WWW: Knitters Around the World Helping Out & Having Fun

Olive and some of her creations.

A heartwarming round-up of knitters young and old donating their work to good causes:

Age Concern in the UK has launched their 2011 Big Knit program, to raise funds to help pay heating bills for the elderly this coming winter.

So cool!

A cute little profile of Tara Wheeler, Doctor Who fan and knitter extraordinaire, who knits and maintains an online guide to the 4th Doctor’s scarves. The site includes bonus links to the patterns for the TARDIS socks, and some notes and photos of the 7th Doctor’s sweater vest.

An art student in New Zealand is showing her “finger-knitted” woolly interpretations of jewellery at a local gallery, and will be teaching workshops on the technique. Neat video on the page.

And add another name to the list of celebrities who knit: Pink.

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4 thoughts on “WWW: Knitters Around the World Helping Out & Having Fun

  1. Seanna Lea

    One of my friends asked me for a Dr. Who scarf, and I just couldn’t wrap my mind around doing that much garter stitch! So, hats off to Tara Wheeler for doing an awesome job at something I just wouldn’t have the wherewithal to do!

  2. Kristin

    I try not to be an annoying proud parent but my 5-yr-old daughter taught herself to finger knit and does really interesting necklace knitting two different yarns together or adding beads or found objects. Can I get her a gallery showing in New Zealand too? Really, it’s nice for fiber craft to get the attention, but I’m not really impressed.

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