WWW: Marking an anniversary with yarn, Knitting for Health and the Periodic Table of Fibers


A stunning and very meaningful yarnbomb – a flower-festooned fence – created to mark the 1 year anniversary of the February 27th, 2010, earthquake in Chile that left many dead, injured and homeless.  The yarnbomb was installed on the fence of one of the destroyed buildings.  More pictures and detail at the link – note that the text is in Spanish.

A nice piece from CBS News’ “The Early Show” about a Mayo clinic study that proves that knitting can help your health – keeping older minds sharp, assistance with stress and pain management, and even strengthening the immune system.

Did you say there would be lobster, too?

Whitehead Light Station, a historic light station on an Island off the coast of Maine, hosts all sorts of fabulous retreats and workshops. This coming September 2-7, friend of Knitty, Shannon Okey, is hosting a retreat, “Knitting from the Yarn Up”.

This design and technique-intensive workshop is focused on understanding fundamentals such as measuring, sizing, and gauge, as well as exploring advanced knitting techniques and creating custom patterns and hand-dyed yarn. Developed for knitters with at least modest experience, this course will be enjoyed by all who strive to enhance their knitting skills and deepen their understanding of pattern development.

And the food and scenery are terrific, too! More details here.

Image copyright Nora Leonard Roy

Knitter and graphic artist Nora Leonard Roy offers this Periodic Table of Fibers for our enjoyment… Lots of excellent detail, the fibers are categorized by type – fine wool, longwool, down type, etc.

It’s raining yarn in this promo video for Canada’s Much Music TV station, featuring the band Hedley and their “Sweater Song”.

And if you’re in Toronto, consider spending the first Thursday of the month with the team from Worn Fashion Journal for their “Thursday night, your socks need mending” event. It’s a mending night – they invite you to bring your worn out clothes for a night of “fixing and refreshments”.

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  1. Nancy

    I checked out that Periodic Table of Fibre and it is seriously cool. My daughter was teasing me about it until I showed it to her. What a great way of organising fibre!

  2. Diane

    I want to thank you for the most interesting links to other places on the internet. I edit our spinning guild’s newsletter and these links have become something that our members look forward to.

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