What’s on our needles, a winner and a new giveaway!

It seems our needles are laden with socks at Knitty. Here’s what we’re knitting right now:

Jillian is knitting 2 socks on 2 circular needles in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport:

Colorway: Rockwell. Please don't notice the boo-boos from knitting in a movie yesterday.

On Kate’s needles: two pairs of socks for spring.


There’s the Knit Picks’ “Time Traveller” colorway – a limited edition from last fall inspired by our favorite Time Traveller, The Doctor .

But which Doctor, 10 or 11?

And a pair of socks in just about the loudest yarn imaginable: Filatura di Crosa Maxime Print in a “citrus circus insanity” (or something). Kate’s working them both at the same time on dpns, using the War & Peace inspired method. “I love this method – it guarantees no second sock syndrome, and lots and lots of amazed gasps from other sock knitters.”

Amaze your friends! Two socks in one!

Amy’s working on her Leftovers vest in Rowan Calmer…the first time she’s had the pleasure of making a sweater with this lovely stuff.


yes, everyone's already told me it looks like ice cream. they're right.

She managed to score closeouts on Calmer at the legendary home of such things, Colourway, when her friend Brenda casually mentioned it was near the train station in town. There was much plotzing and the yarn score ensued. Enough for a stripy vest for £20. I know!

For insurance, and because she’s like that, she added another ball of [discontinued! who discontinues black??] black and one of super-pale pink, recommended personally by the goddess of color, Barbara Gregory, once she got back Canada-side.

Our winner of one large and one small HiyaHiya Interchangeable Needle sets is comment #1779: Patricia Congratulations, and happy knitting!


A bunch of Knitty readers got hit by another winter storm last night. Jillian got 8″ of snow, after having two days in the 50’s F last week.

To help ease the pain of more winter weather we’re having a giveaway!

How about a kit to knit the 3 pairs of the Shelburne Mittens in our latest issue?

Cozy mittens for the family!

If chosen, one person will win enough Rowan Felted Tweed Chunky to make 3 pairs of mittens [7 skeins]

This prize is courtesy of the lovely folks at Rowan Yarn and Westminster Fibers.

Here’s how to win: leave a comment to this post by Wednesday, February 23, at midnight eastern time, and you could win! We’ll choose a winner at random, make them answer a skill-testing question, and post the results next week.

Prize value: $79.60

Good luck, good knitting and keep warm if you’re snowy!

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Jillian is the​ author of the best-selling spinning book Yarnitecture. She is the editor​ of Knittyspin and Developmental Editor for PLY and PLY Books. She kinda loves this spinning thing and wants everyone who spins to love it too, so she teaches and writes a lot. She knits, weaves, and stitches and tries to do as much of it as she can with handspun yarn. She's always cooking up all kinds of exciting and creative things combining fiber arts. She likes her mysteries British, her walks woodsy, and to spend as much time as she can laughing. Spy on her on her website jillianmoreno.com

1,332 thoughts on “What’s on our needles, a winner and a new giveaway!

  1. Maggie D.

    Wow! Love all those socks! I’ve got a pair on the needles myself. Funny thing, I was just eyeing those mittens earlier today… and regretting the fact I have nothing in my stash to knit them with… 😉

  2. Lizzie

    We may get more snow soon, so I could use some mitten kits to keep me occupied and eventually keep our fingers cozy.

  3. Andrea

    I’m in Wyoming, where it will be mitten season for several more months, so these would be very useful as well as beautiful.

  4. Mandi

    I would love to knit those mittens! We didn’t get too much snow last night, but I am sure more will come and the mittens will come in handy!!

  5. Melinda

    Mmmm, nice mitts. And the 2-in-1 socks have just about blown my mind…. must look into that technique!

  6. Desiree

    Those mittens make me drool a bit. Those look so cozy and soft and warm. I haven’t worked with a tweed yarn in a long time, and I would love to do so.

  7. Calophi

    A skill-testing question? o.O Well, I guess it’s worth a shot! I’ve only done one pair of mittens since I tend to be cheap and only buy enough yarn to accomplish fingerless gloves. XD

  8. Morgan

    We had some lovely snow that looks pretty and is almost melted off the roads already today. But darn is it COLD out there! Mittens would be welcome. 🙂

  9. Sue

    I never used to wear mittens. It’s only since I’ve started knitting again that I have learned to appreciate their comfy warmth. That pattern looks especially warm and snuggly. Hope i win!

  10. AndreaW

    Rain and Ice Watch here in VA. Mittens would be so good…we aren’t used to this cold! Need to get my act in gear and learn to do socks two at a time. Brrr…

  11. kc

    yep– we’re back to mitten weather here again too. great for snow balls! the yarn and pattern look wonderful, kind of makes you want to wear mittens– and that’ saying a lot at this point of the season!

  12. Emily

    I really need to try that two-at-a-time on DPNs approach… and also, please enter me into the drawing!

  13. Irene

    2 socks at once on a single set of DPNs. How neat is that! Thanks for sharing. I love Rowan Felted Tweed so wish me luck with the contest!

  14. GinkgoKnits

    Felted tweed is always worth an entry comment. I just bought more yarn at Stitches West than I can use in months but the more the merrier as winter doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon.

  15. mollysusie

    Those mittens look scrumptious! And I am gasping amazed at knitting two socks at one time on DPNs.

  16. Mary

    I doubt we’ll have much more cold weather down south where I am… but by the time I finished three pairs of mittens (mingled in with my sock obsession) it would be winter again! So – perfect timing 😉

  17. Carol

    It’s snowing in Chicago, too. I definitely need more mittens and Shelburnes are already in my Fav list.

  18. Julie Reeman

    Oooh, felted tweed by Rowan. I love knitting with this. I used most of my stash making Chrissy prezzies.

  19. Donna K

    Beautiful mittens – more snow coming today, I think we will need mittens til June this year in Wisconsin

  20. Carolyn

    I live in Ohio and we are expecting to be snowed upon on Tuesday…..would love to win yarn to make mittens for my family….also in three weeks I will have a new grandson and he will need mittens!! My first grandchild…..so excited!! I would really love to win the yarn for the mittens!!

  21. Regan

    Those are some warm-looking mittens! I could use them since there are ice pellets beating on my windows right this minute!

  22. Rachel

    It’s been so cold here in MA, and I have a bunch of international student friends from the tropics who I’d love to knit mittens for!

  23. Kimberlee

    Those are wonderful mittens! I live in Iowa, we’ve been known to have snow clear into April! My family and I could use some new mittens, as well as my sister, who’s having a baby girl….right now!

    Thanks for the great contest!

  24. Sarah

    Ooohhh!! That’s OUR storm! We got mad amounts of snow in 24 hours. (Secretly I kind of like it). We have to stay in and knit! 🙂

  25. Cerridwen Johnson

    Next month going to San Diego. Since I am a desert baby, I will be freezing! These will come in handy

  26. Kim

    Someday I will learn to knit two socks at once!
    Totally cute mitts! I love chunky weight projects. They are done so fast and are great gifts 🙂

  27. mary

    we got a little snow today – not enough for mittens, but there’s always next year. yay for contests!

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  29. LadyDreamgirl

    No snow here (my part of Texas doesn’t get much) but mitten knitting would make being stuck in bed with the flu much less boring, so I’m throwing my hat in the ring. Good luck everybody!

  30. Holli

    I’m hoping my need for mittens this season has passed, but I know I’ll need some for next year and I have a 3 person family.

  31. Margarita

    With the unpredictable weather here in Colorado it would be nice to knit up some warm mittens for the family. I hope I win 🙂

  32. Steph N

    We had record breaking snow on Wednesday of last week and it was in the 70’s by Sunday. I’m hoping mitten season’s about over here, but maybe knitting a new pair will help the weather cooperate.

  33. Kaitlin

    I’ve been meaning to make matching Shelburne for my boyfriend and I, but he’s being deployed with the U.S. Army this spring, so I’ll have to hold off for a year 🙁

    Maybe I’ll just buy the yarn now and make them as a good-luck charm?

  34. erin

    Would love to knit up some mittens. Although weather here in SF doesn’t exactly require them like other places might, my hands still get cold when the sun sets!

  35. Lisa Swanson

    I don’t think this winter will ever end! We got 17 inches again yesterday and a couple more coming down this afternoon! Fortunately, we had a week of melting before this, otherwise I’m not sure where we would have put this new batch!

  36. Mary Ellen

    Oh I could use some more mittens. After 20 years in Atlanta, my mitten stash it pitiful. Snow this morning and more at the end of the week…..

  37. Lark

    Love the socks! I’ve never seen the 2-at-a-time-on-DPNs method before – how does that work? And I’d love to win the mitten yarn; I just looked at that pattern today and thought, must make these mittens!

  38. Bonnie

    We’re getting cold rain right now, and our ice has finally melted. There’s no guarantee we’re finished with winter though! Thanks for having this giveaway.

  39. Ruth

    Love seeing all the socks on the needles….socks, my favorite thing to knit. Sure would like to knit mittens, too. Hope I win the giveaway. 🙂

  40. K.M.Jones

    Lovin’ the sock knitting, and I’m giving a stab at the two-socks-at-once method. It’s kind of fun! but tricky to do while doing anything else.

  41. blogless grace

    Mittens! I think the entire nation could use mittens after the winter we are having! Lovely things.

  42. Helga

    Since winter has returned to the Midwest with a vengeance, socks and mittens are still needed and if they’re made with this lovely yarn, they are most appreciated.

  43. Joanne Foot

    Oooh – mittens! We are just heading towards autumn here, so these are well timed for us too. 🙂


  44. Linda Hart

    Always, all ways happy to enter a giveaway at Knitty. In some ways it doesn’t matter if I win (though I’d love to!)

  45. Ingrid

    Yes, tell us more about 2 socks on dpns! And then I’ll adapt it to knit two mittens at a time and avoid second-mitten-syndrome.

  46. Lisa S

    Even Georgia has been cold this year. I need to win and knit so I can be prepared for next season’s snowfall! Great prize!

  47. Chris

    Seventy-four degrees (F) in Baltimore on Friday – 4 to 8 inches of snow tonight – I need some mittens!

  48. Emma

    It’s so nice to see a pattern for mittens that looks stylish without a super intimidating pattern. Oh, and it’s hard to chose between the Doctor’s! In actual fact I cast on for a sock tonight whilst watching a Matt Smith episode.

  49. AlisoninOZ

    I would love to win the mittens kit! As it is still summer here in OZ I would have time to knit them before the winter (or what passes for winter where I live) starts. I have a sister and a niece who have very cold hands!

  50. Debbie B

    I was confused by the mention of the “War and Peace method” Despite the confusion, I am not confused about the fact that I would love to win! Thank you!

  51. Abby

    I got some of the same snow as Jillian I could use more mittens! Altho, that Doctor Who colorway is pretty awesome…

  52. Rachael

    I’ve noticed my glove/mitten collection growing lately… but I don’t think it would hurt to add a few more…

  53. Danelle in Kansas

    After a week of 70 degree weather, we are back in the thick of winter. (((sigh))) Better work on more mittens–LOL!

  54. Kim

    I wouldn’t normally sign up for a chance to win a mitten kit, since I live in South Florida. However, my daughter is in college in central Florida, and it gets a little colder there! She could stand some mittens to keep her fingers warm next winter.

  55. Jamie Wang

    My husband wants a new pair of mittens, I could use a new pair, and the third could be a gift — what could be better!


  56. Indigo13

    Just found out about these contests even though I’ve been following Knitting for a while on Twitter – figured it was worth a shot! Who wouldn’t be able to use new mittens?

  57. Alison

    Woo-hoo! I just got home and my hands are freezing, so new mittens would be just the thing. Thanks for the chance!!

  58. Rebecca

    I don’t live with my family, but myself, my fiance, and our roommate does make three, so… pleeease?

  59. Petra Bockus

    My hands are cold. And when they are cold, I have trouble knitting. I could really use some mittens.

  60. Darlene

    Woo hoo what a wonderful prize looks like we are in for another dump of snow tonight/tomorrow on top of our mountains of snow now. Mittens are always needed here in snowy PEI!
    I Love winter!

  61. Jasmine

    Cute mittens and I love the look of this yarn. Haven’t worked with it yet but have been obsessing over a Kim Hargreaves pattern that calls for 22 skeins of it!

  62. annski

    So we only get to wear mittens for a couple of weeks a year here in Alabama, but that doesn’t mean my friends and family up North would want me to knit some for them!

  63. liz

    Here in northwest Indiana it snowed, sleeted and rained today…yes, all three!! I’m sick and tired of being COLD!

  64. Kelly

    I woukld love to knit a pair of these for my brother in Atlanta, it;s been really cold there this year. Although I’m not too sure if grown men wear these type of mittens..they should!

  65. Dorothy

    I love the look of those mittens. It’s still so cold here and there is plenty of winter left to enjoy mittens.

  66. Ana

    Mama with no yarn makes babies cry. Especially my baby. Or maybe it’s babies crying makes Mama want yarn-? …

  67. Deanna

    Someday, when I grow up, I’d like to be a sock knitter. Until then, I will settle for your big ol’ bag of mitten yarn. 🙂

  68. Cheryl

    I’ve just started knitting mittens after years of socks, and I love them! I’d love to knit more…

  69. Caroline

    I would love to make some mittens for my family up north. I like to tease them about the cold while I enjoy my subtropical home.

  70. Diana

    I love that The Doctor (season 2-4) wears Chucks 🙂 I’m knitting a Doctor Who scarf…it’s so very long already and only halfway done!

  71. anne

    I have kittens who desperately need mittens, for these little kittens are cold. They run and they play in my freezer all day because they never do as they are told.

  72. Maureen

    Yay! I love mittens!! These look super cozy, and I bet my daughter and my husband would love new mittens too!

  73. Mimi

    I love all the creativity that Knitty inspires. I’ve been exploring mittens of all varieties, and would love to take a stab at cozy mittens for all!!

  74. Sam ls

    I go to school in the twin cities. We had a snow day today. My school NEVER has snow days. mittens would be nice.

  75. Toni

    Even in sunny California our hands get cold! I’d love to win — mittens are a great portable project.

  76. Diana

    mittens! I’ve yet to make mittens (I do fingerless ones), but I have it next on my list for next winter.

  77. Lacy

    I love the Dr. Who socks! Watching Season 4 of the new series as I type this.

    Love the mitts kit, too. : )

  78. Heidi

    It’s supposed to snow for 3 days here – in February? This is Portland Oregon, not the mid-west! That would be fabulous prize!

  79. Erin

    Sweet, I was thinking about knitting these mittens for a friend, and could always use an extra pair for myself since I just moved to Chicago!

  80. Kia

    A set would be just be perfect for my daughter, son & I! Plus they’d be a great way to get my daughter started on knitting.

  81. Christine

    WooHoo mittens!!! And it’s going to be cold enough to wear them for another solid couple months…at least…:(

  82. Jennifer

    Wow! My boys would love new mittens, and now, there’s 3 of them! I’ve got the swatch for a baby blanket I’m designing for the youngest on my needles. Stay warm!

  83. Annie

    I would love to win for I love to knit mittens . . . and socks and scarves and shawls and sweaters and mitts and . . . well, you name it.

  84. Tracy

    I just finished knitting two pairs of socks on two needles and I’m about to cast on Summit. I’ve got empty needles available for some mittens. 😉

  85. Dorothy

    I saw the Shelburne mittens, and they called out to me.

    Perhaps because I live in Shelburne, NS? 🙂

  86. oonagh

    those are really cool socks……..

    on a nifty note, this contest closes the day before my birthday (and my SO’s is the day after mine)!! i could use some mittens……..hint hint……

  87. Teish

    Mittens! I’ve knit a lot of just plain ones (I have three kids after all!) And it is probably about time for me to knit something a bit more interesting for mittens. 🙂

  88. Dana Chadwell

    It’s Spring in Tennessee, but I’ve been on a mad finishing spree on some winter woolies and so I’m hoping for a bit of dogwood winter!

  89. Michelle

    We’re in the midst of a storm. We’ve got about 4 inches and are supposed to double that overnight. I would LOVE to have some nice warm mittens!

  90. Kristin

    Would love to make those so I can take my sister and her daughter along with my husband and I when we go to the mountains again. She loves her blankets I made her and can’t stop making things for her.
    Please choose me 🙂

  91. Laura

    Midwest snow storms are giving me the blues! Nine inches of snow last night and more expected tonight. I need to knit more mittens and Rowan yarn is just what I need!

  92. Susan (sjanova)

    We have sleet and snow scheduled for tonight and early tomorrow morning. Just right for mittens!

  93. Dana

    We’ve been having 65-70F days the past week and a half, but I know winter isn’t over yet! I’d love to win the mittens kit! 🙂

  94. Becky

    I knit mittens for all the grandkids this year, and fingerless mitts for myself and a bunch of other people, but no mittens for me. 🙁 Love all the socks you are all working on!

  95. Michelle

    Mittens…. ah yes… at this point in the season, we’re down to singles… would love to make some to stock up for next season!

  96. Jess Black

    Just returned to work after 4 lovely days at Madrona Fiber Arts retreat, all I can think about is knitting!!!

  97. Johnnie Boughner

    Great contest, especially since I NEED new mittens. My store-bought ones acquired a hole. (Should I bite my tongue for admitting I bought instead of knitted?) I could remedy that 🙂

  98. mary touchton

    too warm in Florida for mittens now, but I till have friends in the dreat white north who woul LoVE a pir of hand made hand warmers!

  99. DeeAnna

    I am knitting my poor chilly fingers to the bone and I really need to make some mittens. Please select me to win!!

  100. Summer

    Lovely! After the additional 12inches we just received in MN, I think I have plenty of mitten knitting time left this winter.

  101. Eve Carr

    ooh … mittens … I need to make some mittens … especially since we got orders to go to Milwaukee from DC this week … right now I have way too many things on the needles … need to get them finished up and off to their new homes!

  102. Shoshana

    Ooooh I love mittens!!! They are one of the few things I have managed to finish for myself this winter (as I knit from under a half finished log cabin blanket destined for my bed).

  103. Hilary Wilson

    Currently trying to get through some of my stash by actually knitting the projects I bought the yarn for. Working on a cable cardigan for a baby.

    Would love to make some cozy mittens however, as it’s positively frigid here in southern Ontario.


  104. Cori

    Ooh, those mittens look cozy and warm! I’d love to try the “War and Peace method” 2-at-a-time socks, but I just KNOW I’d cross a stitch somewhere and not find out until I go to pull them apart. 😛

  105. Joanne willoughby

    My daughter is having her first baby and I would love to knit her and her little girl a pair of matching mittens. She’s been having a hard time and these would really cheer her up!

  106. Stacy

    We aren’t having any snow storms out my way…but it gets pretty cold. wouldn’t mind some yarn to knit up those great mittens!

  107. Jane

    Hmm. On the needles: Mondo Cable Cardi, “coffee bean socks”, christmas socks, a vest “hibernating, a tank/sleeveless summer sweater also hibernating, an almost forgotten pair of socks alas, also hibernating. And yet I still hope to win more yarn. Knitting, my little addiction.

  108. Jo-Ann Boutilier

    I just finished a hat and mitts for my granddaughter, a hat for my grandson, a shawl and October Woodland mitts are underway. I love new mitts patterns.

  109. Sara

    I would love to make those. We can always use mittens in this house. I’m currently swatching for a pair of fetchings. Not quite mittens, but pretty close. 🙂

    1. Alanna Jane

      This morning on the bus to school I found a hole in my favorite mittens 🙁 … time to stop knitting socks ad sweaters for a while 🙂

  110. Elizabeth

    We just had more snow today. Looks like old man winter is still here. I need to knit another pair of mitts to keep warm! Brrr….

  111. allison

    I’m finishing up a cardigan, and since the snow is still falling here I’m not quite ready to give up the winter knitting! I would loooove these mittens!

  112. Nicole

    Oh I love knitting mittens! Such quick satisfaction. I have a whole bunch of relatives back in the snowy north who would love a pair!

  113. Pam Wall

    I am also working on 2 socks on 2 circs. I have been dying to try the 2 at a time because I love double knitting. I just found a bag with a serious UFO: hats in progress from…are you ready for it?…25 years ago. Just in time ti finish for my grandson. Colors are back in fashion. Oh, my.

  114. Jamie

    I’d looove some wonderful yarn for beautiful mittens — just moved here from Los Angeles — and Pittsburgh is COLD AND SNOWY this year!

  115. Jamie

    These mittens are adorable and the texture would keep the pattern from being boring. I’d wear those from October-early April here in PA!

  116. kari

    oh my….i have so many things….a pair of socks..ok the second sock, this one i am trying on one circular needle…too many cables for 4 dbl pointed….a sweater…that i have started and change now 3 times and a pair of socks 2 at a time toe up…..and i just took apart a scarf and stole that i didn’t like and am trying to figure out a pattern….and……need i say more?

  117. Rita Ford

    I love knitting mittens! My mom used to make them for my kids when they were little. I only started knitting recently so I’m gearing up for grandkids!!!

  118. Marie Binder

    We got another foot of snow last night!… Reminds me of the Shel Silversteing poem:
    I made myself a snow ball as perfect as could be.
    I thought I’d keep it as a pet and let it sleep with me.
    I made it some pajamas and a pillow for it’s head.
    Then, last night it ran away.
    But first — it wet the bed.
    {**If you pick me, I promise to make mittens and not snowman jammies.}

  119. fractal

    I’ve had shellburne in my queue on raverly since it came out, but haven’t found an appropriate yarn in my stash yet.

  120. Laura Duren

    We also had a wonderful springlike weekend only to be followed by a week of cold and rain. This giveaway is just the thing to warm me up.

    1. Amy

      Today I had to drive on ice during a whiteout to go to the dentist to have a root canal. I then drove back home in the mixed snow and sleet to nurse my swollen mouth. Did I mention this is the second root canal in five weeks?

      I definitely need some knitting time!

  121. Amy

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve actually finished a pair of socks, but now I’m inspired to try again.

  122. Carla

    We got another 5 inches after 59 degrees last week. Those mittens sure would have been nice on my cold hands this morning!!

  123. Heather

    I love seeing all your socks! Pick me for the giveaway, I’d love to try out some Rowan yarn, my LYS doesn’t carry it.

  124. Meera Collier-Mitchell

    I’m on a sock-knitting kick (so to speak) and would absolutely LOVE to follow it up with a mitten-knitting streak! And maybe a hat to go with them…

  125. Rebekah

    Yep, had a nice friday afternoon only to be blown away by horrible winds over the weekend and then get to wake up to 4-6″ of snow. It would be nice to have something good come next 🙂

  126. Roxanna

    Ooooh cute!!! I am so intrigued by the idea of making 2 socks at a time on DPNs, I must learn this! I can practice by making the mittens with the yarn in the contest! 😛

  127. Katie A

    Here in MD it was in the 70s on Friday. It’s now, three days later, snowing and we’re expecting 4-6 inches. How does this happen?!

  128. Annamary

    Looks like snow is heading our way in the Pacific NW. I would LOVE to have an excuse to fondle me some Rowan! As if anyone NEEDS a reason…

  129. Joellynb

    @Katie A – I’m from MD too and I can’t believe the crazy weather either. But this giveaway will help us cope with the mother nature’s mood swings. LOL!!

  130. danielle

    Just finished my first toe up sock and started the second! Love the figure eight cast on. The give aways look so yummy!

  131. Noelle

    I’d love to give these mittens a try (even though I hope we’re done with substantial snows for the season).

  132. Meredith

    Can’t wait to make those mittens! Making s’mores tonight in below 0 temps and wishing for warmer mitts.

  133. Jan in CT

    I just finished a felted bag made with Lopi wool. Came out terrific. If I know how to post a pic I would diffently. Working a pair of socks now. Haven’t made them in forever. Fingers crossed.

  134. Gina Morrill Olson

    In Montana it feels like “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” always winter and never Christmas. Mittens and socks are coveted.

  135. Judy Struck

    Haven’t knitted mittens in quite a while. Would love to try the Rowan yarn. Knitting helps keep my sanity, especially after getting dumped with 10″ of snow here in Michigan.

  136. Patty C

    Mittens are fun to make and are always needed by my family. We had 60 degrees, 2 days later -20 and lately 50’s. We keep our mittens close by!

  137. Rebeka

    Ooh, I have been mourning the loss of my right mitten and need to knit a replacement pair, this would certainly help!

  138. Bronwyn

    I’ve been in a total knitting funk lately courtesy of the ole depression, but I’m hoping I can get my groove back and make myself some fun socks.

  139. Kristi

    I find myself suddenly really wishing my name was Patricia!!! Lucky, lucky lass! But once again another good contest among wonderful information! I’ve never knit with Rowan before, and knitting mittens is still on my bucket list – to do.

  140. ikisti

    Why Jillian, i think you and i must live in the same place. It was still snowing when we got home from work today too. 🙁

    But that is what pretty/warm mittens and hot chocolate are for. 🙂

  141. Amanda

    OOh! These would be my first mittens! They’d come in handy, since winter isn’t ending here any time soon!

  142. Lynda Bogel

    I just did Fiddlehead lined mittens with Rowan Tweed in the DK weight, so would LOVE to try this larger gauge yarn and those patterns.

  143. Margaret C

    I have 4 projects on needles: a prayer shawl, a helmet liner for the troops, bed socks using a strand of worsted and a strand of sock yarn (called Wisconsin socks), and a circular shawl.

  144. Susan

    Too yummy — it’s warming up in Tennessee, but most of my family is in Minnesota and would love toasty mittens!

  145. Karen

    I loved reading that part of War and Peace, and have tried that method of knitting two socks at once, but didn’t finish — need more practice/attention to the fine details. So I’m impressed, and want to try it again (it would probably also work with mittens, without the thumbs). Knitting is great in snowy weather.

  146. Libby

    I’m in Boston and pretty sure I won’t see the ground till May! A few pairs of mittens would be put to good use! 🙂

  147. susanna eve

    i have only knit 2 pairs of mittens. I am hoping to improve my mitten (and sock) knitting skills this year. Would love to win this:)
    I love the timetraveller color way:) dh and I are both big Dr. Who fans.

  148. Anastasia

    we had a freak snowstorm of 2 inches (5 cm) last nightin Toronto. sat & listened to my friend tell stories of how cold it was before he donned mittens growing up in Winnipeg. living in Toronto he puts on mitts before it hits zero degrees.

  149. greenbaymichk

    Mother Nature delivered another foot of snow here today. I NEED mittens…warm, wooly mittens! Pick me!!!!!!

  150. Lise

    Been stuck on felted purses. Would love to try mittens, since it is still the dead of winter here (western Montana), we need them! Snow tonight and tomorrow.

  151. Mimi

    Mittens!! We’ve had freakishly cold weather for the Bay Area and I’m totally appreciating the idea of mittens.

  152. GailS

    My 3 little kittens have lost their mittens
    But they won’t have to cry,
    cuz Grandma’s here to dry their tears
    And win yarn for more she’ll try! 🙂

  153. Cheryl

    Mmmm…. warm mittens, just what to send my friends in Wisconsin, while bragging about the temperatures in California

  154. Kimberly Patch

    I have three daughters so this kit would be perfect! We live in Central NY so I don’t complain about snow…if I did I’d be complaining all winter long!

  155. Elisa

    would love to have all spring and summer to work on those – I’ve had popsicle fingers all winter this year…

  156. Julie Ann Witt

    I have been dying to make mittens but haven’t gotten around to it yet! This is just the incentive I need to get going on them! I would absolutely love to win this giveaway.

  157. Jennifer

    It is snowing another 5″ tonight. These mittens would be very welcome, especially in the felted tweed.

  158. Judy

    With a KAL and a Charlie Brown sweater on my needles now, a beautiful pair of mittens would be a nice side project. One pair each for my ‘just turned 11’ daughter, my blue-eyed red-head son, and my wonderful husband.

  159. Amber

    David Tennant forever! When I was 16, I sat and watched him in a play at The Other Place, in Stratford-Upon-Avon, in a play which also featured Joseph Fiennes. Joseph had full-on Bobcat Goldthwaite voice back then, he’s learned to temper it now. But David, oh DAVID! I swoon!

  160. Lacey

    I have this goal of making enough pairs of mittens and gloves to have a mitten-themed giveaway and Christmas party this year. This would be an awesome head start 🙂

  161. Leila

    I just started a Pinwheel Baby blanket tonight using the Magic Loop method and my KP Options. Oh, just when I thought I couldn’t love these needles anymore, they go and make me fall in love with them all over again.

  162. Barbara Stoner

    This was a 60 degree F weekend, and I hope that does not mean more snow for us here in Northern VA.

  163. ShannaRae

    Wow, those socks look awesome! My goal this year is to learn to knit socks and mittens. My friends keep telling me to just jump in, and I think I’m going to finally listen! Yay. lol

  164. flossie

    this post is inspiring me to make socks… for the first time. I’m terrified, but I think I’ll go for it.

  165. Mariah

    The socks look really cool, but really ambitious. Not sure if my limited (read: barely there) sock skillz (heeheehee) are up to the challenge!

  166. Sean

    I was just contemplating those mittens for some family up north, they’re fantastic! I’m sitting in a frigid 71 degrees in South Florida (/ducks.) Stay warm and safe everyone!!!!

  167. Holly

    With the remnants of another snowstorm blowing about outside, a dog to walk and wet mittens, I could really another pair (or 3).

  168. Leigh

    I would love to knit mittens for my granddaughter, my daughter and myself. Here in Michigan last week we had record amount of snow, week before record tying highs and now maybe record of 3 bad storms in about a week. Mittens are needed here badly.

  169. Lise Glas

    I love to knit mittens, and wear mittens and to show off mittens that I knitted! O.K, I’d love to win a kit where I could make more mittens! Thanks!

  170. Ann L

    Rowan Calmer is soooo lovely to work with. I made a shrug for my daughter in black and was very sorry it was such a small project. I could have knit with it forever!

  171. Nadine

    I would love to make these mittens. They would go with 2010 Christmas Alpaca Earflap hats that were such a hit.

  172. Renee Anne

    I think I would rather have gotten the snow. All we got was a layer of ice and a teensy bit of snow. *sigh* The stupid weathermen were saying we were going to get upwards of 9″ of snow…obviously that didn’t happen.

    Either way, I need (more) mittens.

  173. Ann Mc

    My daffodils bloomed this week, so Spring may be in sight here. But I have 3 grown children in much colder Northern cities and know they can still use mittens for a couple more months! I do love knitting with Rowan Felted Tweed.

  174. Peggy

    Oh,I would love to win this prize. I’m making a pair of mittens a month this year and will hold a small “Warm Hands for Warm Paws” fundraiser at our Maine Greyhound Placement Service quarterly meeting in Dec. This would help lots!

  175. Cathy

    I would love to win this………..the mittens look gorgeous……I don’t actually get that much snow where I live lol guess i’m lucky but I think if I won this, I would send them back east to my family:)

  176. Wendy

    They look lovely and since it is nearing autumn here in NZ, I might be able to knit them to wear this winter 🙂

  177. Judy Phillips

    I have a pair of socks and a pair of mittens I’m tryimng to finish up right now–hopefully before spring is here for real. Ah well, they’ll be warm and ready for next winter! Rowan yarn is the yummiest!

  178. Patt

    I love to knit socks but now am going to have to wait before I knit myself any more of them cuz I had weight loss surgery in Oct and I’ve lost 70 lbs already and my socks don’t fit me any longer. 🙁

  179. Melinda

    Haven’t made mittens yet and haven’t had the opportunity to knit with Rowan Felted Tweed Chunky. This would kill two birds with one stone!!

  180. Lisa Barrett

    I’m so glad I made this giveaway! I was too late for the HiyaHiya needles but I would love to win this one instead. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  181. Jess Borda

    I love mittens! I knit them for my 3 year old niece, but she won’t wear them. Maybe a different yarn??

  182. Jenny Tseng

    So it was in the 70s here yesterday, but we may be having snow by tomorrow. Is this global warming or cooling? Need mittens either way!

  183. SarainBrooklyn

    I just yesterday took a second look at Shelburne, thinking they’d be great for this pre-spring moment… and how it would justify making myself a pair if I were ALSO to make 2 pairs for others. Great give-away!

  184. Jennette

    It would be great to make my first pair of mittens with Rowan yarn — I love that stuff and Knitty too! Thanks!

  185. Jane

    I’d love to learn that “war and peace” two sock at a time method!!! And the mitt kit would be the icing on the cake – especially now that out west we are suffering with – gasp! – more winter!! 🙂

  186. Mary Beth

    I forgot to take my mittens to Knit night tonight and we had an unexpected snow/ice storm!! My hand were cold, so it looks like I could really use more mittens!

  187. Michelle

    I love seeing what you guys are knitting. It is so wonderful to share with people who are far away. It really makes you feel closer. Thank you for the monday shring.

  188. Erin R.

    Christopher Eccleston is my personal favorite, followed closely by the fourth doctor. I keep promising myself that I’ll knit a dr who scarf one of these days. Those socks are awesome!! I must knit those too.. and well, if you happen to throw yarn my way, I have 2 little girls who’d love new mittens. 😉 Thanks for Knitty!! It’s the bestest!

  189. Ruth

    I’m on the sleeves of a mohair slouchy sweater for my daughter in Philly. She’d love me to death if I sent her pair of those mittens!

  190. Karen J.

    My town received 15″ of snow yesterday – I have been shoveling all day. Some new mittens would be wonderful.

  191. Marie J

    Knitting my second pair of socks, hopefully I’ll COMPLETE, the set this time. :). Have to say, I LOVE the yarn I’m using (Malabrigo, Sock).

  192. Heather N

    Mittens huh~ Never knit those before, only got as far as fingerless gloves. Granted, southern California is not too nippy, for the need of mittens. imo.

  193. Lynne Tillman

    I’d love to make a pair of mittens that my dog didn’t chew up. The last ones I made on bamboo needles and it seems they were very tasty. She chewed the cuff of one also, so I had to tear out and learn to reverse knit to repair them.

  194. Julie

    you lovely ladies always have such fantastic giveaways. I am in a particular kind of mitten mood because of all the new snow…

  195. Marianne

    What’s on my needles? A very warm angora white and black cable scarf for a friend for this very cold Ohio winter. Any of the prizes are nice but I never win anything. My daughter-in-love is knitting her first pair of socks for my oldest son.

  196. Christine

    Love seeing all the socks being knitted!! I’ve got 2 pairs going here in beautiful Charlotte NC. Would love some Rowan yarn to knit these mittens for my 3 boys!!

  197. Christina

    I love that mitten pattern! (And I love the Doctor! I’m definitely going to knit a Doctor scarf this spring.)

  198. Anna Oyen

    That would be the perfect yarn to make some yummy mittens for the cold Toronto winter! yes please 🙂

  199. NikeEve

    Felted Tweed is the best yarn EVAR! I have made Honeycomb from it before; perhaps I should make mittens to go with it!

  200. Marcia

    I’ve only knittied one pair of mittens – for an infant, and would love to knit some for myself! Thanks for sharing your projects!