Love (And Knitwear) To Keep You Warm

Thinking of knitting for a special someone for Valentine’s Day?

Give a piece of your heart.

Sort-of anatomically correct and gorgeous!

Who says you have to wear your heart on your sleeve? What about across the front of your Cheesylove sweater?

Not cheesy at all, really.

Play a little footsie in the Sweetheart socks.

At Knitty, we love feet clad in hand-knit socks.

I want to hold your hand in the Corazon mittens.

Love will only keep your fingers warm up to a point.

Torn between two lovers? (Angel or Spike? Edward or Jacob?) Consider the Vampire Boyfriend socks.

Excellent for late-night trysts. In a graveyard

And then of course there’s myriad delights in our nakedness-free “Sex & the Knitty” issue, including a certain licorice confection that Maxim featured in their December ’04 issue…

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