It’s Monday – We Need a Giveaway!

When I woke up this Monday morning and looked out the window I saw 2 inches of snow, in April.

I decided right then the Knittyblog world needs a giveaway.

What goodness do we have for you today?

Springy! Gabriola Green

1 skein of Indigo Moon Ultimate Sock Yarn

75% superwash wool and 25% nylon
color: Gabriola Green
28sts-32rows/4″ on US 3 (2.25-3.25mm)

Can’t wait to see if you’re the lucky winner and want yarn right now? Trish Moon has given us a special discount to share with you: 10% off through April 30, 2011, if you mention KnittyBlog when you place your order.

Here’s how to win: leave a comment to this post by Wednesday, April 20th at midnight eastern time, and you could win! We’ll choose a winner at random, make them answer a terrifically difficult [cough] skill-testing question, and post the results next week.

Good luck and happy spring knitting!

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1,136 thoughts on “It’s Monday – We Need a Giveaway!

  1. Lacey

    Thank you so much for this little ray of hope… It’s snowing here too, and that lovely green colour is just the green I’d love to see!

    I hope I get drawn! 🙂

  2. Liz

    How pretty!! Living in Michigan, it snowed here too…so that awesome green gives me a little extra hope of what is to come…eventually!

  3. Erin N.

    I’m working on my first pair of socks right now! That would make a beautiful second pair!

  4. Eli

    I love this color! We are supposed to get snow tonight and tomorrow, so I could certainly use some spring in my life! 🙂

  5. Tracy

    So pretty! The yarn just screams Be.Leaf shawlette (pattern on Rav, of course), and I would be happy to help it reach its full potential 🙂

  6. Sam Sam Sam

    Loving the wool and think I saw the perfect pattern for it the other day…. Funnily enough I think it was a knotty pattern ! Lol. Lovely sunny dayhere in London uk by the way. Took the dog to the woods where there were lots of lovely greens!

  7. Winifred

    That color is the exact match to the new leaves popping out on the trees here. The trees now have a faint halo of green, a sure sign of hope in the world.

  8. susanna eve

    gorgeous yarn, canadian too from the sound of it. the weather is ok here today but we set records for cold on saturday along with snow flurries:(

  9. SarainBrooklyn

    Ooh, greeny green! I just came in from the back garden, and out the front door to walk the dog, and in that time it clouded over, chilled up, and is now threatening Weather. Cozy, yet spring-y – that’s what we need!

  10. Singing Wren

    You know, that yarn is the shade of green my mother-in-law loves. She doesn’t knit, but I could knit something for her, if I had that yarn 🙂

  11. Leah

    That green is incredibly lovely 🙂 I support the statement that the freak snow we’ve been having (on opposite sides of the country) merits a giveaway

  12. Susan

    2 inches – that is not right! It snowed on and off all Sunday but did not accumulate, thank goodnes. Spring green is great! thanks for the giveaway

  13. Sue

    We are already in summer in AZ. It is going to be 90 today. Snow sounds nice! Thanks for an opportunity to win some GREEN!

  14. Azar

    that’s a gorgeous spring green, reminds me of the Reynold’s soft sea wool I made my lace ribbon scarf in.

  15. jennybookworm

    Oh, yes please! My garden is bravely sprouting up things that are just that colour – I could knit myself socks to match my yard!

  16. Page

    Gorgeous green! Perfect for spring though we haven’t seen much of that either! Not a single say fit for short sleeves yet.

  17. PeggyOrMargaret

    Oh! Thanks for the spot of green on a cold, blustery ahem! “spring” morning here! It would be wonderful to have this lovely yarn to keep me warm until summer!

  18. Sue

    Love it! April 20 is the day we close on our first house, a lovely yarn would be a happy touch!

  19. Emily

    Very pretty – love the spring color. We too are facing another possible 6 inches here in MN. Yuck!!

  20. Auntly H

    That green is a great Pancremaniac color and I need to get myself focused for the Tour de Cure. Knitting socks of this yarn would be a big help.

  21. maget

    Every year I wonder how that old saying: April showers bring May flowers, works in Canada. What the heck does an April snowstorm bring? Thanks for the answer Knitty: April snowstorms bring awesome green yarn!!

  22. Laurie R.

    *sigh* We’ve had quite a bit of snow here in Salt Lake this month as well. A couple weeks ago the snowflakes were so big I thought they needed to be tested for steroid use. A pretty green yarn is just the thing to convince Mother Nature that is should be SPRING!

  23. penny

    what a nice green… it looks like the daffodils and other bulbs that are trying hard to emerge and survive in my front yard. 🙂

  24. Leesa Gentry

    I would love this yarn. I’m working on making a pair of socks for every day of the week and I’m short one pair and this would make a pattern I found perfect.

  25. maria farinelli

    I would love some green in my life. I woke up to it currently snowing with at least a quarter inch on the ground. I really need spring to be here.

  26. angela

    Talk about a spring color! I just saw some shoots of tulips peeking out from under the Wisconsin snow this morning.

  27. Deeda

    I suppose you don’t want to hear that I spent the weekend in the garden and it’s about 70 degrees. I would LOVE the yarn, though! 🙂

  28. joan

    makes me think of spring but where I live we have snow today. Seems like thinking of this lovely color should prove lucky

  29. Kirsten

    What a fabulous green for spring! It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing when you’re looking at that loveliness!

  30. Anne Taylor

    It makes me think of fresh cut grass, I can almost smell the scent now. This would make such a fresh pair of socks or a beautiful leaf like shawl. I would just love it to bits.

  31. Lisa in TX

    I love that green! It’s so beautiful and fresh-looking. Just the thing to welcome spring.

  32. Erin Weber

    That stuff is beautiful! Though I need to buy more sock yarn like I need another hole in my head.

  33. Kitten With A Whiplash

    I just want to put that yarn next to my houseplants so they can remember what they’re supposed to look like!

  34. Erica

    Winter has been way too long and cold this year. But that sock yarn would defiantly make it a little better. Great yarn giveaway 🙂

  35. Caryn C

    Pick me! Pick me! And oh, my goodness, is that another Caryn I see up there? How exciting!

  36. Eleanor

    Oooh! It’s lovely! Now the fact that I live in Florida and have been blessed by green all winter should in no way influence my chances of winning this “hello spring!” giveaway. I need yummy sock yarn as much as the next person! 🙂

  37. Kristen

    I always avoid entering your contests because I would feel totally lame if I didn’t know the answer to the question. On the other hand, I’d feel like a cheater if I used google to answer. BUT! This yarn is my absolute favorite color so I just *have* to enter this time around! Here’s hoping it’s something easy like “How do you spell purl?” 🙂

  38. karin

    This morning our two-year old woke us up with, “there’s snow outside!” Ugh. Spring, where are you?

  39. Anne

    We are getting snow in Minnesota. too. I did get to make a tiny salad of culling from the lettuce starts and that green looks exactly like all the cheery little sprouts coming up.

  40. ChristineB

    Ah, that green! That’s what I need around me, not this old brown-grey stuff. And since I’m preparing exams, maybe a stand a chance for the difficult skill-testing question?

  41. Karen DeAngelo

    Of course, I commented in the wrong place because I was so beguiled by the color. Oh spring, wherefore art thou.

  42. Judy LeVang

    I really love the color of the yarn! It looks like the spring green popping out all over Oregon right now!

  43. Missy

    OMG! Beautiful. Green sock yarn… I see this knit into some socks with four leaf clovers on them.. or cables.

  44. Alice

    I LOVE green. My favorite color. No really. Emerald, grass, tree. If I could have green hair I totally would 🙂 Perfect color to go with my Dansko Petrol Mary Jane’s for work.

  45. Sophia

    I’ve got so many socks queued up, would love to make something from that beautiful skein!

  46. Helen

    What a beautiful summer green! I can think of a few things that it would be great knitted up as 🙂 If it helps, I’ll send you some sunshine from Amsterdam…

  47. Amanda

    oooo, and I’m getting the Cookie A. Sock Innovations as a gift from my knitting BF: this would be perfect!

  48. Karen

    I need some green in my life! We also got a good batch of snow here in Wisconsin, and I’m remembering back to this time last year where we were already digging our garden!

  49. Megan

    Love the color and have yet to try this yarn. Hoping I win, and thanks for the discount if I don’t!

  50. Laurie

    We are supposed to get 6″ of snow tomorrow and Wednesday. Pick me to relieve the winter time tension!

  51. Whitney

    Oooo that color is exactly the shade of my spring coat — i.e., the one I wear this time of year when it’s “chilly” but no longer “cold.”

  52. Louann

    The pasture is turnning green and the lambs are frolicking about as spring begins to bring in the blooms and bees. The wonderful colors of green mean spring !!!

  53. julianna

    I’ll trade your snow for our local tornado damage. That yarn is indeed a breath of fresh Spring air.

  54. Betty-Anne

    Sock Yarn … YEAH! … and not just for socks. Beautiful spring green … perfect for a shawl!

  55. Meghan

    We had two inches of snow this morning too – NOT fair. Hope I win the yarn and can knit something springy with it!!

  56. Siew

    We don’t have snow but its still darned chilly out. Can’t complain with the sunshine though. This green certainly is springy.

  57. Julie

    Oh I’m going to have to stop in at Indigo Moon when I’m on Gabriola This summer visiting family!

  58. Natalie G

    Love that shade of green. Reminds me of winters in BC. My sister-in-law would love that made into something.

  59. Inara

    Ooh, what a perfect green – that would be great to use for ‘Ornamental’ to show off with all the mules and clogs I can wear again. (for those two weeks of sunshine between the ice storms of winter and the thunderstorms of spring)

  60. Nancy

    Gabriola green — what an interesting name and perfectly lovely colorway! I could definitely knit up some socks in that!

  61. Lark

    Ooh, gosh, that’s a gorgeous green! Definitely springlike. I think I’d knit socks with a leafy pattern… or possibly a shawlette.

  62. Joyce

    I just arrived home (Iowa) from Los Angeles this morning. Went from 90 degrees there to 44 degrees here! Yikes! I need that sock yarn so I can pretend Spring is really here!

  63. Diana

    No snow, but it’s chilly here in Beantown. Me want spring! (And I love love love that green yarn. Me want that too!)

  64. Kae

    You’re right! It is a good day for a giveaway. And…….my sympathies on the weather………snow, YUCK!

  65. Lindsay

    I woke up to snow too (boo). That green is a perfect reminder that spring is here, hidden under that new snow 🙂

  66. Vickie

    What yummy looking yarn! Weatherwise it may not look like spring but this yarn is the perfect color of spring. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  67. Rachel

    It’s almost like spring here! I dried my clothes on the line for the first time this year. But I’d still love to win some yarn…

  68. Christine

    I can’t believe I woke up to snow this morning…on my birthday…in April. That is my favourite colour of green though.

  69. Josiane

    Perfect yarn for spring socks – you know, the ones we need when winter wants to stay just a bit longer… though they need to be warm, they also need to be bright. This skein fits the bill on both counts! 🙂

  70. Alana

    Ah, bless you. Snow on the ground was not a pleasant sight to see the other morning. And more yarn is always needed/wanted/appreciated. 🙂

  71. Joanne Foot

    That is so bright and cheery, it makes my heart sing. Unlike the weather we have outside at the moment – wet, cold, and driving Southery that feels like it is coming straight from the polar caps …yes we are heading into winter! LOL

  72. Sarah J

    We had snow here in Milwaukee too this morning. That green yarn looks like the spring I keep thinking is just around the corner.

  73. Huguette

    Oh my, that green is spring in-yarn-ate. (sorry. hope this doesn’t ruin my chances!) ;o)

  74. Melissa Cherney

    We had big, fat, wet flakes and I really was not pleased to see them. I need something warm and cozy to knit to warm up from such frightful APRIL weather!!! 😉 Something green for sure.

  75. Irene T

    Green is for spring, which is rather slow in coming. Yesterday’s snow was unexpected, but it all melted away fast, thank goodness. Green socks for spring!

  76. Katie Lou

    Oh the joy of living in South Carolina. We have 2 inches of snow and the whole state shuts down for days. Now, just don’t ask me about the weather in July. Uggg!

  77. Kim

    I think I’d like to win just to see what the terribly difficult (cough) knitting question would be!

  78. Olive

    We had snow on Friday – woke up Saturday needing to clear more than I expected off the car!

    I love the green color! So spring-like!

  79. Tiffany

    YIKES!!! Snow!! so sorry. our grass is as green as that yarn, which I would like to win by the way.

  80. Stefanie

    I need this to calm my nerves. Budget has been unable to stretch to accomodate yarn purchase. My fingers are missing something to keep them busy.

  81. Emily

    Oh! I love knitting socks and would love to design a pattern around this pretty green yarn!!!

  82. Christine

    Ugh, we had three inches plus and 50 mph winds here in upper Michigan. At least the sun’s out today, but it’s not warm enough for the snow to melt. I know better than to hope for leaves on the trees before May 1, but it’s still a disappointment when this happens.

  83. Carol

    It may sound strange, but I really like waking up in the morning and seeing a fresh coating of snow, even in April. Fortunately that doesn’t happen in Chicago all that often (April snow, I mean. In winter months it’s another story.) And I’d love winning some spring-y green yarn any time!

  84. Margaret

    The snow is gone for good in my part of the world – but I’d like some green sockyarn anyway!

  85. Cindie

    It’s finally beautiful and sunny here today…for a change….
    that green is my favorite color!

  86. Barbara

    Snow in Milwaukee today, and tomorrow. Nothing more comforting than beautiful green yarn.

  87. Cammie

    Such a pretty color! It’s not my shade but I know several people it would look perfect on!

  88. Sara

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. I keep on leaving comments, in order win something, but I never win. Insanity!

  89. Karen

    Great spring yarn – can’t resist throwing my hat into the ring.

    Hope your snow goes away soon.

  90. Susan

    Wow, lovely yarn! I was just saying the other day that I needed a little more green in my life… 😉

  91. beth grim

    I know what you mean; we’ve had, like, one day above 60 deg. since November! At least it’s good knitting weather. Count me in on the sock yarn.

  92. Emme

    I’ve been looking for the perfect yarn for my son’s birthday hat, and this is it. This yarn is awesome.

  93. Peggy

    We had sleet and hail! I’ve just become addicted to knitting socks and this giveaway is my favorite obnoxious green. I’d love it!

  94. Mary Marsh

    OOOoooh, love the green, the spring colors. What wonderful socks it would make.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. Therese

    I love the color! I just had to get rid of a couple pairs of my hand-knit socks because they were just beyond repair 🙁

  96. D Louise

    I guess I’ve just become resigned to the snow. The daffodils are just coming out in SE Wisconsin, and it seems like it ALWAYS snows on my daffodils! Two years ago, 6″ of heavy wet white stuff broke off dozens of them almost exactly 5″ from the blossom. This AM’s snow has melted already (evening), and my little yellow friends appear to have come through pretty well this time…

  97. Deb

    Like fresh green grass, beautiful! I can almost hear the bees buzzing, the lawnmowers humming and smell the sweet scent of wattle…I live in Australia

  98. Tivity

    We just got another foot of snow here too. Sadly just as most of the winter snow had melted. I could really use some pretty green in my life. 🙂

  99. Rebecca

    Oh, that is a GORGEOUS spring color. I probably won’t win, but… can I have some anyway? 😛

  100. Sally Ann

    Two inches of snow in April!! Are you in North Dakota? (I grew up there, and we had FOUR inches of snow two days before my high school graduation at the end of May! My girlfriends and I were all soooo afraid we would have to wear snow boots instead of our new high heels to graduation!)

  101. Bronwyn

    Oh my gosh that green is beautiful! I could definitely use a pair of gorgeous green socks! 🙂

  102. Laurie B

    Such a pretty green colour, it beckons for me to make a leafy cowl in honour of spring!!

  103. Kathy

    Showed the picture to my daughter and she said that she could wrap herself up in such beautiful yarn. She’s only 11 and has great taste…..

  104. Bonnie

    me, me, me, pick me!
    Thank you for this opportunity!
    The yarn is such a luscious spring green. Just the thing to cheer us on as Mother Nature has what can only be called a hissy during a meltdown! 🙂

  105. Lydia-Ann

    What a gorgeous color. And green is not one of my favorites, but the winter has been long enough that green looks good…

  106. Jen

    I just finished up a pair of socks in some of the lavender smoke colourway – SO DELICIOUS! Would love a repeat visit.

  107. Jessie

    Love that color too! Bought tons of clothes like that, but now, boo-hoo, it’s hard to find that color anymore.

  108. Tommi Nick

    Thanks for the opportunity. Where I am it’s a rainy April, so free yarn would be a real day brightener!

  109. Kristy

    “For behold, the winter is past,
    the rain is over and gone. The flowers have already appeared in the land; the time has arrived for pruning the vines,and the voice of the turtledove has been heard in our land.” Spring is coming and green yarn is so lovely! Thanks!

  110. etcgirl

    Green, like the shoots still poking through the white in the garden. Thanks, Trish – lovely colour!

  111. Jenny

    What a lovely shade of green! I wish we got a color such as that in the desert, but sock yarn in that color could suffice for me.

  112. AnaMarie

    Funnily enough, I’m wearing a pair of socks from Indigo Moon right now and would absolutely love more (than the 3 skeins in my stash already), especially since this one is so spring-y and fun unlike the gorgeous jewel tones I’ve acquired.

  113. Angela

    That is a very cheery green – that’s what you would expect from this season, not the snow and hail we got this weekend -hello, it’s April! Would love to win something to make up for a downer of a day :>

  114. LoriG

    What a nasty trick! My family in the north is also dealing with a late April Fools joke. I am sure that I could make something to chase away the winter blues with that yarn!

  115. Amy P

    That is such a *perfect* spring green! We finally saw the sun, here in grey, grey Portland. Thank heaven! I’m not sure the city could have taken much more.

  116. Crystal

    What an awesome colour of green!! Perfect for spring (and may I mention, that we have yet to find our grass here, never mind green grass?)

  117. Theresa

    I’m calling this the ‘Year of the Sock’. Here’s hoping my May socks are made of Indigo Moon!

  118. Tina Melvin

    Snow in April is a sin! We got some here in WI the other day too, and I guess we have a winter storm warning in effect. This weather is a little out of whack!

  119. Sara Lennertz

    Me, please! I braved the dentist with a 4-year-old today…that’s gotta be worth something!

  120. Julie

    Both of my kids love that color and I would love to knit one of them a great pair of socks. Thanks for the chance to win!

  121. Julie D

    Roses are Red
    Yarn is Green
    To make the cutest socks
    You have ever seen!

    Stolen from my precious five year old.

  122. G. K. Green

    Ooooh … What gorgeous yarn! And it’s green! Green is my last name; the cosmos says that I should win, randomness be damned (for a while, at least? 8^) … Anyway, please enter me in the giveaway, and thank you very much!

    G. K. Green
    gkgreen on

  123. Alison

    Ooooohh, it’s JUST my color! I’d love me some springy, sproingy bright green socks. Pick me!

  124. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    You are having snow, we are having heavy rains and tornadoes in the south. I just hope it isn’t raining for the sunrise Easter service Sunday. The green yarn does remind me of green grass in the spring.

  125. Aimee

    Ooooh! That is a gorgeous color! I would *love* to knit this into a pair of Monkeys, or Hederas, or Pomotomus – pretty much anything by Cookie A!

  126. Sara Longley

    Love that color, and love the distinct yarn texture — I may have to take her up on that 10% offer. But winning is always nice!

  127. Kitsune

    I am addicted to knitting socks, they’re so comfortable when they’re custom-fit to your own foot. And so much more worth wearing when they’re hand-made.

  128. Beth Rudo.

    Looks like springtime in a skein! Would love to knit this up, maybe into a shawlette or something more visible than socks.

  129. Claire

    WOW! That is spring in a skein. I would love to win and try my hand at socks. Its been a while since I knit any!

  130. alison

    We normally have snow in April too, but right now it’s unseasonably warm. The weather is just weird.

    Love the yarn giveaway colour. Count me in 🙂

  131. Beth

    It’s been a tough winter and spring is far from established here in New England. I agree — we need to think spring knitting!

  132. Becca

    I would love to win this yarn! Probably I could distract my DH with giveaway yarn while I sneak in the yarn I went a little wild purchasing last week! 😉

  133. Bettina

    I love knitty and have already knit quite a few patterns from it.

    Please keep it up, both patterns and features are always fun, informative and interesting.

    Kind regards,


  134. Sue Lowe

    Wow! What an incredible colour. I can almost see the grass growing. Just what we need right now! Come on Spring!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Kristi ~ Artsea

    Two inches of snow! Thats awful !!! You need to come visit us in the Caribbean!

    Beautiful sock yarn, it would match my new spring purse I just finished blocking!

  136. Kristi

    Wow- where I’m leaving (in the Himalayas of Tibet) we don’t even dare to dream of spring yet! We’ve still got a fire going in the fireplace!

  137. Ann Marie

    Spring has sprung! At least here in NC it has. Trees in bloom and hay-fever in noises.

    Love the color of the yarn.

  138. Abbie

    I think we had 6 inches when all was said and done here in northern Minnesota. I’m trying to think of it as an opportunity to experience two springs in one year.

    That yarn is the perfect spring green color!

  139. Pat

    Holy smokes! How did so many people get in before me. I do have to say that I am glad you got the snow and not us,but we are do for some later this week. Would love to knit some socks with that beautiful yarn.

  140. Kate

    ah, yes. A spirit-lifting giveaway. Thanks Knitty – that’s a generous idea 🙂 Crossing fingers here.

  141. Colleen

    That is a delightfully uplifting shade of green. And since the snow that hit you is heading for us (Minnesota) I could use some cheering up! 😛

  142. Barb T

    It’s already Spring here so I’m running late. Can you just send the wonderful yarn to me now?

  143. Corin

    Snow?! I guess I’ll be thankful for the rain we are getting today. Love the pretty Springy yarn!

  144. wondrousitem

    Such a lovely green. Really highlights the fact that it’s cold and miserable and in my case, wet, outside. ): Maybe if the yarn comes home with me, I’ll hang it in the window like a suncatcher until the weather wises up.

  145. Laura

    What a fresh spring green color. It rained again last night, so I am in need of some springtime.

  146. kari

    spring in michigan…of course there is snow….just means more time to stay in front of the fire and knit!

  147. Daria

    Here on the Canadian prairie, we had even more than 2″ of snow. I’m still wearing my wooly socks. Green ones might be nice! 🙂

  148. Seanna Lea

    That is the perfect shade of green for spring! I think my favorite greens are always those. The ones that remind me of the new green growth on pine trees in April. Even snowy Aprils.

  149. Patricia

    What a beautiful shade of green. Going to go check out indigo moon. Let’s go spring let’s go!

  150. Rachel

    I am in Colorado and we have had more snow in April than we did in March (which is usually our snowiest month) but it wasn’t much at all. Can’t wait for spring!

  151. K.M.Jones

    That is the exact color of the trees around here now-a-days. Love it! … so much of a contrast from the dreary northlands (ie, WI) which I spent 20 years in.

    of course WI doesn’t get bees the size of my thumb, and fire ants or army ants or whatever would die off up there over winter. Soooo it has some major benefits.

  152. Elizabeth S

    So beautiful! I live in Michigan, so it’s no wonder that spring green and bright orange are my favorite colors.

  153. trina

    ooooooo! pretty! warms up a cold spring day.
    seriously, what a cold start to spring in toronto. i haven’t put my winter coat away yet. 🙁

  154. Lisa Barrett

    I love the four seasons and thereby snow, but I don’t love snow in April! Glad it’s already melted. Thank you for the beautiful green giveaway.

  155. Beverly

    Snow in April must be fought! And green socks will be just the weapon to do it. The socks I am knitting now are grey and, though pattern is lovely, the color is getting me down a bit. Time for green.

  156. Susanne

    Well in spite of there being over 800 people entered, I will try my luck! Beauuuuutiful colour!!

  157. Bonnie

    Waking up to snowfall in mid-April is a bit of a shock! By 3 pm our snow was gone…..Lovely shade of yarn on the give-away. It almost looks like flowers will pop out of it!

  158. Tisha

    That color is beautiful! Maybe even for the walls of my bedroom…I live in Colorado and even we haven’t had enough sun lately

  159. Cynthia R-D

    That sock yarn is gorgeous. And, as all my friends would say, that shade of green is totally me. I’m not a sock knitter, but I would love to use the yarn to try out one of the Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders patterns. Thanks!

  160. Kate

    what i wouldn’t give for a bit of snow, or even some rain… worst summer ever! and this is western australia, so its not like we’ll get snow even when it does eventually become slightly cooler… ah well. green yarn is lovely. 😀

  161. elizaduckie

    I can’t complain about the weather at time of year since I’m in Florida at the moment. August and hurricane season are normally our nasty tines of the year. One becomes victim of too much indoor A/C and in the case of the latter, too much stress.

    That green is such a happy and tropical yarn color it’s perfect for FL! 😀

  162. elizabeth

    snow in Chicago also, gone by the end of the day and the sun came out! lovely spring green yarn

  163. stonemoon

    I love Indigo Moon’s yarn… just working with some silk now. Would love me some sock yarn.

  164. Eileen

    I have never used the indigo moon yarn, but it looks so lovely. I was just thinking about making something out of this color for a dear friend. Thanks for posting this spring giveaway!

  165. Mary Jane

    This time of year I am in a “green” mood when I knit and/or spin. This yarn is the perfect Spring green-hope I win!

  166. Emily

    What a beautiful shade of green! Just the thing to get you in the mood for May flowers. Maybe I could knit a daisy…hmm….

  167. Melanie

    The last time my little Central California town had measurable snow was nearly 30 years ago, but I agree: That is just the right green for spring. And I have a new set of dpns on order, so I’m in the mood for sock yarn. Thanks for a well-timed giveaway!

  168. LPStarr

    Such a nice springy green, especially when we are expecting more snow today. At least the yarn will bring spring if the weather can’t cooperate!

  169. Daisy

    I’ve only just realized that I have absolutely no handknit socks in springy colors. I should do something about that!

  170. Cynthia

    Lovely yarn, and I know just who I would knit it up for. Best of luck in the draw to everyone.

  171. Jamie

    I LOVE that green! And since I’m knitting socks like crazy right now, it would be perfect for me!

  172. Becky L.

    I too woke up to 5″ of snow today. Spring storms sure look like winter storms to me. :/ Some bright green yarn would be a great pick me up.

  173. Erin T

    So pretty. And green. And happy! I woke op to snow and sleet, and that little burst of color would look lovely in the gloom we’re having.

  174. ojgirl

    Snow! It’s a lovely 71 degrees here – though the pollen is super duper heavy and you can’t sit outside and enjoy it. That yarn just screams ‘spring’!