Giveaway! Denise Interchangable Needles

For those of us knitters and spinners not partaking in Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend, I present a giveaway!

12 pairs of needles in one kit!
All wrapped up in a Della Q case!

Denise Interchangeable Needles

Pink Breast Cancer Research needles set in Della Q case

Includes 12 needle pairs from US5/3.75mm to US19/15mm; 6 cords (5″, 9″, 12″, 14″, 16″ and 19″) (13, 23, 30, 36, 41 and 48 cm); 4 end buttons; and 2 extenders. Even more than is in a Denise knitting kit. All in a specially adapted della Q Que-i case of luxurious poly/silk, with needle pockets labeled in US and metric sizes.

1 person will win this prize.

by Denise Interchangeable Needles

prize value: $79.95


Here’s how to win: leave a comment to this post by  Tuesday May 10, 2011 at midnight eastern time, and you could win! We’ll choose a winner at random, make them answer a terrifically difficult [cough] skill-testing question, and post the results next week.

Have wonderful weekend!

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1,189 thoughts on “Giveaway! Denise Interchangable Needles

  1. Mandi C

    Oh! That is a lovely set! It would be wonderful to win! Thank you for this contest!!!

  2. keirsten Gustafson

    Oo!oo! Pick me! Pick me! The giveaway ends on my birthday and this would be a GREAT birthday present. 🙂

  3. Bobbi

    I love Denise needles. Winning a set means that I could have even more WIPs going at one time!

  4. Carolyn

    Oh, those look great. And my mum would love them too… If I won them I think I’d have to give them to her 🙂

  5. Erica N

    OOH, OOH, pick me! The limiting factor of my WIPs is not having enough free needles. I would love to try new interchangeable needles.

  6. Mary Katharin

    The answer is 42 🙂 She who dies with the most needles (and yarn) wins!

  7. Cari

    Oh, so pretteh! And a great way to remind us of the importance of Breast Cancer Research.

  8. Angie

    Oooo! I have always wanted to have Denise Interchangeable needles as I have heard nothing but good things about them. Perhaps this is my chance 😉

  9. Robin

    I’d like to win these for my Mom. She doesn’t have interchangables and though I don’t mind borrowing mine, I think she’d be much happier with a set of her own. And the fact that they come with a nice pretty case is even better!

  10. Suellen

    Really wish I was going to Maryland, but since I can’t, I think I should win this fabulous giveaway!

  11. Erin J

    Those needles would make all my dreams come true: Della q, pink, practical and FREE! I love all of those things!

  12. Jennifer

    I’m so happy to be going to the Maryland Wool as a knitter! I would still like to win these wonderful needles however.

  13. Kara

    Oooooh! I’ve wanted a set of the pink Denise needles since I found out about them!

  14. Anne

    just bought myself a set of interchangeables—love them. Having two sets; heaven!

  15. Cat

    I wish I could go to Maryland – I grew up there and my mom loved the Sheep & Wool festival. Sadly, I didn’t knit at the time and therefore didn’t appreciate it. Would love to have the needle set!

  16. wondrousitem

    Maryland is too far, but thankfully my own state is trying to get started on a yearly Sheep&Wool fest, so hopefully someday all the cool people will come to us! If I do win these needles, however, I plan to give them to a friend. She needs a set, so she can stop borrowing mine. (:

  17. Lizzie

    Oooooh! I’ve been wanting a set of Denises. I would loooooove this giveaway prize!

  18. CarolynC

    I’ve never used circular needles – this would be a great way to learn something new!

  19. D Louise

    I have a well, partial, set of Denise which have been somewhat scattered to the wind. I good friend who is a knew knitter has one of my favorite short cable an a #5 and #6 tip. Whoever thought it would take her A YEAR to to finish the ribbing on a hat! Other needles and gone similarly walkabout and oh how I miss them!

  20. Sara

    Despite their pink-ness, I would love a set of those needles! (Don’t get me wrong…I love to support breast cancer research, I just don’t love the color pink!)

  21. M. Peterson

    I’ve been looking at these for a while – can’t wait to hear how they work…or see for myself 😉

  22. Nicole

    Oh my how lovely are these?! I know whomever wins will cherish them but I definitely would love to be the one. Thank you for the giveaway.

  23. margaret

    my curent Denise set is the original blue – pink would be a lovely addition

  24. Pauline

    I have been saving for a set of interchangeable needles. These are wonderful, would love to win them.

  25. lindaran

    The drawings not until the 10th? Oh good, that will give me plenty of time to study so I’ll be able to answer your qualifying question in case you draw my name. Pick me! Pick me!

  26. Becky

    I’m still getting a good collection of kneedles going, as I’m a new knitter.

    Everyone going to Maryland Sheep and Wool… Have FUN!

  27. carolyn

    After decades of knitting I STILL have gaps in my needle collection. This set would do a great job of filling in those gaps. Thanks for the chance.

  28. Christine

    NIce giveaway! Hope you are having fun at the sheep and wool (although it sounds like it should be a nightmare for you, no?)

  29. Meredith

    I tried the Denise needles (bought used on ebay) but ended up re-selling them (on Amazon this time) because I find plastic needles to be too grippy – I much prefer metal needles for every project I’ve ever tried. BUT this is a really cute case…I am planning to try to sew a similar one to hold my new set of knitpicks options interchangeable needles 🙂

  30. Theresa

    Sweet giveaway! I would love to win these, and I’m curious about this skill-testing question you mention. Pop quiz time!

  31. Anna Hj

    I wish i could go to the Wool fest… but first I have to finish my work… sigh.

  32. Liz V

    And I was just saying to my husband that I wanted to get interchangeable needles someday!

    Maybe I’ll win some!

  33. Charlene Maciejewski

    Pick me! Pick me! Seriously, I adore these needles. I actually have a set (in not nearly so nice a case) but I have (ahem) misplaced most of the tips. They would be well-used and loved. (And hopefully not lost because I’m much more organized now. Yeah, right.)

  34. Jen Mason

    Oh wow, thanks for the giveaway!! I have been dreaming of a set of interchangeable needles for years. Pick me, pick me!

  35. Lori Reeder

    The needles would be wonderful to have and the case is lovely!
    Thanks for all you do, I apppreciate having Knitty as a resource!

  36. cysiphist

    Interchangables are amazing. I love that this kit includes shorter cable lengths!

  37. Chris

    The needles and case are beautiful. Even more beautiful is the $5 donation to breast cancer research. As the daughter of a breast cancer non-surviver, I’m awed by the kindness of such a gift.
    Thank you for offering this set as a giveaway and even more for bringing this research to light so close to Mother’s Day.

  38. Bernadette

    They look beautiful. Would love to win this. I don’t have a full set of needles yet.

  39. MARY

    I’ve been wanting a set of these needles forever. Plus the della Q bags are the best!

  40. Kendra

    I’ve never been to Maryland Sheep and wool despite the fact that I have cousins who live two miles away…oh well, some year.


  41. mellenknits

    I love my Denise set – the only problem is sometimes I have to rob needles and cables from WIPs to start something new! This would solve my problem (but not my tendency to start too many projects!)

  42. kittenears

    Oh my! I would love this! There’s no way I could afford a set myself anytime soon, this would be the best mother’s day gift to me ever. 😀

  43. annski

    They’re beautiful!! And so useful! Can I have them? Pretty please? With sugar and ice cream and bananas on top?

  44. Krista Rhodes

    What an awesome opportunity to expand my sad needle collection & try some new needles!

  45. Holly

    I would use those needles to make my sister-in-law (breast cancer survivor) something warm and yummy

  46. Susan

    thanks for a wonderful giveaway….but it only helps just little that I can’t get to Maryland

  47. Eileen

    These look amazing and would be a great knitting pick me up – my car was broken into and would you believe they took my knitting bag with a blanket project I’d put hours of love into? UGH!!!

  48. Jessica Smith

    My needles being all over the house makes my husband crazy! And while I love making my husband crazy from time to time he sure would appreciate this (me too!)

  49. Elaine

    Interchangeable?! I would love to have that luxury! Beautiful touch with the Della Q case – love it!

  50. KathyB

    What a fabulous giveaway! My interchangeable needles are about worn out so I would love these!!!

  51. Audrey

    I love the Denise interchangeable I have, but if I won these I would give them to my mother who is picking up knitting again. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Valerie

    wowza! How exciting. Wish I could be Maryland, but since that’s not going to happen, I’d love to win the Denise interchangables.

  53. MelissaHB

    I love them. I also love that it supports breast cancer.

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway 🙂

  54. Roberta

    I’ve always wanted a set of interchangeable needles, but haven’t been able to justify buying one yet. But if I WIN a set – whoohoo! More $$ left for yarn!

  55. Sylvie

    Ooh, pretty! That would be a pretty nice consolation prize for living far away from MD Sheep and Wool.

  56. Stefanie

    I have been dying for a set of interchangeable needles. And I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about these.

  57. Wendy

    Thx for a great giveaway. I’ll like to win so I don’t have to “borrow” my daughters’ Denises!

  58. Rachel

    Ooohhh!! I’ve been looking into getting some of those for a while! And it’s even better that this set goes towards supporting Breast Cancer research.

  59. Robyn

    Yes please! I would love love this set – I only have a few interchangeable needles and they are not organised at all!

  60. Liz A

    I’ve heard nice things about this set, and would love to have the chance to try them myself.

  61. Lizz

    Those would make the perfect gift for my friend who’s a new knitter. So far she only has one pair of straights and a circular that I gave her!

  62. Julie

    I am attending the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend… but I would still like to enter. Please????????!!!!????

  63. Gina in the SF East Bay

    Those needles are beautiful! I love circular needles, especially the interchangeable ones. Bring on the pink!

  64. Bekky

    I think it’s great that people can support important causes like breast cancer research and support by purchasing items. Spending a little more here and there goes a long way.

  65. Kae

    Kewl. Thanks for the giveaway…..but, dern, I wish I lived close enough to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

  66. Amy

    Oh my goodness – this would be perfect for me. It’s pink. It supports a cause close to my heart. It’s just perfect. Thank you for making such a fabulous giveaway available!

  67. Irene

    We just gave the plumber a fortune to fix a broken pipe. That means all my plans for fibery trips are, wait for it, literally down the drain.

    I’ve always wanted to try the Denise needles. Perhaps knitting with them and drooling over the pink DellaQ bag would cheer me up!

  68. marcie m.

    Yes!!!! I have been wanting to buy the pink set of denise needles. Thank you for thinking of the one’s that can’t go to big knitting events.

  69. Susan B.

    I wish I were at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! What a wonderful giveaway! Please enter me in the drawing.

  70. Ivanna

    Have enormous fun at Maryland Sheep & Wool; and what a beautiful way of presenting an interchangable set.

  71. Valerie

    Ooooh, I have been drooling over interchangeable needles! Such a nice thing to give away.

  72. Leslie Olson

    Fun giveaway and I could knit a gift for my sister who is a “survivor” -thank you!!!

  73. Helen

    Interchangeables are God’s gift to knitters, and even better – they’re PINK. ‘Scuse me while I drool over them…

  74. Dari Trout

    Awesome! A complete set of needles AND support breast cancer awareness. You girls ROCK!!

  75. Diana

    I’ve always wanted to try the Denise needles and the pink is SO pretty! What a great giveaway!

  76. Laura

    I would love to win this great gift! I am always searching for the right size needle, and I love the color of the case.

  77. Irina

    Oh, those look awesome! And I heard lots of good things about Denise… I would love to have them! And the pale pink is just lovely.

  78. Marg

    I’d love to try those – I currently use a different type of interchangables. And the pink just puts them over the top!

  79. SarainBrooklyn

    WOW – that’s pretty and generous and swell. And – labeled needle pockets…. GENIUS.

  80. Karin Gateless

    I planned on going this year, was so excited, then my daughter has a 4H event in Morgantown WV so I am going to be a good mom and take her there, May bring wool and spindle and spin in absentia

  81. Samurai Mom

    Nifty, I only have KnitPick options needles and i have this nagging feeling that there might be something better out there if I had the $. It would be great to try a new brand.

  82. Cynthia R-D

    What a beautiful needle set. I would be so happy and proud to knit with them.

  83. Eyebright

    Oh, I just lost my interchangeable needle set, so if I won these it would be perfect timing!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  84. Kristi

    What a great giveaway! Denise needles are awesome anyway, and the pink breast-cancer versions make them so meaningful. Count me in please!

  85. Pilaar

    How can a girl get lucky twice??! I would love a new set of interchangables, my current set have survived twin boy interference, but just barely.

  86. Lark

    I would really LOVE to win these! I love circular needles, and the fact that they support breast cancer research is a plus… My aunt and my great-aunt are both fighting breast cancer right now (successfully so far, thank heaven!)

  87. Jayleen

    What a nice substitute for attendance at MSW!!! This will make some lucky knitter happy…and more productive!

  88. Michelle B

    Wonderful give away! Would love to win – my current circulars don’t stay screwed together, and I’ve got six new yarn balls for socks.

  89. Lisa Jensen

    Great consolation for not being able to attend Maryland Sheep and Wool. Count me in!

  90. Denise Hayes

    A good way of making us meditate on the important things in life. I’m sure we all know someone living with breast cancer, I’m thinking of her right now. D

  91. Kim Kay

    Wow! I would love to have these! This would save me from late night trips to the local Beverly’s for circulars I don’t yet own!

  92. jette

    I think the cause is great and who wouldn’t love a perfect set of interchangeables! every knitter needs one!

  93. Claudia S

    What a fabulous giveaway! Those would be perfect all all my projects…and it pink!

  94. Karen

    Lovely needles and case!

    After MDSW, I plan to live vicariously by searching blog postings (google, “More” pulldown menu for “Blogs”) I am sure it is not as good as being there, but still a lot of fun….

  95. Anne M

    How wonderful offering interchangeable needles which also mark the fight against breast cancer. Several dear friends have fallen to this illiness.
    But why stop there, can we have purple cases for pancreatic cancer and yellow for lung cancer.

  96. amanda

    these are awesome, it doesn’t matter how many circs i have, i never seem to have the right length in the right size!

  97. Carol Y

    I’m really enjoying your Spinning Tuesdays – they’re incredibly informative and inspiring. I’d love to ‘copy’ you with my own test spinning.

  98. Sydni

    AW Yeah! Denise Interchangable Needles, made better by the awesome pink-ness. (Plus a really cute case.) Count me in!

  99. AmyP

    I’ve nearly worn my original set to nubs I love them so much, so an additional set would be *very* useful!

  100. Anne

    I probably should get my own set instead of always borrowing my mother’s. Or win her a new set?

  101. Knitmomma

    Wow, what a neat giveaway! I’ve wanted to try the Denise needles, but the cost is prohibitive. Thanks so much!

  102. Heather Clift

    I’ve never used Denise needles, I’d love to try them! And I love any Della Q case, they are always perfect!

  103. Aimee

    I have an old Boye set I found used & cheap (read: parts missing/bent/unusable) & have been “making do” – would L O V E to have his set!

  104. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    What a nice giveaway. I love the pink cords and the pink Della Q case.

  105. Alex

    I wish I could travel to Maryland, but this is definitely amazing too! They are beautiful :).

  106. Sheila

    Hmmm, replace that drawer full of tangled circular needles with a neatly stored set of interchangeables? Well, if you insist :^)

  107. Sue Plantinga

    As a breast cancer survivor, these would be really appropriate for me (grovel, grovel!)

  108. Sharon

    Tough week around here with an infestation of contractors. I can’t find anything! A collection of needles all in a pretty container…sounds like what I need.

  109. Bonnie

    Tomorrow is commencement at the university where I work. And, I have to work. Winning those needles would ease the pain of watching 1,000+ students receive their diplomas. Wait! I love to watch students graduate, so it’s not so bad. But, I would still love to win the needles.

  110. Lisa

    I love my Denise needles, but I’ve lost some over the years and I’d love a pretty new set!

  111. Kaitlin

    Wow, it would be great to have a complete set of needles instead of a motley collection of HiyaHiyas and KnitPicks circulars… I have a number of projects where I didn’t get gauge because I HAD to start RIGHT THEN, my LYS was closed, and I owned no size 5 needles. (Don’t even get me started on how all but 2 of my circulars are 16″. I really need to buy more needles.)

  112. Annie Wilson

    Very nice! I don’t yet have a complete set in the larger sizes. This would be nice to have.

  113. Liz

    I would love to win so I could give these to my friend Margaret. She needs a pick-me-up!

  114. Karen O'Reilly

    Love the Delia Q bags. I too wish I was heading to Maryland this weekend.

  115. enidb

    I regret not being able to make it to Maryland for this year’s Sheep & Wool fest. It’s a really nice setting, and Oh, the yarn!

  116. Denise Katz

    Pretty in Pink! It is wonderful of you to think of us that are not fortunate enough to go to the show….

  117. Stephanie Lange

    I’ll be driving NEAR Maryland, I think that’s as close as I’m going to get

  118. Bethany

    Thank you for offering such a great prize. All those needle options in such a lovely pouch in one place – wow!

  119. Barb T

    The gift is terrific. Winning it is at least a close second to being at Maryland Sheep & Wool at the moment.

  120. Julie Witt

    You can tell by the number of responses already that this is an awesome giveaway! Well, I’m throwing my hat in the ring anyway, and I hope I win 🙂

  121. Susan

    Ooh, I could definitely use one of these sets!

    I also hope that the difficult skill-testing question involves nothing more complicated than whole numbers!

  122. Suzy

    I just finished my Masters Program and haven’t knit in FOREVER! So now that I’m done, I’ll have time to knit. And winning this needle set would get me back into the knitting groove!

  123. Sylwia

    Ooooooh….! I have had my eyes on a set of interchangeable needles for a good long while now. All those different aluminum needles with the unwieldy nylon strings are stuffend into a bag and they still look horrible. I. WANT. This!

  124. Donnely Barber

    I would love to win these needles, would make a perfect birthday gift to myself.. a girl can never have enough sharp objects, soft fibers, etc. what a delightful give-away!

  125. Rebeka

    Ooo, I especially love that case design compared to the regular plastic one. Here’s hoping I’ll be lucky this time.

  126. Shay

    Sweet! My spouse has a Denise set and kindly shares, but it would be awesome to have my own. 🙂

  127. Nigel Pottle

    My sister was just diagnosed with Breast cancer. If I had that set of needles I could be knitting wonderful things for her to use. I don’t know if she’ll be doing chemo although I would be surprised if she didn’t. She will have a mastectomy asap. I do hope that things go well.

  128. Ashley

    I’m torn between “ooh ooh PINK O.o” and (don’t hate me) “It’s Friday, Friday gonna get down of Friday”

  129. Amy

    This would be awesome for some projects I want to do over summer break. After all, it is teacher appreciation week 🙂

  130. Laura

    I have an older set which I love. I’ve always wanted an extra set, and the new Della Q case looks lovely. Thanks for the chance to win!

  131. karen

    i have been looking for a set of round needles – with exchangeable tips! These are lovely!

  132. NancyH

    It would be a perfect present for my friend who lost one of her best friends to breast cancer.

  133. Coral Bentley

    Oh, my goodness, this looks wonderful. 🙂 May the random number selector find the exact right person who could really use this to make life easier. 🙂 Good luck, everyone!

  134. Jaclyn

    OO, I have a Della Q case for Knitpicks interchangeables & comp and enjoy it very much! It helps keep most of my things together. It would be nice to have another set of needles, though.

  135. seashoreknits

    What a fantastic giveaway! You all are just the BEST!
    The Della Q case is so wonderful – I have one in green and I love it. Whoever wins this is going to be so happy!!

  136. Emme

    I wish I could win. I broke some of the needles from my interchangeable set, and I haven’t been able to afford replacing them.

  137. ciorstaidh

    What a lovely prize! Denise needles always make me smile; it’s my Mum’s name 🙂

  138. Susan

    What a fantastic prize! I’ve been considering trying the interchangeables, but the cost was prohibitive for me 🙂

  139. Kristin H

    What a wonderful set of needles! I would love to win, I need to work on my circular collection, it’s pretty thin at the moment.

  140. Elizabeth Laposata

    Wow, Denise needles! how exciting. I’ve never had a chance to try them before.

  141. Martianit

    Trying to satisfy my hormonal urge to shop by entering giveaways instead : &

  142. Helen

    I want these so very, very much. I don’t have a chance of winning, but why should that stop me?

  143. Wendy

    Oh, I would love having not only a set like this, but a nice case to keep them in!

  144. Lynda

    Really glad you posted this giveaway – led to me following you on Twitter. Thanks!

  145. Genevieve

    Thank you for the opportunity! I am thinking of getting some needle sets-as I always seem to be ‘losing’ the size I need!

  146. Valerie

    I’m drooling and sighing simultaneously… Imagine how fun it would be to start a project and having to worry only about the yarns!

    Great giveaway idea!

  147. Rebecca

    I’ve so been eyeing these. Can’t justify the cost until I’m working full time though 🙁

  148. Elizabeth

    Wow! This would really help me to take my knitting up to the next level… Imagine how many projects I could have at one time!! lol And it’s even better that they are pink! 🙂 Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  149. Cindy

    I’d love to upgrade from my old cheapie circular needles. What an awesome prize!

  150. Samantha

    Wow lots of people are excited for this give away. Thank you so much for putting it on!

  151. Katie Foreman

    I would love to win! I am almost a 9 year BC survivor, and my husband is about to begin chemo for siminoma…lots of time to knit while I sit with him through those [horrible, nasty, repulsive heart and gut wrenching] treatments.

  152. K.M.Jones

    Alas that I am entrenched in finals and so unable to make it to MSW. And this is the first time I’ve been so close… I tell you I can almost taste it. but it is not to be.

  153. Jodie

    I think it is funny you giving this away. I have a set of denise’s that are slowly breaking that I’ll need to replace (either one cable at a time or all at once).

  154. Carla in MT

    and pretty in pink! I have a very old (2nd edition) Boye set, but sometimes you need more than one needle.

  155. Nancy S. in IL

    I’ve been lusting after some interchangeable needles! These look wonderful-

  156. Teisha

    Skill testing question? Just as long as I don’t have to knit a colorwork swatch! I haven’t mastered that yet!

  157. Mel

    I dream of having a set of circs! Then I’ll have no excuse to put off the sweater projects… ha!

  158. Daien

    Amazing, another item I’d truly enjoy. Thank you again for always being so generous with your give-aways!

  159. amy

    What timing! I’ve spent the last week reading reviews and comparing features, trying to decide if I should splurge on a set of interchangeable needles. Thanks for offering this wonderful set.

  160. Kathy

    Does this mean if you can get to MdS&W you’re not allowed to win? Oh phooey! I’d still love to have those needles!

  161. Samantha

    Ooh!!! Needles!!! I can always use more needles!!! I would love to try these Denise needles.!

  162. Susan Murphy

    I never dreamed there was any way I
    might own this set; now, for a few days at least, I can dream that it is possible.

  163. Rose Kelly

    Pick me, pock me, I live Denise needles and I love pink!!! Thanks for the great giveaways…..

  164. Leslie Parnes

    I love Denise needles and would love another set, especially pink with the gorgeous case.

  165. Arlin

    Living in Indonesia, I’m still harboringhopes that one day I can go to MS&W in Maryland someday…

  166. LoriG

    Oh, my! I was in Maryland twice in April, but I won’t be there this weekend. I would, however, love a consolation prize. Keep up the good work!

  167. Peggy Graham

    What an awesome giveaway! This set would be perfect for my traveling knitting bag so that I’d always have the size I needed.

  168. Linda Cannon

    What a neat giveaway, those sell on the market for far more and are basically unafordable for a lot of people, including me. This is so neat.

  169. Rebecca

    So I wonder if you post to Down Under? We’re just heading into peak knitting season now and these needles would make a valuable addition to my very limited kit!

  170. Amanda

    Wow– those look wonderful! I first heard about MS&W from my sister, a non-knitter, who thought I’d like it. One of these days, when it doesn’t interfere with the busiest week of the year at work!

  171. Lynn

    Headed to MD Sheep & Wool Fest – could knit up something great using these needles!

  172. Tracee

    These would be a great addition to my knitting needle collection and the color and cause are wonderful.

  173. Beth Rudo

    What a great looking kit! Would love to win some interchangeables in that lovely cloth case.

  174. Steph

    These would make my needle collection complete! Then maybe I could stop hunting all over the city for a pair of 4mm circs actually in stock!

  175. Gabby

    I have used my Denise needle set for so long that it is time for new ones! what a lovely giveaway.

  176. Rachel

    Oh, awesome! I’m a broke college kid who loves knitting and can’t afford a set of interchangeable needles 🙁 Winning this set would be the best!!! 😀

  177. Loreen

    How wonderful it would be to win these beautiful needles! Thanks for the giveaway!

  178. Etaoin

    Yay! I have friends that walk in the breast cancer 3-day. I will raffle it off for their fund raising!

  179. KateMet

    my old set of Denise interchangeables died, and a new set would be most welcome 🙂

  180. Julie

    One can never have too many needles and the color of the needle case is so soft and pretty! Thanks you for the opportunity to win.

  181. Crystal

    I could use a set of needles, just learned today we are having a girl in October. Time to start knitting.

  182. Minna

    Great needle set for a cause that deals with something that has unfortunately touched too many of our lives. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  183. Rebecca

    Oh man, interchangeable needles! It’s even better that it’s going to a great cause.

  184. Sharyn

    What a lovely way to keep us aware of breat cancer. They will match the 2 pairs of pink straight needles I have

  185. Daphne

    I’m packing up my wonderful MIL’s house. Wouldn’t winning a lovely prize be a much needed treat after all this emotion.

  186. Deb

    Perfect gift for Mothers Day weekend, would love to win, really need some interchangeable needles

  187. Debbi

    I’ve always wanted to try the Denise needles, and dellaQ. What a perfect giveaway! Thanks for offering 🙂 I hope I win! 🙂

  188. Debbie

    I would love to win this kit! I’m getting back into knitting after a long hiatus, and am happily making little things for my new grandson.

  189. Kristi

    ohhh I’d love these! Thank goodness I have my local fiber fest this weekend!

  190. kari

    Love the pink!! We’re all about pink power in this house. Nice give away. Good luck to all!

  191. Ross

    I’d love to win this set ^___^
    Please, if the giveaway is open worldwide, count me in!

    Rossella from Italy

  192. Karen

    A set of needles like this is on my wish list! My sister has a set of Denise interchangeable needles and loves them. The case is lovely! Thanks!

  193. JenFee9476

    I think this would be lovely to own! I’ve always wanted to try an interchangable set of needles.

  194. Gail

    I love this company! I have a set of regular Denise needles and use them all the time. It’s great that they donate a portion of the sale of these needles to such a worthy cause. And I love the pink!!!

  195. Jen

    This is genius. I hate sewing up so I knit on cirular needles whenever possible. I have a box full of tangled needles.

  196. Robin F.

    I never get to the Maryland sheep and wool show. This would be a great consolation prize.

  197. ojgirl

    Oooh, pretty. Y’know you can never have enough needles – and why is it you can never find ‘the’ needle that you need when you need it?!?

  198. Liz M

    OooO! So very cute! And practical, cos frankly all my circular needles are tangled at the bottom of a bag….

  199. candi

    As a new knitter, on a tight budget, these would really help me out with all the projects I want to start…then I’ll only have to budget for the yarn!

  200. alison

    awww what a pretty little set. I’d love to win, but I’m sure it will find a loving home whoever the lucky person is.

  201. Ammie

    Um, of course we’d all like to win this! 😉 Interchangeable needles are so useful. Great giveaway, as usual. Have a happy weekend.

  202. Tam

    I can’t go to Maryland, coz I live in Australia… but I’d love pink needles! Put me down for a one in 770 (so far!) chance 😀

  203. shelley

    I’ve read about all of the lovely wool festivals people go to back east and would like to go one day. In the meantime, I would love to win such a fabulous, generous gift. thank you!

  204. snvknitter

    I would love to be able to attend the wool festival, as well, but I live way out west! My Mom has the Denise Interchangeables and loves them!

  205. Deborah

    Love the pink case. A good gift for those off us who can’t make the festival. Thank you for the pretties 🙂

  206. Marie

    I wish I could have gone to Maryland for the sheep & wool festival. This looks like a beautiful Denise set – whomever wins is a lucky person!

  207. Lael

    A needle set would certainly be nice – I’m constantly having to go out and buy needles because I never seem to own the right size. And it would help ease the pain of not being able to go to Maryland!

  208. Kathy

    I love plastic needles, so the Denise Interchangeables will suit me just fine, and I love the light pink color.

  209. Lindsey

    I’ve been wanting some interchangeables forever because I currently have a tangle of circs in my case! These are so cute, too.

  210. Shirley

    Happy mothers day to all those mom’s out there, especially mine and my sister (who’s about to pop any day now). Pretty cool giveaway. thanks for the opportunity.

  211. Leesa Gentry

    These are so amazing needles and pink. I live in a house full of boys and there is little to no pink allowed this would be great!

  212. Linda S

    You can never have too many needles. I lived in the DC area for 12 years, the the MSWF was one of the highlights of my year. I’m in Nor. Cal. now, which is an improvement in most every way, but missing out on this wonderful festival. I miss it!

  213. E. Engman

    Lots of needle opportunities would be nice. So would a chance to attend the S&WF, but too far away (and I’d probably have to work anyhow).

  214. Dawn

    I love pink anything–and knitting needles—too cool!!!! And I am missing a few sizes in my collection. Pretty please, pick me.

  215. Deb

    What a beutiful way to organize those great knitting needles! Thanks for the chance to win them.

  216. Jane Wilson

    I just LOVE circular needles and have been thinking about getting an interchangeable set. This would be PERFECT. Thanks for the opportunity.

  217. Cheryl McAllister

    Wow! What a nice gift to win. I am crossing my fingers hoping I am lucky.

  218. Karyn McLane

    My aunt survived breast cancer.
    I would love to make something special for her with these needles.

  219. Rena Schwartz

    I wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt it!!!

    No, I wouldn’t mind winning it, at all, indeed

  220. Michelle

    What knitter wouldn’t love this!? So pretty, so tidy, so everything we need. Wish there were thousands of them so we could all have one 🙂

  221. Michelle

    Thats nice to have a little bonus for those of us who can’t make it to Maryland. Thank you.

  222. Jamie Wang

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  223. Colette W.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the needle set. Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

  224. Lizz

    Pink! My favorite! I’m really glad to see that the breast cancer research funds have even reached knitting.

  225. Maritza

    I recently learned that different needles of the same size will produce different gauge. I expected some variation but the swatches I saw were very different. I wonder that the Denise needles will be like to work with. Thanks for the contest.

  226. Anna

    Go pink for Mother’s Day! I ran in an 8K Mother’s Day fun run today that raises money for breast cancer research. An interchangeable needle set would balance the day perfectly for me 🙂

  227. barbara r

    I still have a set of Denise interchangeable from so long ago that I can’t remember. Another set would be sooooo sweet. Pink to go with my blues…..yes!