Knitting Monday: What’s On Our Needles and a Winner!

Coming in at random number 629 Brittany is our winner of the huge Fiber Buzz gift basket.

Congratulations to Brittany and many, many thanks to our Fiber Buzz advertisers for contributing such a lavish prize!

Here’s what we’re knitting right now:

Kate’s making good progress with Project Black Sock. The Schoeller wool/cotton blend pair are complete…

One pair down, several to go!

… the Koigu pair is underway (at the same time, on 2 circulars), and I’m ready to cast on with the Regia.

Up next.

So far, my eyesight remains unaffected.

look at that lovely, non-saggy skirt! (also, nice tush.)

Jillian is crazy about the Lanesplitter skirt. Here’s what she says:

I went to Toronto this past weekend and met Lynne from Shall We Knit at The Purple Purl. She was wearing a Lanesplitter. Now, Lynne is not 20, not 6 feet tall and not a size 2, but she looked fantastic in the skirt. It fit, she looked stylin’ and it hugged her in just the right way, if you know what I mean. She’d also been sitting in a car all day  and it didn’t sag one little bit.

It’s a quick knit (or so Lynne says) and perfect for this transitional time – sick of winter clothes, but not ready to bust out the linen skirts yet.

I wasn’t the only knitter smitten with the Lanesplitter, but when Kate mentioned that there was a new shipment of Noro Kureyon in at The Purple Purl, I was the first to fall.

fabulous from the front!


the hotness that is Lynne in her Lanesplitter (Jillian averts her eyes in the back..."the hotness! my eyes!")
Noro Kureyon color 170 M

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24 thoughts on “Knitting Monday: What’s On Our Needles and a Winner!

  1. Kathy

    Love the new Noro Kureyon. It is so much fun to see how the color pattern emerges.
    The skirt is pretty styling!

  2. Etcgirl

    Oh, my stars. Y’all have some kind of magic camera! Thanks for all the flattery – it’s all thanks to the fact that Knitty exists. XXs.

  3. Dari Trout

    I have never seen a knit skirt pattern that I would consider knitting for myself. Now I have! Cool!

  4. Julie

    ooh, that skirt is so wonderful!!! I have a big weakness for knitted skirt, yet after my first (and only) botched attempt (where I learned the powerful lesson of checking dye lot numbers), I haven’t attempted again. maybe this is the year!

  5. Eleanor

    Thank you so much for this post! I have some Kureyon in my stash and when I searched ravelry for ideas on what to do with it, I fell in love with Lanesplitter. However, I grudgingly moved on, assuming it was only for tall skinny people and would be a disappointing waste of good yarn should I attempt it for me. Your testimonial and photos tell a different and inspiring story! Real women wear Lanesplitter! I’m going to order more yarn and queue it up right now!

  6. Seanna Lea

    Lanesplitter is one of the skirts that is on my knitting wish list. I made one (a skirt, not Lanesplitter) a couple of years ago and I didn’t make the elastic tight enough. I would wear it a lot more if I undid part of the waistband and took in the elastic a bit.

  7. knittinnewf

    I LOVE the skirt ! I would knit that for myself even though “baby’s got back”………okay maybe I wouldn’t sit in it all day.

  8. Louise Boutot

    I just purchased some Noro Silk Garden sock yarn and it is lovely! I got 3 socks out of a skein. Athletic sock height. I got a pair of size 7 and a single size 10

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