WWW: Knitty on tap, Sheep for Counting, K/W Knitter’s Fair and Bonus Giveaway!

Because we love you very much, we have another giveaway for you!

I am slightly sad that the Knitty team isn't eligible to win one...

If you’re a reader of our reviews page (and if not, you should be – every issue we tell you about all sorts of fabulous and interesting products to make your knitting and your life better and more fun!), you’ll remember our review of the clever Block ‘n’ Roll solution.

Thanks to the generous people at The Bag Smith, we have 6 of them available to give away, each with a value of $59.95.

The usual rules apply: Leave a comment to this post before midnight, eastern time, on Friday, September 2, 2011. Six comments will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If they answer correctly they will each win a kit.

We can suggest a pattern or two...

The newly relaunched Yarn Company space in New York City is part yarn gallery and part yarn think tank, complete with two dedicated guest computers. And we’re thrilled that one of them is just for Knitty! The owners, Tavy and Assaf Ronen, say that having a Knitty computer makes perfect sense. “When our customers are just stuck for an idea on a project with a yarn they’ve just fallen for, we know they can find what they need on Knitty… ”

The Kitchener Waterloo Guild throws an excellent party every year.

Knitters a little north of New York, in Southern Ontario, are excitedly looking forward to the upcoming Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair, being held at Bingeman’s Park in Kitchener on Saturday, September 10th. This annual event is a highlight for many knitters in the area – Amy and Kate included. More details available in the current issue of the KW Guild newsletter.

There are 65 vendors – yarn sellers both big and small – free seminars, a fashion show, door prizes, and the most fun part of all – knit-oogling.

You might recognize the name of one of the speakers…. Kate will be there, talking about her famous “training sock” philosophy, and sharing tips and techniques for knitters to avoid the “horrible first attempt syndrome” when learning new knitterly skills.

A great story, but points off for the terrible puns in the headline… inmates in a prison in New Zealand have taken up knitting, and are donating the results of their efforts to a local women’s shelter.

Since we are very excited by all things Icelandic at the moment, we were tickled pink by this video sheep for counting, to help you get sleepy.

And we’re enjoying the reappearance of crafts in newspapers, whether in listings for prize winners at local fairs, or as in this case, a pattern giveaway. The Calgary Herald is offering a free knitting pattern to readers. No picture, sadly, but I can only assume there’s one on the actual pattern…

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844 thoughts on “WWW: Knitty on tap, Sheep for Counting, K/W Knitter’s Fair and Bonus Giveaway!

  1. Diana

    What a cool giveaway! It would be nice to give the spare mattress a break from getting stuck with pins every time I need to block!

  2. Christine (AKA Cheeky)

    Darn it! I’m going to be up in the Toronto area visiting a knitting friend who will be there from Germany the week after the K/W Knitters Fair.

  3. Renee

    That Block n Roll sounds amazing! It would be perfect for me, since space is at a premium in my apartment.

  4. Lynda

    Thanks for the roundup of knitting news. You do a great job of keeping me up to date via Twitter and your blog.

  5. patricia

    great giveaway, I love blocking! OK that’s a lie, I don’t, but maybe that’s because I don’t have the right tools;)

  6. Mary Katharin

    The Block ‘n Roll looks amazing! I have lots of unblocked projects 🙂 Thank you for the give-away!

  7. Lj

    Your posts are always so educational, and so enabling! I wonder if the Block N Roll also works on wet cats, since they’ll lay on blocking knits anyway…

  8. Becky

    It looks wonderful! I’d love a chance to win as I don’t currently have anything big enough to block the shawl on my needles.

  9. Iris

    The poor Calgary Herald probably had no idea what kind of hits they’d get to their website by offering a free knitting pattern. I daresay you could give them a few tips regarding upgrades!

    Looking forward to being a contender for the Block n’ Roll.

  10. Connie

    I just love WWW it is great to see what’s going on in other parts of the web. The block and roll sounds great!

  11. Andrea

    I’ve been intrigued by the Block n Roll since I first heard about it–I’d love to have one. And there’s a sweater nearing completion…

  12. Mollie

    Of course I read the Knitty reviews! The block n roll looks like a great resource for someone with a small space.

  13. Bettina

    Very excited to see the Yarn Company relaunching its space! And the block’n’roll looks like a wonderful thing to have!

  14. Susan K.

    The block & roll is on my birthday wish list. Unfortunately my birthday isn’t until December. Maybe I’ll get an early present! : )

  15. MzTallulah

    It’s a great idea, especially for someone who’s used to blocking across a bed… thank you for the giveaway!

  16. Erin

    That Block n Roll is so clever, and a much better solution than the jerry-rigged setup I’ve got going on now. Love the Knitty reviews, always something new to learn!

  17. Seanna Lea

    Wow. I could always use a better way to block things. My current system works fine for small things, but even a small triangle shawl was too much for it!

    And the sheep video is hilarious. I didn’t attempt to count them, because it is nowhere near my bedtime.

  18. Nike Eve

    What an ingenious tool! I love that it rolls up when you’re not using it so it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. 🙂

  19. Deborah

    Thank you for the great giveaway! I would love to have this product. Perhaps then my FO’s would not sit on the table for weeks waiting for me to block them, LOL!

  20. Lark

    I loved the article on NZ prisoners knitting! I’ve requested the free pattern from the Calgary Herald. (I’ll bet they never counted on getting requests from all over North America, if not the world.) And I would LOVE to win the Block Roll, as I have nothing to block on currently but towels on a rug.

  21. Rachel

    I would love to win one of the Block ‘n Rolls! I’ll be working on my first sweater this Fall and I’m sure I’ll need something like that.

  22. Deana

    What a wonderful giveaway! I have three shawls waiting for blocking but my craft room is a mess. This would be a great solution – or, you know, I could clean out my craft room!

  23. Nekoma

    I love the idea of the gridlines! Keeps the scarfs as rectangles and less like the trapezoids they usually end up looking like…

  24. Gina

    I could use the Block roll in my tiny apartment…

    Also – I’m so excited for the KW Knitters Fair! It’s such an amazing, overwhelming time!

  25. Kristi

    Love the Block’n’Roll! I’m working on a shawlette right now that will be in need of blocking soon 🙂

  26. Barbara

    Saw the block and roll at Stitches – and kicking myself for not buying one. Maybe it was fate – come on random number generator, pick me!

  27. Patty Foley

    I saw this mat at Stitches Midwest!! It’s awesome! Several of my friends bought it. They completely sold out of them!

  28. Heather W.

    I was blocking a sweater yesterday and bemoaning the fact that blocking mats tend to be either easy-to-store or a grid. I wanted both. Well hello, Block and Roll!

  29. Tricia H

    The Block ‘n’ Roll is such a great idea!! (And so is having access to Knitty in a yarn store!)

  30. Chris

    I have to admit I’m a novice, I only just found out that Blocking was a requirement. My friends all stated it would greatly improve my first sweater to have blocked it first… oups!

  31. Kamigaeru

    Oh wow. That Block ‘n’ Roll would really come in handy now that I’ve moved into a house with mostly hardwood floors! What perfect timing on this giveaway!!

  32. Cassie

    Me me me!! Would love to win a block ‘n’ roll! My knitting budget is maxed out on yarn these days…

  33. MandyzMoon

    I’m looking forward to the Knitter’s Fair also. Highlight of my year! Although I’m also going to attend Woodstock Fleece Festival this year to appease my new spinning habit.

  34. Roz

    What a clever idea. Reminds me of a similar thing my cousin has for putting away jigsaws. Would love to win one as it looks like it would come in very handy.

  35. Laura

    I so need this! My blocking space is currently an old yoga mat folded in half and placed next to a (much thicker) foam camp mattress. Talk about redneck!

  36. Valerie

    Wish I lived much closer to where the Knitter’s Fair is; I’d love to attend! Our own Sheep & Wool Festival is next weekend, though. Block & Roll would be a great addition to my knitting tools.

  37. Caryn

    Thank you for posting the story about the New Zealand inmates. It is a wonderful example of how inamtes can give back.

  38. Elaine H

    This is the jumpstart I need to start my blog! This will be my first post. Would love to have this item. I’m the worst blocker and I hope this will help. You can do anything if you have the right tool!

  39. Rachel

    I’m about to move into the world’s tiniest apartment. I could totally use something that rolls up small like this!

  40. Sarah

    Sounds like a great product! It sure beats storing a plastic bag covered piece of cardboard behind the door of my bedroom…

  41. Beverly

    What a great solution to a perennial problem. And now that I am getting into lace knitting, I know I need this!

  42. SueBE

    All I can say is WOW! Had did you know I had blocking I’ve been putting off. And the review section in this issue is tops! I should just print it off and hand it out as my Christmas wish list.

  43. Janet Martin

    What a wonderful product–might even get to some of the projects lying rumpled in my cedar chest

  44. Naomi

    You mean I wouldn’t need to pin everything to my floor to block it?! How exciting! But if I don’t pin it to the floor how am I going to ensure that all my fresh new knits get there proper cat-fur-coating?… Well, I’m sure I can figure something out. That blocking mat looks fabulous!

  45. Dawn

    How can I knit so many projects and block on my ironing board? It has been a long search to find a suitable board……….maybe this time!

  46. Layla

    This block ‘n roll sounds way more fabulous than the wonky beach towel I use on the floor of the craft room. I especially like the idea of hanging it, so my Madison will be undisturbed in her path of crawling.

  47. Julia

    This is EXACTLY what I need! I’m just about to need to start blocking the pieces of my first-ever cardigan, and I’m at a loss as to how to get them to come out the same size (front pieces and sleeves). This is what I’ve been looking for!

  48. colleen

    oh to block somewhere other than my ironing board!

    ps i am not going to the Knitter’s Fair because it makes me hyper-ventilate.

  49. Molly

    Wow, the Block ‘n’ Roll looks like a great solution. I used to just pin stuff into the carpet, but we moved and now have hardwood floors… Here’s hopin’…

  50. Becky

    Considering my last blocking adventure involved a plate, a bottle of spaghetti sauce, and a towel to catch drips, this may be just the thing for my future kitting.

  51. Denise Katz

    Ok – I am a little nervous about a “skill testing question,” but count me in for the contest those blocking mats are too cool!

  52. RLJ

    Since my first lace project is on the needles, the Block and Roll system would be the perfect addition to my knitting tools.

  53. Kathleen

    This block ‘n roll looks very good! Also, just to let you know, I’ve become quite taken with the ukulele, thanks to you! I’ve even knit a knitty sweater for my tenor and joined a ukulele club in Montreal! Life is good!

  54. Nytate

    I have been looking at getting a block roll… We were a little disappointed in our local fair as far as knitting projects go. I have known women to crochet in jail for charity but not men until now, that is great.(wish we could get Americans to do it…)

  55. Elizabeth

    Excited to see all the changes at the Yarn Company!
    I wonder if my cat would bug my knitting less with the Block and Roll set?

  56. Jillian_R

    A skill question? How long do we have to answer? LOL
    I’ve got a lace scarf/stole (Actually it’s Wisp!) that will need blocking soon, this would be awesome to have.

  57. Liz

    I would love to win a blocking mat. I am often lazy about blocking because I live in an apartment, so I would love to have a new way to do it!

  58. Heather

    YESSS! A block roll? That’s WAY better than what I’m using now. Since I’m knitting a manly sweater in size 2X, I could sure use it.

  59. Rebecca

    A blocking mat would be so useful! I really like how it rolls up, making storage much easier in tight spaces.

  60. Marg

    Please, please I need to win this. I have a FO which has been sitting for three weeks for lack of just blocking… but with four cats just finding a place which will not become a cat bed is impossible. This would solve my dilemma!

  61. Kris

    I’d love one of those for shawls!

    Re the skill-testing question, it’s not hard and usually they give you lots of time and hints, and you can use a calculator. But it is a Canadian government requirement.

  62. audrey

    I hate blocking but probably wouldn’t mind it as much if I could just roll it all away when I’m done instead of keeping a giant board around!

  63. Kaitlin

    Block n Roll looks like a great solution for college students like me, who don’t have a lot of extra space to block in. (I know some people just pin into their mattresses, but that’s pretty hard to do when you’re on the top bunk!)

  64. Dawn

    Enter me in the contest—I need help with my blocking—so much for just wetting and stretching–time to measure correctly.

  65. Lou

    I love blocking! It is one of my favorite parts of knitting (especially lace). I would love any tool that would make it easier.

  66. Lisa Barrett

    You guys give away the coolest things! Sounds like a terrific product, thank you for generously gifting them.

  67. Cinnamon

    Yes please! I block on folded towels and I end up using so many of them at once, it would be nice to have one designated thing to block on.

  68. Ivanna

    Block and Roll looks like an excellent idea, especially for those of us faint at heart when blocking.

  69. Jeanne

    Oh my word, the block and roll would be perfect to have. Then I wouldn’t get a stern looks from my GF about putting holes in the walls when pinning up my work.

  70. Erica

    I’ve been pinning directly into the carpet padding, and bending a lot of pins in the process. Blocking in college dorm room is so difficult!

  71. Carolyn

    I’d love to win a Block’n’roll! Sure beats the aged cardboard sewing board I’ve been using.

  72. Laura H

    I would love something to help me with my blocking! I have things that are finished that I need to block at this moment, but I keep putting it off! Help!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. Rebecca

    Oooh fabulous, a new yarn shop in NYC! I’m heading there in December and will drag my partner to it and several others. 🙂

    And the Block ‘n’ Roll looks great — thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Rachael

    Ooh, I do need a new blocking surface, as what I’ve been using is starting to fall apart. Count me in, I would love one!

  75. Elle

    I’ve been using a towel on the dryer.. something like this would make it easier.

    In regards to the New Zealand prisoners, that makes me really happy, more people need to turn to their own community to help, rather than reaching past borders.

  76. Erin

    What an amazing concept! The block and roll is so smart – I could actually block projects even with cats and kids! Genius!

  77. Brooke

    I think it is so cool that newspapers are starting to print craft fair winners. It takes such immense talent to things well.

  78. angela

    I’m blocking on modular playmats with the Disney Princesses’ faces on them…this would be a great alternative to defacing Ariel and traumatizing my 5 year old!

  79. Alessandra

    This is such a great idea if you’re tight on space. I’d love to win one for myself. It would mean I wouldn’t have to take up the dining table while I’m blocking things.

  80. Sarah

    My apartment is small. Block and roll’s compact storage sounds amazing.

    Also, the punny headline is terrible. More puns than anticipated.

  81. syd

    I am definitely among the many coveting this Block N’ Roll – what a great idea! I, too, have been using towels on the kitchen counter. Not very sexy – plus it doesn’t have any hold!

  82. Infomom

    I always flinch when I block on my guest bed — which is an airbed. One miss and no more guest bed. This is a much better solution.

  83. Sylwia

    Ooooh, a mat for blocking, how neat! Until now I have been pinning my works to the couch in the living room for wet blocking. Also, I only recently discovered how much better your stuff looks if it has been properly blocked… I have a lot to learn, so I would appreciate it very much to win this blocking mat!!!

  84. Liz in Missouri

    I just moved to a smaller home and I lost my nice big carpet area that I used for blocking! I think the Block-N-Roll would be WONDERFUL!!!!!

  85. Sheila

    I live in a small apartment, so I could definitely use and easily storable blocking solution like this.

  86. Jen

    I’ve been wanting a blocking mat. That’s one big reason why I haven’t indulged in shawls so much. Don’t you want to encourage more shawl-knitting? 😉

  87. Andrea

    Oooh, an actual tool meant for blocking instead of using old boxes! I’m not sure I’d know what to do with myself! j/k, but it’s still pretty sweet. 🙂

  88. Christina

    I would love a large blocking mat, especially one with such a sense of humor! ( I just love the name!) I am using the carpet in my living room covered in towels.

  89. LaurieM

    I can’t wait for the KW Fair! It’s a knitter’s Christmas, fun, friends and the possibility of buying yourself a lovely present.

  90. Karina

    The roll seems like a very useful tool! I made myself something like that, but it can’t roll up so is a bit bulky to put away when not in use.

  91. Bonnie

    I religiously block my projects but could take them to a higher level (I’ll resist an appropriate pun here) if I won this prize.

  92. Renee Anne

    A roll-up blocking mat would be useful in my world…my blocking squares take up a bunch of room on top of my dresser (because they won’t fit *in* the drawers).

  93. Logan

    That would make my life so much easier! I have several things in need of blocking and no blocking mat at hand!

  94. Shawnna

    I would love a blocking mat! I can’t always count on having the guest bed free to block out my larger projects so this would be quite a boon!

  95. Meeli

    The Block ‘n’ Roll is a very comfortable for blocing a flat knitted garmet. I’ll hope to see one of them in my home 😀

  96. Nicola

    I’m entering partly for me, but mostly because I know my fiancé would love there to be a blocking mat in the house so I could stop using the bed!

  97. Kara

    I don’t know how I missed that info on the Block & Roll, but that looks super handy. I’m definitely going to have to add it to my list of things to buy (or win). 🙂

  98. leann

    I love that knitting accessories are getting so fun! Would love to be able to use this as I start more lace projects.

  99. Chris

    I would love to win the
    Block & Roll-I even have a couple of finished projects needing blocking.

  100. LoriAnne

    That Block ‘n Roll just got put on my Christmas List, but it would be so much better to not have to hope someone gets it for me… 🙂

  101. Annie Wilson

    I’m two pattern repeats away from needing a nice blocking mat like that one. I’d better slow down so that when I win I’ll have a great way to break it in.

  102. Fara

    Blocking is wonderful. Wonderful blocking tools like a Block n Roll are the best! Thanks for the opportunity to win

  103. Jennifer

    You mean there’s actually things you can block on rather than the nearest carpet, bed, or dinning room table and no one told me?!?

  104. Liz P.

    I actually have a sweater with 5 pieces waiting to be blocked… I would love a chance to win this!

  105. Irene T

    Would love to win. Oh yes, KW Fair. Can’t go this year. Have an 81st birthday party to attend.

  106. Toni

    You don’t even want to know my current blocking technique — I have a very laissez-faire approach to blocking. I’d love to win this!

  107. RachelG

    Oh, wow! I’m so in need of one of these right now. In fact, it is on my list of “next to buy” as my last blocking system is now defunct. I would be so pleased to win one of these.

  108. Claire

    Wow! Generous sponsors! I would love to block the fingering weight shawl on my needles now on this…

  109. Eleanor

    I’d love the Block ‘n Roll b/c the letters keep popping out of the alphabet foam blocks I got from TJ Maxx! Loved the sheep video – feel like I need a nap…

  110. Gale

    I would love to win this in need of a blocking tools. Just start knitting with lace yarn, and love it.

  111. Tisha

    The block n’ roll looks awesome. I’m getting ready to buy some kind of blocking device, since I’ve recently discovered that I love knitting lace! (Thanks to my getting-hitched-this-summer friends.)

  112. Julie

    I’ve been thinking of buying one of these anyway, but please consider this an entry to win one instead! :->
    Thanks so much for yet another generous giveaway.

  113. MadTatter

    The Block ‘n’ Roll is GENIUS. I’ve been drooling over it since the review came out. Bless you for making them a giveaway!! (And can you pick me? pretty please? I’m getting really tired of blocking my lace on my office carpet…)

  114. SusieQ100

    Any chance that you’d send one to The Netherlands?? ‘Cos I’d love a block’n’roll!

  115. Shelle

    I did read the review for this…and currently have no blocking apparatus! This would be a real treat for me!!
    ps. love this blog!

  116. Carlin

    A Bloc n Roll mat would be so useful! My cheap diy solutions really are only going to get me so far…

  117. Shadow Byrd

    That block roll looks awesome for a small space like what I’m currently living in.

    I love that I can find so many cool things from reading this space. 😀

  118. Kimberly

    I really need help with blocking. Does it come with someone who will do the blocking for me?? 🙂

  119. Emily VA

    Oh, how I would love one of these block ‘n’ rolls! I used to block things on the carpet (and pad) in my old house, but I’ve moved and all I have is hardwood floors and my bed now… this looks so much better!

  120. Cynthia RD

    Wow, The BagSmith web site has tons of interesting items! Would love to try the Block N Roll.

  121. Julie

    Am I the only person that likes blocking? My sister is coming over today so I can block her things today even.

  122. Adrienne

    Wow, this roll is a great idea with the grid! I could definitely use something like this as I work through my first sweater for blocking the pieces.

  123. Amy

    That block and roll looks awesome. I have to pin all of my projects that need blocking to my bed.

  124. Debra

    The Block N’ Roll looks fabulous. I use a large 4′ x 4′ piece of styrofoam which is not that easy to store.

  125. Susan Henry

    Entering for the block ‘n roll. I have a friend who dutifully blocks her laces, sweaters, potholders-everything! and this would make an amazing gift for her. Hope my knitting knowledge is us to snuff if I’m selected!

  126. Jenny K

    Friend ordered one at Stitches b/c they ran out. They must be very useful if they’re that popular.

  127. Josee

    I have that block and roll kit on my wish list for a while now… that review page can be fun but deadly to the wallet! 😛

  128. Brittany

    Ooh! I’ve been blocking with various household items with mixed results. This would be amazing!

  129. Lynn

    I really need to win this! I have nothing to block my soon to be completed sweater. So pick my name please. If not, I will have to go buy one. Thank-you!

  130. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    The Block n Roll looks like a great product. Waterproof, heat resistant, and grid lines to line up your knitting. I would love to win one.

  131. Chels

    I could really use this item. My makeshift blocking item is not so great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. Kate

    Oooh, I’ve been wanting a Block ‘n’ Roll since I read about them (in Knitty.. I think/assume)! So much better than towels.

    I hope non-North-Americans are eligible for this…

  133. Sanya

    Last night I pinned my newly finished Ishbel to the extra bed in the room. A Block’n’Roll would be so much better!

  134. Susan

    The gridlines would make blocking SO much easier. I had just decided to mark grid lines on my current blocking pad but will now wait. Maybe I won’t have to 🙂

  135. paulapurl

    Too often I skip the blocking step because I don’t have the right supplies. I would love to win this and block my handknits. Thanks for the giveaway.

  136. Barbara Joy

    I am in the process of finishing up projects – the block n roll will motivate me even more…

  137. Pilaar

    Blocking, not my best friend, but a necessary evil. Hoping if I win this I will be more motivated to do a better job of it.
    Thanks Knitty!

  138. Megan

    That blocking mat looks fantastic! The ease of portability is so appealing to me. Living in a small apartment, finding room to block can be tricky.

  139. Stacie

    OH my, I would love to win a blocking tool. My carpet would love it also!!! Thanks for the chance!

  140. Rebeka

    I am also in need of a better blocking set-up! Maybe I’ll be lucky this time?

    Those sheep for counting were awesome. Thanks Iceland!

  141. Denise

    This looks wonderful! I love that it will roll up and store easily! Thanks for offering this give away!!

  142. Heather N

    I soooo want a blocking board… my floor can never stay clean enough with my cats, to block anything without having to banish the cats for a few days. ( 1 day to soak and pin and 1 day… at least… to let it dry)

  143. Kelly

    I use the foam letter puzzle pieces my boys outgrew to block my stuff but it’s a pain to pull out and assemble and can’t be moved anywhere. That Blocking solution is great!

  144. Lisa

    I’ll join the piles and piles of commenters in saying how much I’d love one of those! I’m on a budget right now so I can’t justify buying one, even though they look fantastic, so winning would be amazing.

  145. Melissa

    I love that mat I want one super bad i don’t even want to mention what I have been doing instead lol.

  146. Liz V.

    That Block ‘n’ Roll is so cool!

    I have those foam squares, the big ones for playrooms, and they don’t really fit in the closet of my crafting room. Plus they’re so bright, it’s hard to take photos of my blocked projects.

  147. Reb

    Block’n’Roll would be so much better than the Stab’n’Pray I did the first time I ever blocked anything. Lace shawl on towels. On an INFLATABLE mattress. Memorable!

  148. AlisoninOZ

    I lurv the review sections. And I would dearly love to give a Block’n’roll a home here in sunny Oz!

  149. Lisa in Toronto

    Thanks for sharing prizes with your readers! Please count me in the lottery for the blocking roll.

  150. Rachel

    I read the review section, and as I have no blocking tools (yet!), I would dearly love this! 😀

  151. Meg

    I love the review section as well as everything else in Knitty. And I’d love something to block on that works better!

  152. Courtney

    Thanks for the heads-up about the free pattern! Also, I’ve been looking for a blocking mat, and I think that one would be just the ticket. 😉

  153. mary

    ooh, pick me, pick me! i’ve been using an ironing board for a blocking mat, and i’d love to finally have something legit!

  154. Verity

    Ooh a Block n Roll would save my bed from the damp when I wet-block my knitted shawls. Would love to win 🙂

  155. Marlitharn

    I like the idea of the block ‘n roll; right now I use those puzzle shaped foam squares and sometimes it’s hard to block in a straight line!

  156. Joy

    I am currently working on my first project that will need blocking. This mat looks easier to use than the foam blocking mats I have been considering. I love that there is a grid pattern on the mats.

  157. Shelley

    I would love to win the block ‘n roll! Love the icelandic sheep video too – but it doesn’t make me sleepy – it just makes me want to knit. Plus I’m worried about the one sheep on the left at the start of the clip who seems to have something wrong with his/her front legs. Poor sheepy!

  158. Debbie

    Ohh, ohh, pick me, pick me. Please. Though I’m a bit worried about the test; I’m not good at pop quizzes.

  159. Cocoonivus

    Oh, that Block ‘n’ Roll sounds just the thing! I have no space for the usual blocking solutions, and wind up hoping my project will fit on my queen-sized bed. I hope I win!

  160. Kelly

    I would be a good mom if I win and FINISH the Rogue I’ve had knit for my daughter at least two years!

  161. Natalie

    Tiny apartment with hardwood floors….desperately in need of a Block ‘n’ Roll, what a great idea!

  162. Aimee

    I’ve wanted a Block N’ Roll since I first slapped eyes on your review! It’s perfect for my obsessive need to have each section perfect – plus, I won’t have to figure out the best configuration to block odd-shaped items!

  163. Kitten With A Whiplash

    This would be such a help with the limited space I have for storage has kept me from getting blocking mats. Thanks for the giveaway.

  164. Cyndi

    love the sheep! you are right about the bad pun headline headline but it is a great story on the prisoners.
    I will have to remember to check out the reviews more often!

  165. paisleyapron

    This would be put to use immediately. No more towels on the floor! I think I would actually block something for real….

  166. Nancy McKinney

    Love the block and roll idea! Blocking is the best part of a project. It never ceases to amaze me how blocking makes a project sing!!

  167. sillylittlelady

    I don’t even have blocking mats, I use whatever I can find around the house! Blocking can really make or break a project and I imagine having proper equipment will make a big difference

  168. Annie Stewart

    Block & Roll a smile
    Sweet choice that brings it home
    If it’s meant to be

    A haiku for you!!
    Thank you for the opportunity 😀

  169. Andi

    Ack! I want one! But with 5 bajillion people responding, who knows. And being a newer knitter, what if I answer wrong? Oh the stress!

    But I really want a Block Roll! Sooo cool!

  170. Tia

    I can’t begin to express how badly one of these is needed when you live in a tiny apartment filled with yarn, wheel, boyfriend, dog, furniture…this would be so helpful, I will need to get it now I’m reminded if I don’t luck out and win.

  171. Rebecca

    Ooh la la, Block ‘n’ Roll looks great! Easier than my ironing board and easier than blocking mats too…

  172. yarnstruck

    What do you mean? Terrible puns in headlines should be worth *extra* points! And also, I’d love to win a Block ‘n’ Roll. Pick me, pick me. 🙂

  173. Willa Jean Dooley

    I’d love to win the Block & Roll but I’d also like to have a really cool yarn shop like that. The only ones near me are in Palm Springs, and they are snotty, snooty, rude, overpriced and they don’t even carry sock yarn. Blech. Thank heaven for internet yarn shops.

  174. Oraxia

    Block n’ Roll sounds a lot neater than my current cobbled cardboard solution… That would be nice to win 🙂

  175. Emily

    I’d love a block ‘n’ roll. My current blocking board is in dire need of replacement. Being able to roll it up and store it is a bonus.

  176. Helen

    I think the Block and Roll will be another thing on my wish list for when we finally have saved up enough for the house!

  177. Anna

    A block ‘n roll would be brilliant! I’m really only just starting to appreciate the wonders of blocking, and one of these would make it even more satisfying!

  178. Michelle

    Great idea. The room I currently use for blocking is going to be turned into a baby room soon, so this would be perfect for me.

  179. Heather

    I so need a Block and Roll as I have 3 shawls that need to be blocked and no place to do so other than my bed.

  180. Brenda

    Blocking, something I always drag my feet about doing, it means going to the basement & claiming my husbands pool table for a few days! Both of us would love it if I win the BLock n Roll!

  181. Susie

    I have to leave my perfect-for-blocking carpeted room on sunday. Would be nice to have a block-roll to take to my new carpet-free room.

  182. Emily

    I always dread the blocking – mainly because I don’t have the right tools! The Block & Roll would make it so much easier!

  183. seeherknit

    I’ve pointed different friends to Knitty when they are looking for a pattern and can’t find what they are looking for. The Knitty computer makes sense to me.

  184. Michelle B

    Cool give-away – thanks! Hope I win so I can block those green alpaca sweater pieces I knitted last winter!

  185. Cynthia

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  188. Katrin B.

    Have just discovered how really important blocking is…and keep trying to block on a portion of my bed! I would love one of these Block and Rolls!!!

  189. Mary

    I would love a Block & Roll.. I don’t have any good place to do my blocking right now and this looks fabulous!!

  190. Lael

    I have several scarves/shawls that need blocking and I could really use this. Pick me!

    Reminder – Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival next weekend, for those of you near Jefferson, WI.

  191. not supergirl

    The New Zealand prison story reminds me of the movie Millenium Man with Sylvester Stallone!
    The block and roll is super cool; thanks for the chance to win.

  192. Lynn

    Love the Block and roll! My fiancee would be more than happy to get the bed back when I have to block long objects.

  193. LauraBeth

    Block and Roll is an adorable name. I keep meaning to buy a blocking board, but my beach-towel-on-the-carpet method works well enough for most things.

  194. Jackie C.

    Love your review page — it’s like asking a friend who already has something whether it was a good buy!

    Re: knitting in prison: I taught my high school students (special school for kids w/severe emotional/behavioral disorders) to knit. Boys were welcome to join, but none did, preferring to go to the gym during our “free” period. Several of my girls really took to it, though others found it frustrating. It was a wonderful opportunity to sit together and talk while learning a new skill and expressing our creativity.

  195. Lucia

    This prize would be an awesome way for me to start blocking. I’ve never blocked anything (mainly because I haven’t made anything that really needed it) but as I get into knitting sweaters and such this would be a really useful tool! Thanks for having such an awesome give away 🙂

  196. ChiLibrarian

    Wow, look at all the people who want to win. Hey, me, too! I love the knitting news from around the world. Thanks.

  197. Karen Lauterwasser

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  198. Pam

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  199. Sydni

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  200. Andrea B

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  201. Becky

    I would love the Block ‘n Roll! I just had someone ask me how to block and I said, “Lots of pins.” The real answer, of course, involves late at night struggling with pins and measuring tape. I would love to have this to at least eliminate the measuring tape!

  202. Kately

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  203. Maya

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    Also, so glad to hear that Yarn Company has relaunched, and with a dedicated Knitty computer no less! I can’t wait to check it out!

  204. Amy G

    The sheep video is perfect – thank you! And the Block ‘n Roll sounds like a fabulous solution to low storage space. Thank you for the opportunity. -asg

  205. Sue

    I have terrible blocking-phobia, so a Block ‘n’ Roll would really help me to finish my UFOs!

    I so wish that I could get up to Kitchener for the Knitters’ Fair…I’d happily kitchener the items of anyone who would put me up! I’m definitely not a kitchener-phobe!

  206. Martie Dawn

    I absolutely despise blocking, but love lace. This product might change that. I may have something to add to my x-mas list if I don’t win!

  207. Lisa (in BC)

    I missed seeing this earlier in the reviews. Looks interesting and I can see uses for knitting, cross stitch or any number of crafty things. Enter me, please!

  208. katie doan

    coming late (but not too late) to the comment rally! My lace needs a block and roll (I was just looking at those on line the other day)

  209. Kerrilynn

    I saw the Block ‘n Roll in one of my knitting mags and thought to myself, “that’s perfect!” It really is! I believe I am in need of one, ASAP!

  210. Charlotte

    I’ve just completed my first ever lace project … a “garden city scarf” by Sheryl Greenfield and I have come to the conclusion that I NEED a blocking mat. Fingers crossed for me!!

  211. Dieuwke

    The Block’n’Roll thing looks amazing! It would come in soo handy in my tiny apartment – perhaps I could then even get to sleep in my bed when I’m blocking FO’s! ;o)

  212. Adrianne

    The Black ‘n Roll looks so neat. I also wish my (okay, ALL) LYS had a Knitty computer! When I yarn shop with my mom, she always drives, and that’s when I wish I had a copy of the Knitty pattern I had picked out – so I could get stared RIGHT AWAY!

  213. Leslie

    I would absolutely love a Block N’ Roll! My knitting projects would too. Thank you for the great giveaways… as always!

  214. Merit Scotford

    I love the sheep for counting! But I got a different number each time. Maybe that’s why my knitting goes wonky sometimes!

  215. Teresa

    It makes so much sense to have a blocking board that will roll up to tuck in a closet . . . I like the storage of this idea much better than the tiles that interlock.

  216. Liz

    I had no problems blocking until I moved onto a small boat. Now I just don’t block, but I am a strong believer in blocking vastly improving the look and wearability of a garment.
    I would love to win this 🙂

  217. Brenna

    I have a box in my room full of completed projects that need to be blocked. Why havent I done it? Because I am lazy. But also because I need so badly a surface to block them on. My floor or kitchen counter don’t at all fit the bill, and my apartment is so small a non-rolling blocking board is out of the question!

  218. Amanda

    The blocker looks amazing. My husband would sure enjoy having our master bed back instead of having to time share it with wool in varying stages of wetness.

  219. Emily Knepp

    I’ve been blocking on an ironing board…would love to have a ‘Block ‘n’ Roll’ mat. And thanks to the people at The Bag Smith from your readers!

  220. Nancy

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  221. Lynn B

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