WWW: Heartbreaking loss; more on the Wall Street yarnbomber; helmet liners

Kelly C, comment number 821 is our winner for the Silk Road Socks book giveaway.

Didn’t win and still want to knit those amazing socks?  You can buy your copy here. You can look at all the patterns on the book’s Ravelry page. Looking the Silk Road Socks KAL?

Hoping for a happy ending.

Mary Scott Huff, a knitter, designer, author and teacher based in Oregon had more than her knitting needles stolen from her car: a collection of 17 very valuable, important and beautiful samples were stolen from her car outside her house last week. She has written a heartbreaking and wonderful open letter to the thief on her blog. If you’re in the Portland area, keep an eye out for her sweaters…there are peeks of them on her blog.

It’s still not knitting, but here’s a profile of Olek, the artist responsible for the yarnbombing of the Wall Street bull last month.

A nice TV news item about the store Tangle, in Grand Junction, Colorado, running a program to encourage knitters to make and donate helmet liners for soldiers overseas. (As a sidenote, the journalist’s attempts to come up with synonyms for “knitting” aren’t always accurate, but are sort of sweet.)

Doubly comforting - soup and knitting!

A slide show on the Guardian of knitted home decor items, including what is possibly the greatest lampshade in the history of the world.

Following up on a story from last year, Special Olympics Maine reports that they have received donations of hundreds of scarves from generous knitters for their upcoming winter games. The Special Olympics organizations host many events across the US every year, and they collect scarves to give to participants as mementos and thank you gifts.

And then there’s this: a cat shrug.

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9 thoughts on “WWW: Heartbreaking loss; more on the Wall Street yarnbomber; helmet liners

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  2. Barbara Seiver

    When DH was in graduate school in Michigan our heat went off one night. We had a Siamese cat, and they suffer so when it’s cold, so I put the baby sweater I had just completed on the cat. He wore it happily – anything to get warmer!

    Oh, and yes, the sizing: 9 lb. oriental cat = newborn sweater.

  3. Jen

    The good thing is that enough people in the industry know about the stolen goods, they probably won’t be able to be sold. The bad thing is this thief stinks to high Heaven and needs to be caught. How ridiculous. I’m so sorry she’s going through this.

    The cat on the other hand – wow.

  4. LPStarr

    Mary has designed the sweater that is my lifetime knitting goal, the one with bees on it. I feel for her loss.

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  6. Garilynn

    Poor Mary. I hope all of her things comes back to her.

    I always lock the car, especially when I have knitting in a bag in the back seat. If it gets taken, it is more likely to get pitched into the nearest dumpster because it wasn’t “good stuff” that could be pawned.

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