Knitting Monday: What’s On Our Needles and a Giveaway!

It’s Jillian and I’m on a finishing kick.

Monkey see, monkey do

I finally finished my Monkey socks. My first pair of sock knit two at a time on two circular needles. I love the technique, a little fiddly at first, but then smooth sailing.

I’m really hoping it will help me knit more socks because I have a chronic case of single sock syndrome.

I’m going to try a pair of toe up socks next. I would love pattern recommendations for a first time toe up sock knitter.

I used Dream in Color Smooshy in Chinatown Apple. The sock blockers up there are from Signature Needle Arts. Yes, the magical needle people.

We have a giveaway today!

One lucky blog commenter will win:

The stylin' LJ Kaelms bag by Jordana Paige

A LJ Kaelms bag by Jordana Paige in your choice of color.

Here’s how to win: leave a comment to this post by Wednesday, February 2, at midnight eastern time, and you could win! We’ll choose a winner at random, make them answer a  skill-testing question, and post the results next week.

Prize value: $89.00.

Good luck and good knitting!

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Jillian is the​ author of the best-selling spinning book Yarnitecture. She is the editor​ of Knittyspin and Developmental Editor for PLY and PLY Books. She kinda loves this spinning thing and wants everyone who spins to love it too, so she teaches and writes a lot. She knits, weaves, and stitches and tries to do as much of it as she can with handspun yarn. She's always cooking up all kinds of exciting and creative things combining fiber arts. She likes her mysteries British, her walks woodsy, and to spend as much time as she can laughing. Spy on her on her website

1,173 thoughts on “Knitting Monday: What’s On Our Needles and a Giveaway!

  1. SnowCat MacDobhran


    daHubs is complaining that his second pair of socks, ever, is stalled out mid foot on the second sock. I’m not happy with the first and don’t want to duplicate it it. (foot too long, calf tight, toe-ups)

  2. Seanna Lea

    Awesome! I loved my Monkey socks, but I need to knit a new pair. Mine were a little too big for my feet (and the one from Sockapalooza have holes in the heels).

    I need some recommendations for things to make the feet softer. I feel like my heels are hard on my socks!

    1. Roberta Jones

      What you need is called “Flexitol Heel Balm” available from Amazon. Not expensive, works like a charm.

  3. monicajo

    I only taught myself knitting so that I could do socks. I’ve only been ‘knitting’ for a year or so, and have 3 single socks.

    I’ve had most success w/ toe up though.

  4. Ana

    Nice socks, what a beautiful colorway! Just enough variety to keep the interest up, but not enough to be distracting!

  5. Roberta Jones

    I have made several pairs of Monkeys, including No-Purl Monkeys. Love the pattern! but I still can’t get into the ‘two at a time’ thing.

  6. Sera Marie

    Love your beautiful socks! Thanks for the generous give away – how I’d love to put my knitting projects in that gorgeous teal coloured LJ Kalems bag – yummy…

    Good luck to everyone!

  7. Holli

    I’m starting Monkeys tomorrow. What resources did you use to help figure out 2 at a time on circulars? I need help figuring out how not to get tangled. You should see my seatbelt. :-p

  8. Kenzie

    Love the Monkey socks! I’m not much of a sock knitter – prefer baby items like hats and blankets – but I’ve always wanted to make Monkey socks. Maybe someday.

  9. DakotaAJ

    I have a sweater in the same colorway and love it. Good luck with 2 at a time socks, and I’m in the market for a new knitting bag!

  10. Sara

    That is a gorgeous bag! I’d love to have my knitting in one of those. I’d also like to learn to knit socks 2 at a time!

  11. Dell Ann T

    In Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes, patten On the Town though it may be too easy if you’ve learned to do socks. This was the patten I did when I made my first
    pair of socks ever!

  12. Becky B

    Yay for 2-at-a-time! I’m just starting my second pair ever.
    I’ve only made one pair of toe-up socks, and they were plain vanilla, that way I could concentrate on the method and not worry about the stitch pattern. I love Lucy Neatby’s toes and heels in “Cool Socks, Warm Feet”
    I like top-down better because they fit my feet better, and super-stretchy bind-offs are too fiddly for me.

  13. Erika

    I just started knitting socks two at a time and it’s fantastic. Although right now I’m attempting it with a stranded design so it *could* get knotty!

  14. Jeanne

    When you decide on an “easy” toe up sock, please post on your blog what it is. I have been wanting to try a toe up but have not yet found an “easy” pattern to begin with. The bag is luscious. I would love to win that.

  15. Amanda

    Wow, your socks turned out great! I love the color!

    That back is awesome as well. I’ve really been wanting to get a nice looking knitting bag. I think this might be the one!

  16. Laurel

    Congrats on your first 2-at-a-time socks. I’ve been too scared to try this yet, but I need to: I have single sock-itis. Love, love, love the bag!

  17. Molly

    Those socks look heavenly! I still haven’t tried knitting socks yet, I will need to get on it. And what a fabulous bag, too!

  18. Barbara

    That bag is amazing! I’ve been needing a new bag for ages (my old patchwork one is all frayed and dirty). Thanks for the give-away!

  19. samm

    I would love to have a bag like that to carry my projects. I especially like that it sits flat! Does it come in blue? 🙂

  20. Janie

    WendyKnits has some great toe up patterns (at least they look really good to me)! I haven’t knit a toe-up sock yet but it’s on my knitting “bucket” list.

  21. Nancy

    My main method of knitting socks is two-at-a-time on 2 circs. I love the fact they they both get done at the same time, and I don’t have to measure and re-measure to compare sock #2 with sock #1. Your monkeys look great. And, what knitter couldn’t use another knitting bag/purse????

  22. Deana

    Pretty bag! I’m currently working on Leyburn which are toe-up socks. Not the best for starting with though as there aren’t written directions for the heels or toes.

  23. Rachel G.

    Awesome socks! I need to get cracking on some of my single socks, or rather, I need to get cracking to get them mates!

  24. Rae

    Love the bag! There is a pattern on ravelry called Lifestyle toe-up socks that is easy to follow and good for first-timers.

  25. Martha

    I love the socks. I did a pair of Monkeys and thought the pattern was very delightful!

    I would love to win that awesome bag.

  26. Melissa

    Monkey has the distinction of being the only pattern (other than plain ol’ ribbing) that I’ve ever knit more than once. It’s almost as cool as that bag!

  27. tiffanie

    thanks for reminding me that I need to knit a pair of monkeys this very minute.

    some of my favorite toe up sock recipes are over at

  28. Rusty M.

    I loves my monkey socks! The color is great. Sign me up for the giveaway. I’ve not seen any of these bags except in magazines but they are drool-worthy. Thanks.

  29. emmytie

    I still haven’t knit a pair of monkeys or used smooshy. Those socks are making me regret the lack.

  30. KarenVR

    What beautiful socks! I’ve looked at that colorway before – it is lovely knit up.
    I’d love the bag!

  31. Pica

    Beautiful colours for the socks and the bag. Have never knit two socks at one time…wish I had a pattern to recommend.

  32. Aleda

    What a great-looking bag – thanks for having a giveaway!

    And as for toe-up socks, I’m a big fan of the basic patterns in Wendy Johnson’s Socks from the Toe Up.

  33. Camilla

    Toe-up socks are great, and really no different than top down– it’s all just knitting, right? has several patterns.

  34. Gabby

    Love the blog, the bag, and the socks. Monkeys are my favorite go-to sock pattern, with and without purls!

  35. Lizard

    Love that bag. The only problem with winning would be picking the color. 🙂 Also, the socks look fabulous.

  36. Jen Stremel

    Oh, the monkeys have no tails in pango pango. Yes the monkeys have no tails….

    but I would love the bag. 🙂

  37. Barbara S.

    Gorgeous bag! I love the red and the taupe.
    I keep looking at the Monkey socks and one day I will have to knit them.

  38. Mandi R

    I only knit socks in my head. Meaning I look at patterns, buy needles and sock yarn… but then never knit them. 😉
    On my needles right now is a Baby Chalice Blanket for my niece that is on the way. My first lace project. So maybe socks have a hope one day!

  39. Mary T

    I have been jonesing for the Signature sock blockers since I first saw them. And, I adore Jordana Paige bags.

  40. Jen M.

    Lovely socks! Just started socks again after a break to become a more experienced knitter.

    Love the bag, in fact, I covet it! 🙂

  41. Fred

    I’m in the process of one-at-a-time knitting the Monkey socks – it’s only my second pair of socks and I’m super excited. I’m looking for some good toe-up sock recommendations, too! Don’t any of you nice commenters have any? PS – Gimme bag plz?

  42. Nicola J

    I’d love a top up sock tutorial – couldn’t figure out the heel last time but I don’t enjoy grafting toes… The monkey socks are gorgeous – possibly even more gorgeous than the bag if that’s possible!

  43. Alex

    I love the idea of knitting socks two-at-a-time, but as of yet I haven’t been brave enough to attempt it. (Nice bag, by the way!)

  44. April

    pick me pick me! I’ve never quite mastered that two at a time toe-up thing, but I think Monkey’s are next on my to-knit list.

  45. Diana

    Ooooh! I love the bag! Can’t decide which color I like best!

    I used one of the patterns in Toe Up Socks for Every Body for my first toe-up sock, which was going fine until my son scribbled on the chart!

  46. Stella

    Congrats on finishing the socks. I should try the 2 sock thing next time.

    The bag would be lovely to have. Thanks!

  47. Deborah R.

    I should try knitting two at a time, I have a trunk full of singles! I love the design and the color. The bag is stunning, thanks for making it a giveaway.

  48. Oraxia

    I really only do toe-up socks, so I’m not sure what would count as “good” for you, but I do heartily recommend anything by Wendy Johnson 🙂

    Lovely that the bags are vegan-friendly 😀 It would be tough to pick between green and teal!

  49. Katy L

    I need to get on a finishing kick, but unfortunately I’m on more of a start something and then forget about it repeatedly kick. Beautiful socks.

  50. string

    I am in serious need of a finishing kick. I am seeing several bloggers out there actually finishing projects and I’m just jealous. I’ve had a recent bout of startitis, which turns into designitis when I can’t find the pattern that fits the image in my head, designitis never gets finishitis though.

  51. Leslie G.

    I don’t know what I love more, the socks or the bag. Or the loverly reddish apple-y colors of them both!

  52. Geraldine

    Awesome bag. I would put that to good use carrying my purse and knitting all in one!!! Hard to pick a favorite color but I could manage!!

  53. Bobbinchick

    I started knitting socks two at a time and have never looked back. And if I were to win that lovely bag, I could cart my socks around in style.

  54. Heather W.

    Oooo. I’ve been thinking about procuring a “professional” looking bag. This one would be a double-happy: new bag and yarn storage all in one!

  55. Michelle

    This post reminds me that while I am getting swept up in making models for the Hawai`i Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project, I should not forget about the nearly-finished socks promised to my husband!

  56. Cheryl M

    Love the socks! I need to try two at a time on two needles sometime. I’ve tried it Magic Looping, but that was somewhat more difficult than I’d hoped.

    For a first time toe-up sock I would highly recommend Firestarters by Yarnissima. They were my first toe-up pattern & it’s my go-to reference pattern for designing toe-up socks.

  57. Sylvia

    I must confess I’m still working on my first pair of socks a year later. The only good news is that I’m doing two at a time, so when I’m finally done, I’ll be done with both.

  58. Melissa

    Wendy Johnson’s “Socks from the Toes Up” and Chrissy Gardiner’s “Toes Up!” are both excellent introductions to toe-up sock knitting and include multiple sizes (always a plus in my mind!). Both also have nice patterns for experienced toe-up knitters.

  59. Kathy M

    Wow, that bag is beautiful! I think some of my UFO’s would love to live in there (and maybe inspire me to get going. Your socks are beautiful, BTW.

  60. Barbara

    Lovely socks! I plan to learn sock knitting this year, and I am convinced the only way to go for me is two at a time. Can’t wait to learn – I have some sock yarn on the way and it’d be perfect in that bag 😉 Thanks for the great contest!

  61. Anne

    Wow. Now I know what Monkey Socks are. I just heard about them and hadn’t had a chance to look them up on Ravelry. Love the Monkey Socks!

  62. MsVicki

    I love how the bag shown matches your socks so well! Good on you for getting a grip on how to do two-at-once!

  63. Brooke

    Hey there! In keeping with the Cookie A theme, I’m going to recommend Knitty’s very own Baudelaire socks. The pattern is fun but not fiddly, and the socks knit up super fast! Plus they’re gorgeous!

  64. Liz

    OMG, what a gorgeous bag!

    And for toe-up socks, you can’t go wrong with Wendy Johnson of WendyKnits – her books (Socks from the Toe Up, and Socks for Every Body) are both incredible resources, and have lots of lovely patterns.

  65. Teri S.

    I have a friend who has several Jordanna Paige knitting bags and they’re lovely. I’d love to win this one–somehow I can never manage to decide which bag to buy, so I don’t buy any. 🙂

  66. Margo

    I am also working on toe-up socks. One down, second one on the needles. Have yet to try two at a time.

  67. Laura

    I love, love, love this bag. It would be especially great if I had a pair of Monkey socks on my needles inside it!

  68. Morgan

    Ooh can’t resist! I am in the midst of second-sock-itis myself. I think these socks have technically been on the needles for MONTHS.

  69. BeadedLaceHoar

    I love both toe-up socks and two-at-a-time. I love using two circular needles instead of a single long circular needle. I find it less fussy. Good luck!

    Oh, an the bag is great!

  70. Heidi H.

    Jealous! Only was able to finish one pair of socks. Started the next pair and got bored. They’ve been on the needles for years, I’m sad to say.

  71. Kathy

    Your socks look fantastic! As for the bag, I’m a firm believer that a girl can never have too many (knitting) bags!

  72. Reiko

    I frogged my first pair of socks and used the needles to make fingerless mitts instead. Better use of my beginner knitting skills. Perhaps I’ll try the two-at-a-time on two needles technique when I get around to revisiting that first pair of socks. But first!: sleeveless shell for mom, hat for co-worker, knitted item TBA for other co-worker, baby booties for pregnant co-worker. Whew! You’d think no-one learns to knit anymore, or something.

  73. Judith

    Pretty bag!

    I have some DIC Smooshy Chinatown Apple in my stash – I should dig it out and make something with it. : )

  74. Laura

    Finishitis must be going around. I just read that the Yarn Harlot has a bad case. I think I need to find some infected knitters and get them to cough on me… 🙂

    Love the socks (and the yarn choice)! I haven’t been brave enough to try two-at-a-time socks yet. Way to go!

    And I love the bag, too. *drool*

  75. Crystal

    The socks are cool but I really want the bag. Perfect for one of the many patterns I got for Christmas.

  76. CarrieCreates

    I’m sure I’m not the first, but I recommend the basic gusset socks in Wendy Johnson’s Socks From the Toe Up. Be sure to let us know when you start on the socks! Thanks for letting us enter this contest!

  77. Abby

    Congrats on your socks! Toe up two at a time is even less fiddly. I also second Wendy Johnson’s toe up heel recipes — you can apply them to any pattern you want. And count me in on the bag — I could use a new knitting bag!

  78. Mandy

    I am experiencing a finishing up kick. I have a second sock on the needles and a scarf for my niece. If only I didn’t need to sleep they both would be done.

  79. Bettina

    That bag looks amazing, and I think I’m going to start knitting some toe-up socks soon too! Not sure which pattern yet either, though.

  80. Christina

    I think that would be a cute back to carry around all the baby things I need to make in Feb for all the baby showers I have next few months!

  81. Nancy

    Toe-up, two at a time w/ magic loop is my favorite way to knit socks. It really does make it go faster, once you get the hang of it.

  82. Carolyn

    Beautiful socks! I should get around to trying two at a time because I definitely have second sock syndrome.

  83. sharmie

    oh, i’m a huge fan of that bag! i’d love to win one, in green. mmmm, greeen…

    i love the monkey socks! i think i’ll have to start a pair of my own sometime soon. so adorable!

  84. Michelle B

    OMG I have been lusting over this bag since it came out! It was on my Christmas list and I didn’t get it…

    Toe up sock pattern, hmm I just conevert my topdowns to toe up..though lots of people like the heel on Widdershins.

  85. Egrace

    I really need a new knitting bag and especially with some class. I’m going to professional meetings with some old cloth bag so I can knit.
    ah well, don’t expect to win anyway.

  86. Josiane

    I’ve had a pair of Monkeys in progress for too long now – time for me to get them done and on my feet!

    Oh, that lovely bag is made of vegan leather? Count me in, then!

  87. Silverlotus

    Fabulous socks! It seems like lots of people are on finishing kicks lately. There must be something in the air.

    Please enter me in the draw. I would love, love, love one of those bags.

  88. Kittenears

    Oh my goodness I love that bag. I just went to their website and absolutely drooled at all of their bags. Oh, I can’t pick between the green and the red. Beautiful!

  89. Liz

    Oooo…I’ve never had an actual knitting bag (always just used whatever tote was handy). That JP bag would be lovely (especially in the bright green!).

  90. Tia

    Wowzers! I really need to get back into knitting socks. Those are gorgeous! And I love how they (incidently) match the giveaway bag (which is awesomesauce in itself!).

    Count me in please!

  91. Lynn

    I want a pair of Monkey socks – love the color. The bag is pretty,too and what a great win it would be!

  92. Beth Merriman

    I am terrified of sock knitting, for some reason. But living in SoCal, most of my year is spent in flip flops and socks are only for those rare rainy days…

  93. Lynne G.

    Boy that’s a gerat bag! And one of these days I’m gonna knit me some Monkey socks too, because as they say, monkey see…

  94. woolizard

    I have tried so many times to knit toe-up socks. It’s the whole wrap and turn that just kills me. I hope you have more success!

    Nice monkeys. #notaeuphamism

  95. madison

    i love how the whole post is color-coordinated 😀 and i’ve been shopping around for a knitting bag for ages. is destiny on my side?

  96. Katrina

    what a lovely bag…
    I have 2 things on my needles…of course they are on different needles. I am making an XO scarf (cable stitching) and a Latis Sweater for my daughter. I have just gotten back to knitting due to wrist tendon-itis.

  97. Julie A Witt

    Thanks for the giveaway! One can never have too many bags, and I don’t have nearly enough!! I would love to be entered. Thank you.

  98. Jill

    I have done a few socks 2 at a time on circs, but I prefer one at a time. When I knit them single it feels as if I am knitting faster. I am sure it is an illusion!

  99. Lauren

    I love Monkey Socks! I’ve made them 4 times and then my daughter was so entranced by them, that I just made her a kid size pair for Christmas! I’d love to win the bag too.

  100. Carrie B

    I aam going to try the sock method of knitting one long tube and cutting it and adding afterthought toes and heels.

  101. Donna

    Ah your socks combine my favorite sock pattern with one of my favorite sock yarns. I love all the DIC yarns. Nice looking bag!

  102. Jennifer

    I’m such a huge fan of Jordana Paige’s bags–they’re so awesome! Thanks for the giveaway.

  103. Megan E

    I’ve been looking at knitting bags recently– I need a better traveling method than throwing a project in my purse. This bag is lovely!

  104. Cherylann

    It seems like the universe is surrounding me with beautiful socks. Maybe it’s trying to tell me to go through the stash and start knitting up some. I love the Monkey See Monkey Do sock. Awesome!

  105. Sandee

    What a fabulous bag, it would make a wonderful birthday present for me (the deadline is my birthday)

  106. Kim

    Try Cat Bordhi socks from her book New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One

    She has a few different toes to try and a child’s sock to get you started.

    I did the child’s sock and then made the Spiraling Master Coriolis Pattern…..which by the way is my favorite sock….fits perfectly!

    Good luck!

  107. AlisoninOZ

    Oh what lovely socks! I shall have to have a go at that pattern now. And I would love to win that scrumptiously gorgeous bag. I would give it a good home here in OZ and love it and take care of it for ever!

  108. Bren

    I just finished my first pair of monkey socks and then went on to try knitting toe-up socks. Is there a connection? Beautiful bag.

  109. Amy S.

    Even trying knitting two socks at a time didn’t help me actually finish socks! 🙁
    I wouldn’t mind carrying around my knitting in that lovely bag.

  110. Spring

    I’m planning to knit my first pair of socks knit two at a time later this summer. That’s a beautiful bag…hope I’m lucky!

  111. Cheryl

    Most of the socks I knit are toe up using Priscilla Gibson-Roberts version, short-row toe and heel done the same. There’s this pattern – that’s similar. The short row method I use is in this pattern – but it’s no longer a free download. And, don’t forget to go through this tutorial for short rows – Good luck with your socks.

  112. Maureen

    I love bags, but I try not to buy them because I have so many. But winning one would be okay, right? Right?

  113. Elizabeth Risch

    I have been coveting a Jordana Paige bag for some time now. I would love to carry one to Stitches West. (Pick me, pick me!)

  114. Janet

    Some of the best toe up instructions come from past articles in the Knitty Magazine.
    I would love to win that magnificent bag.

  115. alesia

    I haven’t braved sock knitting yet – i’m afraid I’d end up with a bunch of single socks! But it’s on my list for the year. Thanks for sharing your projects and inspiration.

  116. Jenny Tseng

    Great bag color! Could use something bright right now as we’re expecting 1 in of ice and 6-12 inches of snow in the next couple of days.

  117. ChrisM

    Love the bag. Maybe for your first pair of toe up socks you should do something really simple like a 2×2 rib.

  118. Mrs Mouse

    Nice socks!
    My (current) absolute favorite toe up sock pattern is the Lifestyle socks:
    If you make them, make sure you watch the ‘no fuss, no muss, short row heel’ tutorial vid. She’s such a great teacher.
    Good luck with them. OH, and email me if you want to knit them 2 at a time. I’ve got a link around here somewhere for that, too.

  119. Karalee

    For toe-up socks (not my favorite, and I’ve only done a few pair that way) I’d recommend something by Cat Bordhi, like the Coriolis sock. She has lots of good instructions for getting a customized fit – though you do end up flipping around in the book quite a bit.

  120. Elizabeth

    Hope I know enough to pass the skill question if I have to, but it’s a cute bag, so I’d say it’s worth a shot!

  121. Julie D.

    Love that color. Monkey socks are fun and look good in lots of different yarns. Love the bag. Hope I win.

  122. Peggy

    Love the socks and am also hoping to learn toe up, two at a time. Either that or I’m gonna have to learn to love wearing socks that don’t match. Love the bag! I could see a pair of knitting needles sticking out one side and the top of a bottle of Cab sticking out the other, making for one good night of knitting!

  123. Katie Hartsell

    Mmmmm! Love the socks, love the bag! And note that they match–a marriage made in heaven! I’m doing my first pair of toe up, two at a time socks and so far I love it. Fun fun fun!

  124. Stephenia

    I have hesitated to try socks, I’m afraid of the second sock syndrome too. I think toe up two at a time would be the way to go, then I could try them on to be sure they fit my bigger feet. Great bag!

  125. Marna Fronius

    My 24 yr old granddaughter keeps telling me I need to stop buying basic black and brown ‘things’ and this bag would begin a reawakening of color in my life.

    And doing 2 socks at once is the only way to make sure both get done!

  126. Lisa

    It’s RED. I love love red. Toss my hat in the entry list, please! As an aside, my next start is also my first toe-up socks. I’m trying the Manolo pattern. No idea if it’s easy or good for a first-time, toe-up, but I like the pattern.

  127. Rora114

    You should pick me because it’s my birthday between now and the draw. 😉

    Also: I’ve never seen this line of bags, they looks great!!

  128. Teresa

    2011 is the year that I’m going to finish a pair of socks. I get distracted easily by scarves and I’m easily talked into knitting yet another pair of booties (everyone seems to be having babies!).

    I would love to win that bag, too – beautiful!

  129. Abby

    Ooh, I love Jordana’s bags! They’re my fave! I’d love this! 🙂 It’s so pretty and knitterly! Also, Dream in Color Smooshy is one of my all-time favorite yarns. Great choice!

  130. Kat

    Ohh, meeee please! My bag is falling apart and I would love this.
    Although I am yet to be convinced of the two-at-a-time socks thing!

  131. Sherriot

    Sigh – socks. I really need more than 2 pair but I get stalled and switch over to lace, sweaters… anything but socks. The bag would be SO useful – I could put all the unfinished socks in one place!

  132. Jen

    That bag looks great! Super cute Monkey socks too. I love doing socks two at a time – you don’t have to count rows or worry about matching the sizes of the two either.

  133. Carla Kempert

    OMG, so gorgeous and practical too! Does it have pockets on the inside for storing my DPNs and thus preventing me from stabbing myself repeatedly? (I do it all the time. Hubby does it too, but that should teach him to keep his paws off my yarn.) And I love red! If I don’t win, I’m going to have to go shopping. 🙂

  134. kashurst

    Love me a good Jordana Page bag! Nice Monkeys! Never done two at a times, or toe ups. I should probably do something about that.

  135. Laurel Kleven

    I love 2 at time on simple socks where it is easy to loose count of the rounds, but on lacy or repeat patterns I like one at a time.

  136. Linda

    My recommendation for first-time toe-up sock knitters is Wendy’s Fingering Weight, Toe-Up Socks with Gusset Heel. Easy-peasy! There’s also a version for sport weight.

    Love, love, love the bag.

  137. Ashley W

    I just tried toe up socks for the first time and made a pair of Anne Hanson’s Longjohn Socks. The pattern was simple enough to work from either direction, and I used a short-row heel.

    Next I hope to conquer two socks at once…

  138. Therese

    That’s a great bag, and I would love to win it!
    I was just organizing my knitting bag and found an orphan sock that I don’t even remember knitting! I will have to figure out what pattern I used so I can knit one to match. At least my yarn is still there 🙂

  139. Jocelyne

    I would suggest Leyburns as a toe up sock, but that may just be because I really want to knit them myself.

    I also really want that bag.

  140. TodayWendy

    I’ve never spent a ton of money on a bag, so I’d really like to find out what a nice expensive bag is really like…also, gorgeous socks 🙂

  141. Denise

    I love love love her bags. I don’t have any yet but they’ve been on my wishlist for awhile. Hope I win!

  142. Meghan

    looooove the bag, looove it.

    On my needles currently: One pumpkin hat for a friends widdle baby to be. Next up – socks for ME. ME and ME alone.

    And they’d look fabulous being toted around town in the gorgeous bag!! Please add me to the draw!

  143. Diane Eskritt

    I have no desire to cast on for toes first BUT I love the bag and woud probably choose that color

  144. Carrie W.

    Gorgeous bag! Would love to own one.

    I’m actually starting my first pair of socks tomorrow, hopefully it goes as well as these turned out 🙂

  145. Anna Hj

    That is a gorgeous bag! I wants it a lot!
    Also, good job on the socks. I have second sock syndrome as well, and it makes my feet sad. =/

  146. Debbi Grosch

    One cannot have enough bags and this one has style to boot! Would love to own this luxurious tote!

  147. KathyR

    Oh great! Another sock pattern to add to my queue. Toe-up socks are on my “learn to” list this year. And one can never have too many bags for one’s knitting.

  148. AnaMarie

    Ooooh, nice sock blockers! I’m in the hunt for new ones, since my current ones are wood and starting to snag my socks – no good at all! These are quite nice. Oh yeah, great bag too!

  149. Danielle

    Pretty Bag!

    I love socks! Anything from Wendy Johnson’s Socks From the Toe Up book would be a big win. That book is worth it’s weight in gold!!
    Good luck!! 😀

  150. Susan

    Congrats on finishing your Monkeys! I love the color you chose. Crossing my fingers, hoping to win the bag!

  151. Judith in Ottawa

    That is a lovely bag, but the odds of it being MY lovely bag are getting longer by the minute.

  152. Emily S.

    The socks are pretty! I still haven’t made them yet but they are in my queue. Not sure on toe up sock patterns since I actually prefer top down. What a great giveaway, I could always use a new bag!

  153. Tami

    I swore I would never knit fair isle or knit socks. I attended Vogue Knitting Live (don’t even get me started!) and learned fair isle knitting from none other than the Meg Swansen. WOW! Maybe…someday I’ll even knit a pair of socks. Regardless, I will always love a new knitting bag! 🙂

  154. Sarah

    Oh please, oh please, oh please!!!

    Thank you for having the giveaway so I could channel my inner 5 year old. Shiny!

  155. MommyknitsJen

    I always knit my socks toe up but I have crazy irrational fears of running out of yarn. Almost any pattern can be turned on it’s head and done toe up.

  156. Sherray

    Love, love, love the bag AND the socks! I intend to treat myself to some Signature needles one day and I may have to add that sock blocker, too!

  157. LisaChana

    Congrats, they look great. I have tried two at a time, but could never get it right, so I am sticking to my dpns!

  158. MadTatter

    I really like using the 2 circulars method to make both socks at once – it keeps my tension consistent so the sizes aren’t wonky. Very convenient! The socks look great. And have i mentioned that that is a lovely bag?

  159. Catherine

    The socks match the bag! Such great colors.

    I think this is my favorite JP bag so far. Why don’t I have one yet?

  160. Ferrin

    Congratulations on the socks. I’m knitting the hobbie horse from Knitted Gifts and am a little nervous about the heel flap. I’ve only knitted baby socks with easy heels so far.

  161. Jenna B

    Wow! Those are my favorite tones of red and I live for red. I haven’t done toe up sock bigger than a baby bootie … Yet.

  162. Cyndi J

    The socks look great! I love 2 at a time toe-up – always a perfect fit and a complete pair when you finish!

  163. Daien

    For toe-up, I recommend your very own Diamond Waffle. Beautiful pattern and a very good fit. Love the color of the bag!

  164. Jen

    Yeah giveaway!

    The Monkeys are #2 on my queue. Haven’t really figured the 2 at a time cuff down, though.

  165. Julia

    Beautiful socks – I love the color. Chrissy Gardiner has some pretty toe up patterns (Syncopated Rib Boot Socks).

  166. Jade

    Ooh, pretty.

    I have a skein of Smooshy in Chinatown Apple that I’ve tried to use in so many different patterns, but I can never find one that’s right.

  167. Amanda

    I have permanent single-sock syndrome… I knit 1.2 socks three years ago and haven’t gone back… but looking at them as little pallets to try new laces and patterns makes them more tempting again!

  168. Latisha

    I made the monkey’s for my aunt, I just finished a pair of cabled socks for my SIL, and now have a pair cast on for myself. I can always use another knitting bag, as I always have as many projects on needles, as I have them….

  169. Tasha

    I like Cat Bordhi’s socks for toe ups.

    And just bought my first adult purse at 35, so think I should get another one!

  170. Abby Brown

    Oh my goodness, this bag is lovely. Jordana never fails to amaze me! Here’s hoping that I’ll be the lucky winner. Today is my birthday, so I think that must bring me extra luck, right??

    P.S. I’m casting on for my first pair of Monkey’s soon too (must first finish my languishing SIPs)! I can’t wait!

  171. angela

    I love the idea of knitting two socks at a time, but I’m always putting my knitting down for a minute to talk to the kids…afraid I’d get messed up all the time. Maybe in a couple years.

  172. Chris

    Pretty socks! My first toe-up pair was Willow Buds by Charlene Schurch (in Sensational Knitted Socks). They were easy & fun. Love the bag!

  173. MimiD

    First toe up recommendation: Brooke’s Widdershin’s with or without the cable. If you have a thinner yarn, try Wendyknits patterns free or in her book. I particularly like The Eyelet Rib ones – they’re a 64-stitch pattern, so if Monkey worked for you these might too. I wore the heck out of mine (just got a hole last week, oh darn got to knit more). Don’t forget Judy’s Magic Cast On and Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind off. Both work a treat. Mimi the 2-at-a-time-toe-up-on-one-circ sock enthusiast

  174. Susan aka reddirt

    Oh I love that Smooshy! I knit my socks top down on dpns but still knit both at sort of the same time. Top ribbing on one, top ribbing on the other etc. I figure I would end up strangling myself with two circs 🙂

  175. Elise

    What a lovely color. Also, I’m in the same boat with the toe-up socks – but I’ll probably just take a look at a couple of patterns and wing it 😀

  176. Patricia

    I actually three things on my needles right now. The Big Twist Vest in the Third Sublime Aran book, a sweater for my husband, and a vest for my granddaughter. I LOVE that bag!

  177. Meghan

    Great socks — makes me want to knit some partners to my lonely single socks! I should be knitting two at a time too.

  178. Betty

    The bag is lovely in green! Had to go and check out her website, and the blog, and the twitter. Back to my knitting now!!

  179. Beth Rudo.

    An easy first pair of toe-up socks, with an afterthought heel, is Let It Be by Cristi H. Brockway.
    Love the bag, especially in teal.

  180. Barbara

    Wow – two at one time … I’m still trying to knit one at a time on circulars! I love that delicious apple colour 🙂 and I would like to try those sock blockers sometime.

  181. Peggy

    Oh, my, I was about to ignore this contest as the bag looked leather, but it’s vegan! So here I am, a new vegie, having given away all my leather bags, needing a replacement! I’m just finishing the second sock of my first pair and I’m hooked!

  182. Kristin

    A friend and I are just about to take on two at a time socks! I’ll be watching the pattern suggestions…and the bag is amazing.

  183. Pam F

    Love the bag! I’m finishing socks that have been ‘single’ way too long myself…then I can start some more!

  184. Scema

    Cute socks. I’ve always wanted to try knitting 2 at once, but haven’t dared! Just know I’ll mess it up somehow…

  185. Christy A.

    Hey there! Love the bag, love the color, LOVE Jordana! …and I’m still looking for the perfect yarn for my first Monkeys…I’ve made lots of Cookie A’s, but some patterns are so iconic you need Just The Right Yarn. Thanks for the opportunity!

  186. Jenny

    That looks like the perfect project bag!

    And I just discovered the beauty that is knitting 2 socks at a time, toe up. Isn’t it wonderful to be done with both at the same time?!

  187. Terrie

    Great socks! That’s a really nice colorway. ‘Sunday Swing Socks’ were the first pair of socks I knit (2 at a time, magic loop). I’d like to try toe up socks next, too 🙂 Love that bag!

  188. Tina Melvin

    I love toe up socks! I haven’t tried two at a time yet, but I should. I have a tendency to put off that second sock as well. My first pair of toe ups were the Diamante socks from Fall ’06 Knitty!

  189. Susan

    I love the green LJ Kaelms bag! Cute socks too…I also suffer from second sock syndrome. I’ll have to learn to do two at once.

  190. Linda D.

    I have thought about trying two-at-a-time, but I still haven’t gotten around to it. Those Monkeys are really pretty. And I Love that bag!

  191. Susan

    Love those Monkeys! Such a pretty color! For toe-ups, my advice is to knit a Wendy Johnson pattern. Very well written patterns and practical as well as pretty.

    That’s a beautiful bag. I’d love to use it!

  192. betty

    Thee beauty of knitting two socks at the same time is that you never end with one sock bigger than the other.

    Love the bag! 🙂

  193. Kitsune

    Wow, a 90 dollar purse? That’s nuts.

    I really love the socks.

    I was wondering if you have any recommendations for interchangeable knitting needle sets? I’ve looked at a few different ones and can’t decide.

  194. Helen Lovitt-Raison

    I discovered 2-at-a-time socks the same time as I discovered toe-ups so my preference if I can convert the pattern is always two-at-a-time toe-ups. Not because I hate the grafted toes but just because I can and it’s all over easier. You can pretty much do any sock this way around and it’s so easy. I have discovered though – I Magic Loop as well – that longer is better with the circular. 80cm is just long enough 100cm much better!

  195. pocketsize

    That bag is wonderful!

    I haven’t braved yet two-at-a-time socks, but I don’t normally have SSS. I actually really like knitting a second sock, because I know all the tricks and row counts, and I can just happily knit away, and not think about size/fit.

  196. vicki

    they are lovely! I’ve been having a bit of a practice at the old 2 circular knitting, but I’ve yet to actually brave knitting a full pair of socks that way!

  197. Nikki (vegimama)

    Love the socks! And wish I could catch your “finishitupitis” (to use Yarn Harlots word from her productive Monday!)
    I just bought the 2 at a time toe up socks book. Wish I could give a recommendation, but I haven’t made any yet so can’t say which is a good pair. I got the book to help make sleeves 2 at a time. Super great idea!

  198. Sue Plantinga

    Don’t suppose I’ll qualify for the contest as I’m in the Netherlands, but I’ll try anyway!! One of these days I’m going to try socks on 2 circulars, for now I’ll stick with 5 DPN’s!!

  199. Beth

    That yarn is perfect for the Monkey socks! There are bajillion great toe-up socks, and there is nothing to it once you master Judy’s Magic Cast-On.

  200. Liz Finlay

    Oh, me, me, me…. pleeeeeeease… me, me (hand waving around in the air like Hermione in her first Potions class with Snape)!!!

  201. donna

    I was stalking that bag on the net just the other day! While the idea of two-at-a-time sock appeals, I cannot give up my beloved dpn’s.

  202. jean holland

    What a great bag!

    And= I love Cat Bordhi’s toe up socks; I keep knitting to see how the construction will work out!

  203. Liz M

    Lovely bag, and thanks for doing the giveaway!

    Wendy Johnson has a lot of good toe-up sock patterns. There’s also a toe-up version of the Monkey socks, if you’d like to try it with a familiar pattern.

  204. Karen

    Lovely socks and lovely bag. Socks top down two at a time on two circs is my current favorite sock knitting combo. Good luck to everyone and Happy Knitting!

  205. Karen

    Interestingly, the socks seem to match the colour of the bag. Chinatown Apple you say…might need to get some of that!

  206. Jess

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway! And, I have to say, I was excited to see that your name is Jillian because that’s my daughter’s name! She doesn’t meet very many “Jillians” in the world and sometimes she asks if I invented her name, ha! 🙂

    Happy Knitting, your socks look great!


  207. DebbieG

    Dream in Color yarns are so pretty and Signature needles are so comfortable to knit with. Good luck with more socks.

  208. MzTallulah

    I love the bag, I already have a Satchel and have been lusting after this one. I can also recommend Wendy Johnson’s patterns, she has a free one on her site that’s a good starting point, and her first book has several different toe and heel methods (my favourites are Judy’s magic cast-on and Jeni’s surprisingly stretchy bind-off, and I’m not saying this just because they were published in Knitty!)

  209. LPStarr

    I knit monkey socks early on in my sock knitting life, and I found them easy to do. I love Dream in Color yarns, too, and can’t wait until my next Dream in Color project. I sure I could fit a sock project in one of Jordana’s bags, lovely colors and looks very roomy.

  210. Brenda

    OMG! This is one of my goals for 2011, to own a beautiful bag that I can use as a knitting bag and purse all the time, and the one pictured is what I had decided on.Please, pick me!

  211. Carolyn

    Love knitting socks using the Magic loop, but have not tried two at a time….I would love to win the bag…it is my color!!

  212. Kathy

    Learned toe up from Cat Bordhi’s first book at the same time I learned to use two circs; my go-to heel is from her socks that have the braided i-cord finish. That heel has padding on the bottom of the foot exactly where I wear out my socks. Judy’s Magic cast-on, that heel, and a self-striping sock yarn…Voila!

  213. april

    I just checked out from the library Melissa Morgan-Oakes book ‘Toe-up 2-at-a-Time’. I’ve never tried this technique, but really want to. I usually just work on both socks at the same time with 2 sets of dbl point needles. I just think 2 at a time on 1 circular would be better in the long run. I’m gonna give it a whirl!

  214. Gwendolyn

    ooh, shiny bag…. as for toe up socks, I think Wendy’s patterns are very well written and easy for a beginner to understand… my first pair of toe up socks was a pair of Baudelaire but I’m an overachiever like that!!!

  215. Karin

    Monkey is the first sock pattern I actually LIKED to make. Cookie A is a clever girl. I am sifting through her book to find the right pattern for some sky blue handspun wool…a good roadtrip project.

  216. Cheryl

    Cute socks. I too suffer form the single sock syndrome, so maybe two at once could cure me of that.
    FYI: That bag is red hot. I love it.

  217. Mary

    I’m also working on some Smooshy socks…but for my husband’s size 15 feet. It’s going to take a while. 🙂

  218. Laura from beautiful West Michigan

    You have a beautiful reddish theme going on this blog entry! Love Knitty, love the blog. My “knittas” and I have sock yarn at the ready to learn how to do socks. Now we just have to do it!

  219. Theresa P.

    My recommendation would be Spice Man. They were my first toe-up socks and were a wicked fast knit and the best fitting socks in my sock drawer.

    Gorgeous bag! Want. It. Now.

  220. Heather Ricco

    Nice monkeys! And that is a gorgeous bag. It would beat hauling my knitting around in a plastic or paper bag.=)

  221. krystina

    Want.this.bag! I’ve never tried toe up socks. Plz blog about it after you try because I’m scared!

  222. kelly-ann

    Stunning bag! I finally knit some Monkeys (cast off a couple of days ago) – such a fun pattern. Your socks are very pretty.

  223. Leesa Gentry

    I haven’t tried them but know that Cat Bordhi has patterns for toe up socks. They are my next project right now trying one of her patterns and trying to conquer tlr and tlc.

  224. Karen

    The bag is very attractive — but those socks are really nice. I’d love to get a handle on the 2-socks/2-circulars thing…Good job!

  225. Elizabeth S

    The socks match the bag! Very nice.

    I started knitting two socks on two circulars about ten years ago, and since then I don’t bother knitting socks any other way. Soooo much better.

  226. Courtney

    For a first toe-up sock I would recommend Cookie A’s Toe-up sock. It was featured on Knitty Gritty and you can get the pattern for free on Vicki Howell’s website. It’s a beautiful, easy lace pattern and Cookie A shows an super easy way to cast-on and walks you through each step of the pattern (including the short-row heel).

    That bag is gorgeous! I really love the color!!

  227. Karen Sobel

    Its in one of my favorite colours – am making a sweater right now in just about the same shade – it can come my way any time

  228. MelissaHB

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. I love Jordana Paige. One knitter / crocheter will be extremley happy 🙂

  229. Rebecca

    wow – a knitting bag give-away…I could sure fill that up quickly… thanks a bunch for the opportunity!

  230. Jackie C.

    My toe-up sock recommendation would be anything from Wendy Johnson’s “Socks from the Toe Up” — her patterns are lovely, clearly written and easy to follow and they are made for the two at a time on one circ method (although she does give instructions for dpns and two circs as well.) You can also use info in her book to adapt the pattern to have an afterthought, gusset, short row or flap heel, as you prefer, and there are directions for several toe styles as well.

  231. JenniferB

    I love to knit socks, but have never tried them on double circulars. The idea freaks me out a bit, but might help with my problem of having two different length socks!

  232. Susanne

    Wow, what a great bag and your socks match!! Great job on theMonkey socks. I knit two,toe up on two circs alllllll the time and wouldn’t do it any other way. I use Judy’s Magic cast on and sometimes knit patterns, sometimes knit lacey socks, and sometimes knit just plain ol’ socks…(soccer watching/hockey watching/waiting socks always in my purse)…

  233. Sharon M

    The bag is lovely, but you are scaring me with that skills test comment! If your randomly picked winner fails the “skills test” is a different winner selected?

  234. Meredith

    I. LOVE. BAGS. I love BIG bags! I enter lots of bloggy giveaways, and I only enter if it’s something I truly want, but there are still only a few giveaways that I am SO EXCITED about that I hope hope hope really really hard this is finally the one I win!

  235. Carol L

    Would love a great looking bag as this. New to knitting so I hope the skill questions aren’t too hard 🙂

  236. Retha

    love this bag! i just recently finished a pair of monkey’s myself and while being frisked at the airport, I received a much appreciated comment on how pretty they were. love it when that happens. 🙂

  237. Dawn

    Great bag, great colour, great for spring. My only question is that I am wondering which of my many projects will match it the best??
    That will be a nice problem to have!!

  238. Heather

    Two of the best things ever — Smooshy and Jordana Paige! Also, totally jealous of those monkey socks… they look way better than the ones I’m working on!

  239. Melanie

    The sheer number of pockets in that bag leaves me swooning – not to mention that it’s rather nice looking =)

    And yay for finished socks! I’m still working up my nerve to start a pair. Part of the problem, of course, is finding just the right yarn and the right pattern. Ah well.

  240. aprilshowers

    That is gorgeous! The green would go best with my knitting but I think the teal is my favorite.

  241. Iris L

    The thought of the sock blocker end poking through the cuffs of your new socks makes me nervous!

    I love the new JP bag, it’s very sleek

  242. Suzie

    I used the Baudelaire socks from Knitty to wing my first pair of toe-up socks. The pattern looks pretty entertaining though, as your next two at a time toe-ups…

  243. Charlotte

    Beautiful bag! I recently finished my first socks and love them! (Too bad they’re a gift for my sister…)