Watching a pattern go viral: Lanesplitter

where the inspiration started

We blogged a couple of weeks ago about our friend Lynne’s amazing Lanesplitter skirt, and how two of the Knitty team were immediately inspired to knit it.

And knit it we did.

I finished mine (in Kureyon color 242) last week, and I absolutely love it.

Very happy with it!

Jillian’s is well on its way, too.

Halfway there!

Something interesting seems to happen with this skirt: it’s contagious. I wore mine to teach a class at The Purple Purl last Friday, and by the end of the day two more knitters had started the project, including Jennifer, one of the shop owners.

In Silk Garden.

And by Sunday, Jennifer had inspired Lynn W. to start one, too.

Lynn W's in Silk Garden color 323

Jillian reports that even just carrying the project around, she’s caused a couple of knitters to cast on for their own.

Lynne tells me that aside from Jillian and I, she knows of four or five other knitters who have started the project after seeing hers, including ScarpeGrosse‘s rather marvelously named “If the stripes are diagonal, they’ll make my hips look smaller, right?”  (It’s a definite yes, honey!)

Tracking the progression...

And it’s not just our little corner of the world that has fallen prey to the virus: all three staff members of another Toronto yarn shop, PassionKnit, have knitted one.

New staff uniform at Toronto's PassionKnit?

The Lanesplitter virus also flared up among Bodensee-Strick-und-Spinntreffen, an international group of knitters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Photo courtesy Annie/stricknetz.

And it’s a virus that doesn’t seem to go away: many knitters have made more than one.

The secret is not only that it’s a fun knit, but it looks amazing on anyone – any body shape or size.  And it’s so very adaptable.  I’m a petite sort who owns a lot of pairs of black tights, so I made mine a fitted mini.  Lynne’s is just above the knee, and a little looser, but still with some negative ease.  Other knitters have made longer versions – knee length and below. This is the genuine article: a knit that looks good on everyone! Have you knit one? Post a link to it in the comments! Does this post make you want to knit one? Tell us!

Props to Tina Whitmore for such an amazing design.

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79 thoughts on “Watching a pattern go viral: Lanesplitter

  1. Renee Anne

    If only something like this would look good on me…..I don’t do well in short skirts. And this isn’t that short…but it’s too short for me 🙁

    1. Tina Whitmore


      The pattern is REALLY easy to modify and make to whatever length you choose. You can see a ton of different versions on Ravelry of many different lengths – Tina

  2. Melanie S

    Yes. You’ve got me thinking of making one. Just not sure I have anything in my stash that will work. Will have to visit the LYS first.

  3. Sue Plantinga

    As soon as I saw the original post I knew I would have to make one for my best friend for her birthday, it will suit her perfectly! I’ve only got to choose the right colour!

  4. Hope

    I have the pattern and the needles. Just waiting for the tax return to treat myself to some Noro to knit it in. I love it! I may get enough for two!!

  5. Alyson

    It’s been in my ravelry queue forever, maybe I’ve just been inspired to cast on. Especiallly since I can’t remember why I haven’t yet.

  6. Suzanne

    Actually, your post DOES make me want to knit one, and I’ve never imagined knitting a skirt. Anybody have suggestions on summer-weight yarns that might work? Kureyon is too warm for spring and summer in southern California!

  7. Laurie Ann

    I want to knit one for myself, but maybe wait until I shed some pounds. I’m definitely thinking of one for my friend’s birthday in June.

  8. Francie

    I loved it as soon as it came out in Knitty. But your last post on Lanesplitter finally got to me. I’ve ordered the Noro and am waiting for it to arrive. So hard to make a decision on color!!! I just love Noro stripes!

  9. Lauren Haiken

    I LOVE seeing this skirt on real people! Thank you so much for this. It’s going to be next in my queue!

  10. april

    I put it in my queue after your first post and now you have reminded me how much i want this skirt. Thanks for showing it on real bodies, too. It helps me decide.

  11. Rickie

    I passed the link on to one of my knitting students who I knew would love it, and she plans to start it as soon as the class is done. And I have been very very tempted though I rarely wear skirts…. Fun to be part of the viralization of such a cool pattern.

  12. etcgirl

    I think the reason why so many have gotten addicted is because once you’ve knit the first one, you realize the genius that is Tina’s design – you can knit one out of ANYTHING! Just match your needles to your yarn weight and off you go. The length is customizable. The circumference is customizable. *Anything*, folks.

    Don’t like Noro stripes? Knit it plain out of an aran weight. Don’t have an aran weight? Try three strands of sock yarn held together. Want a little pizzazz? Knit it plain and throw in a stripe once or twice for drama. Want a long skirt but don’t want to walk like you’re wearing a tube? Leave the bottom few inches of the seam open – nice slit skirt that can be worn as a vent in the back, or as a side slit.

    I’ve made one. I WILL make more.

    Smile on, Tina Whitmore, smile on. 🙂

  13. Kathy

    I love this post! I’ve had it my faves for a while, but after seeing Lynne’s online, I ordered yarn and queued it – my yarn arrived today and I can’t wait to cast on. Thanks for the enabling! 🙂

  14. Addy

    I’m not sure where I saw it, but the pattern page has been sitting open in it’s own window on my ipad for about a week. It’s definitely in the queue. I love the diagonal stripes, the bias construction and of course the noro colors. That’s a skirt I think I could wear!

  15. Amy

    Seeing a few rounder gals modeling the skirt is inspiring. They look fabulous, and it makes me actually consider knitting something I would never have thought would look good on me.

    Yay for viruses!

  16. Martha Kight

    LOL! I just saw the FB post, and am ABSOLUTELY going to knit one after I finish the chemo cap on my needles at the moment! I’m knitting with 4 friends Monday and I predict that by the end of the night, they will all be on it. I’m printing 4 extra copies in anticipation :D. *fantastic* 🙂 Thank you – this is the true meaning of global community 🙂

  17. jennybookworm

    I have it had it in mind for some time and it’s one that seems to keep popping up just when I think it’s dying down again…

  18. Shelley

    I just spent 30+ minutes looking at Noro color cards online. The yarn order has been placed… 🙂

  19. Kathy

    Yes, I do want one now. 😀 I think this would also solve my problem of what to do with yarn I bought years ago but chose not to make the intended project. I’m looking forward to putting it on my needles soon. 😀

  20. Gail

    I have had my eye on this pattern since it came out on Knitty. Since your blog had a real person wearing it, I want it!! I’ve ordered the yarn for it and it will be the next project I start after I finish a couple of ones that I have on the needles.

  21. Daria

    I love the look of this skirt. One my list up to now but now I *really* want one. So off I went to consult how many balls I need to buy and lo I’m shocked. Here I sit in standard-fit, size 16 Old Navy cords but according to the fit guide in the pattern, I should knit a 3X!?! Seriously? When did a 16/18 become 3X?

  22. Chiral

    Even I want to knit one, and I loathe skirts! A few years ago I probably would have made one anyways, but I’ve trying to cut down on knitting things I don’t use…

  23. Sandi

    I have a pile of stashed yuzen that is begging to be made into a Lanesplitter. Gauge swatch, here I come!

  24. fiberlicious

    If I were going to ever wear a skirt again, I would make this in a heartbeat.

    Just goes to show you the artistic quality of a simple design.

  25. Kate W

    I’ve had this in the queue for a long while. I especially like the dark colorway in the PassionKnit photo. Must find!

  26. Debbie

    Yes, yes, yes, I want to knit one! I loved it the first time I saw it, and now that I’ve seen it on several different bodies, I really do want to see it on mine — just as soon as I finish this cotton sweater that I started during the blizzard…

  27. Carolina

    I may have to knit this skirt! At first I thought…a knitted skirt…me? No way! But that skirt looks great from the pictures you’ve posted! I think I would look just as fabulous in that skirt, black leggins and Dansko clogs.

  28. Susan aka paintermom

    Now I am seriously tempted! I do not like the feel of Noro, though. Any thoughts on what could be used instead?

  29. Linda S

    I loved it when I saw that first post with Lynn wearing it–definitely want to make one, especially now, having seen it in so many fantastic colorways . . . Have to finish one thing first though.

  30. Meegan Hughes

    Going to buy wool today – it’s Winter in Australia now, so looking forward to it keeping me warm!!! Will send a pic when it’s done.

  31. Kathy S

    Does it need lining?

    I find with knitted things, they tend to cling to your stockings, which doesn’t feel that great…

    What do you think?

  32. Isabeau

    Wow… that almost makes me want to knit one!

    (I’m not going to, because a) don’t have enough Noro, b) my body is fixed in a seated position that makes trying to size things, or try them on, a problem, and c) I don’t have any leggings. A and C could be rectified if I had the money, but B is the deal-killer; I have a hard enough time finding commercially-made stuff that fits right; I’m not going to spend tons of time knitting something that ends up not working.)

    (Which is unfortunate, because it is a really cool pattern :D)

  33. Anne

    I never, and I mean NEVER, would have knit this skirt! You see, I’m considerably shorter and a bit chubbier than the average model. BUT… after seeing it on so many women in different sizes and shapes, I’m adding it to my queue. Thanks!

  34. Ana

    I’ve been wanting to knit one since you first posted it. I even searched Ravelry trying to find out what colorway it is! Funnily enough, Noro is so much more expensive in Japan that I’ll probably wait until I’m living in the US again to make it!

  35. Maureen

    I have wanted to knit it since I saw it on Lynne that fateful roundtable night at the Purl. Just waiting for the bank account to grow before I jump into the fray.

  36. Annetta

    The perfect viral skirt for all? Yup, me too.

    Lanesplitter is in Australia and I’m now just waiting for the yarn to come to my door. I can’t wait, this pattern is just so gorgeous on all of you.

    Thanks for the photos.

  37. Becca

    I read the original post and I went and knit one immediately – super quick and easy! I love it!

  38. Deborah

    This is one of six projects I planned for the recovery period after my hip replacement. I figured I’d have plenty of time. Didn’t count on the fact that it’s hard to follow even a simple pattern while on pain meds, hehe. Now that I am home and off the meds this is the next project in my que. Really cool seeing all the variations out there.

  39. Jennifer Hill

    HMMM. I wonder what it would look like at or below calf length… I love the yellow one! I’m so tired of Winter.

    Now, I know I have enough wool in the wool shed for this & enough dye… Maybe, this should become a Guild project?

  40. Ella

    I knit it in Noro Matsuri colour #1 which I absolutely love. Have just bought 2 more colours to knit 2 more 🙂

    1. Maria

      Try Boku by Plymouth – their (much cheaper) Noro-like yarn. I’m on my second Lanesplitter in another colourway…

  41. nowaks nähkästchen

    I have seen several ones on a professional trade fair in Germany last week.

    (Though looking at some of these convinced me that it would not look good on me due to hip circumference… otherwise I also love the pattern.)

  42. Jen

    I’ve never thought about knitting a skirt (what happens when you sit down – does it get all baggy), but this and the other posts have made Lanesplitter look totally amazing and made me want to knit one! It’s definitely in my Ravelry queue now!

  43. carrie

    I didn’t knit this because I didn’t think I would look good in it. Then I dreamed about it, and now it continues to show up everywhere.

    I guess I am going to have to break down and knit one. These are just fabulous!

  44. Krista

    I just finished the knitting of mine and will block it tomorrow, seam and line it this week and wear for Thursday! I LOVE this project!!!

  45. Colleen

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for posting that last image! I read the first blog post and most of this one thinking “uh-huh, very cute. I adore it. Hate that the cute stuff is for skinny knitters.” And then – hey, in that last image! Women that mirror my hefty self!

    Not that that guarantees I’d have the courage to wear it, but y’know.

  46. Candi

    After seeing Lynne’s I put it in my Ravelry queue. I’ve never done a skirt before, but this one is so cute and looks like it actually fits and might stay up and look nice. I will get to it someday!

  47. Gillian

    I’ve had this pattern on my mind for quite a bit. You’ve moved it up the list for me. Very nice!

  48. Tamar D.

    this post gave me the bug for it while on a trip to see the family, so I ran out and introduced myself at the LYS. Kueryon 264, and I’m loving it so far!

  49. KnitterPam

    Would it be too personal to ask which size was made and actual hip measurement? I think I’m built a bit like Lynn and would love to know if she knit her actual size or slightly smaller. My hips are 48″ and I can’t decide whether to make the 44″ or 48″. The length is fantastic on her! Way to go – thanks for making me take another look at this pattern!

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