Knitty Spotting

Nothing makes us happier than seeing FOs of Knitty patterns out in the wild.

There were so many great Knitty socks on display at Sock Summit…

my favorites were these Double Heelixes (Heelices?), spotted on a lunch break in the marketplace.


As a closet fan of Lucky magazine, I absolutely adore this “style sheet” with suggestions on how to wear your “Make Up Your Mind” tank in cooler weather.

Like paper dolls, but better.

The site also has an interview with Julie Crawford, the designer of the pattern.

A fab OpArt blanket worked in handpainted yarn.

Lucky baby.

An absolutely stunning Seascape shawl from mary.w.e .


And this may be the best Knittyspotting ever: “The Knitty Project” – a knitter makes something from every issue. She even solicits votes about which pattern to knit.

The most recent WIP in the project is a pair of great Pomatomus socks.

Super yarn choice.

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12 thoughts on “Knitty Spotting

  1. Mandi

    WOW that blanket makes me think of the sky in Van Gogh’s Starry Night!! Was that intentional? Looks JUST like it! So beautiful

  2. Marcia

    That OpArt blanket is stunning! I’m not finding it as a Ravelry project page, and I’m dying to know what yarn that is. If somebody could find out, they could sell it as a kit 🙂

  3. Emy

    Marcia, the Op Art blanket is several different colors of Socks That Rock. I know Pamela (the knitter) & I’ve offered to “help” her with the blanket several times! 😉 it’s even more beautiful in person than in the picture!

  4. Julie

    what a great round up, and I appreciate the shout out, too. so many gorgeous projects in this post. That seascape shawl is stunning!

  5. Anne

    Inspiration everywhere!!! I love the idea of the Knitty Project. With so many great patterns, it must be hard to choose.

  6. Julia

    There were a pair of Double Heelices that won a blue ribbon at the Minnesota State Fair!

    And I won a 2nd place ribbon with my Shedir from old school Knitty! (Ravlery link)

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