We could use a little brightness today

Mondays are often challenging. So it’s time for a big contest!

One lucky person will win a FiberBuzz Gift Basket, including prizes from all of our FiberBuzz sponsors. Take a look at this yumminess!


Quick Fitted Wristlets &
Cabled Turban patterns
by Stitch Diva
prize value: $14

Empire State Gloves kit
by Van der Rock Yarns
prize value: $21CAD


Leather-covered measuring tape
by Debra’s Garden
prize value: $18

Sheep Needle Gauge
by Goose Pond/elegant knitter
prize value: $15


Beaded Smoke Ring kit
including pattern, luxury yarn and beads
by HeartStrings
prize value: $25



A copy of Timeless Knits for Kids
by Timeless Knits
prize value: $24.95


2011 club membership
by Jane Thornley Knitter’s Club
prize value: $75


1 skein of yarn
by Red Barn Yarn
prize value: $24

image 3 Patterns – Chloe, Haltermelon,
and Spring
Garden Tee
by Never Not Knitting
prize value: $15

Here’s how to win: leave a comment to this post by Friday, March 25, at midnight eastern time, and you could win! We’ll choose a winner at random, make them answer a skill-testing question, and post the results next week.

Happy knitting, and good luck, everyone!

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1,483 thoughts on “We could use a little brightness today

  1. Christine

    Okay! That makes the heavy white stuff coming down outside my window a little easier to bear!

  2. Kara Rosales

    Me PLEASE!! My birthday is a week from Friday, and that’s a perfect gift to myself!!

  3. Kate

    I had to look twice to realize it was one prize! What an amazing assortment of wonderful knitting things!

  4. Genevieve

    Brightness would be excellent, it snowed all afternoon and now is raining. Gray sky’s, shining on me, nothing but gray sky’s, for now on!

  5. Logan

    I haven’t entered a give away for a while! I think it’s about time I get back in the action! Hope its me!

  6. Kathy

    I could use some brightness, too. Even California has been having too much rain/clouds/wind!

  7. maget

    What a nice way to brighten up a snowy first day of spring! Thanks team Knitty you guys Rock!

  8. Jamie Wang

    Wow! Any one of those would be wonderful, but ALL of them! You amaze with your generosity.

  9. karen

    Lovely goodies.

    And although I am loving the brightness and the false early spring fever cause by our sunny trend… I also want more snow, so some lovely spring skiing: power WITH brightness.

  10. Toni

    You’re right: Mondays ARE challenging! I would love to win any of these prizes — it would definitely brighten my day:-)

  11. Cindy from Dallas

    That is one very awesome gift basket. Would that I were the lucky one. My son would love to get any of the projects from “Timeless knits for kids”, he absolutely loves it when I knit him something. I hardly get time to wash it!

  12. Kat

    I hope I don’t win the one skein of yarn because I will lose several night sleep over what to make with such beauty…

  13. maria farinelli

    No no test.. I just finished midterms and my brain is toast…
    But lovely things none the less

  14. Elizabeth

    Very bright for a cloudy, snowy first day of Spring (or what passes for Spring in Ottawa – or most of Canada for that matter).

  15. Rachel

    oh boy could I use a little brightness! it’s snowing (OK, wintery-mixing), I’m sick, and my masters’ thesis is nearly due, but not nearly done. Spring, please come soon!

  16. Emily

    Oh yes please! Of course, I’m pretty lucky here today – the weather has just been phenomenal the last 2 days. Our high today was 76 F.

  17. Lauren

    Fantastic giveaway! I have been coveting the stitch diva patterns for a while now, and it would all be awesome to win!

  18. Lisa L

    Mondays are yucky. I hate trading in my knitting time from the weekend for freeway commute time on Monday.

  19. Joanne Foot

    What a stunning giveaway. Oh, that I should be so lucky as to win!
    We need a bit of brightness here at the moment – we are heading into the dreary wet days of autumn in our part of the world.

  20. Bonney

    We sure can use some brightening. With the plow truck running up and down the street and 6 inches of snow in the driveway I’m so done with winter!! Fingers crossed!

  21. marni

    wow! this new yorker NEEDS empire state gloves! thank you, as always, for the amazing giveaway.

  22. Reb

    This contest restores my faith/hope in the knitting world after FedEx held my yarn hostage over the weekend.

  23. Kai

    After sleep broken every two hours or less by my adorable 8 week old and a weekend of rainy days so the nappies won’t dry, just the idea of this has brightened up my day!

  24. M. Peterson

    What a fantastic giveaway! I’m always a little nervous when I read the part about the skill-testing question, though. I hope you can’t lose just from being a moderate-level knitter :/

  25. Lizard

    Wow, all that in one prize package? Overload. Even just the wristlets & turban pattern would be awesome. I can never have too many pairs of fingerless gloves, as I’m always cold while using my computer.

  26. Tami

    I love the wristlets and turban — thank you for some inspiration and brightness in the day!

  27. MelissaHB

    This is an awesome giveaway 🙂 It’s certainly brightened my day after the 6″ of snow that just piled down overnight. Thanks 🙂

  28. Maureen

    Of course I’d love to win all that brightness!! (But I think it would be nice to spread it around to more that one person, since there’s so much! Not that I would turn anything down if I should win the whole bunch, you understand……)
    You bdo fabulous giveaways!!!!!!!!!

  29. Abby

    Oh my. I’ve been playing with a ball of dk weight that couldn’t decide what it wanted to be, and I think the answer is those wristlets. And the rest is enough to keep me happy all spring!

  30. Sue E

    I agree! A little brightness is absolutely necessary. They’re calling for snow on Wednesday!:-( Maybe the contest will scare it away!

  31. Susan Moskwa

    Happy springtime!! We must be on the same page because I’m all jazzed up about my new sock design which uses lovely spring greens, pinks & violets. Wish I could post it here to share the cheer (but it’s not done yet!).

  32. mary

    wow, awesome contest! if i could, i’d send you some sunshine from austin, tx, where i’m spending my spring break!

  33. Nicole

    spring has sprung but winter is still hanging on. Snow all day and more coming Wednesday. Knitting is my consolation for winter white.

  34. Eleanor

    Yumminess indeed! And nothing better than knitterly yumminess! The skill-testing question has me a little nervous – I better go bone up while I’m waiting for you to draw my name!

  35. Coral Bentley

    I cannot say how much I need this sunshine. Life has been awkward, a time of waiting for a guaranteed event I would really rather not experience for at least a dozen years, but there’s no help for it. I want to breathe again.

  36. Lauren D.

    What a breath of fresh air this contest is! Here in NH we received 5″ of snow today! Spring schming! I’m so over winter and the white stuff — come on Springtime! We miss ya!

  37. Melissa

    I love Knitty and appreciate giveaways – especially if I win! Thanks for the awesome site and brightening our days!

  38. katie

    after the monday i just had, my spirits could really use some brightening. love this and all your fabulous giveaways!

  39. Liz

    I definitely agree with needing some brightness–it’s been raining for so long here in Portland!

  40. Darci

    A little brightness is needed every Monday – Thanks for the chance to win such great knitting goodness.

  41. Lisa

    Many good things in there. I like those wristlets and will look up that pattern. Thanks for making Monday fun!

  42. Ann Marie

    Lovely prizes. Although here in NC it has been bright and sunny all day. Monday is Monday.

  43. Amanda

    What a great gaggle of goodies. That knitted turban is wonderful– reminds me of something my great-grandmother wore in an old family photo!

  44. Kathy Sue

    Those gloves are cool!! The wind here is bitingly cold, it is blowing big black cloud over. I am waiting for the deluge to start again!

  45. Danelle in Kansas

    Well, with 80 degree weather here in the great Midwest, we hardly need more brightness (((lol))) but we can always use more yarn!

  46. Sunnyknitter

    For a change it’s cloudy here in Palm Desert today! Brightness would be lovely, thanks!

  47. nestra

    If I won it would be like knitty giving me an anniversary gift! I will have been married for 5 years on the 24th.

  48. Hazel Swoboda

    Snowing again in Edmonton. It seems as though we are in the grip of an endless winter. Need yarn therapy!

  49. Erin K

    How wonderful – I would have been back to work today after Spring Break but I sprained my ankle and couldn’t walk. Definitely need some brightening up!

  50. Heather N

    After the 4 inches of rain we received in Southern California, I can use some brightness to get me through the day!

    Fantastic prizes!

  51. polinium

    This would brighten things up, especially with the predicted 1/2 to 1 inch of ice for tomorrow night and Wednesday.

  52. erin

    I sure would love to win something. It would brighten up a gray stretch. And I’m such a yarn junky I’d love any of the prizes!

  53. Sue

    Trying to think of something clever to say to better my chances. Since it’s a random draw, I’ll just say everything is lovely.

  54. Laura

    We had one dreadful tease of a day (70s and sunny) last week, but now it’s back to dreary, rainy greyness. Knitting and a cup of tea are really the only solutions.

  55. Nicole

    Brightness would be much appreciated. Nursing a horse with a broken face (literally) during grey, rainy weather has made gloom sink in heavily around here.

  56. kate johnson

    Looks like some wonderful goodies to get in this contest. Hey, give a chance, I have been knitting for the last 61 years, and still love it, so I got skills!

    kate johnson

  57. Cat

    Wow – does it help our chances if we say we might even share these goodies with our knitting friends?

  58. Kit Mason

    All those wonderful colors! And the Empire State pattern, which looks so good.

    ::wishing hard::

  59. nikkapotamus

    Is it sad that I want to desperately win this prize because I need a new tape measure? The yarns look delicious too! And all those books to read, wait, I totally want it all!

  60. Alix

    Lovely, lovely things to look forward to, to brighten a snowy day.
    Yes! It snowed today! It’s Spring! How dare it?!

  61. Lisa

    I could really use some brightness this week. nothing but bad new has been coming my way. Thanks for the beautiful giveaway offerings!

  62. Lisa R-R

    Thanks for sharing with your readership!
    Someone is going to have a very good season indeed.

  63. Rachel

    I just want to rub that yarn against my cheek.
    (I’m one of those people, but I wait until I get home.)

  64. Barbara Stoner

    Wow! That is a lot of great products.
    They would defiantly brighten up my Monday.
    I love your giveaways by the way 🙂

  65. Beverly

    Truly today was a Monday in need of a little brightening–SNOW, for goodness sake and then too much rain.

  66. Magi

    What beautiful prizes! I love the gloves especially. And you are so right – we need a Pick-me -up on a Monday!!

  67. Faith

    Wow Wow WOW! Lots of delicious goodies there. I keep posting on these giveaways, in hopes that one of these times my number will be drawn. *fingers crossed*

  68. DeeDee

    Need to get back to knitting. Winning the prize would be a good way to start. I am happiest when I am knitting!

  69. Julia Q.

    You had me at the turban! What incredibly lovely designs – thanks for highlighting them!

  70. Donna

    What a great contest – I just recently started to knit again – it has been years – this year was my first attempt at socks – had so much fun – now working on my 4th pair since Dec

  71. Maryanne

    Mondays are usually terrible where I work, but today wasn’t so bad. I wonder what that means for the rest of the week? Will the forces-that-be even things out, or will the days just keep getting better?

  72. Janice in NJ

    Wow! those are some amazing gifts! I tell ya, today was a very mondayish Monday. I hope it doesn’t creep into Tuesday…

  73. Sarah

    I’ve come to the point where I’m not sure what to knit. This gift basket would sure get me out of that slump.

  74. NikeEve

    Wow, lots of prizes this time around!

    It was so nice and sunny today I was sad to spend the afternoon indoors at work! 🙁

  75. angela

    I love that cabled turban. Wish someone would model it on an actual head on Ravelry…to hard to visualize the real thing when people keep modelling it on creepy looking mannequins. Hope whomever wins posts a good photo!

  76. Angelbis

    I love contests! All of the prizes are lovely and brighten up what started as a dreary day…

  77. Kat

    OMG – what a treat to have a chance at these wonderful things. And today has been a day that needs to have some brightness. Thanks so much.

  78. Caroline

    Thank you for another great giveaway, Knitty and sponsors. And not that I’m complaining or anything but it would also be nice to split something like this into multiple portions so that more than one person can win (spoken like the person who never wins ^_^)

  79. Kathi Jobson

    WOW what a generous give away. So many things that would be wonderful to have. Best luck to all and can’t wait to see who wins!

  80. Erica

    LOVE the Empire State gloves. I’ve wanted to make those since I saw them, but haven’t come across the perfect yarn.

  81. Judy Scpmoers

    Here I am, in cold, soon to be snowy Wyoming. Just thinking about spring makes me feel better 🙂

  82. donna

    We had a little brightness today – some sunshine after a solid week of mist and rain! And now a chance to win wonderful goodies. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  83. Maya

    Oh wow, what a lovely surprise! We’re in the middle of a snowstorm here, so some brightness would definitely be welcomed!

  84. Susan

    Wow! Great prize! Some brightness would be very welcome here in the Canadian prairies. We are bracing for a blizzard. Yuck.

  85. Rabbit

    Such gorgeous goodies! I’m traveling to Texas this week and taking my hat-project bag with me. A local woman knit 100 hats for the Salvation Army last year: I decided to join her effort. I’m on hat number 40.

  86. elizaduckie

    I, for one, could use a little brightness this Monday. the good news is that I am knitting happily away on my first pair of top down socks, am spinning some lovely sea colored fiber and am about to warp my new RH loom for the very first time. Hopefully the good outweighs the bad today.

  87. KarenS

    That Red Barn Yarn is beautiful! I’m going to go look at their site now…..hid the credit card…

  88. LauraH

    What great items in this giveaway! It’s always so exciting to see who wins-I hope I do! Thanks so much!

  89. Beth Rudo.

    Everything looks gorgeous, and I would have a use for everything except the little girl patterns. Would love to win.

  90. CaseyJonze

    Amazing! Beautiful basket of goodies. It’d brighten *anyone’s* day to recieve even half of these lovelies.

  91. Darcey

    Ooooh…. these are gorgeous! I’m going to have to poke at these vendors regardless. 🙂

  92. Nancy

    I think that this is more than a big contest, it’s a whopping huge one! I hope I win something, I would love some of that Red Barn Yarn!

  93. Marieke

    Wonderful prizes! Spring is really beginning here, I’m looking forward to sitting in the sun with my knitting. Happy spring to all of you!

  94. no butterfly

    In my experience Thuesday can as well be a challenging day. Yesterday was the first day of spring and we had a lot of sun in Belgium. Nice competition! I’m in

  95. Knitmomma

    Wow, what great prizes! I love all the color – really makes me think of spring! And so much of it are things I have dreamed of knitting.

  96. Knittaroo

    Monday was challenging indeed, but today is shaping up to be a very busy day too… but it should be smooth sailing after today 🙂

  97. tini

    actually Monday wasn’t that bad 🙂 the kids slept 6 hrs in a row. Compared to last night, that was brilliant (the joy of having twins…)

    But what I really wanted to say. That turban rocks!

  98. Jennifer

    The prizes look great! What is a “skill testing question”? Will a newbie knitter like me fail?

  99. Caryn

    We could use Monday brightness here; we woke up to the forecast of another snowstorm after enjoying spring all weekend.

  100. Caroline

    Please add my name to the pot. Since winter refuses to cede its sway, it would be lovely to have a knitting boost!

  101. Katharine

    I definitely know someone who would love it if I kniw them some Empire Gloves! I may have to buy that patterneven if i don’t win the contest!

  102. Kamigaeru

    Wow, now that’s a basket of loot! I’ve never seen those Empire State gloves before, they look especially tempting.

  103. Kate

    wow, I love those first two patterns, the hat and loves combo. I mean, the whole lot is just wonderful, but those caught my imagination and make my fingers itch to knit them! 🙂

  104. Cynthia Landers

    Wow. What a day brightener just for the chance. Thanks!!! Dreaming about all that knitting will be almost as good as dreaming about winning the lottery!

  105. Fleur

    Spring is in the air and apparently also in the knittyblog editor’s head!

    PS – Can someone explain to me how to get a picture that goes along with my comment? Thanks for telling me!

  106. Rachel

    The prizes are all so stunning! I’m in awe with how the two variegates work together in the colourwork gloves, and I LOVE the pictured Red Barn Yarn!

  107. Niki

    I would be hard-pressed to narrow down this bunch to just one or two things I would want. Wow!

  108. Carolyn

    Your contests are such fun with wonderful prizes, knitting accessories are the best!! Patterns are great and yarn yummy!!

  109. Nancy Wirtz

    ok, the cabled turban and wristers are SO my sister! might have to purchase the patterns if I don’t win…but don’t let that deter you 😉

  110. Carrie

    I think a little brightness is even good on a Tuesday! I’ve got fingers crossed for this one. What a great bunch of prizes.

  111. Allie

    Oh random number generator, I know I can ace the skill-testing question! What a lovely package to give away. Thanks, knitty folks!

  112. Jennifer

    Just when I thought March, depressing can’t decide what I want to be rainy cold windy gray March, was going to get me down I thought I visit my favorite time-to-cheer-myself-up-by-inserting-some-knitting-into-my-life site to cheer up. Imagine my surprise at the surprise waiting for us today! What a wonderful prize! I won’t hold my breath but I’m crossing my fingers and toes in hope!

  113. Meredith

    That is definitely enough colour to get us through the dullness that is March! I hope I win!

  114. Becky

    YAY awesome sponsers!! (and wonderful knitty people.)

    As I’m in love with that turban, please, please, please, enter me into the contest. 🙂

  115. Hester Sturrock

    Wow, what a lovely basket of give-aways. I would like any of them, especially the membership in the fiber club. thanks for doing this.

  116. Michelle L

    Now you’ve done it. If I don’t win, I will have to do some shopping. (It’s OK, I’ll take one for the team.)

  117. Traci

    With a tsunami warning followed by a tornado watch, my California coast could use some bright spring sunshine!

  118. Valerie

    Today is the perfect day for a little brightness – Environment Canada is calling for flurries tonight. Yuck.

  119. Pilaar

    Please don’t make the question about steeking, I’d miss my chance at a lovely gift 🙂

  120. AndreaW

    Wow..reading about this give away gave me a bright spot today! Top quality and I would love to give it a wonderful knitting home!!!

  121. Theresa

    Wow! What a contest for what was fairly yucky Monday! Tuesday is already looking up though. Winning this could override a whole lot of yucky Mondays. 🙂

  122. Susanne

    WOW what a prize basket! Love your contests, although winning would make them even better!! (just sayin’):)

  123. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    This is such a nice prize basket. Someone is going to be very lucky to win this prize. I hope it’s me.

  124. Christine

    I could definitely use a little brightness. It isn’t supposed to be above freezing all week. We had a little taste of spring to tease us, and now just snow and gray again.

  125. Kae

    Gotta get my hands on Timeless Knits for Kids. My 8yr old DS is always askin for a sweater, and my 17 mo old DD looks so cute in hand-knits.

  126. Lynda

    What a gorgeous collection of knitting goodness! A treat for anyone, regardless of their pattern and yarn preferences.

  127. toddandleah

    I hope I’m the lucky number! I live abroad and the yarn here is all crunchy acrylic – a really bad bad bad acrylic.

  128. Barb

    The sponsors are so generous. It would be a fun one to win and share with some fellow knitters of mine.

  129. Cynthia R-D

    This drizzly, dreary Tuesday certainly could use some brightening up. Looking a luscious yarn always helps!

  130. kate

    What a selection of fabulous prizes…I almost forgot the below seasonal temperatures and the threat of snow…almost…

  131. Kelly Miller

    I love all the notions that you have. I am an avid Knitty reader and I love all the contests.

  132. Kelly

    Wow! I think I’m your winner because:
    -it’s rained 20 out of 21 days this month in Portland
    -this is my spring break week
    -my granddaughter is due in three weeks and NEEDS her grandmother to knit for her

  133. Lynn

    Oh, my goodness, what a wonderful selection of goodies. Please pick me and I will share with my daughter – not that I would have a choice in the matter! 🙂

  134. Shel

    A skill testing question? – eek. But you have such a wonderful group of goodies, I just have to respond.

  135. Sybil J. Chialiva

    YAY! What a great package of gifts! I’ll be happy for whoever wins this! 🙂 ♥

  136. Cameron

    I <3 the work that you do! This would make my crochet experience that much greater! I started teaching myself to knit in Jan '11!!!

  137. Ann Marie

    Awesome prizes. Thanks for brightening MY day–I really needed it today and the eye candy itself is wonderful!

  138. Grace Gardiner

    What a great selection of items, yes, the “test” is a scarey thing, I am an amateur, I get by w/ the help of friends and lots of books!!!!

  139. Julie Ann Witt

    Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a giveway this big before! Fingers crossed I get to take all of this great stuff home 🙂

  140. Yolande

    Yummy-ness indeed! what a great give-away. Would certainly brighten any knitter’s week to win this 🙂