WWW: WWKIP Day Special; Contest!

Let's be seen!

World-wide Knit in Public day is promoted as the largest knitter-organized event in the world. It’s actually thousands of individual events, taking place over the week of June 11th to 19th.

Just a sampling of the events being held…

Artists Nell Berger and Jean Hilkens are hosting an event starting at noon, June 11th, in Bryant Park, New York City.

In Kassari, Estonia, a group will meet at the Grill Lest & Lammas.

In the UK, a number of John Lewis locations will be hosting events in the Haberdashery departments, including their Oxford Street location in London.

In South Dakota, US, an event is being held at the 7 Beer & Wine Bar in Yankton.

In Savannah, Georgia, a group will meet at Forsyth Park from 10am to noon.

In Australia, a group will meet at the Sydney Customs House.

In Italy, a group will meet at the Villa Pamphili in Roma.

In Waterloo, Ontario, Shall We Knit is hosting an event with an Indigodragonfly trunk show, and blocking demos from SOAK.

In Cambridge, Ontario, the KNITcamBRIDGE team is hosting a Mad Hatter’s tea party in front of city hall.

The website lists events all over the world. Check to see if there’s something near you. If you’re hosting an event, please do add it to the site!

Speaking of knitting in public, Hawaiian knitter Barbie Kihara spends up to 14 hours a day, 5 days a week in a local fast food restaurant in Manoa, knitting and crocheting.  She will happily teach anyone who wants to learn, and creates projects for donation to a variety of local causes. She also volunteers her time at community centers and nursing homes to pass along her knowledge.  “From young time I’d always wanted to learn how to knit and crochet, but it was hard without anyone to teach me,” Kihara says. “Now I try to help other people so they don’t have to go through the same thing. My mother always taught us to do things on our own, help each other and help other people when we can. I still try to do that.”


Charlotte Blacker, a student in the UK has won a prestigious Royal Television Society award for her knitted stop-motion film “The Little Red Plane”, which she created as part of her university dissertation.

It’s a genuinely lovely little movie about the adventures of a boy and his cat.

Win me!

And if you need something to knit in public that week, consider entering our contest.… we are giving away a copy of Teva Durham’s brand-new book Loop-D-Loop Lace and enough Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton yarn to knit the cover sweater!

And me, too! My goodness!

1 person will win this prize, valued at $95.95, generously donated by Melanie Falick Books and Blue Sky Alpacas.

To win, leave a comment on this post before midnight eastern time, Friday night, June 3rd. Winner will be announced next week.

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1,294 thoughts on “WWW: WWKIP Day Special; Contest!

  1. Heather

    I’ll be knitting in public to honour this special day! And also, because I knit in public every day 🙂

  2. Marieke

    Would love to win book & yarn! Knitting lace is something I really enjoy. Nice post about the library too, I was just reading that when this new post (and a contest!) appeared.

  3. Jessica

    Thanks for the update! I’d completely forgotten about the WWKIP directory–Im off to look up events in my area! This summer I’m going to be knitting again!

  4. Elana

    What a great looking book! And I can finally hang with my knittas in St Stephen’s Green in the centre of Dublin for WWKIP this year! YAY!

  5. Amy

    Thanks for all the info. I may have to knit in public by myself that week, but I’ll do it:) Love the book and the yarn!

  6. Chilloften

    I cannot wait to see my fellow knitters in public. That book looks to have gorgeous contents! Thanks for a contest.

  7. Katie K

    I’ve been waiting for years for this book to come out and I would love to win it.

  8. Diana

    Every year I mean to go to a WWKIP day event, and it never happens for one reason or another! I need to fix that!

  9. Maureen

    I will have to find out when the WWKIP day is around here.
    Great posting. Thank you

  10. tracy bricchi

    We try to hold our event each year on the lawn of the statehouse. Lots of folks stop and chat. We would be willing to teach but so far no takers. Maybe this year!

  11. Dari Trout

    I try to knit in public at every available opportunity. I am on vacation the week of the event, but will definitely be knitting in public, where ever I go! Would love to knit that lovely sweater, too!

  12. Silverlotus

    I think I might try to take part in WWKIP day this year. I wonder what I can knit…

    And I love the giveaway this time! It is so nice to see something non-wooly.

  13. cathy goldman

    The cover sweater is really beautiful and I wsould even consider knitting it…so I want to win:)

  14. Megan T

    I plan on celebrating WWKIP WEEK at my university! And I’m dying to get my hands on that book! (And yarn to knit the cover would be nice, too.)

  15. Kamigaeru

    There are some beautiful sweaters in that book, nice work! And lovely yarn, too…

    Three cheers for WWKIP day!!!

  16. Sharmee

    I love Blue Sky Alpaca yarn and gorgeous book cover. I thought the animation with knit landscapes was amazing as well.

  17. Andrea

    I’ll be in South Dakota for WWKIP–maybe I’ll stop by Yankton, with my new book and yarn!

  18. Cheryl M

    So pretty! That blue colour is gorgeous!

    Haven’t heard anything about WWKIP day from my LYS yet, I’ll have to ask around and see if there’s a potluck get together again this year.

  19. Sarabeth

    I am hosting a WWKIP event at my shop in Winchester, Kentucky amidst our town’s annual Beer Cheese Festival! Live music and local artisans (as well as amazing food vendors) line our Main Street! My shop sits right on the main corner… can’t beat it! Sarabee’s Little Yarn Shop!

    And I love that blue… would love to win that drawing!

  20. Candice Hope

    What a cute video! I can’t imagine the time it must have taken to make! Regular stop-motion animation is time-consuming enough, but all that knitting too! Well worth it, I’m sure!

  21. Debbie

    What a lovely sweater! Our group is doing a KIP event at our local Farmer’s Market on the 16th.

  22. Jaki

    Good cotton is so hard to find here in the outback, and it’s the only knitting you want to do in this heat. Please, please, please.

  23. Another Sarah

    I keep meaning to get into lace knitting. Adding the book to my wish list one way or another 🙂

  24. Leslie

    So many fun things in a blog entry: wwkip day, movies, and a contest! Thanks Knitty for keeping me up-to-date!

  25. Chris

    What a lovely shade of blue, my favorite color too! I haven’t made plans for WWKIP day but I’ll have to check around and see what’s going on nearby.

  26. maget

    I’m so sad to hear that there’s going to be an awesome WWKIP day event at Shall We Knit and I can’t be there. But I think a prize would make the sadness more bearable. Thanks!

  27. Danelle in Kansas

    Just discovered the joys of lace . . . and have finished a couple of shawlettes.

  28. Julie

    oooh, I’ve been eyeing the patterns in this book, they are all so gorgeous. And I love Blue Sky Alpacas! Count me in!

  29. Lael

    I would love to win this book – I’m looking for a cardigan pattern and might as well start with this one! Thanks.

  30. Irene T

    Great prize! That is beautiful yarn. Will have to find out the WKIP event here in TO.

  31. Carol

    SIGN ME UP to win Teva’s book! Looks like fun. Wish I could find a KIP event anywhere in St. Louis, but guess I have one where ever I go. This week, the car dealer, a barbeque, and lunch at Pannera.

  32. Kaitlin

    Pretty much every day is knit in public day for me… I’m excited to knit in public with other knitters, though!

  33. Annette House

    Love the knitting in public as a community idea, although I get in trouble from my family for doing it all the time! Would love to be knitting out of this gorgeous wool and book, it would make the fights worth it 😉

  34. Sally

    Oh what a wonderful opportunity! I’d love the book and the yarn. Sign me up. I am an RSS subscriber to this blog, and love it.

  35. Jean

    I always loved the idea of knitting in public. It often makes people realize that knitting isn’t all about scratchy wool and old women.

    I’m trying to imagine how this book and the yarn alone would make people see that a younger people like me can knit awesome, sexy stuff, out of such luxurious material.

  36. TopHat

    Ooh! I need to find a knitting in public venue! It’s hard with 2 kids though. I barely have time. To knit in private!

  37. Laura

    A great book for a contest and the yarn to go with it…fantastic. The knitted movie was darling too.

  38. katy l

    That looks beautiful. Some of my coworkers and I are planning to knit in the library lobby for WWKIP during our lunch breaks. We did the same thing for Stitch in Public Day a few months ago.

  39. Janice

    Lovely! I’ll be knitting in public on the 11th as I run errands all around town. There’s always time for a round or 2 while waiting in line. 🙂

  40. Marlana

    I love Teva Durham’s patterns. Her first Loop d Loop book was one of the first knitting books I ever bought, way back when first came out, and I still haven’t made anything from it.

  41. Merna

    Yay for Knitty — both the concept and the actualization. I just finished another wonderful pair of socks, pattern found by browsing the pattern index. Many thanks!!!

  42. Cindie

    what a beautiful sweater on the cover of that book – I’d love to win it and the yarn!

  43. Megan

    Ooh! That looks lovely. I’d love to be lucky enough to win it and do some public knitting with such tasty-looking yarn.

  44. Emma

    There are so many lovely patterns in that book, and that is rather wonderful yarn as well.

  45. Tiffanie

    Oh, that is lovely stuff, both book and yarn. And a great reason to knit in public, which someone recently told me makes one “a better person.” Indeed.

  46. Sarah

    Pick me! I’m excited to be knitting in public. I’ll be traveling that week and of course I’ll have my knitting with me!

  47. tracy_a

    I don’t comment here often, but look forward to your posts. Love that cover sweater!

  48. Lynda

    Yikes, I’m not sure I would pick a pattern that requires concentration to knit in public, but I still want the book. Knitting in public suggests you will likely get interrupted by people asking about your knitting – what a great opportunity to evangelize!

  49. Francie Owens

    Wow what a great prize. I’d love to win! Thanks for the chance.

    I knit in public all the time. Mostly at my children’s sport practices and games.

  50. Janis Williams

    WOW! Just found your site/blog. I have been knitting lace for years, and ravenously grab any pattern(s) books on lace I can find. Even if I don’t win this one I’ll be back to the site/blog, and at my local LYS to purchase this book.


  51. Tisha

    I’m just about done knitting my first piece of lace (a Knitty pattern!) and I’m hooked. I’d love this book…and some nice summer cotton would just be the best icing on that cake!

  52. Kenzie

    I tend not to knit in public because I prefer knitting projects to be a little busier than just garter stitch or stockinette (and unfortunately I don’t memorize patterns well, even simple ones). I do crochet quite a bit in public though – dish scrubbies and baby hats for charity.

    The yarn is gorgeous and the sweater is super cute. =D

  53. Shawn

    Last year, our local group met at the park and had a great time for WWKIP Day. I’m thinking this would be good again this year. No cost, kids welcome, bring your own food/drinks, come and go as you need.

  54. Muchacha

    Thanks for this contest. I did not know about Teva Durham designs! How can I have miss that!!!

  55. lindaran

    Holy cow, those designs are amazing! This is lace knitting on steroids. Thanks for the opportunity to win and try it out.

  56. Chris

    A local shop is planning for some spinning in public, too. Should be fun!

    Pretty pattern & yarn!

  57. Amy

    Oh my goodness – what a beautiful giveaway! My daughter would be tickled to find that sweater in her first care package from home this fall while she is away tackling her freshman year of college!

  58. Jodie

    I love to knit but I really don’t think I could do it 14 hours a day 5 days a week! Of course if I did, I’d get all my UFOs done!

  59. DakotaAJ

    Every day is my knit in public day! 🙂

    I would love the yarn and book – please count me in.

  60. Joanna

    My absolute favorite color – and cotton is perfect for the summer. And, I’m very loopy!

  61. Helen

    I’m not sure a lace knitted dress is my thing, but I love the cardigan on the cover 🙂

  62. Sarah

    I love hearing about what’s happening in the knitting world from your blog. Plus, your giveaways are always awesome!

  63. Carol

    This year WWKIP day is my husband’s birthday. I suppose my present to him could be NOT to knit in public, but I don’t know if I can manage that. And since my birthday’s the next day, I think I’ll just call it an early present to myself!

  64. Fleur

    Blue, blue, blue – my favorite color! Yahoooooooooooo!

    Every year I hope to be a part of a knitting in public group, but again I am not gonna make it. Thanks to that weird body of mine. You can read about myalgic encephalomyelitis on my website.

    Fortunately I do still knit. A lot. So if the weather is okay on June 11 I will be out there knitting. In the garden.

    Take care, Fleur

  65. Emily

    I plan to KIP as often as I can! It is fun to make progress on a project and to field questions from people and comments and showing them that it can be learned!

  66. Clumsy Knitter

    I have been lusting after that beautiful book. Thank you for the chance to win it!

  67. Brenda

    I really enjoy reading this blog–thanks for your efforts to produce it and all the lovely giveaways!

  68. Susan

    awesome price…I just have to figure out how to persuade everyone at the Ontario Handspinners Seminar to get outside and knit at lunch!

  69. Angie

    I would love this book and yarn. Teva is a very fashion foward designer and yet her patterns are achievable for many knitting skill levels.

  70. Kathy

    What a great sweater! I’ve got to find a knit in public project for all the hours I am spending at my kids baseball and soccer games!

  71. Pilaar

    Okay, it probably won’t be me because I just won that wonderful Indigo Moon yarn (now a beautiful pair of socks thanks to a knitty pattern) but I love Blue Sky yarns and so will cast my name in with desperate hope…

  72. Natalie

    Thanks for the reminder. Lately I’ve mostly been spinning in public, but I’ll make sure to have something on the needles.

  73. Kristin H

    What a fantastic giveaway!
    Also, I might have to host a kip event, the closest one to me is about 7 hours away!

  74. Cinnamon

    Our lys organizes and has all of us come knit together down at the farmer’s market. It’s tons of fun. I’m hoping the sun will actually be out this year. Would love to win the giveaway!

  75. Amy BB

    What a fantastic contest!

    And I always knit in public … on the T (subway) to and from work. And in my local dive bar. The reaction is usually one of welcoming smiles. And in the rougher parts of town, I think to myself – don’t mess with me, I’m not afraid to get blood on my project … 😉

  76. terry

    Beautiful. I LOVE Blue Sky Alpaca! It is my yarn O choice.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. Barb T

    I’d love to have a new project for WWKIP Day. Please draw my comment. Please – please – please. 🙂

  78. Reb

    Waiting for the day, the glorious day, when my young kids won’t be constant presences hanging off the ends of my needles as I knit in public, me gently reminding them to “get offa me”. Maybe if I win this contest, I’ll stash the project until said day?

  79. SusanR

    Great book and cover sweater – really lovely and I love knitting lace. Hope I win!

  80. Lindsay

    I live knitting lace, and I’m pretty sure I’ve worked with that yarn before. I can’t wait to work with it again!

  81. Tiffanie

    I love knitting lace, but have never tried it with a worsted weight yarn and would love to try it with Blue Sky Alpacas yarn!

  82. ThatCleverClementine

    Thanks for providing the link to “Little Red Plane.” I had it. Then I lost it. Then I found it. Then I misplaced it.

    I’m glad to be able to (try to) keep track of it this time?!

  83. Crystl

    I will be knitting while camping for KIP day! Too bad I couldn’t get out of it! Love the pattern for the sweater too!

  84. Cathy S

    I’ve done some very basic lace patterns and would love to try something more complex. Plus the yarn looks yummy!

  85. amy g

    Your posts are always the best! I love the unique variety. “The Little Red Plane” was adorable. Thanks! -asg

  86. Anna

    I love the “little Red Plane” and have been searching for months for that video. Thanks!
    Oh, I’d like to win the prize!!

  87. Rebecca

    I can’t even express how much I want to win this! I promised my mom a cotton cardigan for mother’s day and have yet to even find a pattern yet!

  88. Granola

    TD’s lacy cardi on the cover is adorable. It will replace her Mercer Jacket on my project list.

  89. Martha

    I would definitely give this book and yarn a good home. 🙂 I am an avid lace knitter, and I’ve been wanting to try Blue Sky Alpacas yarn. Thanks for posting another great giveway!

  90. Courteney

    Harrrr, I shall have to take my new Jordana Paige bag with me and travel the streets while knitting. :3

  91. Becca

    Great contest. Looking forward to seeing lots of knitting on the streets of NYC in a couple weeks!

  92. Patty C

    Great give a way! I have not tried Blue Sky cotton but would love to. The cover sweater is beautiful.

  93. drMolly

    well, I’ll be in London, UK, so shall have to see if I can find someone with whom to WWKIP.

  94. Cindy

    The cardigan looks like a neat summer project. Thanks for the “Little Red Plane” link. Too cute!

  95. Linda M.

    I’ve always wanted to knit a lace sweater. That one would make a great project for summer.

  96. mollysusie

    Oh wow … this book looks great! I love lace, especially for summer knits! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  97. Audrey

    I love the annual WWKIP day! The book and the yarn are gorgeous — great giveaway!

  98. Diane

    What a perfect sweater to KIP. Thanks for the reminder that this is happening next week!

  99. erin

    what a beautiful sweater and yarn! thanks for the opportunity. I’ll definitely be knitting in public next week.

  100. Lou

    Nice! I love the color of the yarn. Pick me!!!

    I have never been to WWKIP day but if I won…

  101. Minna

    Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve been loving Teva’s designs for years (just picked up her crochet book from the library… if anyone can get me hooking, it’ll be her!).

  102. alison

    I’m off to check out the film, thanks for the link 🙂

    Please count me in for the comp too

  103. Lj

    What a cute prize. I wonder what my own group will do (informally, of course) for WWKIP day.

  104. Sarah Beth

    There aren’t any WWKIP events near me (in Phoenix, AZ) so I’ll just have to host my own!

  105. Aimee

    Lovely sweater (Love Teva’s designs!) & yarn. What a great giveaway for WWKIP! Since there isn’t an actie group on my small Texas town, I’ll just do what I usually do: take the kiddos to McD’s & let them shriek & squeal while I knit.

  106. Teresa

    I will probably knitting at my parent’s cottage. That is where I traditionally spend Father’s Day weekend. I will though knit in public as much as I can.

    That Cotton is beautiful and I would love to win it.

  107. Jean A.

    The yarn is lovely, and the cardigan looks like a great project! Thanks for the link to the Little Red Plane, it was awesome!

  108. krystina

    Pick me! I’d love to win this book, and this is my fav yarn ever! How exciting!

  109. Kat

    Ohhh, I want to stroke the cotton just from looking at it… that would be a beautiful little cover up for summer.

  110. Lora

    Love the color and the sweater. I would love to make that someday!

    I never knew about WWKIP – I will have to tell a recent newbie that I taught some basics about it.
    Thanks and have a great weekend!

  111. Kellie

    I would love to win this! What a beautiful sweater. I look forward to seeing this book. 🙂

  112. LA Bourgeois

    Looks like a fun sweater and book!

    I so love the idea of WWKIP! I meet with a couple of knitting groups at coffee shops and we have fun all year long out in the public. Maybe I should pick a new place and we can all converge like a flash mob. 🙂

  113. Crysta

    Yes please! I have the original Loop-D-Loop book and the patterns are simply stunning!

  114. enidb

    I’ll actually be on work/holiday in Prague most of WWKIP day/week, but hope to find a friendly group knitting there.

  115. Carolyn Kautz

    I love the sweater and the color of the yarn. I’ve never knit with cotton before.

  116. Carol

    Wow! I’m a big fan of Teva Durham and would love to have the book, not to mention the beautiful yarn.

  117. Jamie Wang

    Love the book and the cover sweater!

    I’ve also heard some refer to June 11 as Yarn Bombing Day — will some of you be up to a bit of mischief?

  118. turtle

    sweet! great giveaway! We are planning our knit day, hopefully we will see sunshine this year though as it was a monsoon last year!

  119. Anne

    A book to die for!!

    I love the idea of WWKIP, I haven’t found a group near me, but for the past couple of years I have proudly taken my knitting to the opening of our local “Shakespeare by the Sea” performance. It a wonderful evening!!

  120. Loretta

    Beautiful sweater and beautiful yarn! I’ll be KIPing in the park with my boys tonight!

  121. Carolyn

    That blue is just gorgeous!
    PS: Loved yesterdays spinning post, gives me the urge to get back to the wheel.

  122. Sylvie

    I knit in public, but mostly at my LYS – they’re also one of the best coffee shops in the area!

  123. Mary Katharin

    I’ll be celebrating KIP day by taking up residence in the window booth at the Magnolia Grill 🙂

  124. Barbara Joy

    It’s not like I would have NOTHING else to knit without this, but it sure would be fantastic to have.

  125. Emily Heine

    Oooh, it’s finally warming up here and a cotton sweater would be Perfect 🙂

  126. Emme

    That’s a lovely sweater, and all the patterns are just fantastic. I’m a fan of the designer and her other books.

  127. Marie B

    I’d loooove that beautiful Caribean blue yarn! “Pick me, love me, choose me…”

  128. Terri

    Great prizes! I’m trying to think of someplace to knit in public during that week… I’m such a homebody, I don’t go to a lot of events, but I’ll think of something! Even if it’s just knitting in Starbucks!

  129. Shirley

    what a pretty piece. Would love to win this prize. I already practice knitting in public. During my lunch hour, I get my kniting in while taking a walk around the outside of my workplace.

  130. Leah

    Thanks for letting us know where the different events are. I’ll be on the lookout, that day…

  131. Kayla

    I LOVE this blue. It reminds me of the ocean around the island my family is from.

    Hope I win!

  132. Liz

    Ooh, that sweater is gorgeous–I just looked the book up, and all of the patterns are so lovely! I have never wanted to knit lace more than I do at this very moment!

  133. Carla Boustead-Willingham

    this would be a great addition to my lace Addiction!!!!! Love the Lace!!!!!!
    😀 Carla

  134. Lori

    I would love to win!!!..i have setup a knit in public event in belfast maine…even have 8 sponsors for the event…Im very proud of myself

  135. Lauren

    Ooh! Can’t wait to go knit in public…not like I don’t do it all the time, but still! 🙂

  136. Laurie

    I have loved the other Loop-d-loop books! I am sure this one will be just as inventive.

  137. Connie

    Ooh, I’d love a chance!!!

    PS – I’m enjoying your spinning posts, very informative, thank you.

  138. Margaret

    I’ll be traveling from June 11-19 — the perfect excuse to knit in public the whole week! And Teva Durham is one of my favorite designers. Margaret Grace Mills AT gmail DOT com!

  139. Leann

    To knit such a fabulous sweater woth such great yarn in public- it should get a few people interested in learning the skill.

  140. larisakay

    “I would like to thank the Academy…” Isn’t there a category at the Oscars for best knits? 🙁 We should start a petition.

  141. Deborah

    Does brining projects to work to knit at lunch and entice coworkers count for a knit in public event? Cause that’s my plan.

  142. Maureen

    I tend to knit in public a lot, when I actually do leave the house. But oh, how I love Teva Durham! I would just love to knit that sweater!

  143. Beth Rudo

    What a positively gorgeous lacy confection of a sweater on the cover! I’d dearly love to knit it in public, in private, or anywhere.

  144. Mary L.

    I agree, there should definitely be a best knits category. Where do I sign the petition?

  145. KarenV

    How absolutely fun it would be to win this prize. I don’t think I’ve seen the Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton. What a treat!

  146. Eva Kilander

    We will knit in the Norre Katts Park in Halmstad on 11 June.
    I hope that newspapers will this year also, last year became the photos in the local newspapers.
    Happy Knitting

  147. d

    Hm, that yarn does look tempting… and thanks for the reminder of WWKIP Day! Now I know what do to this week. 🙂

  148. Tru

    Knitting in public is my favorite place… grocery store lines, coffee shop, restaurants. Every day, all the time. A few rows here and there, if nothing else, really does make a difference.

  149. Alison

    Knitting in public is fun. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to take my knitting outdoors. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  150. Ruth

    i NEED to win this great giveaway! I am a vegan knitter and will appreciate that BSA cotton like none other.

  151. Beth

    We just welcomed a new daughter and I spent many hours knitting in the waiting room of my midwifery office. I love knitting (and now nursing!) in public.

  152. Susanne

    Wow, almost 600 comments!! What a lovely prize! Pick me! Pick me!
    Hi from Edmonton, Alberta!

  153. Jeanette Heifner

    I always carry my knitting with me and I pull it out and knit whenever I can.

    I would love that book and yarn!

  154. Caralyn

    Not much time for me to go to the local organized WWKIP event, but I’ll have to remember to bring my knitting to my boys’ baseball games–no matter how much my husband teases me!

  155. Jennifer

    I love knitting in public day. Of course I do it all the time, but doing it with others mean I don’t get funny looks!

    As for the contest, want doesn’t even cover it.

  156. Sue

    I’ve been craving that book and the cover sweater, especially! Good luck, everyone.

  157. Katherine

    Love the sweater and I have been wanting to knit something with the Blue Sky Worsted for a long time now – that yarn is gorgeous!

  158. JoAnn Pelham

    On June 11th, I’m attending a Spin-In event at the Mannings in PA, but will bring knitting (of course!)… We knit in public every Tuesday at Panera Bread… It is so fun to see folks watch in amazement! Thanks for the contest!

  159. Diane W

    It looks like a wonderfully inspiring project and I’m in need of inspiration right now. I plan to spend my WWKIP day knitting in front of my camper looking at the lake.

  160. Sue Krekorian

    My knitting goes with me wherever I go, so knitting in public is not unusual for me. However, there’s a fleece festival in a neighbouring village on 11th June so that wil be a most appropriate date and occasion to knit in public!

  161. Marina

    This book is totally on my wishlist! And Blue Sky yarns are gorgeous – it’s a perfect match!

  162. LPStarr

    Maybe I will have finished my Clapoti and start a new project on KIP day. I sure would love to win the lovely yarn and the book. Thank you for a blog that is varied and interesting, and for giving us all the chance to win great prizes.

  163. Emily

    I love modern stop-motion videos, today’s artists are so creative with their use of materials!

    Would love to win that kit…

  164. Stephanie

    Oooh I knit in public all the time! It keeps me very calm in places like airports, and I strike up all sorts of conversations with people. I once taught a woman’s boyfriend how to turn a heel on a sock because she had been struggling with it!

  165. Tonya

    I love a good knitting session in public. My favorite is sunny days at parks, with beer and my furry companion chasing ducks in the distance. Lovely. Cheers to summer!!

  166. Kari

    I’m very excited that I’ll actually have time this year to participate in WWKIP! I love a number of patterns in the book and would love to get a chance to knit them up.

  167. Louise Marsalko

    what a great prize! would love to knit with this yarn. the sweater on the cover of this book, looks like a great knit.

  168. Jen

    I would love this! I haven’t been able to afford to knit a sweater because I’ve been underemployed for so long.

  169. Pat G

    Hope I am the lucky winner as the color is perfect and the yarn lovely. I know I would put it to good use.

  170. Mary Howard

    What a beautiful sweater! We love to KIP! Every week I meet a friend to knit in Borders. When I take my daughter to the park, my yarn comes along!

  171. Megan

    Ooh, thanks for letting me know about the meetup in Sydney.

    I love Customs House, I always visit it when I’m in the city.

  172. Reanna

    I would love this for my birthday present, June 7th! I’ve been wanting to try knitting with Alpaca but the person who used to make it locally here retired.

  173. Beverly (db81971)

    I kip almost everyday, so WWKIP is awesome, I hope to see others knitting too!

    lovely book and yarn!

  174. Janina Sturdivant

    I have yet to make a sweater for myself…I am thinking that this would be perfect!

  175. erin

    Knitting in public, I do that often, whenever I have to wait somewhere. Today, however is post tornado clean up. But here in new england, we keep calm and carry on. 🙁

  176. Jeannie Calhoun

    would love to win! I have 3 girls to knit for & am always looking for something new & stylish!

  177. Cathie

    A group of friends did our own knit in public day at a local coffee shop before we knew about this event!! Had a great time! What beautiful yarn & sweater. I would love to knit with it!!

  178. Barb

    Gorgeous yarn! TY Melanie and Blue Sky Alpacas. I’ll be knitting in public here in MA and in the Big Apple when I visit my “baby” to celebrate her 21st birthday. Presently working on the Lanesplitter skirt (Knitty First Fall 2010) with yarn from my LYS Webs. She’ll look fab in it this coming September as she starts the second half of her college experience.

  179. Andrea

    Ooh…I’m getting back to learning how to knit lace, now that I work in a yarn store where knitting in public is encouraged!

  180. Virginia

    Love that color, and I knit in public all the time. Can’t wait to celebrate the day!

  181. Kristen

    I also knit in public quite often and have found that people are very curious about it. I’ve even had an older gentleman sit and tell me the story of his grandmother knitting their socks when he was a child.

  182. Donna G

    That yarn is wonderful to work with. I made a chemo cap for a friend’s sister-in-law from that same shade of blue and they loved it. So soft!

  183. ChristineB

    I love knitting in public and like it even more when people have the curiosity to come and ask questions.
    Nice yarn to show (and touch) helps a lot!

  184. tina

    Wow! what a great contest! I knit most days at work (I work at a local attraction) outdoors during my lunch/coffee break.


  185. Ingrid

    OOooh….so goregeous!! Does the Estes Park Wool Festival count as knitting in public…which I also do all the time at lunch!

  186. Sara

    That book and the yarn looks fantastic. I have always wanted to try some Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton.

  187. Kelly

    What a sweet thing! So many pretty colors to knit up this lovely summer sweater. Thank you for the opportunity.

  188. Jennifer

    Knitting in public is a great conversation starter. I find that boys are usually more interested in what I’m doing when I’m knitting than girls are. Or maybe they’re bolder and actually ask me questions.

  189. Natalie

    Count me in. Teva Durham has really interesting construction in her designs and that is a lovely shade of cotton

  190. Susan (sjanova)

    That is perfectly lovely — the design and the yarn. And I’ll be KIPping all next week on board Summit and in Bermuda. A week of peace, someone taking care of my every need, and knitting. What more could I ask?

  191. Roberta

    I’ll be attending my older daughter’s graduation on WWKIP day – thinking maybe I need to tuck a small project in my purse to knit during the speeches 🙂 And I would LOVE to win the yarn & book –

  192. Lois

    I’ve been spreading the news about World-wide Knit in Public day. I wasn’t able to get an event planned between the 11th and the 19th, but we are going to have a knit in public event at our library June 30th! Yay!

  193. Margaret

    i love to knit with the neighborhood group. This yarn looks yummy to work with and a lacy sweater is perfect for this time of year!

  194. Gretchen Edwards-Bodmer

    That is a beautiful blue! My knitting group knits in public every Wednesday on the campus of Old Dominion University. Stitch A Bit ODU Est. 2006 🙂

  195. Kately

    what beautiful yarn and would love to make more shawls… i knit in public all the time and it seems slightly scandalous… sorta 😉

  196. Mary Beth

    I plan on knitting in public somewhere that week! Beautiful book and yarn too! Thanks!

  197. Barbara

    I knit in public at least twice a week as my knitting group meets in various coffee shops around the county. This is a beautiful sweater pattern and I would love to win it.

  198. Jenn

    If it rains, I’ll be KIPing by KOPTing – Knitting On Public Transportation (alas, I haven’t figured out how to KWC yet [knitting while cycling])

  199. Ayla

    Gotta love a good contest! That’s some beautiful blue yarn, and I loves me some lace knitting! I’m looking forward to this upcoming week of knitting fun, too!

  200. Melissa

    I love the idea of promoting knitting by have a knit-in-public event and all week I will be knitting wherever I am! Unfortunately, I live in a rural area and I am the only knitter I know nearby, so organizing an event would be futile. But I try to knit in public often and there are always curious people to make me feel like a rockstar!

  201. Lori

    I’m excited to participate in WWKIP this year. The sweater and blue yarn are both beautiful!

  202. Marianna Brough

    Beautiful yarn! Dang, now I just have to figure out a way to get to Manoa, HI so I can get crocheting lessons!

  203. Lynnette

    Ooo…gorgeous! I’ll be knitting at the library I work at that day, and planning a knitting group for the fall 🙂

  204. SlugFan

    What a lovely pattern and yarn to knit in public with! It will definitely catch everyone’s eyes!

  205. Amanda B.

    I knit in public all the time, on the bus, at school, in restaurants. I would love to win this yarn! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  206. Rose

    Oh my goodness, that is a very exciting giveaway! I’ve been dreaming of that book for ages. Last night I was knitting on the patio of my local sports bar, but it was nothing quite as lovely as Teva’s work.

  207. Amy P

    I love that sweater!

    I will be working at my aunt’s jewelry store on WWKIP day. I’m planning to take knitting and sit in he window seat while I wait for customers to come in. Great lighting, and the knitting sometimes draws people in. so it’s a win-win situation!

  208. Lindsay

    I love that WWKIP Day is really a week, because we all work different schedules, so you get a very fair chance to participate 🙂

  209. Lauren Dillon

    I’ve been coveting that book! Yarn with it makes that deadly sin double. WANT!

  210. Sarah

    I love that yarn. I knit a couple toys for a friend’s baby out of it. I’d love to use it again – especially to knit in public.

  211. Dawn

    Thank you for promoting world wide knitting in public day and for the chance to win beautiful yarn. Such a lovely opportunity to inspire people to create hand made items!

  212. Betty

    Not sure if posting to the contest post counted. So here is another post to the announcement of the contest post. Love the blue yarn!

    1. Suzanne

      We knit in public weekly at a local bistro in LA, but will have to consider posting our little group for WWKIPD!

  213. Jen

    What a lovely book/yarn! I’ll have to make a point of knitting in public that day. 🙂

  214. Mia

    I am always knitting in public. Ask anyone who knows me. I love te yarn! And even n the heat of summer when others may switch to other crafts or fibers, I am playing with wool or silk. (I can not knit cotton since it hurts my shoulder.) Great contest!

  215. Margaret

    Ooh . . . my niece would look so pretty in that sweater! We’re knitting in public in Moscow, Idaho.

  216. SophiaS

    I don’t need a special week to knit in public, as I do it every chance that I can! I never go anywhere without a project in my purse. And I love the comments it draws out of people…especially when I’m knitting two socks at a time via the magic loop method!

  217. judit

    I knit in public on the train, at the park, waiting for my turn at the doctor’s office, … you name it!

  218. Lydia

    I KIP as often as I can! Last time I went on a plane trip, I had a couple different people come up and talk to me about my knitting. One of them was a knitter herself who didn’t think you could bring needles on the plane and was now happy to learn that she could!

  219. Paige

    Looking forward to KIP at my LYS…but it is going to be a hot day in GA…maybe some nice cotton yarn?

  220. Rachel

    I knit in public all the time. My fav is when kids ask what I am doing and I get to introduce them to knitting!

  221. Mary

    What an absolutely beautiful book and bundle of yarn! Very cute stop-motion video, too – Charlotte should be very proud of herself!

  222. Amanda

    That shrug has my name written all over it! May have to look into that book even if I don’t win…

  223. Ann Woodyard

    What a beautiful shade of blue! I’ve never been shy about knitting in public, but find that it doesn’t go well with many stadium sports.

  224. Bonnie Pruitt

    Well, here goes nothin’! Can’t win if you don’t play, right? Those books are incredible, and I’m totally a blue sky addict. 🙂

  225. Christi D.

    Pick me!!!! Pick me!!

    I have plans to KIP on that day with other knitting friends!

  226. Janet McDowell

    Subways, buses and Starbucks are my favorite KIP locales. People here are pretty used to KIP but if you really want to cause a few stares here in NYC, try tatting in public!

    1. Phyllis

      Very much looking forward to the Savannah KIP in Forsyth Park! And I’d love to win that book 🙂

  227. Jennifer

    You are offering 2 of my favorite things: alpaca yarn & teva
    Durham. I have her loop d loop knitting and crochet books and I love her philosophy of designing beautiful, sophisticated pieces that defy machine reproduction and have to be created by hand. I also love her willingness to design for plus sizes. If only I could win by sheer enthusiasm!

  228. NanaMary

    I would look lovely in the sweater. WWKIP day is the way I have come to celebrate my birthday-13th of June. This year will be celebrating in Bedworth, UK with my group at Crafternoon.
    Can’t wait to see what everyone is making this time around! Good luck everyone!

  229. Emily

    I don’t have a chance in H-E-Double Hockeysticks of winning this, but on the off chance I do, I’d love to! I have yet to tackle a sweater and that yarn is gorgeous!

  230. Nastassia P.

    Oh my goodness, I absolutely am in love with that color blue. It would look great for my next project this summer.

  231. Lauren

    The local Starbucks is our normal Knit-in-public location. We have had a range of reactions, from blatant staring to friendly comments about how it’s good to see people knitting.

  232. Kerry

    Oooh I could do with a new book for inspiration. I’m just about finish all my WIPs. Every year I say I will get involved in WWKIP day but never do, this year I think I will 🙂

  233. Jonna

    Oh, I would so like to win the Blue Sky Alpaca after having stared at the Blue Sky above my garden today!

  234. Katie Nell

    I knit in public all the time! I’m an elementary school teacher, and whenever I am able to, I knit while the students are working. I’ve converted several of our young people to the world of knitting! 🙂

  235. Mary V

    Way to go on a great contest, Knitty! If I win, maybe I will save this for the next worldwide knit in public day! (or maybe not. It looks too good not to touch.)

  236. Adrienne G.

    What a cute cardi! Looooove knitting lace and would love to give this project a try!

  237. Ali

    What lovely yarn, and what a lovely book!

    I will be WWKIP in Temecula California with my new knitting sisters (and brothers? you never know!) on Saturday as I am moving to a new town in just 3 weeks. That sweater is lovely too! I may pick that book up even if I don’t win! I LOVE LACE!!!

    Can’t wait for the next issue. Knitty is most definitely my favorite knitting magazine, and the best value on the web.

  238. Brandon Thomas

    There is an embarrassment of riches as far as WWKIPD events in the Charlotte, NC area to attend!

    The book and the cotton look delightful!

  239. Liz H.

    I love the story about the Hawaiian knitter teaching others. I will be knitting in public that week at our regular Sunday afternoon knit group at Panera. Enjoy, everyone!

  240. Lea

    Very pretty… I love to KIP while out and about. I don’t do sitting idly still very well!

  241. victoria

    not only do i celebrate knit in public often, i also spin and tat in public 🙂 sometimes handiwork is the best conversation starter. the sweater on the book looks like a fun challenge!

  242. Carolyn

    I knit in waiting rooms, at the beach, sitting in traffic, in line at the grocery store. If you’re going to kill time, you should have something to show for it.

  243. Ashley

    I try to knit whenever possible so I’m often seen knitting in public. That color is beautiful and the book looks really interesting!

  244. Olga B

    I love lace! And I love little cardi’s! I knit in public all the time – especially if I am in an office waiting for an appointment and such!

  245. Becca

    Me, I knit at work during lunch, on public transit, in waiting rooms, vegging in my backyard with my feet in the pool. (I prefer spinning in the front yard as the bench out there is at the perfect height).

  246. Giorgi DeCarlo

    That sweater is adorable. Lace knitting is a favorite of mine, although it’s not the easiest to do in public.

    My friend and I knit in public every Saturday. I’m always amazed by the number of people who stop to watch and share knitting stories.

  247. Dennis Lugo-Coll

    It’d be great to find something in the ‘burbs of North County, but whether or not Finals week will let up enough for me to go is another matter. I usually knit or crochet on the bus (1.25hr ride to and from school), and it’d be great to be knitting up a lovely lace shrug for my sister. 😉

  248. Emma Dunne

    I’ll miss WWKIP this year, as I’m visiting a new baby – but I’m bringing her some woolly goodness (a cardigan and some shoes)!

  249. Shannon McCabe

    I knit everywhere in public! While waiting for my kid’s swim lessons to finish, at the doctor, at lunch, at the place I go for breakfast sometimes, in the car while DH drives…

  250. Becca

    I love knitting in public, but by far and away drop spindelling get the most odd looks!

  251. Tracy

    I think every day is KIP day. I take a project along every time I leave the house, even if it’s just to run a quick errand. I even take my knitting on day hikes and on backpacking trips. It adds to the memories associated with the FO.

  252. Bronwyn

    I’m a big fan of knitting in public any time I have to “wait” Waiting for class to start, waiting for my doctor appointments, waiting for the bus to arrive, etc. It makes me feel less like I’ve wasted that time.

  253. Chelsea

    This yarn is lovely! I’ve been knitting in public way more since I got to college, used to be self conscious about doing that while in high school, but now I do, and everyone thinks its really cool!

  254. Diana

    Our Rustic Tarts and Old Farts Hoot ‘n Holler is this Sunday. Part of our celebration is the early arrivals eat at Cracker Barrel on Sat. evening, and knit in the rocking chairs on the porch!

  255. Chris

    I seriously need to find some friends to knit in public with. Wait, I guess our weekly knit out at lunch works! Lovely sweater and yarn!!

  256. diane

    I unintentionally celebrated KIP day while waiting to skydive for my birthday yesterday. 😀

    1. Christine

      Looks like no event has been organized for Hamilton, ON as of yet…maybe I’ll have to get on that 🙂 Anyone else in this area?

  257. Allison

    This is a great book! I’ve been eyeing that cover sweater for a while now…
    hooray for WWKIP day!

  258. Carolee

    I knitted in public last night, at my son’s band concert. He was embarrassed and said it was akin to doing a handstand in public. Who knew?

  259. Jenniffer

    I love to knit in public. I almost always carry a small project with me. What a generous offer for the contest. Love Blue Sky Alpaca

  260. molly nichol

    i also knit in public at every opportunity. i have even taken to arriving early for doctors’ appointments to maximize my knitting time. however – my doctor has taken to letting me in early! it’s a win-win situation i guess!

  261. Lois Brooks

    What a pretty shrug/sweater – perfect for this crazy New England Summer – cold one day – hot the next. Would love to win this kit.
    P.S. Love Love Love Knitty!

  262. Teri Robinson

    I haven’t participated in WWKIP before. Hope I can find a location in my area. The blue yarn is gorgeous and the book looks so interesting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  263. Laura_in_TX

    Learning all kinds of new things with knitting. I knit in public all the time. Would lo