Spinning Tuesdays: The Hot Ate My Brain

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but here in Michigan it’s hot. I am lucky to have air conditioning which keeps my body cool-ish, but man, oh, man, the Hot Ate My Brain.

It’s hard to put coherent sentences together, much less actually think.

I did spin. I like to mix textures as well as colors when I spin. Can you marl a texture?

I have this lovely fiber from CJ Koho Designs:

cjkoho Designs colorway: Henry

All the same colorway, but different blends.

Left to right: Merino/tencel, silk, Merino and BFL.

I spun them and plied the singles together in different combinations and knit swatches. I kept track, made tags, took notes.

Then my brain stopped.

It kind of feels like this:

Many combinations of fiber

I was surprised how some of the combinations came out. Next week, I promise I will find coherent words to describe it all.

In the meantime, popsicles for everyone!


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5 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: The Hot Ate My Brain

  1. Meg

    It’s hot here, argh! and muggy too. I have corriedale that I’m plying. Blek is all I can say.

  2. Mary Shue

    Love that colorway. Interesting idea about mixing different blends in the same colorway. I like it. I think I have some Henry in my stash, too. As soon as I finish these darn knitting IOUs, I will be spinning like Charlotte! m

  3. fiberlicious

    We have three weather conditions where I live:


    Damned hot.

    Too damned hot.

    Your fiber and yarn are gorgeous – thanks for sharing them!

  4. Jemmy

    You should entirely move your spinning to Vancouver Canada, the weather has decided to give Summer a miss and is sticking with Spring (which means rain) until it feels it can be Autumn again.

    Gorgeous colours by the way!

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