Wonderful Winter issue WIPs + Fabulous FOs

There’s been some seriously great knitting going on since the winter issue went live…

KnottyGnome‘s excellent Shelburne mittens

Clearly warm!

Celiabadelia‘s Chrysanthemums mittens in progress.  Great color choices.

So cheerful!

imlovinknit‘s Rock Creek hat

Of course I'm going to choose the cute dog picture... Nice hat, too!

Modiste1979‘s Maeva socks

Looking very good so far...

DakotaAJ‘s “necessary” Southern Lights hat.

Instant gratification and instantly warm

Frizzyknit‘s very nearly complete Fleece Shawl


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8 thoughts on “Wonderful Winter issue WIPs + Fabulous FOs

  1. Seanna Lea

    The chrysanthemums are on my list! I want to have 2 pairs of mittens done before winter gets too much further (so the none fingering weight ones need to happen first).

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  3. Crystal

    I finished the Southern Lights hat but have not gotten a pic of the recipient wearing it yet. He loves it and is now more likely to quote Jayne from Firefly and Serenity as his hat looks like the one in the show and movie

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