WWW: Knitted Living Room + Garden; Not Quite Fully Knitted Scarf

LJ Kalems bag
by Jordana Paige

Our winner of a fabulous LJ Kaelms bag by Jordana Paige is comment #706: Irene from Toronto [way to represent, Irene!]. Congratulations, and happy knitting baggery!

Monica Crowe, a volunteer at a homeless shelter in the UK has knitted a living room. The room will be available for the public to view in the spring, and it’s raising awareness of the charity Emmaus, which provides living accommodations for the homeless and raises funds by taking unwanted items and fixing, rebuilding or remaking them into items for sale.

Sending hand-knitted love.
The Red Scarf project is organized by the Orphan Foundation of America. It gathers donations of hand-knitted red scarves to send to orphans who are away at college. The recipients are all current or former foster children enrolled in college who receive scholarships through the foundation.

A group in Coventry UK will be gathering on March 17th in an attempt to break the Guinness World record for most simultaneous knitters. The record was previously set in 2009 at Sock Summit, with 937 knitters. The Coventry group is hoping for over 1000 participants, as part of a fundraiser for Comic Relief.

Organizers of Sock Summit 2011 will be paying close attention, I’m sure.

A self-described “horrible knitter” tells the tale of her knitterly education, and a few mistakes along the way….

Yes, that is truly a WIP. From the collection of Italian designer Frankie Morello.

And if, like the writer of the above article, you find yourself struggling to finish a project, know that you are very much in fashion.

The Charlottesville Trade School in Charlottesville Virginia is offering a course called “Knitting and Other Guerilla Activities.”

Students at a primary school in the UK are being taught to knit and crochet by teachers and volunteers with the goal of making a woolly garden sculpture to decorate their school.

And here’s a cat getting revenge on behalf of the entire species for that shrug

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  2. Rosi G.

    So you mean to tell me that I was in fashion as I wrapped my unfinished Volna scarf around my neck twice so I can knit on it standing up on the 1 train in NYC?? YAY ME!

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