Spinning Tuesdays: Phat Fiber Fluff Box

I got a Phat Fiber Fluff Box in the mail. Did you hear me squee?

Don’t know what Phat Fiber is? There is a detailed description here, but in a nutshell it is a box of samples, either fiber, yarn or a mix. Fiber artists contribute a certain number of small samples that they have dyed, carded and packaged as they are inspired by the theme of the month. Phat Fiber boxes go on sale once a month and there is a limited number of each box, so you have to click quickly.

The theme for August is Bollywood!

Look at the beautiful box full of fiber:

Phat Fiber Fluff Box for August

20 little fiber packages, not counting the extra goodies like buttons, henna and a cool bangle to wrap in handspun.

I knew you wanted a closer look

The fiber artists that contributed obviously had fun with the theme, it shows in fiber sample and  in the individual packaging. The detail is wonderful from special fonts and photos to silk ribbons to tiny bells.

Packaging details - look at the tiny bells

Unwrapped the fiber looks like this : 7.75 ounces of fiber to spin.

Almost 8 ounces of fiber - look at the sparkle!

The variety of fiber combinations and color is huge. So what doesn a spinner do with .5 ounce amounts of 20 different fiber blends?

This spinner corespins.

Corespinning in the sunshine

I plan to corespin all of the fiber, grabbing the fiber randomly from a big bowl. Sometimes I use all of the .5 ounce in one shot, sometimes I only use half. I am amazed at how it’s all coming together. Corespinning really showcases the fibers and makes a cool looking yarn. I am working on making my corespun yarn balance so I can use it to knit with.

Anyone have tips for balancing corespun yarn?

Let me talk about the collection of fiber artists that contributed to this particular box.

I am an unapologetic fiber wh*re – I have a big stash, I look at fiber and touch fiber every day, I talk about fiber and fiber people every day (yes, I love my job) , but most of the fiber folks in this box of fine fluff were new to me.  I love that.

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15 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: Phat Fiber Fluff Box

  1. Sheralynn

    To get a perfectly balanced corespun yarn? Go to an Insubordiknit workshop and ask Jacey – she has a new trick up her sleeve! I’d say, but I don’t think I’m allowed to disclose it… But it is absolutely amazing/awesome/wonderful aka Jacey is a freakin’ genius.

    1. Jillian

      I got to take that class & I’m working on the the new technique. I didn’t want to say either 🙂 I think it’s in her upcoming book. Yay for Jacey!

    2. Melissa B

      This is good to know I am taking a soft-core spinning class with her in less than 2 weeks (at the WI sheep and wool). I can’t wait to meet her and will be sure to ask about that balancing tip.

  2. Jess

    Aww, yay!!! I’m bummed I didn’t contribute this month, but life gets in the way of Phat Fiber sometimes. 😛

    For corespinning, I don’t know the secret Jacey technique, but for mine I just treadle as slowly as possible to keep it from getting too over-spun, and I weigh it down with something while it dries and sets. Also I’ve heard you can unspin the core first and then corespin to make it less likely to twist, or I find coreless corespinning makes my yarns more balanced (but of course eats up a lot more fiber).

  3. Seanna Lea

    Wow. I have been signed up to the list for over a year now, and it is a lot easier to justify buying a box now that I can see what the insides are like.

  4. Jennifer

    From askthebellweather.blogspot.com
    “Knowing that to be the case, I wanted to try to get a balanced yarn. So I checked my core crochet cotton closely, and saw it had S (counterclockwise) plying twist in it. I took the ball and ran it through my wheel, putting Z, clockwise, twist on it to take out some of the S twist. I tried to be fairly thorough; the yarn was not completely unplied, but it was definitely loosely plied when I was done. I did this on my spinning wheel at the highest ratio, and was really wishing I’d pulled out my electric wheel, or had one of the kids take a run at it — kinda tedious. But worth it, in the final result.”
    I hope it helps,

  5. CoggieTM

    I soak my core spun on a PVC noddy and let it dry tight. when it comes off the noddy, it is balanced.

  6. Jen

    I will be shamelessly stalking Phat Fiber. Like another poster, though, I want to know how much $$ it’s going to set me back.

  7. Melissa B

    This is the second box I contributed to and it looks like you got my fiber medley mix I hope you liked it! 🙂

    (It is on the left side a the top)

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