Spining Tuesdays: Corespinning – try this!

I can’t stop thinking about and trying different ways to corespin. I want it to be balanced and soft. I have a dream of knitting some sort of sweater out of corespun – loose and layer-y.

I’ve been researching different ways to corespin. I’ve found a bunch of different methods and haven’t tried them all yet, but I wil,l and will report back.

Here’s the one I tried this week and I really like the result – Coreless Corespinning.

With this technique you split off a small amount of your batt – about a pinkie finger’s thickness, and spin a single while you are corespinning. It’s brilliant.

I found a good video by Jazz Turtle Creations on You Tube – it starts at about 1:53.

Creating the core while I spun did two things for me, it kept the yarn really soft and lofty and I was able to get as close as I’ve ever come to a balanced yarn.

Here’s my yarn fresh and feisty:

Just off the bobbin

After a hot water soak:

After a hot bath

I didn’t dry this under any tension. I soaked it in hot water, squeezed it out and draped it on a chair outside to dry. Cool!


There are a couple of other techniques that I want to try and then the puzzle of knitting with corespun starts – loose, tight, what type of pattern, you know the rolling obsession part of being a spinner. Stay tuned.


Next Tuesday, to celebrate my kids going back to school I’m going to have a giveaway, and it’s a good one.

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10 thoughts on “Spining Tuesdays: Corespinning – try this!

  1. Jess

    Looks great!! I like coreless corespinning, too, I just hate how it eats up yardage even faster than the regular kind!!

    I have knit with corespun, though! And loved it! I have a project in Ravelry so you can see – http://www.ravelry.com/projects/jessecreations/renees-scarf. Oh! and this one, I almost forgot – http://www.ravelry.com/projects/jessecreations/corespun-cowl. I’m not as thrilled with that one but it’s b/c I knit it too small, not b/c of knitting with corespun. 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    Okay, so I’ve been following Tuesdays for a while now and while I’m not sure if questions are allowed I figured what could happen, ask anyway. So here it is: Is it possible to corespin yarn with a spindle? All the videos/books I’ve ever seen of art yarn are always with a wheel and while as a beginner I’m nowhere near experienced enough to produce good yarn I’m all about expertimentation in order to get as feel for as many techniques as I can get my hands on (literally)! I would appreciate it if you would be willing to help this newbie out! Thanks in advance for reading even if I don’t get a response.

    1. Jillian

      You need a big heavy spindle because you want a slow twirl. I’m thinking that regular corespinning with a premade core may work better than coreless corespinning, but i haven’t tried it. But I will over the next couple of days & let you know!

  3. Seanna Lea

    Your coreless corespinning looks awesome. When I’m more comfortable with my spindle spinning, I will have to find a large spindle to try the corespinning.

  4. Lelah

    I took a class with Shannon Herrick last weekend, and this was one ofthe techniques we covered! We did use a core, but corespinning is so much fun and you can really have a lot of color control with it.

  5. Susanna

    We did coreless core spinning in Lynn Vogel’s class this year. I think most of us in the class agreed that we enjoyed this type of core spinning better. I know I have done more after the class. Happy Spinning!

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