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Man with chandelier by Christy Stout Chambers and Brian Chambers. Photo: Florent Cros.

A seriously great slideshow and feature about the evolution of yarnbombing from an anonymous quick-hit guerilla activity, to becoming more organized, larger, and more creative public art installations the contributors are happy to have their names attached to.

The article has an excellent interview with artist Arzu Arda Kosar, who was part of a group of fibre artists, knitters and artists who recently came together to “bomb” the 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica, California.

The other change taking place is that yarnbombing is no longer just about knit and crochet; this stunning piece, “Man with Chandelier”, incorporates rug-hooking.

Another great slideshow, featuring ten “Astounding Knits” – an excerpt from an upcoming book. They aren’t all knitted (crochet alert!), and some of them we’ve seen before, but it’s great to see them collected in one fun slideshow.

Warm and functional!

Speaking of astounding knits, check out this three-person sweater, created especially for the cover art of the new album from New York City band Pearl and the Beard. A video on the creation of the sweater – featuring Jocelyn of the band – can be found here.

Sandra van Zyl, a knitter in Namibia is leading an initiative to make sweaters to donate to HIV-affected babies and orphans around the country. The knitters are using a pattern known as “Mother Teresa’s Bara Jersey”.

A PDF of the sweater pattern can be found here. Lizzie Ann’s Wool Company, a store in Michigan, and Apples of Gold, a Christian organization in Florida, are also collecting the sweaters to send to Africa.

If you’re in New South Wales, Australia on August 5th, consider dropping by the Hornsby Library for the annual Hornsby “knit-in” event. Activities will include knitting races and blind knitting competitions, a ‘brainteasers for knitting know-alls’ competition, and sewing and knitting wraps for charity.

A nice celebration in video and photos of knit night at Unwind, a LYS in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. (Egregious spelling mistake aside!)

Our own Donna Druchunas, of our new Ethnic Knitting Adventures column, has announced two new ‘craft cruises‘, taking place in early 2012. Meet Donna, Beth Brown-Reinsel and some Musk Ox on a fabulous Alaska Glacier cruise.

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3 thoughts on “WWW: Eye candy

  1. Seanna Lea

    I have to admit that the knitting cruise is really tempting. I love the idea of the all in one vacation though I’m never sure what my husband would do while I was knitting my fingers to the bone.

  2. Ali B

    Love that 3 person sweater!! and how come no one has started selling knitted chandeliers?? i would make one!

  3. Jennifer E

    Apparently I should have slept in this morning instead of catching up on my internet reading. I went straight from the picture of the three person sweater to “collecting the sweaters to send to Africa”. It took me several second glances and a serious re-read to figure out that they were not, in fact, trying to gather and send three person sweaters to Africa.

    *back to bed for me*

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