WWW: Wool for winter; end of an era; giant birthday cardi.

Crafting a recovery: a wonderful piece in the New York Times. Ready a hanky.

A giant cardigan to celebrate the 900th anniversary of Cardigan, in Wales.

Also in the UK, a great story about a new-generation company helping to bring the British wool industry back!

Want to bring us home?

If you’d like to create your own little wool industry, consider the contest from Juniper Farms. Enter to win a flock of sheep. Really!

The Globe and Mail suggests that sweaters might be just thing to keep us Canadians warm through this cold winter… Seriously, some excellent sweater fashion eye-candy, a sensible video on how to care for wool fabrics, and a fun bonus demonstration from a stylist on how to wear scarves like a red-carpet queen.

So sorry to see you go!

We spotted an announcement from Mags Kandis on her blog about the end of Mission Falls yarns and patterns. We’ll miss the Mission Falls yarn and Mags’ charming designs for it very much. Mags has colorful new things in the works, the blog hints. We’ll be looking forward to seeing them!

A nice piece about graffiti knitters in New Zealand.

Image courtesy Sandra Dea/Toronto Star.

A knitting club started by an art teacher at a high school in Toronto has attracted participation from both boys and girls, and is bringing together students from all backgrounds in a very multicultural neighborhood.

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11 thoughts on “WWW: Wool for winter; end of an era; giant birthday cardi.

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  2. Lauria

    Imagine my surprise when I saw in my feed reader two old friends… I looked at those sweet lambs and said… Aren’t those Susan Gibb’s lambs? And indeed they are! Juniper Moon Farm is a wonderful farm and has delicious yarns. If you can’t take home a flock (boo hoo!!), then be sure to get a share of their yarn. The cormo is to die for!

  3. Robin J

    I love the knitting club at the high school! I wish I had started knitting earlier…it’s a hobby that requires patience and careful planning/execution. Something we don’t see a lot of these days. I think its great that those kids are learning it!

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  5. Allie

    I have met Ann Hood and read her book COMFORT about knitting through grief…it is an astounding work that I highly recommend to any knitter and probably any parent. Does knitting save lives? Redeem lives? Restore souls? YES! YES! YES!

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