WWW: Every day is Sweater Day; Fundraiser for MSF; Grannies for Hire

At Knitty we celebrate every day!

This Thursday, February 17th, has been designated National Sweater Day in Canada. This initiative of the World Wildlife Fund is designed to help the environment by encouraging Canadians to put on a sweater and turn their furnaces down.

Our very own Franklin participated in a radio show on NPR about the resurgence of knitting. Listen to a wonderful wide-ranging discussion here. There’s also some great historical knitting images and posters on the site, here. “Remember Pearl Harbor, purl harder!”

Pennies Per Hour of Pleasure, also known as P/hop, is a knitting fundraiser for Doctors without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (UK site, North American site). P/hop was launched a few years ago by an indie dyer in the UK, Natalie Fergie. To date it has raised over £23,000 in the UK and $4,000 from North American knitters. Designers have donated a whole range of wonderful patterns which are free to download, in exchange for a donation to p/hop according to the amount of pleasure it gives. Money is also raised via yarn swaps, raffles and other knitting related events.

Fascinating news of a different way to gather silk, without harming the silkworm, pioneered by designer Elsbeth Joy Nielsen.

On the topic of silk, the owners of beloved Treenway Silks have announced their plans to sell their business so that they may retire. The business is going strong, and they are keen to find a buyer. This is an amazing opportunity!

A classroom in 1950s UK.

The Daily Mail in the UK reports on a trend we love: knitting making a return to the classroom. Worth Primary in Kent has introduced knitting throughout the curriculum: in math classes, in history classes, and as a lunchtime club. It’s turning out to be popular with students, and teachers report very positive results.

Residents of the tri-state area should make sure that the Northern New Jersey Yarn Crawl is on their calendars for this weekend. I can’t think of a better way to spend a late-winter weekend.

And if you’re on the other side of continent, the Portland Oregon Yarn Crawl is scheduled for the weekend of March 4-6th.

Let a Granny help you use up your stash

And if you find yourself with too much yarn (!) and not enough time to knit, consider hiring Grannies Inc, an organization of knitters in the UK who will take your custom design and knit it to your specifications.

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9 thoughts on “WWW: Every day is Sweater Day; Fundraiser for MSF; Grannies for Hire

  1. Kristi

    There’s also a yarn crawl in Massachusettes march 10-13th! Wish I could visit for the weekend! There’s some good shops there!!! Heres the link: http://ayarncrawl.com/

    I love the picture of the school kids knitting! Too cute, I love to see photos like that, thanks for sharing!

  2. Beth

    Oh my goodness…Granny’s for hire! I love that! We’re having a yarn crawl in R.I., too, in April! Happy Knitting! xoxo beth

  3. flaky

    I’m not Canadian – but seeing as how its just south of me…I shall honor National Sweater Day.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that its forecasted to be 50 degrees tomorrow!

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