Spinning Tuesday: Annis is Finished!

Don’t faint, but I’ve finished something else.

My handspun Annis:

Annis in the snow

I started spinning for this January 1 and have the shawl blocked and finished February 1. I still can’t believe that I worked on a project from start to finish, until it was done. No sidetracks (well, not many), no timeouts.

Handspun from Southern Cross Fibre

I spun yarn that was almost DK, so the shawl is larger than the original, but that’s what I wanted.

The spectacular thing about spinning your own yarn is that you can make exactly what you want, by blending color and fibers, and by the way you spin your yarn.

Annis swooping

I wanted my version of Annis to be a littler larger, so I made my yarn a little fatter. I wanted my Annis to be lighter rather than drapier, so I did two things: I spun my yarn woolen, letting in as much air as fiber to make a lofty yarn and I piled it to be just balanced, if not a little under plied, to cut down on the density of the finished yarn.

Now I love nupps

I am absolutely transfixed by the magic of spinning yarns, by how many different yarns I could make just altering spin and ply, and by how it makes my knitting come alive.

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29 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesday: Annis is Finished!

  1. Seanna Lea

    This is awesome! You did a marvellous job and I love how the colors are separated enough to feel like they are their own entities but blended enough that it wasn’t like you used the sharpie of the knitting world.

    Did that even make sense?

  2. KiKi

    I just love about everything about this! A wonderful pattern (I have a thing or twenty for shawls)and the yarn is just amazing.
    Now, if you excuse me, I MUST get back to my spinning wheel 😉

  3. Kayten

    Lovely shawl! Makes me want to dig out some of my handspun. I spin and throw it in a bin except for the odd hat or two. Maybe I should start spinning for my Forest Path stole again. Probably should just continue trying to finish my ufo’s. Sigh…

  4. Renee

    It is truly spectacular. I looked at the pattern when you first posted that you were working on it and was not even distracted for a moment by the idea of starting it, but now, seeing yours, I’m very tempted to try one of my own.

  5. Melissa

    Yay! I’m so inspired, and I have the perfect handspun I’ve been saving for something special. Thank you, and congratulations on a beautiful FO.

  6. Dana

    Lovely shawl! I have a question (and forgive me if someone else has already asked this) but did you do the nupps? I can’t tell from your pictures, and that’s pretty much the only thing that’s kept me from knitting this shawl so far.

  7. yarnstruck

    Just beautiful. Love hearing about your decisions on how you would spin it to get the characteristics you want. I need to practice more with woollen spinning for loftiness. And I’m itching to try the super-easy nupp technique!

  8. Egrace

    So lovely and satisfying to see what you’ve created from your handspun. I love the spinning. Now, could I add another project and stick to it?
    thank you

  9. susan

    wonderful…I am inspired. I just finished spinning 215 g of somewhat DK..will that be enough for Annis?

  10. Cherylann

    So beautiful! I’ve just put Annis in my project queue, and I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to produce yarn from my wheel that is actually usable.

  11. elsa

    oh, this is beautiful, just the colors I love! I have Annis in my Ravelry queue and need to finish what I’m doing and get that one started!
    thanks for sharing, it’s so lovely!

  12. Jan

    Beautiful! Not being a spinner, I didn’t quite understand about the density of the yarn, but I did understand the loftiness part!

  13. redrhonda

    I’m partial to this pattern because my mother’s name is Annis. I haven’t made one yet, but now that I’ve seen yours I must cast on!

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