, it’s cold here! More sweaters, please! xo

  99. meghan

    Oh, please pick me! Especially since I really, really want to knit this sweater anyway, but have never seen this yarn in person.

  100. Tori

    Oh oh! Pick me pick me! That sweater is gorgeous and I’m a poor college student and I love free yarn!

  101. Dawn

    It is bad to admit I took that photo to my hair stylist and asked her to copy it! Now I just need to knit the sweater to complete the look!

  102. Patricia Richardson

    Loving the Beatnik sweater. Definitely from my era. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  103. Rachel Bieber

    I want that zombie scarf! It’s too cool! Looks like I’m going to need to do some wacky double knitting… that is, if I don’t win the contest. 🙂

  104. Sonia

    What great info!! Thanks. My cousin was heavily involved in the special olympics before he passed on. I will defintely knit one in honor of him.

  105. Kelly

    This looks like it would be so fun to knit. I’m also loving that it’s wool free since I’m a no sheep kind of girl!

  106. Dodgerfan

    OMG! Totally wonderful, the collar, the cables, and by totally wonderful Norah Gaughan! So much to love…

  107. Elissa

    I wanna, I wanna! I have loved that pattern from my first viewing.

    I also want some banjo playing dinosaurs. As a knitting banjo player I find the instrument sorely under-represented in the knitting world….

  108. Dawn W

    Me me me!! I want to jump up in the air with that cute sweater, too (and have those legs, please).

  109. Ellen Porcari

    Lovely looking sweater kit. Good blog too, though I seldom have time in December to actually read blogs…too much knitting to do!

  110. Angela

    I would love to win this sweater kit. Pick me, pick me, (pretty please with sugar on top) pick me.

  111. Jill_R

    A “super secret question to be declared the winner”? What if I can’t answer?
    That is one awesome scarf too!

  112. Roberta

    Just had to leave a comment! Wouldn’t it be grand to win 🙂 Figure I’ll end up knitting this sweater even if I don’t.

  113. Nancy J

    Here I am number 714, but still hopeful. Looks like a figure flatterer…. I love boat type necks.

  114. Sue C.

    This is an awesome sweater!! And actually I love the haircut on the model also, would love to have the same…..outfit, haircut….etc!!

  115. Linda

    I did not get the email that was sent but I would still like the chance to win the beatnik sweater kit. Love it.

  116. Jill_J

    Beatnik giveaway? Why, BEATNIK is my middle name!!!

    Ummm, ok, I fess up – it isn’t really my middle name but I would change it if I could win this awesome kit!

  117. mary touchton

    boy, would I love to knit the “nik! pick me, and I hope I’ll be smart enough to answer the secret question!

  118. Liz

    I love this sweater!!!! Thanks as always for the awesome link-age- I love hopping around from the WWW posts.

  119. Marilyn

    This would go perfectly with my favorite skirt. I can’t ever get the right yarn as a poor student! I’d love to make this…

  120. Leslie Johnson

    Oh what FUN..To win the yarn and then make to make that gorgeous sweater….Oh what excitment!!!!

  121. pam frenchak

    love the tweed especially since it is wool-free. i would like to try this challenging cable knit..

  122. Malinda

    I love sweaters with 3/4 sleeves – and this one is perfect for the winters here in Central New York.

  123. Ashley

    Thank you for all you do, Knitty! I have been eyeing up this sweater for a bit now. It is definitely on my to do list!

  124. linda Cannon

    Wow, I remember sweaters like this, what fun to make for my daughter or daughter in law. How Retro.

  125. Kathleen

    The color on that sweater is gorgeous.

    And thanks for the info re: Minnesota Special Olympics. I’m always interested in knitting for more charities.

  126. vampirefan

    fantastic sweater and i love the game based comic knits!! the zombie one would make a fantastic scarf

  127. Simone

    Even in Clemintine, that sweater looks fantastic. I’d have to knit in Sprig, though…or maybe Nightfall. Thanks for cluing me in about Berroco’s Remix! As someone allergic to animal fibers, new, safe yarns like this are joyous news.
    Also…Love the zombie knit!

  128. Kay

    Wow – what a lot of great things going on! Love that sweater… I’m headed over to Berocco now to have a stroll.

  129. Kerry

    Oh, that Beatnik sweater makes me happy every time I see it! Plus, wool free — yeah! Would love to win the kit and have the opportunity to make it.

  130. Leslie

    The art installation looks amazingly fun! Also, thanks for sharing the story about the Latvian knitting.

  131. Betty

    That sweater zipped to the top of my Ravelry queue. Winning a kit to knit it might actually get it on the needles!

  132. Roxana

    Nice sweater; I made a similar one about 20 yrs ago in red with long sleeves. I would love to make this one with some Berroco wool.

  133. Jane

    Love the wider boat neck-I get so hot with tight necks. And the 3/4 sleeve is lovely, too.
    Thanks for the chance to win the kit.

  134. Pilaar

    800 plus comments, certainly makes it a long shot but the sweater is pretty enough to give posting a shot!

  135. Martina

    The Beatnik sweater not only reminds me of clothing from my past, but would be a perfect sweater for my daughter. I had my eye on the pattern already!

  136. Debbie Ott

    I know I wanna knit that sweater! Very interesting cables.
    Is that woman jumping for joy at having such a nice sweater to wear?
    Is that pattern in a Berroco pattern book>

  137. Bonny

    I just rediscovered your Blog! Now I have bookmarkednit so I never miss reading it again.

    Good luck to everyone! Someone will be lucky to win q prize.

  138. Deb Joseph

    I LOVE this sweater! This would really challenge my knitting skills and take me to a new level of knitting expertise. My fingers are crossed;)

  139. Sue Clover

    I wanna! I wanna! I wanna know how they posed the sweater model like that!! Her feet don’t appear to be touching the ground….

  140. Terri

    The Special Olympics scarf project sounds cool. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind winning the sweater kit. 🙂

  141. simone watt

    Yesterday I found degradable garbage bags, today the knitty blog, recycled yarn and the perfect sweater pattern! I don’t think I should even be entering this competition, I’ve been given a ton of nice surprises this week, though it is my birthday next week…

  142. G. K. Green

    Of course I want a chance to win the kit from the Berroco folks to make the amazing Beatnik sweater by Norah Gaughan! I would even do that jump-in-the-air-looking-fierce thing if I won, honest. 8^)

  143. Priscilla Owens

    just to set the record straight, this sweater would look fabulous on me! HA! Really, I do need a good project for January…

  144. Anne

    Cool sweater, wish the pants (and legs) also came with the kit!
    Would really love to (try to) knit it…