Project Black Sock Update

I’ve blogged about this before… being a rabid sock knitter, and a fan of absurdly-colored sock yarns (I am pathalogically unable to resist a self-striping yarn with orange or green in it), I have a drawer full of brightly colored socks.

But sometimes, particularly if one is trying to look sensible, one needs a pair of black socks.

I have, in the past, bought the black socks and knitted the fun ones… but this year, I’ve been taking a different approach. I have been knitting my own black socks.

The other, more sneaky objective of this project is that it has allowed me to buy more sock yarn without guilt. Seriously, I have a healthy stash of sock yarn (much but not all of it self-striping oranges… ) and I really was having a hard time justifying buying more. Until I landed upon this new project… Hey, I didn’t own any black sock yarn, so I just had to buy some.

People have also been kindly donating black sock yarn to me. Sensible people, who fear for their eyesight. More than one knitter has given me a skein, remarking that they had planned to make socks for a man (apparently, black socks are a boy thing), but then they realized that they would hate the project. And so they have given me the yarn.

Between other projects, I have been slowly chipping away at the heap of black sock yarn. And to keep things fun, I have been knitting with some variegated sock yarns, too. But still in black and white, to keep with the theme…

My recent production:

Most boring sock picture ever?

I think my sock drawer is just about ready for fall.

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24 thoughts on “Project Black Sock Update

  1. Connie

    They’re lovely socks, but I’m not sure I understand trying to look sensible. Aren’t there enough sensible-looking people out there already? I think the world really needs more people in outrageous socks.

  2. Seanna Lea

    There is nothing wrong with a pair of black socks. Though I kind of have to wonder about my desire to wonder through my house in white socks. Talk about a way of making socks permanently black (at least on the bottoms). Maybe I’ll take up your black sock pledge and make myself a pair of black slippers that I can use without worry about them looking sad so soon!

  3. Andrea H.

    I do love outrageous socks myself, but I also understand the need for more sedate (but still personal and handmade!) foot-frocks for certain occasions. The socks look great – and reminded me of a hilarious song I learned at girl scout camp. “Black socks, they never get dirty the longer you wear them the blacker they get. Sometimes, I think I should launder them something keeps telling me don’t wash them yet, not yet, not yet!”

  4. Amy C

    lol, I am one of those who has black sock yarn….I keep looking at it and saying someday…..and I will, someday.

  5. Laura

    Handmade socks are luscious regardless of the color. Here’s to black socks and FALL (aka the start of sock wearing weather)!

  6. janet

    I’m fascinated by this – I have made several pairs of black, grey, and other sedate socks, but I have to alternate them with the bright ones!

  7. Carolyn

    Wow very impressive…..makes me want to try to knit black socks…I have black/blue/white stripe yarn, but I don’t think that counts as a totally black pair of hand knit socks…..I have just completed two pair of socks in a dark blue/green ( I did not realize the colors were so close) colorways…problem is you can’t see the pattern.

  8. Peggy

    “apparently, black socks are a boy thing”
    Yes, indeed. And apparently my love (or eyesight?) extends to navy blue and charcoal grey, but not yet to black.

  9. Delia

    I tried to knit a pair of black socks for my brother last year – it was way too hard to see the stitches, even with my headlamp, so they’re in hibernation somewhere. I felt bad about it ’cause I’ve got 20/10 vision and I let a skein of black merino get me down.

    Life’s too short. I prefer hand-knit socks and think store-bought socks don’t measure up, but I happily buy the very few pairs of black socks we need and spend my precious knitting time working with luscious color (and stitches I can see). 😉

  10. Amanda

    Dark brown or navy blue is about my limit for dark, but no one can see my socks at work anyway! Bring on the bright colorways (I’m working a yellow/blue/purple DK pair right now, my feet are icecubes already!)

  11. Syd

    I’m working on a very dark pair for my husband, but I’m having a heck of a time seeing the small black stitches. Did you run into that problem?

  12. Susan

    I read a post somewhere about
    Socks for Soldiers. It sounded great until I reached the “must be
    black” part.
    Do you take them outside and work on them on sunny weather?
    you wear a miners’ lamp?
    How does a person knit black socks?
    We live in the cloudy,rainy northwest where everyone is ecofriendly and we must use florescent bulbs. They just are not bright enough. Any ideas?

  13. Tricia H

    Why not do the heels and toes in a different yarn?? The black and white striping would still be somewhat subdued.

    But go hog wild and use any color YOU like! (like your beloved orange and/or green).

    It can be greatly comforting to know that while you may be forced to wear black socks at times to conform, you can still rebel with a little color on your toes and no one will see (as long as you keep your shoes on) or know! It will feel like society constraints can’t control ALL of you.

  14. Adrianne

    The truth: the cutest, most fun thing to make/buy to wear, is often the least practical. Yet, it seems like a great idea to find joy in the simply, everyday things (like knitting black socks), then you will never cease to be fulfilled.

  15. Ann

    I have to reveal a plus to gettting older. My eyes don’t see the black yarn stitches so well. Therefore, I must continue on with my green, orange, and sometimes purple socks.

  16. suprafootwear

    I have to reveal a plus to gettting older. My eyes don’t see the black yarn stitches so well. Therefore, I must continue on with my green, orange, and sometimes purple socks.

  17. Suzie

    And now I can’t stop singing the song:

    “Black socks they never get dirty
    the longer you wear them the blacker they get.
    Something says I should just wash them
    but something inside says ‘don’t do it yet!’
    Not yet, not yet, not yet…

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