Knitting Mondays: A Giveaway and What’s on Our Needles

A super-fabu giveaway as this issue of Knitty winds down, a Lexie Barnes giveaway!
Lady B
by Lexie Barnes
prize value: $240.00
1 person will win this prize pack, in the print of their choice.
The usual rules apply. Leave a comment to this post before midnight, eastern time, on Wednesday, June 22, 2011. A comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If he or she answers correctly they will our prize package.

So now that it’s summer, what are we knitting in Knitty-land?
Socks, of course, but because it’s summer, they are not all black.  Working on a toe-up sock in a lovely color of the Online Butterfly series from a couple of years ago, and a top-down plain black sock in the workhorse Regia.
I’m most excited, however, about the new Noro Hitsuji yarn – it’s basically a bulky weight Kureyon, and there are 5 balls on my desk, right beside my computer.  I think they want to be a big hooded vest.  I’ll let you know.
Any guess on Kate's favorite colors?
I have enough of Blue Sky Alpaca  worsted cotton in this color:
Thistle, soft purple
I’m trying to decide between two sweaters, wanna help decide?
Que Sera
Que Sera from last Spring’s Knitty
Milanese Shower Bolero
The cover sweater from Loop-d-Loop Lace, Milanese Shower Bolero
What looks like a good summer knit?

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Jillian is the​ author of the best-selling spinning book Yarnitecture. She is the editor​ of Knittyspin and Developmental Editor for PLY and PLY Books. She kinda loves this spinning thing and wants everyone who spins to love it too, so she teaches and writes a lot. She knits, weaves, and stitches and tries to do as much of it as she can with handspun yarn. She's always cooking up all kinds of exciting and creative things combining fiber arts. She likes her mysteries British, her walks woodsy, and to spend as much time as she can laughing. Spy on her on her website

2,052 thoughts on “Knitting Mondays: A Giveaway and What’s on Our Needles

  1. Melissa Elsworth

    I quite like the Loop-d-loop.

    I’ve got Coco Knit’s Yvonne still on my needles plus a square from a part work magazine called The Art of Knitting.

  2. Meredith

    Go for Que Sera! It’s a nice classic design but also is a chameleon. It’s style seems to change with each different type of outfit you put on. 😀
    Eeee! Love giveaways. I could really use a good circular needle case for all my needles! My son is into EVERYTHING now that he’s crawl/walking. EEP!

  3. AnnieBeeKnits

    Jillian, I vote for Que Sera — it’s fun, but classic, and I think there’s more scope for dressing it up or down. The bolero is cute, but, to my eye at least, more limited in potential.

    Also, eep! Lexie Barnes giveaway? Yes please.

  4. jenn

    oooh what lovely bags! i want to win!

    on my needles this summer? trying to finish up a baby blanket for my expecting friend — can’t wait to be done, too, it is quite warm on my lap!

  5. Sarah B

    Those bags are wonderful! I’ve currently got a pair of summery tomato red toe-up socks on the needles. It’s nice to be working in bright colors for the season!

  6. Sharon

    Do you like the Que Sera because of the sweater or because of the ukelele?

    I think the Loop-d-loop would be the most summery.

  7. Ellen

    I’d go with Que Sera, it looks more classic and less fussy, but that’s my style, perhaps not yours.

  8. Liz

    Que Sera would be awesome in that colorway!
    Even though it’s summer, I’m knitting lots of sweaters. I just happen to be on a sweater kick right now! It will be nice to have some new knits for when winter arrives in Michigan!

  9. Lori J

    I vote for the Que Sera. I’ve got the heliotropic pullover on my needles in tomato red, my first pair of toe-up socks, a prayer shawl which may never be finished, and an afghan. I love the giveaway!

  10. Johannab

    Go for Que Sera! Can be casual or formal looking, understated accessory or showpiece.

    Coco is an amazing bag.

  11. Crystal

    I prefer the que sera.
    Currently I’m knitting strips for a lap robe. I also need to pull out my Vivian sweater and finish that so I can wear it this fall after the baby is born. Next month I will probably be starting the Baby Surprise Jacket and a special baby hat for our little girl to wear home from the hospital.

  12. Michelle

    What great bags!

    I like both of those cardigans, but since the air conditioning here is freezing me, I’d go for the Que Sera. It looks lovely and warmer!

  13. katieintheworld

    With the bold color choice, I like the que sera sweater.

    And the bags are wonderful!

  14. Anne Elk

    Definitely in love with the Loop-d-Loop.

    I’m working on Ilga Leja’s Bermuda in Blue Basil, Colour Changing Cotton … same colours as a Bermuda beach.

  15. Kathy S

    I think the Que Sera would be more versatile due to the fact that it could be used in many seasons depending on what you wear it with.

  16. Deborah

    With one of these bags, I’ll finally be able to stop using my recycled grocery carry bag for my yarn.

    I vote for the Bolero, that Thistle color with that pattern remind me of the butterflies!

  17. Mollie

    Definitely Que Sera.

    Love the Lexi Barnes bags, esp. the lime green. It is my favorite color!

  18. Ashley

    Oh man, all of those bags are adorable!

    I’d go with Que Sera, simply because you can button it if you’re chilly. That’s the problem with bolero’s…no options!

  19. Krista

    I just finished a pair of socks for my 4 month old & am refocusing on the Featherweight cardigan I’ve been working on since before she arrived.

  20. Toni

    Que Sera is my pick, as well. Also, LOVE the bulky bright Noro! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of that!

  21. Angela

    I’m working on a flower & vine-bedecked purse that will hopefully be finished in time to enter the KY State Fair next month.

    Que Sera cardi is my vote!

  22. Olivia

    Knit Que Sera it is so flattering on. Love the bags, currently using ZipLocks this would be a huge step up for me. Knitting Turkish Bed Socks and a soft sweater in lace weight. Yum

  23. Allison

    hmmm, that’s a tough call! Both sweaters are very cute!

    I’m trying to finish the Inamorata tank in time for a summer vacation… I’m down to the lace edging on the bottom and am very pleased!

  24. kc

    adorable bags— is there any woman who doesn’t love bags and containers?

    i prefer the que sera sweater; the other looks a bit too heavy.

  25. Aleda

    I’d go for the Que Sera, but then I’m not big on ruffles. If you’re a ruffles kind of person the bolero might be a good choice.

    And thanks for having a giveaway!

  26. Maureen

    While both sweaters are great I think I would go with the Que Sera only for the fact that you might be able to wear it with more things.

    Right now I am trying to put together a sweater I just finished and I am also making a afghan that is made up of left over yarns.

  27. patricia

    i do love mondays when there’s a give away on the knitty blog. I’m in, though it’s raining in Belgium and summer seems far away.

  28. Pigwotknits

    Ooh, that Hitsuji looks yummy. I wonder if it’s hit the UK yet?

    Both pretty cardigans. The loop d loop lace one looks like it might be an interesting construction.

  29. jess

    lovely bags perhaps one will become mine?

    .. and I echo the que sera vote (mostly because I get annoyed with sweaters that don’t close)

  30. Shira

    I’m going to have to pull for the Que Sera, too… it does seem more versatile (plus the lace pattern looks beautiful!), but I’m also somewhat biased against knits as frilly as the Milanese Shower Bolero.

  31. LizW

    Lovely bags and socks. As for the sweater – I kind of like the bolero – but I think Que Sera would see more use in the end. Either one would be pretty, though.

  32. Rachel

    I would go with Que Sera. The other one is too showy and may not go with everything that Que Sera would.

  33. Retha

    Mondays are not my fave but the Knitty Blog always cheers me up! Especially with their awesome giveaways!! 🙂 I vote for the bolero. rethers on rav

  34. Renee

    Although I am replying to the give-away (yum, yum, yum), I really want to vote for Que Sera. In fact, I think I’ll look into making it myself. It’s so fragile looking and I think it would be more wearable than the shrug which is also gorgeous, but I’m worried about the ruffles. Sometimes you feel like a ruffle, and you know, sometimes, you don’t….

  35. Linda Hart

    Trying again! Pick me, pick me, pick me!

    And definitely Que Sera. Have been itchin’ to do that one myself. I’ll do it vicariously through you instead (at least at the moment).

  36. Jen

    Eh, prizes are nice, but you HAVE to knit the bolero. That is really cute, and I’d do it, myself, if it looked good on..ahem…full-figured women. Especially in that color, it would be gorgeous.

  37. Diana

    Oooh, love the giveaway!

    I’m more enchanted with the que sera sweater, as I find cropped open-front cardis like that bolero are only flattering on petite women, one of which I am not!

  38. Vicky Lynn Bagley

    I’m knitting the Citron shawl out of a nice, summery cotton in a bright colorway.

  39. JJ

    Definitely do the Milanese Shower bolero,that lace pattern is beautiful. I’m currently knitting Hoarfrost by Anne Hanson. It’s for winter, but as a smaller summer project it’s excellent. Especially since my other project is a wool sweater for my XL hubby!
    Please enter me in the contest, too. Thanks

  40. KMJ

    Do you know how hard it is to *not* buy sock yarn? I am traveling and have 4 (yes, 4) skeins of sock yarn with me (okay, one’s almost used up and three more in progress. But still!). I do not need more sock yarn right now, and what do I want to buy at the local yarn shops? more sock yarn.

    It’s all so new and different and the colors are great and it’s cost-efficient–you get plenty of yardage without having to spend $100.

    Curses, sock yarn. Oo, pretty.

  41. Leslie

    Definitely think Que Sera would be best – seems like something you’d get more use out of in the end. It always irks me when a hand knit sweater I’ve made for myself just sits in my dresser and never gets worn.

  42. Theresa

    I vote for Que Sera. It’s lovely.

    I’m almost done with my first big project of the summer: a Lanesplitter! Of course, I won’t wear it until Fall.

  43. Cheryl M

    Love the knitting bags!

    Jillian – I think my vote would go to Que Sera, it would look awesome in that colour!

    Kate – Thanks to your black sock realization I had one of my own & have been working on a few pairs, but having another pair on the needles in colour is a very important break!

  44. Veronica

    Summer already? Boo hoo! We haven’t even had spring yet! Maybe a new knitting bag will bring the sunshine here.

  45. Whitney

    I, too, vote for the Que Sera. I’ve been thinking about making it myself, now that I’m finally nearing the end of the queue of baby gifts and other presents I started on over a year ago.

  46. Kerri

    I, too, echo the que sera vote! In an effort to make my knitting more travel friendly this summer, I am working on wristers, hats and scarves to donate to my company’s Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief project : )

  47. Bonny

    Yummy Colours in the sock yarn! They remind me of the fabulous sunsets in a desert!

    For the sweater my choice would be to do Que Sera in the Alpaca. It would be a great sweater for summer evenings and could be carried throughout the Fall. If I was to make the Milanese Shower Bolero I probably would choose some kind of silk blend for that extra touch of Glam!

    No matter which o e you choose to make, you can’t go wrong. It’s a win-win result either way 🙂

    Happy Knitting!

  48. Rachel

    Well, either one in cotton would be good for summer but I agree with Cheryl, go with Que Sera.

  49. Laura

    ooo!!! pretty pretty bags! i really need sometime to keep my circulars in so this would be fanastic 🙂

    also, pretty socks and i love the bulky kuroyen colors!

  50. Janice

    Lovely bags! I vote for Que Sera because it’s been in my queue since that issue went live. If you don’t make it maybe I will… actually maybe I will either way. lol

  51. JulieM

    I’m knitting some fingerless mitts — cuz it is only 100 degrees every day in Texas now!

  52. JennR

    I like Que Sera, especially in the blue. (Then again, I’ve got a QS on my needles already — in Twize, which is driving me slightly batty as it’s a plyed bamboo yarn that is soooo easy to split.)

  53. Sylvie

    Que Sera looks more versatile to me, but I’m not really into ruffles like the bolero has.
    Those bags are super awesome!

  54. Monica

    The Que Sera sweater looks like the perfect layering piece to transition from summer to fall. Not to mention how soft and cozy it will be in the Blue Sky.

  55. Lisa McKinney

    My vote is for the Teva Durham sweater. Unless you get the boots and ukulele if you knit Que Sera. Love those boots.

  56. RachelA

    I hve been wishing for a Lexi Barnes bag for some time…esp. the circular needle case! Fingers crossed!

  57. WJBF

    Que Sera!!!! That pattern will go with so many outfits. LOVE the colour of the yarn too, again, will go with so many things.

  58. Jessica Sides

    *hoping for herself!*

    I am knitting socks, and a blanket, and a sweater and a scarf and wow it sounds like winter doesn’t it? I’m just slow

  59. odessa

    I like the Que Sera, mostly because it’s more the sort of sweater I love in the summer. I’m also excited about the Hijitsu and can’t decide what to make with it.

    And I really really want a Coco.

  60. Candice Hope

    Ooh, I like the lacy cover sweater better!
    Also, they named the new Lexie Barnes collection after me, except I always spelled it with an “i”… 😉

    “Candi” (haven’t been called that since 3rd grade!)

  61. Mary

    Ooh! I vote for “Que Sera” I hope I can win the prize package too, I love project bags!!

  62. Chelsea

    I love Que Sera! Knit one last summer and it’s definitely an interesting pattern to knit up. I would love to win the adorable Lexie Barnes bags. Chelsea dot gable at gmail dot com!

  63. Abby

    Love the Lexie Barnes colors/patterns this round!

    I vote for Que Sera too. I have to agree with the others who like the option to close sweaters.

  64. Sarah

    While Que Sera is what I would knit for me, I think you should go for Milanese, as it looks so fun and perfect for your yarn.

  65. holly

    I’m a fan of Que Sera as well. Fancy and simple in one -hard to beat that. I’m slowly making progress on a spring cardigan myself and should have it done by autumn ;).

  66. maria farinelli

    I like the Que Sara
    But I dont “do” sweaters. So Im knitting plain ol vanilla yoga socks in some fun summer colors to wear with my flip flops.


  67. cysiphist

    Oh, I love that orange-red kureyon! Gorgeous! (And definitely go with the Que Sera!)

    I’m personally knitting a hat out of some handspun from a friend of mine.

  68. Louise Boutot

    I like the first sweater. The ruffled one is too dressy. Please enter me in the contest!!

  69. Rita

    I’d definitely go with the Que Sera. I’m knitting socks, a double-knit scarf and spinning yarn for a mittens.

  70. Gina in the SF East Bay

    Those bags are so adorable – giving off a real summery vibe. I can’t wait for the next issue of Knitty.

  71. karen

    I would definitely go with the Que Sera, as i am also not a fan of the ruffle.
    and i would go with the green leaf bag, if i won, to go with my nature themed life!

  72. Gardenia

    Yes, the Que Sera seems the perfect choice for this wonderful yarn! And the Kureyon… I wish it wasn’t that hard for me to get my hands on this.

    Then again, I still have a two-colored blanket to finish. Lucky for me in this summer heat, it is made up of hexagons that I can knit separately!

  73. Samantha

    I vote for Que Sera. I have wanted to make that pattern myself for quite some time. Such a great giveaway! Thanks!

  74. not supergirl

    For Jillian, I vote for the ruffle edged sweater shown second.

    For the giveaway, I humbly enter myself in the running.

    Thanks for Knitty!

  75. leiabelle

    I’m a sucker for the leaf-lace pattern on Que Sera.

    I initially thought the design the Lady B bag was a stylized leaf print, but I still really like it after realising that the “leaves” are swirly hearts. 🙂

  76. Teresa

    I think Que Sera – it’s just gorgeous! Lace is terrific summer knitting – I’m about to cast on for a shawl in Quiviut because what better to knit in the summer?

    I love the Lady B bag . . . a lot.

  77. Elizabeth W.

    Ooh I’d go with the Milanese Shower Bolero, but cut back on that ruffle a bit. Open + three-quarter sleeves + shorter length means better for summer!


  78. Carolyn

    What a wonderful prize and I would Love to win this!! I am of course knitting socks, Finished my Monkey socks and my Movie night socks, for me of course!! I did knit my grandson a pair of socks to match a toy that I had knit for him….so now he has a matched set of toy and socks….really cute!!

  79. beffuh

    I’m loving that bolero (although I’d agree with Elizabeth W and not have it quite so ruffly). And the giveaway looks totally awesome.

  80. Kim

    Love those bags! Personally, I’m knitting Coachella right now and have some cotton and linen yarn to make some shrugs for when I go back to work in August.

  81. KateMc

    I think the cotton mix yarn would work well with the ruffled edge sweater. but I like the Que Sera style better.

    The prize is awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

  82. Kately

    love the Que Sera from Knitty, in my list of things future projects… the other one looks a bit too ruffled and frilled :)… pretty yarn, too!

  83. Jen

    Ooh, tough choice on the cardigans. Bolero, I think, just because the ruffles are cute.

    Crosses fingers for bag…

  84. Jenny

    I like the que sera knit – though am also mainly knitting socks at the moment – and please enter me for the draw!

  85. carrie

    Gorgeous awesome giveaway!!
    I like the purple sweater, the one with the uke. Yup I am biased to both purple and ukes!!

    Happy Knitting!

  86. Gwyneth

    I’d totally go with Que Sera! The bolero is a bit fussy for my taste, and I think the cardigan is just more classic.

  87. Melanie

    I’m with Leiabelle on the leafy look. I love that green bag with the not-actually-a-leaf pattern, and I definitely prefer the Que Sera sweater. On the other hand, if you like ruffles — hey, “que sera,” right? It’s lovely yarn, whatever you choose.

  88. Marlana

    I vote for the bolero. I’m a sample knitter for KnitPicks, so I’m knitting for them right now but I just finished a Tempest and I love it!

  89. Leah

    I vote for Que Sera. Though that’s such a lovely colour too, I’m sure whatever you make will look great.

  90. Darcey

    Oh, me! me! 🙂 … I like Que Sera, but I’m also eyeballing it for myself for a summer project, so perhaps I’m biased.

  91. Etcgirl

    I’d vote for Que Sera, with my thanks for the reminder that this is idling in my queue. And crossing all my parts for being the lucky Lexie-getter.

  92. Laura

    I’ve had Que Sera in my queue from the first minute I saw it! I’m still trying to finish up a spring sweater that I’m now calling a fall sweater!!

    Love, love the bags. A knitter can never have too many bags, can she? 🙂

  93. Susan K.

    I’m knitting shawls for my wedding next year – this one in silk cotton the perfect summer knitting..but man I’ve made 3 working on #4 and have one to go after this!

  94. MelissaHB

    Oh Happy Day… it’s a Lexie Barnes giveaway 🙂

    I love Fanfare, I’ve been coveting it for a while.

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway 🙂

  95. joan

    Oh for sure the shower lace bolero. It has shorter sleeves and looks much cooler to me. I covet those bags. Lady B is just an awesome knitting bag/ and it will work as a purse with knitting in as well. Do I ever hope I win!!!

  96. Kara

    I vote for Que Sera. I love the sweater, plus the boots the model is wearing are lust-worthy as well, I love them.

    I hope I get the Lady B bag. I’ve got a well-loved (and well-worn) one now that needs replacing. 🙂

  97. Karen E

    Que Sera gets my vote!

    I’m working on a baby blanket, and hope to start a shawl for my son’s wedding soon. Love the bags!

  98. Amanda

    I am in organization mode with my knitting supplies right now. I would love to win the set of needle holders to help me along!

  99. Elaine

    Que Sera. Knitty all the way.
    For me, I’m a little late to the game, but I’m working on my first Clapotis in a lace weight of unknown fibers. It’s turning out well…

  100. Michelle

    Socks are on my needles too (and one pair is black, for a late Father’s Day gift). What a great giveaway!!

  101. Pilaar

    Does anyone ever have enough knitting bags?! My vote is for the loop de loop bolero, que sera is beautiful but the flirtiness of the sleeves on the loop de loop are calling out for that pretty purple.

  102. kirsten

    i’ll vote for the loop de loop bolero, and also Lexie bags as a proud owner of one of their Libby clutch bags.

  103. Kim

    I cast a vote for Que Sera!

    And I just cast-on for Sheep Hat in the new 60 Quick Baby Knits with Cascade 220 Superwash.

  104. Jenn

    Oooh, I’d totally make the Que Sera, but that’s just me. Thanks for the chance to win- I love Lexie’s bags!

  105. Trisha R

    Bolero, most definitely! It’s summer and it would be GREAT over a sleeveless dress to take the chill off the arms.

    Prize pack is PHENOMENAL! Thanks for offering such a great giveaway1

  106. Harriet

    Que Sera. I’d love to win the Lexie prize pack. I’ve just started a shawl for my summer knitting.

  107. Theresa

    I cast my lot for Que Sera! The other one is lovely, but I prefer my cardis with buttons!

    The bags are lovely, and a great prize for whomever wins it! (Me, maybe?)

  108. Kayla

    Wow! These bags are so cool! I love all the patterns.

    About the summer sweater, I knit Que Sera last summer and it’s been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe ever since. So easy but so beautiful!

  109. Dana

    oh, I love you knitty! I hope I win… such a great prize!
    I really like the Que Sera so I’d probably knit that one…

  110. Kamigaeru

    Oh wow! Am I ever in need of some organization. What a lovely pair of bags.

    And I’ll cast my vote for Que Sera!

  111. Ellen

    Go for the bolero! It’s really fun and flirty and I think it would look great in that color. The bags look great – would love to win!

  112. Barbara S.

    I vote for Que Sera.
    I would really like to win the Lexie Barnes bags. I need organize my circular needles better and that would help.

  113. Janella

    I would love to win that prize. Also, I would vote for Que Sera, but it could be the uke that’s persuading me.

  114. Cathy Goldman

    What am I knitting this summer…..a skirt from Knitty, a shawl and of course socks….always socks….
    I vote for Que Sera too……and I want to win!!!!But I never do 🙁

  115. Veronica

    I vote for Que Sera! I’m working on a nice sport weight cardi right now, starting to plan my Sock Summit knitting

  116. Jen

    Oooh, my circular needles could definitely use a case – they’re currently (mostly) in their packages within a big ziplock bag. Not very stylish.

  117. Trina

    Thanks for the chance to win such a great group of bags. I agree with all the Que Sera votes. I have had thoughts of making one myself.

  118. Rebecca

    Hm. I’m not a huge fan of ruffles, but the Milanese Shower Bolero is very pretty.

    The bags are lovely!

  119. Pam

    Love the bags – thanks for the opportunity to win. Both sweaters are pretty and functional in different ways – have fun choosing!

  120. Lise

    I love the Que Sera cardigan and I would love to win the prize. Right now I’m using recyclable bags for wine bottle, I would be more fashionalbe with the Lexie Barnes 🙂

  121. Rebeka

    I think the Que Sera is more versatile and flattering, and would work with a wide range of styles under it, while the Bolero would be suited for dressing up plain tops for fancier occasions.

    Lovely bags!

  122. Laurie R.

    I love those bags! I think I’d knit the Que Sera Cardi…it’s so versatile and you could wear it in the fall and early spring as well as on the cool summer nights.

  123. marci

    The bags are lovely! Que Sera looks like it would be perfect for cool evenings and over-air conditioned buildings.

  124. Michelle B

    I would love to win! And I would choose the Milanese Shower Bolero – very girly! Too bad that to date I am a failure at lace. But I will not give UP!

  125. Jennifer of DE

    I love both sweaters, but Que Sera is both versatile and beatiful, so it definafatively has my vote!

  126. Melissa

    Ooh, I love those bags! What a cute way to carry around my knitting projects.

    And for Jillian, I like the Que Sera cardigan, especially in a nice bright color.

  127. Jenn

    The Loop-d-Loop sweater. Might as well make something lacy and lightweight while the weather’s playing nice.

    Love the bags!

  128. Jamie Wang

    For myself, I would go for Que Sera. I rarely wear ruffles, so despite the fact that Teva’s sweater is very cute, I know I would wear Que Sera much more often.

    The bags look great. Picking a favorite color there would be much more difficult.

  129. Denise

    I think Teva’s Lace Bolero is the way to go for that cotton. and I would love to win -what a great prize!

  130. Jamie

    I pick the Que Sera, more of a sweater than a shrug.
    And I would LOVE the Lexie Barnes bags. I’ve been drooling over them for years!

  131. Mia

    I vote for the Que Sera. It’s a lovely design. Also, thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Lexie Barnes giveaway – I definitely need a circular needle case!

  132. Flan

    I’ve always wanted a Lady B! And Que Sera has been in my queue since it was published, so I vote for that!

  133. Jenni

    Definitely the Que Sera from last Spring’s Knitty. It looks like a perfect sweater to keep handy for over aggressive air conditioning!

  134. Rebecca

    Que Sera seems much more versatile, but the bolero could be too (though I’m not crazy about the border and would likely alter the heck out of it).
    And please let me win the bags! I am moving soon and need all the containers I can get my mitts on!

  135. Connie

    Love the bags they are so pretty. I like the sweater on the loop d loop cover for your project. It is so pretty and in the blue it will be gorgeous.

  136. Donnely Barber

    Wow, awesome give-away! I would knit the Milanese Shower Bolero Loop-de-Loop sweater in a heart beat! Lovely lacy classy look!

    thanks for a chance to win!

  137. Ella

    new bags, new bags! They are lovely! I would go for que sera, which has been in my queue since last summer.

  138. jeanne

    Those bags are adorable, they would be just the thing for getting all of knitting mess, or some of it, organized.

  139. krystina

    Thanks for the chance to win these awesome bags. I have one Lexie Barnes bag and I adore it! As for the sweater… I’d go with Que Sera. It’s been on my list of must knits for awhile!

  140. Karen Scheer

    Definitely the Que Sera. My sister knit it and it’s beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to win the bags!

  141. Melissa

    I love Lexie Barnes bags! The prints are always gorgeous.

    Personally, I like Que Sera better. It could easily be adapted to incorporate elements from the bolero, like say the ruffles, if Jillian’s leaning that way.

  142. M. Peterson

    I love Que Sera. It’s in my Rav queue and I think it would be easier to wear either dressed up or down. The ruffles on the Milanese bolero are maybe too much to wear often.

  143. Ingrid

    The bags are beautiful and would give my Tom Binh Swift a break for the summer. I say go for the Que Sera, too. And my report: I’ve got two pair of socks on the go: Elfine and yet another pair of Lichen ribbed socks. Both are in sockweight merino, which I find as comfortable to knit with in the summer as cotton. And if the weather stays cool, I’ll be able to wear them as soon as they’re finished!

  144. Kerry

    I vote for Que Sera! I’ve been wanting to knit that since it.came out. It would be.gorgeous in your yarn!

  145. Carolyn H

    What a wonderful prize package!! I’ve been trying to complete some stash busters this spring and I’m just getting ready to start a knit/crochet combo scarf from some variegated yarn that’s been aging for a while.

  146. pocketsize

    Oh, wow, those bags are amazing.

    I got a pair of Maeve on the go, in a light green cotton and tencel blend, so quite summery!

    Also, my vote goes for Que Sera. Probably because I prefer cardigans with longer sleeves.

  147. julianna

    Wow. What a lovely and generous giveaway! My vote is for Que Sera. On my needles: almost finished Rivendell Smokering by Susan Pandorf in Unique Sheep Verve Jack’s Beach colorway. Itching to be on my needles: Merope cowl by Romi Hill in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Humboldt colorway. 🙂 Nice small take-along projects.

  148. Dari Trout

    Jillian, I would go for the Loop-d-loop cover sweater. And the bag giveaway is a great deal!

  149. Beverly

    wow–the bags are great and might help me finally get organized! Que sera is my preference, but that might be because I could not see myself in this or any bolero! My summer knitting–a pair of Cat Bordhi socks that I started long ago and a diagonal lace shawl. Once Fall comes, I will be back to sweaters and mittens for the grandkids.

  150. Camilla

    Jillian, you should definitely go for the que sera, at least so I can knit vicariously through you.

  151. Kristi Anderson

    Oh my goodness what a lovely prize. Can’t help but throw my name in the drawing for it.

  152. Chris

    My vote is for Que Sera. It’s classic, timeless, and would look gorgeous in that color!
    It would be nice to win the giveaway, too, of course. Thanks for the chance!

  153. JoanC

    I vote for the loop d loop sweater. Currently working on a lace shawl. Should be perfect for a summer cover up.

  154. Cindie

    Those bags are wonderful! I’d love the green one if I’m chosen! If not I’ll have to save up for one!

  155. Cinnamon

    Awesome giveaway. I love you knitty. I think the purple yarn would make a very decadent Milanese Shower Bolero or a more versatile Que Sera.

  156. Tove

    What a lovely bag! I vote for Que Sera, which seems more versatile to me. My summer knitting will be to finish a shrug where I’ve recalculated the pattern to accomodate for a thinner yarn, and now the ribbing won’t match up. I have to think about the end result and trace backwards to understand how to make my increases, and for that I need peace and quiet.

  157. Fred W.

    Is that a copy of Bust Magazine in your bag, or are you just happy to see me? (I’m for the Que Sera tambien.)

  158. Vicky

    I’d say Que Sera. It’s been in my Ravelry queue for months but I’ve still not dared cast on my first ‘big thing’. Therefore I will live vicariously through you while you knit it 🙂
    The bags are beautiful too!

  159. Tricia

    I have to agree with the Que Sera votes for using your Blue Sky Alpaca. I think that colour would look lovely as the cardigan.

  160. Carrie

    Love both sweaters. Can’t choose. Maybe just knit them both? Bags are a great give away too!

  161. Susan

    Those bags are gorgeous! I’m working on an Ulmus shawlette at the moment, then it’s back to baby things (so many babies this year!). Also, I have to vote for Que Sera – love that pattern. 🙂

  162. Faydra Jones

    Beautiful bags! As for the summer sweater knit project…tough choice, as both patterns are simply lovely. However, I think I have a slight preference for Que Sera. 🙂 I look forward to seeing what you decide to do.

    I can only stand to work on my lace weight bolero project or spin on my wheel right now. It’s scorching 104-107 degrees in my part of TX right now. Air conditioning is my best friend. 🙂

  163. debbieamy

    I would vote for the cover sweater. It has to be a great sweater or they wouldn’t have put it on the cover, right?

  164. Lisa Barrett

    What an exciting giveaway! And very generous too. Jillian – my vote is for Milanese Shower Bolero. Please be sure to let us know what you choose.

  165. Tiffanie

    Oh, what a prize! Thanks for the chance to win.

    I definitely vote for Que Sera! It’s on my long list–which I wish was my short list. Just too many projects and only one set of hands. 🙂

  166. Rachel

    Ooh, both sweaters are really pretty, but I think I like the first one better. Especially with that yarn.

  167. mollysusie

    Love this giveaway … because I love bags! Especially bags to put knitting stuff in! I like both sweaters but there’s just something about a bolero that screams fun!

  168. Sarah J

    I like the Milanese Shower Bolero better, of those two.

    I’m currently knitting the big grey shawl out of Dream In Color Smooshy that I’ve been working on sporadically since February. I need to pick up some socks too.

  169. Josiane

    I prefer the Que Sera cardigan to the Milanese Shower bolero – but you’re the one who’ll be wearing it, so go with the one that calls your name louder!

    The Lady B bag looks fabulous! Thanks for offering a chance at winning that lovely prize pack. 🙂

  170. Lynn

    The Que Sera sweater gets my vote.
    Those online butterfly socks are so pretty. Have to check that out!

  171. Amy BB

    I like both, but depending upon how warm your area gets, the Milanese Shower Bolero may be a better fit for the warmer evenings when you just need a little shoulder warmth.

    Knitting Que Sera would then merit some more yarn shopping. 🙂

  172. Carol

    I think the Que Sera is more wearable but if I was 20 something, I’d pick the other one. Love the new Noro yarn!

  173. Dee

    It’s the Summer of WIPs at my house. I’m hoping for a clean slate by fall. I like the first sweater!

  174. G. K. Green

    I’d pick Que Sera, just because I think it hints at a shapely waist and is figure-flattering … but why not do both? You know you want to! Thanks for entering me in the giveaway, too.

  175. Elissa

    Que Sera for sure! I like the idea of bolero’s but I find the fit/flatter to be challenging. The cardigan is more wearable I think and will look and feel lovely in that yarn.

  176. Taylor

    The Loop-d-Loop sweater feels a little too busy for me, with the ruffles and lace, but that’s just me.

  177. Anne- Marie

    I vote for the cover sweater, that bolero would look great over a summer dress.

    Pretty bags too!

  178. Liesl

    Very cute bags – thanks for sharing!

    I agree that you should definitely knit Que Sera – I love that pattern.

  179. Nancy

    I vote for Que Sera – I think it would be wearable with more outfits than the other sweater.

  180. Kris

    Those cases are adorable, and I really like the second of those two sweaters, especially with that color yarn.

  181. Loretta

    The bolero sweater is beautiful, but I think Que Sera is more versatile. The bags are gorgeous, too!

  182. Jen M.

    This isn’t a matter of want, I NEED to win this giveaway! Thanks for the great bags!

  183. Logan

    Definitely digging the fishnet blue. I would definitely find more reasons than just my knitting to carry that around. ^- ^

  184. patricia

    ooo, bags!

    I’d go for the bolero – it’s a little ruffly but it looks like fun to knit.

  185. Sandy

    Que sera would be lovely in that color. Am knitting blankets and a sweater. I should be knitting socks!!

  186. Kathy

    I like the texture with Que Sera the best for that yarn. It should be stunning.

    This summer I am knitting wedding presents: a Citron in some yummy cashmere for the bride, and some yet-to-be-decided upon socks for the groom.

  187. Kelly

    I’ve knit Que Sera. It’s a fun one to work up. I’m curious about the Loop-d-Loop bolero, though, so I vote for that one. This way I can knit vicariously through y’all!

  188. Lisa

    I vote Que Sera and… that… green… bag… I think I’d stab someone with a knitting needle if I was reaching for that in a shop and someone snatched it from under my nose. So for everyone’s safety – I should win it 😉

  189. Helen

    Those are really pretty cases <3
    I just had to go over to the site to have a really good look and I've fallen more in love with them, even more so with the pink fabric 🙂

  190. Irene

    My vote’s in for Que Sera. The style will last a few more seasons than the Bolero. But either is a great knit!

  191. Kallie (KallieKY on Ravelry)

    oh! Great giveaway!

    I vote for Que Sera. It looks so very wearable.

  192. Sheila

    Cute bags!

    I vote for que sera. It looks like a classic sweater you’ll be wearing for years while loop-d-loop looks kind of like a fashion sweater you may wear a couple times this year, then you’ll be wondering what you were thinking when you knit it.

  193. Irene T

    Que Sera gets my vote. It’s a very pretty cardi, whereas the Loop-d-loop, while pretty, seems fussy after a while. Those ruffles! I think Que Sera will wear well.

  194. Celia M

    I’ll have to buck the trend and go for Loop-d-Loop Lace. I’m not much of a bolero person, but I’m less of a buttons person.
    Would love a bag to help me organize!

  195. jupe

    I like the cover sweater

    As for what’s on the needles, tons of baby stuff. Baby is due any day between now and the 20th.

  196. Hester Sturrock

    As long as its done in lavender yarn, who cares what patterns is used? Ms. Lavender Starr

  197. Emily Heine

    I vote for the loop-d-loop. It’s a little more unique while still very versatile. Very cute knitting bags!

  198. Susanne

    The Que Sera seems more wearable to me, not boring but goes with most stuff one wears. The Bolero is pretty but could be more difficult to combine 🙂

  199. Annie Wilson

    I vote for Que Sera too. And I want to win some neat cases for all my knitting goodies.

  200. Jacinta tracey

    I’ m knitting with Rowan Calmer at the moment and loving it, Am I the only one who likes the Milanese Bolero? Lol

  201. Elizabeth M.

    I also love Que Sera and agree with everyone else who said you’d wear it for years longer than you would the cute little Milanese Bolero. The bags are so great!

  202. Rachel C.

    I absolutely love those prints on the bags…would love to win one. On the sweater debate topic, I definitely vote for Que Sera. It has a gorgeous structure that would look good buttoned or unbuttoned.

  203. Larissa

    Love the bags – can never have too many bags!

    As for the sweater – love Que Sera!

  204. Janet K

    skill testing question? I hope I’ll be able to answer if I get the call!
    I like both sweaters – if you have enough classics in your closet then go for the bolero.

  205. Michele

    Adorable bags. Lexie Barnes is awesome!

    Tough choice on the sweaters. I’m really drawn to Que Sera but the Loop de Loop bolero seems like it would be a go-to sweater for summer evenings that are just starting to cool off.

  206. Valerie

    I’m planning to knit either Liesl or Abalone over vacation, with Sundara Aran Silky Merino.

  207. flossie

    Que sera! Also, I think I made a tee in that exact color of Blue Sky Alpacas… it’s gorgeous!

  208. Sue Plantinga

    Knit Que Sera. It’ll be lovely in that yarn. And I love the bags! Hopefully if I get picked you’d ship to the Netherlands!

  209. Mary

    I see your dilemma with the two sweaters! The Bolero is very cute… but the Que Sera would be much more versatile, I think that’s the one I’d do.

    Pick me for the giveaway 😉 My knitting stuff is a mess I need some help!

  210. Seanna Lea

    I love the cover sweater from Loop d Loop, but I hardly wear any of the things I’ve made from her first book so while they are fun to knit they are not always as wearable.

    I’m working on a blanket, a sweater (or vest), a shawl and a skirt. I might be overcommitted.

  211. Daien

    Thanks for another lovely contest! Originally I thought Que Sera, but a closer look shifted my vote to the Bolero. Enjoy your summer knit!

  212. Elizabeth

    oooh- Gorgeous bags!

    I also vote for Que Sera. This is one I have been hoping to do as well!

  213. Judy

    I think Kates favorite color is yellow. I vote for Que Sera. It would look lovely in your yarn.

  214. LeslieG

    I vote for the Milanese Shower Bolero. Always fun to knit (and wear) something a little unexpected, a little different. Fun!

  215. Kat

    Que Sera looks lighter and more finished, so that’s my vote!

    I thought the favorite color might be pink or orange! Then again, I’m biased towards the orange myself.

  216. Mimi

    Definitely Que Sera for the Blue Sky cotton knit. Also, a girl can never have too many bags (esp. with all the ufos).

  217. Julia

    OMG these bags are so cute!!! I’ve absolutely LOVE to win one!

    And my vote’s for Que Sera 🙂

  218. Lisa Ward

    Now I’ve got Doris Day in my head! I vote for Que Sera as well. I have my fingers crossed to win the Lexi Barnes bags.

  219. Denise Katz

    Love the Lexie Barnes (of course…)

    I like the Loop-d-loop lace book, it is on my must buy list so i vote for anything out of that book.

  220. Heather

    O tough choice! I love the Milanese Shower Bolero, but wonder it the Que Sera would work better for the yarn. I vote Que Sera.

  221. April

    I vote for loop-d-loop, it just looks more summery especially with your purple colorway.
    I am getting ready to start the waistband of my Lanesplitter skirt. I cannot wait till fall to wear it, but I will have to because of this heat! 104 degrees!

  222. Katherine

    I like the Que Sera, but you’re petite enough that the Loop-d-Loop would look fantastic on you!

  223. Anne

    I must thank you for showing us all these wonderful items (like the Lexie Barnes cases). There isn’t enough time for me to track them down myself. Thank you, thank you!

  224. Kitten With A Whiplash

    I love that orange/red/yellow Noro yarn, but didn’t see that color on your Knitting Fever link? New? Discontinued? Only for VIP Knitty Knitters?

  225. Anne

    Since I am now knitting the sweater I wanted to wear in the spring, and in the spring knit the sweater I wanted to wear in the winter, I suggest thinking a season ahead.

  226. Erika

    Que Sera is adorable – and in one of my favorite colors! *sigh* another project for the queue.

  227. Laura

    I vote for Que Sera. A classic that’s on my own favorites list. Thanks for the chance to win the Lexie Barnes bags.

  228. Nancy

    One can never have too many knitting bags. I use circulars pretty much for everything, so maybe I could upgrade my organization, too. Here’s hoping….

  229. Reb

    Go with Que Sera y con suerte y trabajo, sera’. (with luck and work, it will be).

    Buena suerte – good luck!

  230. Kellie

    Love the bags and I vote for Que Sera but you really can’t go wrong with either. 🙂

  231. Jessica

    Oh gosh, love love love the bags.

    Also, I might be in the minority here, but I think the Milanese Shower Bolero looks amazing.

  232. Maryanne

    What a great giveaway! I’d go with the Que Sera because it would look great in that color.

  233. Holly

    Go for the sweater from Teva Durham’s lace book, but I am a sucker for lace and ruffles

  234. Cheryl

    Love the bags! Love the sweaters too. If forced to choose one to knit my vote is for Que Sera.

  235. Beth

    I am working on 5 projects simultaneously…time to cut down! Have to get the Camp Loopy Project done!

  236. mary

    HOLY CANNOLI! i want to win this contest like i’ve never wanted to win a knitty contest before 😀

    as for the sweaters, my pick is que sera, but they are both beautiful choices.

  237. Kate

    Those bags are so cute! I vote Que Sera for the sweater, but I’m not a ruffle kind of girl.

  238. Teish

    Ohhh, loving the green print.

    I too am debating what to knit this summer. I’d love to knit one of the tees from the summer KnitScene, but I think another baby sweater will probably win out. What can I say, I’ve got the most adorable little model!

  239. Barbara

    Ah, to have to choose! Based on the yarn and color, I vote for que sera. Thanks for the chance to win such a generous gift!

  240. Claire

    I have needles everywhere! The bags would be fantastic.

    And I think the bolero would be fun to make.

  241. Michelle


  242. jennifer t

    Gorgeous bags and I always need a project bag! I have a huge summer knitting list and need something to put it in…so bring on the bags 🙂

  243. Cassandra

    The lacy bolero is lovely and the knitting bag looks fantastic too – it would be great to win one in any of the prints!

  244. Patty Bennett

    I vote for Que Sera. It looks light enough to carry with you without overheating outside, but enough substance to it to keep the worst a/c drafts off inside.

  245. Sunnyknitter

    I’m going to have to vote for Que Sera. Not only do I have it queued, but I think it’s a little more timeless.

  246. Emily

    Love both sweaters! That thistle is such a pretty color! I am already working on Christmas gifts! LOL

  247. Hannah

    I like Que Sara. Personally, I’m knitting a cotton pillow cover from Chicks with Sticks.

  248. Anna Hj

    I would knit the Que Sera… and i love the give-away. That’ll make someone really happy. =)

  249. Patty C

    great bags!! I am determined to complete a sweater for myself this summer. I usually give everything to family but a purple Kimono cardigan is for ME!

  250. Lynn B

    Your yarn is a lovely shade and both patterns would look really lovely knit in it. My vote for myself would be for Que Sera. The bolero is beautiful too. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  251. Susan

    I love Lexie Barnes – the bags are so well designed and the new prints are adorable! On the sweater front, I think that luscious purple yarn cries out to be knit up as the Que Sera sweater. Either way, though, I’m sure it’s going to be gorgeous!

  252. s-j

    what a great bag! and i like the que sara sweater, i’ve been eyeing it since it was published!

  253. Anne

    Sweet giveaway!!! Something I could really use!

    also, my vote is for que sera… a little less trendy perhaps, but I love a sweater that lasts for years!

  254. Sarah

    I’d go for Que Sera. It’ll be something you can wear more often than the loop d loop.

  255. Loony Nuna

    I vote Que Sera. It will look fantastic in that lovely soft blue.
    PS There are never enough project bags in this house of two knitters.

  256. Robin F.

    Just what my yarn needs… a nice bag! I like Que Sera better. The ruffles on the loopdloop make is less appealing.

  257. The Other Kristen

    Hm, I’m sure my comments have been anticipated above, but based on your yarn color, I’ll say “Que Sera.” “Accent” color + classic pattern = wardrobe staple + happy knitting. For the Loop-d-Loop pattern, I’d stick to a more classically neutral color. (OTOH, you may be a wild fashionista — in which case, flip a coin and go crazy; both are lovely.)

  258. Sharon

    Love, love, LOVE the bags! I also love the Milanese Shower Bolero. It would look lovely in the soft purple yarn. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway!

  259. Vicki

    I think the Loop-d-Loop Lace is very pretty. That’s my vote. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize. 🙂

  260. Lou

    Que Sera is cute, but have you seen the Crazy Aunt Purl Summer Sweater KAL? It’s sweet.

  261. Rebecca

    I vote for the Loop-d-Loop cover, which I’ve loved since I first saw it.
    Whichever you choose, good luck!

  262. bluesbee

    Que Sera looks summer-picnic cute; the Bolero seems dressier and romantic–depends on the look you’re going for. I love the bags–this is a fabulous giveaway! Thank you!

  263. Janice D

    Your prizes are soooo awesome, I hope I’m the lucky one.

    @Jillian, I vote for Que Sera! The yarn looks so soft and the color is beautiful, keep us posted.

  264. Amy

    I vote Que Sara and the bags are exactly what I have spent all day hunting for and not finding around town!

  265. Lorrella

    Que Sera is the first cardigan which has tempted me to put it on my project list, I normally do smaller projects, so I have to vote for that, and I always need a new bag 🙂

  266. Kaitlin

    Que Sera for sure. The bright color is perfect for summer, and Que Sera looks like a great layering piece for when you get blasted with the AC.

  267. Lark

    What great bags! I’d love to win one. As for the sweater, I’d go with Que Sera, hands down. It’s cute, and it’s more versatile — it can dress up or down (whereas the ruffly one can only dress up.)

  268. Irene M

    Love the Lexies. I vote for the Que Sera. I’ve got 2 projects working – a sshort sleeve tee and a lace shawlette.

  269. Dawn

    Que Sera looks more versatile, but there’s something about the Milanese Shower Bolero…

  270. Deborah

    Que Sera for sure, it’s cute and those boots are to die for plus there a ukele in the pic for the win. That’s my vote.

  271. Terri

    I vote for the Bolero, just to be contrary. 😉 On the bags, will be hard to decide between pink or green, but I’m up to the challenge!

  272. Junglewife

    I vote Que Sera, too. It seems like it would go with more things. both are cute, though!!!

  273. Liz

    Ooh, I like the pink Lexie Barnes print.

    As for the sweater I think Que Sera is more generally wearable. So I’d go with that one.

  274. Karen

    I love Que Sera – great choice. The Kowloon Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio would be lovely as well…it wasn’t one of the choices, but so pretty it should be considered.

    1. Kelly

      I love them both..leaning towards the loop de loop. I just finishedn a shawl for a friends birthday (Traveling woman) so I’m just knitting up some cotton coasters.

  275. alisoninoz

    Choices, choices! If I absolutely positively had to choose then Que Sera. But anything in that beauteous purple will be just stunning. And a bag would be good too!

  276. LynnE

    I vote que sera too. My lexi lady b in hermosa is still my fave knitting bag ever! but would love to own one in that green colorway as well 🙂

  277. Susan

    My summer knitting will be a wool hooded cardi for me, alternating with scarves for portability. Yep, a big wool sweater in 90 degree heat. At least it’ll be done by cold weather!!

  278. Emily

    Both of the choices look nice, but I’d have to go with the Milanese Shower Bolero. 😉

  279. Brenda B

    Just finished the Cleopatra top, after doing the Soto and Toria this spring/summer (yeah, it becomes summer on the 21st!). Also starting up a jacket from Knit, Swirl! and plugging away on THE LERWICK! {borders take forever}.

  280. Beth Rudo

    Those bags look great. I don’t have a circular needle case, and sure could use one.
    Que Sera gets my vote, also.

  281. Sharon

    those bags are great!
    I’m in the minority here, but I’d go with the bolero. I don’t really even do ruffles, but it’s intriguing.
    I have lots of tanks and tees planned for summer but can’t seem to stop spinning.

  282. Liz

    I like them both for different occasions. Que sera is practical and casual. The bolero is more formal, although I suppose if you wore it with jeans it might be cute. If it were me I think I’d try the bolero. It’s whimsical, like the color.

  283. LindaR.

    In Arizona it’s too hot right now for me to even think about knitting a sweater, but the lacy bolero would be lovely to have on hand in an office with frigid air-conditioning. That’s my vote…

  284. Nicole

    I vote Que Sera, I think the more ruffly Loop-d-Loop sweater would lose some of it’s definition in a darker color.

  285. Sarah

    A bag like that would make a much nicer home for my knitting than the paper bag where it currently resides!

  286. Jane

    Wow! I’d love to win those great bags.

    I’m finishing up some socks and hats right now. Dreaming about planning sweaters.

  287. Lauren

    I love the bolero, but perhaps the yarn would be best suited to Que Sera. Either way, both look like fun knits! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  288. Johnnie Boughner

    Love the idea of the bolero in that gorgeous color. Fabulous contest, too. Maybe this time I will get lucky. Hmmmmm……

  289. jill

    OOOOh, I like Loop d Loop. I’d love to win the bags…. I’m such a newbie knitter – hope the question isn’t too hard!!!!

  290. Chris

    Both of the cardi are so nice, but I think Loop d Loop wins by a nose.

    (And I’d love to win those bags!)

  291. Maureen

    I think Que Sera is adorable, but oh, that bolero is divine. It looks a little trickier though, so if I were trying to decide between the two, it would depend on what my brain was capable of at that moment (or really, how many other projects I had going at the time).

    And I too would love some bags!! 😉

  292. Jami

    I vote for the Que Sera. Plus, you know, commenting for the contest. Those bags are adorable.

  293. Kittenears

    Milanese Shower Bolero is beautiful, but I’ve been considering starting the Que Sera. So if you do that one make it a KAL 😉

    and oh my goodness. Those bags are amazing! I have been looking for a new diaper/project bag and that would be perfect! 😮

  294. Melody

    I love those bags! I hope my number gets picked. The sweaters are both great but I would choose Que Sera.

  295. Leslie

    Definitely the Que Sera, although I’m afraid I’m biased against the other for looking a bit like an old-timey “bed-jacket” in a way I somehow don’t like…

  296. Emilybee

    I really like the lace one, am thinking of buying the book as a gift for my mum(so i can sneak the patterns from it also)

  297. Bethany Robinson

    I love the Que Sera. it looks like a perfect summer cardi that’s not too warm but still looks awesome

  298. Juliet Carty

    I love the Milanese Shower Bolero! I think it looks like it’s interesting enough of a pattern to hold the interest of the maker as well as offer a challenge!

  299. Michelle

    Que Sera (Sera). Doris Day would approve! I would LOVE the bags! Need to organize in STYLE.

  300. Kim

    Clapotis is what’s on my knitting needles right now as well as some socks and a scarf and….

  301. Smitty

    I love Que Sera…which reminds me, I made half that sweater once! I should pull it back out…

  302. Mindi Redden

    I like the Que Sera sweater, it would be gorgeous in that color! I really really REALLY love the sock yard on the left, the patterny one. SO cute!!

  303. NikeEve

    I vote Que Sera, because if it does get super chilly in the AC you’re gonna want to be able to button up that sweater! At least I would 😀

  304. Heather

    The cover sweater! It is gorgeous and looks like it would not only be the perfect summer knit, but the perfect summer to fall transition sweater.

  305. Shannon

    Ooh la la. I think if I happened to have both I’d reach for the Loop-de-Loop over the Que Sara (though I do like it!) more often. They are both Yummy! And so is theLady B – in GREEN!

  306. Lisa B

    I would have to say Que Sera also… beautiful sweater! love those bags… off to check them out!

  307. Beth

    Que Sera…definitely! But whatever will be will be! 🙂

    Pick me, pick me! I never win anything!!!

  308. Keisha

    I actually cast on a few days ago for Yosemite!!!! I love it and I’ll only 3.5 inches into it….Que Sera is on the list too…

  309. Mindi Redden

    I love the Que Sera! It will be just gorgeous in that shade! I really really REALLY love the sock yarn on the left! So pretty!!

  310. Lynn W

    Love those bags!
    As for the 2 sweaters… that’s a tough one but I think the Que Sera. More versatile.

  311. Judy Philllips

    Que sera is great, but Loop de Loop really intrigues me. I am working on some feathery flouncy scarves as my summer knitting project, so the flounces in loop de loop grab my attention.