WWW: Art & Theft

"A labour of love."

Knitterly royal wedding fever continues unabated… a knitter in the UK has knitted a cake with Prince Wills and Kate cake toppers.

I’m sure there are at least a few knitters on the invite list for the big event – think anyone will be bold enough to take out their needles during the ceremony?

Speaking of labors of love, fiber artist Lauren Porter is seeking a permanent home for her knitted Ferrari. She created it as part of her university degree program, and it’s been touring the world for the past 5 years.

Steam blocked, presumably.

And on the topic of transportation, news of a knitted model of the Flying Scotsman train entered into a competition being held by the UK’s National Railway Museum. More pictures here.


Brings new meaning to "ribbing"...

Another fiber artist has completed a remarkable work “Just One More Row“. A fully knitted skeleton that is itself (herself?) knitting, it was exhibited at the recent “Beyond the Fringe” fiber art exhibition in Taos, New Mexico.

For kids & knitters to enjoy together.

Joanna Johnson’s blog features a charming time-elapse video of her knitting Phoebe’s Sweater, the pattern featured in her book of the same name.

An excellent story about one of the largest knitting graffiti projects you’re likely to see… adding a ball & chain to the giant bear statue outside the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

It wasn’t in place long, but there are some great pictures to preserve the feat for posterity.

Good for nest lining?

Lucy Neatby reports on Twitter that she was recently the victim of a yarn heist… perpetrated by very cheeky seagulls.


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9 thoughts on “WWW: Art & Theft

  1. Virginia

    I swear, seagulls are a menace, and few people truly understand the depth of the threat to humans. (kidding of course).

    Yeah. The seagulls in the Bronx, LITERALLY stalk you and will steal food out of the hands of children. I guess adults are a little too intimidating. Or at least they were last year.

  2. kittenears

    Oh my goodness, I love the little robot man in the Phoebe’s sweater video.

    Anyone else notice it? 😉

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