WWW: Yarnbombing; Getting tangled up with the law; More assembly than usual required

Always wear the appropriate safety gear when yarnbombing.

Knithacker features a lovely photo-essay on the yarnbombing of the cherry tree at the childhood home of writer Joy Kogawa in Vancouver. The yarnbombing celebrates the declaration of the home as a historic site, and will be removed in time for the tree to blossom naturally in the spring.

Our own Mandy was involved in this wonderful work.

The New Police Chief of Langley, Whidbey Island, Washington State created quite a fuss in his second week on the job by investigating the activities of local yarnbombers, and removing a couple of street sign cozies.

Always have knitting handy to pass the time during travel.

And in more yarn-bombing news, likely to make our police chief friend even more uncomfortable, a knitter in the UK is seeking collaborators to create and install breast-themed yarnbombs for International Breast Cancer Awareness Day, October 1st, 2011.

A lovely profile of knitters in the US Army stationed in Afghanistan, from the Washington Post. Never again will I complain about having to travel across town to buy yarn… these knitters have to have it shipped around the world.

Knit your own royal wedding.

A toy company in the UK is selling a kit to knit your own Prince William and Kate dolls [pic at right]. Video story on the BBC.

And a designer has released a book with patterns for the entire bridal party, right down to the corgis.

The Spinning Loft in Howell, MI, is hosting Anne Hanson and Beth Smith for a 4-day retreat, May 11-14. The focus of the retreat is lace: the mornings will be spent on the intricacies of spinning for lace, and the afternoons will be spent with Anne working on the techniques of lace knitting. More info here.

Some additional assembly required.

And in the it’s-not-knitting-but-still-supremely-cool category comes this hack of an inexpensive Ikea table into a fabulous work of yarny-art.


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9 thoughts on “WWW: Yarnbombing; Getting tangled up with the law; More assembly than usual required

  1. Candice Hope

    Oh man… That link to The Spinning Loft’s classes has a class THIS WEEKEND taught by Stephanie (Yarn Harlot). I had no idea. I would have saved up the money to take it, since the shop is less than an hour away from me. 🙁

  2. Pasadena Tutor

    Breast themed yarnbombs to promote breast cancer awareness is wonderful. Breast cancer is horrible and any effort to support research and treatment gets my vote.

    thanks Knitty!

  3. elsa

    thanks so much for all the info on so many great events! I’ve done a bit of yarn bombing here in Portland, OR and you’d think that in such a creative place it would be accepted. Have to say that most people are not amused and remove them. Silly people.
    Love the Ikea Hacker site! thanks for sharing it!

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