Sock Summit Round-up

Wow wow wow.  Wonderful wonderous wonderment.

Last week, 6000 knitters converged upon Portland, Oregon, for the second Sock Summit. And what an event it was. So amazing was this event that the Mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, officially declared last week “Sock Knitting Week” in the city.

International Capital of Sock Knitting. At least for a week.

Amy & Kate were there.

Amy and Kate pose in the Sockgate, a surprise from organizer Tina to organizer Stephanie (and lots of fun for the attendees to pose in)

Amy’s roommate, Denny, was happy to find she was properly acknowledged:

Denny welcomes you to her kingdom. Not really. But they can poach a nice egg.

We taught classes.

We shopped the expansive Marketplace.

One of each, please!
Buttons from Indigo Dragonfly, featuring the names of their most popular colorways. note the payment options.
Jennie the Potter's famous sheepy bowls all got socks for the occasion

We attended classes.

We danced.

We proudly saw our place in Sock Knitting History – Monkey in the Sock Museum.

We love Monkey!

We drank coffee and ate donuts.

Breakfast of sock knitting champions

We found our names and those of many of our fellow teachers on bookshelves at the legendary Powell’s.

Amy ran across her own name on the bookshelves at Powell's, and couldn't stop grinning for hours afterwards.

We giggled over the not-yet-tiresome Portlandia references.

Denny believes that birds should be on everything.

We met amazing people.

We admired fabulous knitting.

Baby Sophie, the first of the next generation of knitters, wearing a custom-designed baby swirl jacket from Sandra McIver.

We watched sheep go from fuzzy to naked.

Meet Gusset, Heel Flap and Instep
now that's a naked sheep!

Many hundreds of us danced in our first flashmob.

And we had ourselves a very, very good time.

Many, many thanks are due to Steph, Tina, the ST-2 crew, and all the amazing volunteers who pulled together to make the event happen and the thousands of sock knitters that made this crazy idea not crazy at all…just a wonderful experience.

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17 thoughts on “Sock Summit Round-up

  1. ewenique

    Yay Sock Summit and Denny does look rather regal. I totally missed sockgate and thanks to you banging on about it on twitter I bought myself a little Jennie the potter piece (wasn’t sock wearing sheep though).

  2. Julie

    Looks like it was such an incredible time! Super jealous. And that flash mob video was awesome!! Any flash mob dance that involves clutching yarn is tops in my books.

  3. Fiona

    Thank you for sharing. I couldn’t go, but at least can enjoy it vicariously through blogs and Twitter!

    What I wouldn’t give to pose inside the Sockgate!

  4. Michelle

    I was there on Sunday, but not long enough to hear who won the Fleece to Foot competition. We need a website that gives that kind of important news! Also, can we buy the winning Fleece to Foot modular sock design somewhere?

  5. Jan

    So glad to be a part of it with you and the other teachers. You made it way beyond just a good time by adding huge amount of valuable content. Thanks for your class Sunday afternoon…it was a perfect way to wrap up my learning as a new sock knitter. I’ll send you my finished sock…no deadline tho’…it will take me until next Sock Summit to process everything from this one!

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