Spinning: Annis and Nupp Knitting

I’m not quite done knitting Annis, but it’s still gorgeous, even unblocked:

Nupp rhymes with stoop not shtupp.

I almost didn’t choose Annis to knit because it has nupps. I have issues with nupps; I love how they look and hate to knit them and this patterns has 7-stitch nupps.

So I went trolling the wonderful world of the web and found an amazing technique by Myra Wood. She calls it Easy Peasy Nupp, In fact,it’s so easy it saved this pattern for me, and tranformed my thinking about knitting nupps. No lie!

Brilliant isn’t it? I like it because it’s easy, but also because you can choose the size of nupp you want. I’m a girl who likes a big nupp, so I used a bigger hook than my knitting needle. It worked beautifully.

Next week I’ll show you finished and blocked Annis in all her handspun glory.

Meanwhile try out that nupp technique already!

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25 thoughts on “Spinning: Annis and Nupp Knitting

  1. Mandy

    that was awesome! what do you do on the row coming back, though? Just ignore the fact that you’re adding another knit or purl in that row and keep on going? Or, do you slip it?

  2. Maya

    WOW! This is great! I love making nupps but man that take me a lot of time. I LOVE this method!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Veronika

    Thanks for sharing that video! I have Annis on my to-knit-very-soon list and I definitely want to try out this technique now! Hugs and stitches!

  4. Kaitlyn R. Miller

    I love nupps too! I actually tried both this method and the regular method when knitting my Aeolian and found that I like both the creation and the final appearance of the regular kind of nupp better. I haven’t paid attention to how I do the YOs but I probably do them like MandyzMoon, backwards. I’m going to start recommending that to people with nupp problems, I think!

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  6. Seanna Lea

    I have Annis on my list as well as Citron. I love them both because of their interesting shape, though Citron was edging Annis out for ease of construction. I will have to see if I have yarn for both of them now in my stash.

  7. Molly

    I’m knitting an Aeolian right now and I haven’t gotten to the nupps yet, although I have been practicing on swatches, and they’re giving me a heck of a time – this is perfect timing! I’ll be sure to try this method as well as wrapping the yarnovers backwards! I second Mandy’s question, though – do you knit or purl that stitch again in the next row, or do you slip it?

  8. Rebecca

    Ack! I don’t think I could deal with having to stop knitting mid-row and pick up a crochet hook just to work a nupp. They don’t give me much trouble, though—I work the knits and the yarn overs really loosely so it’s easy to p5tog or p7tog on the following row.

  9. Moondancer5

    No nupps! I decided to knit my Annis with czech glass beads instead, I have it up on Ravelry. I love the way it turned out, dark and sparkly.

  10. Jen

    You saved my life — or more accurately, my Annis-in-progress! I’m halfway through row 10, purling off the nupps, and have been pondering how to make the upcoming nupp rows less painful. Can’t wait to try this out!

  11. Janet

    Thanks for the tip. I have just started an Estonian shawl and I have been struggling with the nupps.

  12. Janny

    Oh man, that just blew my mind… So simple and yet I don’t think I would have ever thought of it.

  13. Debbie

    Nupps scared me and I was in awe of anyone intrepid enough to start a project with nupps. Now, that will be me,thanks to your clever use of crochet hooks. Thank you so much for opening up a whole raft of new projects for my queue. Or is that a good thing?????

  14. Bridget

    I am so happy to have found this site -I am a new knitter and am inspired by you all! The video was very helpful and I will give it a try to add some variety to my projects. Thanks!

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