Valentine’s Day Ninja Bonus Contest!

Ooh, we’ve got a doozy for you today, knitters.

Are you sitting down?

this is the large set, sizes US9-15

At right, you see the lovely HiyaHiya Interchangeable Needle set in sizes US 9-15. There’s another set available in sizes US 2-8. So what’s the prize? What could you win?

BOTH sets! No, really! I know!

Here’s what HiyaHiya say about their needles:
“HiyaHiya Steel Interchangeable Needles feature keyless screw-on connections and swivel cables.

Our 5″ small set includes 7 sets of tips in sizes from 2-8US (2.75-5mm). Our large set includes 6 sets of tips in sizes from 9-15US (5.5-10mm).

Each set includes a practical and portable brocade case, needle tips and 4 cables (to make 18, 26, 34 and 42 inch needles). Assorted fabrics.  Tip length is approximately 5 inches.”

How do you win? Simple as pie. Leave a comment to this post by Tuesday, Feb 15th at midnight eastern time, and you’re eligible to win! We’ll choose a winner at random, make them answer a skill-testing question, and post the results next week.

Prize value: $160.00

Good luck and good knitting!

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2,584 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Ninja Bonus Contest!

  1. Jenn

    oooooh i would love to win this!! just recently finished my first sweater (wearing it today!!!) and would have loved interchangable needles…especially in the small sizes!!

  2. Azar

    Yes please! Interchangeable needles ftw. I don’t know that I’ve ever used a hiya hiya needle, but I certainly wouldn’t mind trying. 😛

  3. Melissa Colbeth

    Pi! I would love to have actual circular needles and not a collection of random boye here and there…

  4. mellenknits

    I’ve been considering buying a new set of interchangeables, and I’ve been happy with HiyaHiya’s dpns… Fingers crossed that these come my way 🙂

  5. Heather V

    Oh so lovely…
    I need to make myself a case like that. Maybe I can fit that in my schedule sometime next year :).

  6. Bonny

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I have heard really positive comments on these needles. One day I hope o try them for myself.

  7. Sarah

    Those needles look awesome! My friend has them and adores them. I would look really fancy if I had them, too… Wishing real hard!

  8. Mel

    I have the small HiyaHiya set, but I was just thinking to myself (as I purchased an Addi circular in size 13 for a blanket), how I would have loved to have a set of the large H/H’s! 🙂

  9. Steph

    My valentine’s day hasn’t been so great (was woken up this morning by a spouse with the flu and a cat having a hairball on the bedroom carpet and the rest of the day has followed suit), winning this would be a wondeful suprise!

  10. Heather W.

    Oooooo. I have heard wonderful things about Hiya Hiya needles. I hope I get to try them out for myself!

  11. Joanne Foot

    Wow – you are right – that really is a doozy! Fingers and toes firmly crossed here 🙂


  12. Jeanne

    What a great contest! I feel like there’s a Valentine’s day related pun to be made about looking for smooth joins, but it’s Monday and my brain is too fried to get all the way there.

  13. Melissa

    Holy Smokes! That is an amazing prize! That’s going to make somebody a great Valentine’s Day gift! 🙂

  14. bekee

    wow! i have, adore, and covet my denise interchangeable set, but would really love a set that gets tiny!

  15. Catherine Michelle

    Oh Lovely! Lovely!!! I’ve been looking over these needles since October, not having the budget to buy them!!!! What a wonderful giveaway!!!!!! I would LOVE to be the choosen one!!!!!! Happy Valentine Day!!!!

  16. Christy

    I’ve played with all sorts of needles, but not the hiya hiyas. I’d love to see how they perform in my hands (I throw, and the boye and knitpicks needles come apart for me.)

  17. Stephanie

    oh I’d love to have these fabulous needles…we don’t have a LYS so it’s hard to get good needles (and yarn) with out a 2 hour drive. Consider my fingers crossed!

  18. Erika

    Oh man it would be AMAZING to have size 2 interchangeable needles. The number of sock WIP’s I’d have going would go through the roof!

  19. Christine

    oooooooooooooooooo….. THAT would be enough to make me try to finish some of those UFOs…. or start new projects.

  20. AnnieBeeKnits

    Goodness, what a prize! I love my individual HiyaHiyas (I have quite a collection of them in 16″ lengths). Imagine all the goodness one could create with the complete range!

  21. Laura

    I always think to myself, “oh, I only really use two or three sizes of needle– 0, 1, and 7– I shouldn’t buy any others” and then I find a pattern or yarn that needs three different sizes, none of which I have, and I reconsider. How nice to have such a range!

  22. Pat

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I would love to win a set of these! I’ve heard so much about them but never have tried them. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  23. Guen

    Wow, Those look fantastic! And a case too? Amazing! I’d love to have a way to contain my circular needles! Awesome!

  24. melissa p.

    wowzers. this would be FANTASTIC! and, well, my birthday IS coming, so maybe it could be a little gifty for meeeeee???
    (hoping hoping hoping hoping)

  25. Brandy

    Oooh… the only thing I even knit on anymore is my Knit Picks interchangeables, those would be awesome!

  26. Jane

    Ooooooh, I would love these, the look fab, please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Valentine’s Day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. Peggy

    I echo Mujercita – pick me, pick me! I have fixed HiyaHiya and love them. The interchangeables will add more versatility to my knitting.

  28. malinda

    The perfect gift for a freind who has so little and wants to knit so badly………………she would be so happy.

  29. Knitmo

    Oh I love Hiya Hiya and I didn’t even know they did interchangeables. Talk about living under a rock!

  30. SueMerritt

    Never be unable to start another project – I’ll have all the needles at the ready! What a great offering, <3 Knitty!!

  31. Jamie

    Oh, man, I SOOO need a set of needles! Here’s hoping I’m the winner — if not, congrats to the lucky person!

  32. Kelaine Haas

    Unbelievable! I have been drooling over these for a bit now.
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  33. Lisa

    Mo’ needles, mo’ projects! Thank you for the giveaway – HiyaHiyas are most excellent! Got my fingers crossed too, especially for the small set 🙂

  34. Beth R

    Great prize! I’ve never tried Hiya Hiya needles either but would love those smaller sizes and have been getting irritated by separation issues (while knitting) with my current other-brand set.

  35. amber

    I think these would help me make some amazing projects…. I hope i win, but if not, CONGRATS to the lucky winner…

  36. gail

    WOW! I didn’t know they were even coming out with an interchangeable set! I could definitely use the small size. I don’t know of any other companies with those small sizes in an interchangeable set!!!

  37. Weaver

    Oh what fun! I just bought my first set of Hiya Hiyas today and already cast on (two at a time, toe up over the knee socks). These sets look great!

  38. Gwynne

    Love these needles! Could definitely use these in the larger size — O please contest karma, choose me!

  39. Keri Gorton

    Amazing Prize!! What a great gift! Increasing someone’s love of knitting at a time dedicated to celebrating love!!

  40. Sandra Degener

    I have NO interchangeable needles but would LOVE Them! I would never have to worry about not having the right size needles on hand ever Again!

  41. Andy

    What a neat looking set! I’ve got a set from boye that I’m not really happy with; I wonder if this one is better 😛

  42. Kathleen

    Ninja caught my attention for sure! Would love to win, especially since I’m not totally thrilled with the set I own. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  43. Kristina Howland

    What an amazing prize! I would love to use these on my next projects! I’ve taken to knitting in the round a lot more lately…simply love it. And I’ve been gifting and donating the items I make to friends and local shelters.

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  45. Ayla

    Oooh, these would be awesome. I’ve been lusting after an interchangeable needle set for a while, and I can’t afford them on a student budget. -crosses fingers-

  46. Mel

    So excellent! What a great contest. 😀 A mixture of two of my most favorite things: Martial Arts and knitting.

  47. Mary Kulas

    oooooooohhhhh…..what an awesome gift for Valentine’s Day! I’ve heard so many good things about these sets it would be great to get to try them! Thanks for all the super contests btw… knitty and all the people that make it all happen!

  48. Grace McEwin

    Ooooo please please please! I hope it is me! I currently have circulars that are falling apart. They probably date as far back as the mesosoic era…

  49. DeeAnna

    Happy Valentine’s Day, and I really REALLY hope you pick me to win these needles. I love their smaller sizes and don’t have any of the larger ones, so it would be perfect if I could win.

  50. Michaela

    Wow, beautiful looking needles. I always wanted to own a set of interchangable knitting needles. Especially since they would be so handy for all the different garments and things I am knitting. And it would get my husband off my back, because I have (according to him) kazillion of knitting needles hanging around. And my needles are literally hanging off the ceiling.
    What a wonderful set.

  51. Nichole

    These needles look great. And the case to carry them in is stunning by itself. Whomever gets these will be one lucky knitter…I hope it is me!

  52. RedScot

    Ooh – how lovely – especially the small set! Most of my bamboo sock needles are on the verge of breaking, so winning some proper needles would be, as they say, ossim!

  53. Edna

    Saw your Facebook post, so here’s your comment… Happy Valentine’s Day. And I can always use more knitting needles!

  54. Tina

    A co-worker of mine has the smaller set and I have been so jealous! What an amazing prize!

  55. Anne Lokken

    Love them!! I use interchangeable needles for everything!! Can always use more, and these are SO chic!

  56. Lauren

    Oooh oooh me me! I’ve fallen back in love <3 with my circs. I never thought I would, I even use them for knitting flat.

  57. Donna

    Me, me, me! I didn’t know there was an interchangeable set with size 2! Will have to buy if I don’t win!!!!!!!

  58. Jessica

    What a wonderful valentine’s day gift this would be! I’ve had my eye one these for a while. About to invest in my FIRST set of interchangables and have only heard great things about these ones.

  59. DianeAwesome

    Oooh! So nice! My New Year’s resolution is to start knitting more. Perhaps this is just the kickstart I need?

  60. Jenn

    This is fantastic! I’ve got a stack of circular needles on the stash shelf and at least 4 pair in my knitting bag but I still end up having to hunt down new sets for most projects. Someday a full set of interchangeable needles will be within my budget!

  61. Meg

    I would KNIT things with them needles! For OTHER people, even! I would raid Knitty for awesome patterns, bust my stash, even swatch.

  62. Melanie Davidson

    I’ve always drooled over those needles….would LOVE to win them! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  63. Kat

    Oh wow! I love interchangeable needles. It would certainly cheer up my singleton Valentine’s day if I could spend it with a set like these…

  64. ChristineB

    “make them answer a skill-testing question” – knitting skill-testing? 😉 I guess I would need some needles then…

  65. Amy P

    Oooh! I have to say that I’ve been intimidated by the “skill testing question” in the past, but this prize is worth a little knitterly pressure.

  66. Liz

    I have been needing some interchangeables for a while- thanks Knitty and HiyaHiya for such a generous giveaway!

  67. Martha

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hiya Hiya needles and have been lusting after one of their interchangeable sets for over a year at my LYS. This would be spectacularly amazing! Fingers crossed that you pick me!

  68. Heidi

    HiyaHiya – what a wonderful set of prizes! That would be quite a wonderful Valentine’s present! Skill-test could be interesting.

  69. Reanna

    Today is more than just a day for lovers, it’s a day for celebrating everyone who is important to you. And it’s not in flowers or chocolate or sexy lingerie, it’s in saying, I love you! and meaning it. Every day.

    I <3 you Knitty!

  70. Barbara

    I love the Hiya Hiya needles – the joins are fabulous. I pick up extra cords every time I’m in the Carolina Homespun booth – you know – just in case I need them.

  71. Jennette

    This would be a VERY nice addition to my sparce needles to date as I only have #9, 10, 11, 13, 15. Thanks for the opportunity!

  72. Anna Z

    Now that my thesis is done, I could use those for all the knitting projects that have been piling up 🙂

  73. Marcie

    Even though there is a test, and I am test phobic, I want to win the needles badly enough to enter. So glad there is no studying required!

  74. V

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on some interchangeable sets and I hadn’t been aware of the HiyaHiya sets. Thanks for sharing and offering an amazing giveaway!

  75. Jeanie

    Oooo! A skill testing question too?? LOL This are great looking, I specially like that it goes down to size 2 and they have swiveling cables. <3 Happy Valentines day indeed!

  76. Heather H.

    I’ll comment all over the place for that – commencing commenting … comment, comment, comment!

  77. Barbara

    I have a plain set of interchangeable needles, but wouldn’t these be a treat? Thought I would leave a comment and give it a try, anyway 🙂

  78. Linda Hart

    Do I need a new set of needles? It’s like asking if I need more chocolate. There’s no answer other than YES!

  79. D. X. Blink

    Ooh, I could really use those to replace the worn-out Boye set I got as a handmedown from my mom. I think the Boyes are older than I am …

  80. Marin

    Oh wow, that’s generous. Count me in! I’ve heard great things about this set, I’d love to try them.

  81. Irene

    Twice in a row? Likely not!! But worth a try! I’ve been wanting a set like this for a long time! 😉

  82. Suyin Jordan

    Would be amazing to win this, the Librarian Teacher and I have started a knitting club at my kids elementary school- Doncrest Public School in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and this would be a great resource to have to share with the children, boys and girls from Grades 4-8.
    Thanks for giving such a great gift away

  83. Jennifer Folsom

    Oh My Goodness! What an unbeleivable give-away!
    You guys have a really fun site. I’m glad I found you!
    Keep it up!

  84. Jani

    Wow – what an amazing prize! I’ve never used interchangeable needles but I’ve heard good things about Hiya Hiyas . . . thanks for the Valentine’s contest!

  85. Marcie

    Omg!!! These are so nice. And I just happen to be in the market for new needles!!! Happy valentine’s day everyone!!!

  86. oonagh

    woohoo!! interchangeable needles ROCK!!

    seriously though, these look interesting…..and extra needles are always a good thing!!

  87. jenni

    what a wonderful valentine’s day gift to myself…. ahhhh, i can see myself curling up infront of my fireplace using these!

  88. Kathleen

    I wonder how the smaller sizes slide at the connection? Just a bit of catching with the Addis on 4s and 5s. I’ll be more than happy to test them and let everyone know 🙂

  89. Amy

    My valentine has been in the hospital for a few days. She was just upgraded to a liquid diet, so our romantic dinner tonight might be vegetable broth & ice chips! Winning these would sure cheer me up!

  90. Emily

    Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous. I’ve been looking for a good case for rounds. This would make my whole month!
    love (*1000)

  91. Shannon

    Oh wow! I’m such a fan of circular needles – hard to lose one from a set if they are attached together! 🙂 Interchangeables have been on my wish-list for a while. I rarely treat myself to the high-end tools – but anytime I do I’m always so glad I made the investment. Admittedly I’ve never heard of Hiya Hiya (I’m an intermediate and casual knitter) Whether or not I win (but I hope I do) I’m going to see if my LYS carries them. I’ve certainly never seen them at my big-box McCraft-a-rama outlets. Not that there is anything wrong with that – they are one of my guilty pleasures!

  92. Kathy

    Oh these would be a wonderful and needed upgrade to my current interchangeables! Either way this is a great giveaway for someone! Good luck to all!!

  93. Caryn Hogg

    I would love a chance to try those awesome needles!! *crossing fingers* What a great Valentine’s present!

  94. Rebecca

    wowie kazowie batman – and I would graciously take just the smaller set if I won ( bows humbly) and let the runner up take the bigger guys… so nice of you to offer this up – thanks a bunch and a big kiss for you!

  95. Phyllis

    Wow! What an incredible gift!! Whoever wins this will be one lucky knitter! Knitty once more shows its awesomeness to the community! (Can you tell I’m excited?)

  96. Irene

    Oh! I LOVE, just !!LOVE!! the set of Hiya Hiyas I have. I really want, no Need! another set, so wish me luck! (please oh please Santa I’ve been so good this year.)

  97. Tara K

    Oh my goodness I need this x 1000. Please please please! I’m keeping my fingers crossed, this would make my day.

  98. Mari

    I am enamored with the case. 🙂 It is the little extra details such as this that take my passionate pastime of knitting to a spectacular personal pleasure.

  99. Sarah

    great contest! those look amazing and the case is beautiful! I was just considering buying another interchangeable needle set…I’ll wait a little bit first 😉

  100. Colleen

    I *heart* Knitty. I *heart* needles. I just don’t *heart* Valentine’s Day.

    I’m loving the new publish cycle, by the way. Good job.

  101. Sarah Stewart

    Ahh if I had these I wouldn’t have to freak out and run to the yarn store once a week for more needles! :0) Fingers and toes crossed!

  102. elizaduckie

    I just bought my first 2 sets of Hiya Hiya wooden dons and I quite honestly love them! I have used other dpns but these are perfect. A great length, with the needed ‘grabby’ feel that prevents the stitches popping off unexpectedly, but not so much you can’t slide the stitches along easily. And they take the strain off my hands and arthritic fingers. I’ll be getting more!

  103. Leigh Ann II

    I’ve been skeptical, but am willing to try them out and would tell all of my friends about how great they are. I’m your best ambassador.

  104. Margaret

    *gasp* You’re kidding. I’ve just started seriously considering getting a new set of interchangeables — I have a relatively low-budget set that a friend gave me years ago, and they are SUPER useful but getting a little crummy at the join. And I just got a pair of HiyaHiya dpns a few months ago to compare to my usual Inox aluminum dpns, and … all the benefits of bamboo needles (lighter/warmer) with the benefits of aluminum (slicker/less prone to breakage)! With the added benefit of not being so pointy that I can put them through my hand! Not that I’ve *ahem* done that with Inox needles recently. Of course not. I would LOVE this.

  105. Belinda

    I’ve always looked at these sets longingly.. wishing they could be mine, but alas they are so out of my price range.

    The case is awesome.. Such beautiful needles.

  106. Emma

    Oh wow I’ve been wanting a set of interchangeables for a while now and these look really nice, I hope I win! =]

  107. valeska

    Ihave considered interchangeable needles but they always seem like a large outlay- what a great opportunity!

  108. Allie

    OMG, I just about died when I saw this as a prize. As little hope as I have of winning it, I’m still hopeful!

  109. Rebecca

    Oh wow! I’ve had my eye on these needles for a while now. Love the idea of interchangeables that go down to size 2!

  110. cheryl

    Yes please, I would like. I have a set of Hiya double points that I asm very pleased with, just like my LKS said I would be.

  111. cysiphist

    Wow. An amazing giveaway – thanks for offering! I really like Hiya Hiya DPNS – never tried their circs.

  112. Julie

    Being Valentines Day:

    Single straight needles looking for Valentine Day love. Ideal partner would be interchangeable, come in multiple sizes for multiple moods, and have her own case.

  113. Melissa

    What a great prize! Hiya Hiya circulars have become my go-tos…they’re reasonably priced and available in all lengths at my LYS.

  114. Denise

    I have been eyeing these needles for awhile now! I would love to win them. I don’t have any interchangeables yet.

  115. Nikki

    OMG, that would be amazing! I hope I get picked! I’ve wanted a set of interchangables for forever but am about to start a PhD program so no extra money for luxuries!