Spinning Tuesdays: A Winner and the Tour de Fleece

Our winner of our last fabulous spinner’s haul is Heather in Maine. Congratulations, Heather!

Our thanks to Storey Publishing, The Spinning Loft and Interweave for our prizes. Thanks to Deb Robson for writing such an inspirational book!


Are you spinning for the Tour de Fleece?

This year the Tour completely snuck up on me and it’s in the midst for the nuttiest time of summer for my family. But I can’t let it pass, I love a challenge.

I’m going to spin for Tappen Zee by Amy King. I’ve been wanting to make it since we published it in Knittyspin.

Tappen Zee from Spring+Summer 2010 Knittyspin

What will I spin it out of? Here’s my pound of yumminess:

Merino, BFL and Silk in moody colors

The fiber on the left is Blue Moon Fiber Arts, 75% BFL/75% Tussah, color: Obsidian – a gorgeous gray with biths of blue gray and touches deep red gray.

The fiber on the right is Winterhaven Fiber Farm 80% Merino/ 20% Tussah, color: Mahogany – a deep, rich, brown red.

What are you spinning for the Tour?

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16 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: A Winner and the Tour de Fleece

  1. Seanna Lea

    I am such a novice that I am just going to try to spin each day. I have more than enough fiber for that, and the practice is more important than what I spin!

  2. Heather

    The Tour de Fleece snuck up on me as well. I will just try to spin extra for a while.

  3. Rachel

    My goal is to spin 30 minutes per day. So far, I’ve hit my goal every day! 😀 Right now I am working through ~2oz of superwash merino, that I dyed green. (Green is awesome, green is good. *nods*) It’s so pretty! You can see my posts in the Daily thread on Ravelry as FlyKytten. 🙂

  4. Ellen

    I just finished my first stage – two 4 oz. bumps of BFL using the bulky head for my Lendrum. I’ve only just gotten that head so it was a bit tricky to learn on.

    The only thing that got me through was Season One of Dr. Who!!

  5. Meg

    For my friend Sam, I’m on a 2-ply Natural smoky Corriedale jag. 2100 yds down, maybe another 1800 to go. Oi. I’m spinning for my own flock, you see. And, well, it’s just freaking lovely. I almost just have make the sound of spinning and it goes- like Ralph the Mouse, and his motorcycle.

  6. susan

    I am spinning all my phat fiber samples from May ‘Spice Market’. A lovely sampling of fiber and colour. I hope they will grow into a ‘Knit, Swirl’ creation, one day.

  7. Sarah

    I am spinning some Funky Carolina merino/silk that I received as part of the Pure Inspiration Club. I am a very slow spinner, this is colorway is even more dear to me right now, and these 4ozs are where I am keeping my focus.

  8. Deborah

    I am also a beginner. My goal is to spin every day. At my current pace, I am also hoping to finish spinning up my first 10 oz of Ashford dyed corriedale, and move on to some other fiber I bought since I first learned. I have Finn, Cormo, BFL, Romney and merino. I am looking forward to a fun spinning tour.

    (BTW, I haven’t seen any of the bike race yet!)

  9. Gattastrafatta

    Wow!I love the fiber on the left!
    I’d like to learn to spin!
    Maybe next winter………

  10. Michelle

    I am spinning some merino/silk (for Teams Footloose and Corgi) and some homegrown black Shetland (for Teams Spindlers, My Favorite Sheep and NW Shetlands).

  11. Kathy

    I am also a novice spinner and am just trying to spin something that isn’t too terrible to knit. I think I’ll knit a wall hanging so that the mis-shapen knit pieces will be “artistic”. I am knitting a woolen prepared wool from a sheep that must have loved rolling in hay. I’d like to meet the sheep, just because we are sharing a year of his or her life of wool manufacture. He/she-ep did a better job of growing the wool than I am of spinning it.

  12. Kittenears

    I’m a novice spinner but I have no fibre. Oh, sad times. I have to opt out of the Tour. 🙁

  13. egrace

    First I have to get my wheel working again and I’m spinning and that’s my goal. It’s dark brown BFL/Shetland, I think.

  14. Heather Kinne

    I am so over the moon about winning the giveaway! THANK YOU!

    As for the Tour, I’m spinning from my stash: first up is a One Night Stand Batt from Politically Incorrect Fibers. Woot!

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