Stitch Light Giveaway

Stitch Light has bright light

Now that it’s getting dark earlier in the evening, I’ve been using more and more extra light to see my knitting. Also since I’ve been on the far side of 40 my eyes need a little more light in general. If anyone else needs a bit of extra knitting light, today is your giveaway day!

Stitch Light comes with a craft pocket to keep tools handy

The kind and generous folks at Stitch Light are giving away a Stitch Light to 5 lucky Knittyblog readers.

Stich Light is also offering a special discount for the Knittyblog readers. Use the code KNITTY25  to get 25% off of your entire order PLUS free USPS shipping!  (1 time use per customer.)


The usual rules apply for our giveaway: Leave a comment on this post before midnight, eastern time, on Monday, October 3, 2011. A comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If s/he answers correctly s/he will win our prize.



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844 thoughts on “Stitch Light Giveaway

  1. tammy

    this would be perfect in the car at night! i don think this would bother the driver at all like a head lamp might! 🙂

  2. Wend

    Would be great given all recent power-outages here. I love how they stuck the bag to the light, rather than the light in the bag.

  3. Mandyz (@MandyzMoon)

    I get a lot of flak from my DH for not using good enough light to knit or read. Huh, I got the same nagging from my mom when I was a kid. She swears it’s why I need glasses (but I’m near-sighted). Regardless, this looks like a super tool.

  4. Marion

    Now that would have been very useful the past couple of months when I’ve been commuting an hour and a half each way – there’s an unlit enclosed waiting area on the platform at one station which I couldn’t use because it was too dark to see *anything*! But a good extra light is often helpful even in a fairly well-lit room, especially for things like *spit* Swiss darning/duplicate stitch. Would be *very* useful for that!

  5. Sarah

    Great for knitting in the car — it’s frustrating having to wait to drive under a lamp on the highway if I need to see what I’m doing.

  6. Beth

    My family would love it if I had one. I wouldn’t need the bigger light on when we’re watching tv together.

  7. Winifred C.

    This is quite a clever little device. Once on a bus trip at night when the overhead light was not working I made something similar with a headlamp and a safety pin, but this looks a lot more efficient and less goofy overall.

  8. Sylvie

    My housemates love dim area lighting and I love dark yarn, so this little light would be fantastic for me.

  9. Solarmama

    I love groovy lamps of all kinds, but have never found one that I can use in the passenger seat of the car without bothering the driver. This looks like a good candidate. Pick me!

  10. ChristineB

    This looks like THE solution to dark winter nights when the regular light is just not doing it for these eyes aged 40+.

  11. jennybookworm

    what a great tool – I’ve been meaning to get myself a better light to knit by in the evenings…

  12. Karey

    Light the way! It is always so helpful to have good lighting when working on projects. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Christine (AKA Cheeky)

    Because I never win anything I used the coupon code to order one. If I did win one I would send one of Stitch Light off to my BKF (Best Knitting Friend) in Germany!

  14. Heather

    This could end the arguments about lights on while tv watching. Partner prefers it dim. I meed to see to knit. Perfect solution

  15. Birgit

    What a great idea! Never thought of this before! Would love to be a lucky winner!! Thanks for organizing this! :o)

  16. thatdarncat

    This looks a lot better than the dollar store clip on lights that I’ve been using. I’d love to win one of these.

  17. Ali

    This light looks awesome! I keep an LED Photon Microlight from LRM on my keychain and love it, this would be great for dark yarn.

  18. Diana

    I’ve been using a small led headlamp I bought at Lowe’s but it’s much too bright for movie theatre knitting. Would LOVE to try this lamp.

  19. littlemissmanics

    This would be brilliant for the many days when I convince myself that I can squeeze out just one more row before I need to stop as light has gone bad, only to then find I’ve done enough mostakes on one row to need to rip back about 5 to fix it!

  20. Tiffanie

    I would love to have a light like this. I have to turn all of the light on in the rroom to be able to see clearly in the evening. This would be a great help. Thanks for this opportunity.

  21. Deana

    How inventive! I usually wind up with a huge floor lamp on near my work area, which isn’t great when trying to watch movies.

  22. Ruth

    It wasn’t like a switch flipped when I turned 40, but sure enough, 4 months later I can’t see as well as I used to in the dark. I just went to the ophthalmologist (before my birthday) and he says my vision isn’t (wasn’t?) really any worse. Hmmm . . .

  23. Renee Cook

    I have a Coleman headlamp that I bought for use on long car trips. However, it doesn’t really throw the light where you need it for knitting. I always end up with a crick in my neck from holding my head at an odd angle. I bet this would work 100X better. It’d be great at home too since my apartment is poorly lit.

  24. Mary G

    That light sounds perfect for my just-turned-50 eyes! Thanks for showing me … now I’ll have to run over to their site and check out what they got!

  25. Kathy H

    I have seen these lights advertised and they look very interesting. It would certainly be very helpful while knitting lace for which I seem to always choose beautiful, dark yarn 🙂

  26. Peggy

    What a great idea–especially for all the traveling I do. Auto and airplane interior lights just don’t put out enough light for detail work.

  27. Angelique

    What a great product. I’ve been using a side table light when knitting, but if I’m watching TV with my husband or someone else, the light glares in the TV. I wonder if something like this would be our solution!

  28. Cynthia

    Go Go Gadget Giveaway! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Well, I didn’t really try very hard TO resist 🙂
    On the serious side, that light would be a real boon to winter knitting.

  29. Sherry in Idaho

    Not only have I found that using dark colors is difficult, I need a bright light even in daytime. A few years ago, my daughter asked for a navy blue vest–when it was done, I told her to treasure it because there would never be another one. LOL.

  30. Carolyn

    My eyes are 51 years old and in need of better lighting every day!! This tool is on my wish list for Christmas!! (unless I win it here first!!)

  31. Rebbie

    I’ve noticed the same problem with my eyes this year. One of these lights might be really helpful and save me from some bad headaches.

  32. Amy

    I could definitely use one of those! It’s really unfortunate that the best time of year for knitting is also the darkest – especially right before the holidays, when I’m always trying to cram in lots of knitting time!

  33. Brenda

    Wow, what a great giveaway! That would be awesome for when I knit while we watch our TV show. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  34. Camilla

    My mom won one of those at Sock Summit, and I really wanted her to let me keep it, but alas, she wanted it for herself. Maybe this is my time?!?

  35. Kelly

    I’m almost 34 and already sometimes need my glasses (for driving/distance) sometimes when I’m knitting at night. I expect something like this might help as my eyes continue to fail.

  36. Elizabeth Rodriguiz

    A few years ago I went to the optometrist complaining of problems focusing and of seeing at night. He gave me a complete checkup and said, “Liz, the diagnosis is 47.” Huh? Oh. My age…. I’m going to be getting a closer-in light for my sewing machine soon, and getting one for knitting is rising to the top of the list.

  37. Angie

    Oh dear, I needed to put on my glasses just to read the post… do you think I could use this…? YOU BET! 🙂

  38. bluesbee

    I’ve been using a headlamp, but it’s just not the ideal knitting light for me. This light looks wonderful!

  39. Tara K

    Knitting in the car on night trips without waking the toddler in the backseat? Is it possible this could be the solution?

  40. Debbi Overweg

    I’ve been eyeing a light like that for quite a while, I hope I win!! Otherwise it’s great to have a discount available as well 🙂

  41. Josiane

    I have a feeling I will need this in the near future… I’ve promised a sweater to my gentleman friend and, while I think I may convince him to go for a colour that wouldn’t be his usual black, I’m pretty sure he’ll still choose something dark. So yeah, some extra light wouldn’t hurt!

  42. Lisa Barrett

    Cool concept! Much better than a huge lamp looming over my shoulder. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  43. Ellen

    The evenings are already getting longer, and we haven’t even changed off daylight savings time! This light would be wonderful for evening knitting.

  44. Lisa R.

    I’m blind as a bat that knits into the wee hours of the night (morning) on lace shawls, I’m asking for trouble me thinks….

  45. Lisa (in BC)

    I saw these at Sock Summit, but was watching my budget and had to leave it behind. it would be lovely for my knitting or cross stitching work. Sign me up, please!

  46. Rachel C.

    This would be lovely to have on long car trips. I hate having to put away my knitting simply because it is too dark outside.

  47. Jennifer F.

    What a great knitting tool for those of us who need a bit more direct light on our work! I’d love to win.

  48. Holly

    my Husband would be so happy with this as I have all the lights blazing while knitting and TV watching and he likes to watch in semidarkness.

  49. Page

    Cool. I bought another type of light but it was no good. I need better light to knit by during the long dark winter. 😉

  50. Karen

    Oh yes! I’ve been trying to work out what I’m going to do for lighting and that would just do the trick neatly – buying a daylight lamp when you know you’re moving at least once in the next year doesn’t seem a bright idea to me…. but this would be extremely portable!

  51. rachelb

    I find myself sitting in the dark too often because I don’t want the overhead light on. This would be great to have.

  52. Renee

    I was born on September 19, 1952. It’s time for some help. I live with a man who works 17 hours a day (when the SF Opera is in season). When he comes home at 11:30pm, knowing that he has to get up the next day at 5:45am to do it all over again, it is lights out time no matter what is going on. A little tiny light might be just the ticket…..

  53. Cheryl McAllister

    Don’t I know (also being on the far side of 40) just how much we need extra light to see those stitches! What a wonderful way to get that help.

  54. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    I need more light at night when working with a dark color on dark needles. This light would be great to help. It will be getting dark about 5 o’clock soon.

  55. Elisa Purnell

    Saw these at the end of Vogue Knitting Live in LA, AFTER I’d spent all my $$. Such a cool idea. Thanks for a second chance to own one!

  56. april

    Very cool giveaway! I kinda made my own contraption- a little flashlight on a “yarn necklace”. Its very high-tech. lol

  57. Ingrid

    I would carry this along to my knitting group. Sometimes we end up in a dark corner and there is always someone working on darn or black yarn who could use more light. A great tool for my knitting bag!

  58. Meredith

    The reading light I got to be my knitting light has been pretty much comandeered by my husband to return to its intended duty as reading light. So. This would be lovely.

  59. Pilaar

    This could prevent a lot of bickering over how low the lights need to be for the watching tv/knitting evenings this winter!

  60. JoAnn

    Such a cool thing! I’ve been known to knit in the dark clipping my book light onto the brim of my baseball hat in order to have some light…lol… This would look/work so much better!

  61. MadTatter

    Sign me up, please! Coffee shops are a lovely place to hang out and knit, but the light isn’t always the best. Thanks for another lovely giveaway!

  62. Fara

    My current project is a blacker than black cardigan. Add that in with the quickly fading Michigan sunlight and I need help! Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. Deb

    How clever is this?! And heading into the fall/winter months, this is going to help so many knitters see that tiny stitch!

  64. Tracy Hite

    My favorite colors – orange and neon green! I could definitely use an extra light, our living room leans too far toward Man Cave for my taste sometimes.

  65. Alessandra

    I seem to have been mostly knitting dark colours this year, which are getting impossible to see in electric lights. This light would be ideal!

  66. ThatLibraryMiss

    Alas, now that I am no longer 27 someone seems to have turned the lights down and my arms aren’t long enough for me to be able to read the newspaper. This Stitch Light wouldn’t do anything for the arm length but it would certainly help with the light levels.

  67. SarainBrooklyn

    Wow, I could pretend to watch TV with my darling husband, if I had one of these! I had just made a “note to self” to research these sorts of lights… I’m going to check off that to-do as ‘to-done.’ Hoping to win one, but glad to know what to buy if I don’t! Or maybe I need two…

  68. Nicole

    This will be perfect for knitting in bed when DH is sleeping – no more headlamp! Plus they are super cute!

  69. Maureen

    As the eyes fail and light becomes so important to vision this giveaway would be much used and appreciated.

  70. Pam Barone

    I think I like this light am embarassed to admit not sure how it is used. Does it go over one’s head like a necklace? Clamp over the forehead? Am I dim? I need this light.

  71. lindaran

    This would be great! especially once it turns toward November and starts getting dark before I get home from work. I need serious lighting help then.

  72. Barb T

    Wow, that Stitch Light would be wonderful for going to knit nights and other traveling. I have a floor lamp for use at home but often have problems seeing what I’m doing away from home.

  73. Emme

    The added pocket really cinched it for me on this. A cool light and a useful pocket would be perfect for this insomniac knitter. I hope I win.

  74. Cherie

    I think one of those would be great as I’m getting to the point where I can no longer deny that my eyesight is getting worse.

  75. Purplepenguin

    Ireally need one of these! My eyes were always bad, but now I have cataracts, and sometimes find it hard to see my knitting. It would help alot.

  76. Paula O'Neal

    Wow! My eyes are over 70 now (did I really admit to that??!) and I love this idea. Thanks to Stitch Light folks.

  77. Tasha

    This is fabulous! I have low lighting in my apartment and I almost have to sit in the light bulb to see my knitting. This product would help me not only see but stop dropping stitches.

  78. Sydni

    What a cute idea! I love the little pouch for notions. Very handy. I’ve been on the lookout for a knitting light lately.

  79. elizabeth

    Lord, do I understand — I’m unenthusiastically sneaking up on 50 and it seems I need stronger glasses every time I sit down to read, or knit. Please, please, I could really USE the light 🙂

  80. kelly-ann (on ravelry)

    I could have used this at soccer practice last night…days are getting shorter, but practice is getting longer!

  81. Teri S.

    Me! Me! Pick me! We live in an old house and the light options are pretty darn bad (there aren’t a lot of electrical outlets in the rooms).

  82. Beverly

    Substitute “far side of 60” for “far side of 40” and you have me covered. A Stitch Light would really be welcome.

  83. megan

    I love the cross over of technology and knitting (like ravelry and knitting podcasts). Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  84. Peggy Graham

    Oooh, how illuminating! Looks like it would be awesome for car knitting in the dark, since I have an awesome dh who drives whenever we go somewhere (I hate driving because it cuts into my knitting time!).

  85. Elizabeth

    Not only am I well over 40, very near-sighted and also need reading glasses, I have an additional vision problem which makes close work fatiguing on dark days and in the evening. I need one of these babies.

  86. Susan

    Ooh! What a brilliant little contraption! I would totally use one of these in public, too, because the usefulness factor here trumps any dorkiness factor, in my opinion.

  87. Judy H.

    Cool – this is how I’ll make it through the next power outage! Knitting when the electricity is out is a welcome opportunity, but knitting by candlelight gave me tons of respect for our knitting ancestors!

  88. Karen M

    I need this. Actually, my husband needs me to have this. He likes to sit in the dark to watch and I don’t. Please end his suffering and let me win this light. Thanks.

  89. Nigel Pottle

    Oh, I could so use a stitch light. The lights in my living room in the evening are terrible. Anything would improve the atmosphere and I do love to knit in the evening.

  90. Terri

    My eyes have always been bad, but with age are getting worse. I spend more time talking, than knitting, with my knitting group because it’s too hard to see anything. This would be useful.

  91. Glyn

    That looks nice! It would especially be great up here where we’re heading into the really low-light days of winter. 🙁 I would love to win one!

  92. Kathleen

    I almost put on my camping headlamp last night while knitting. This, however, seems like a better solution!

  93. Megan

    This would be so handy! There is never enough lighting in my living room to do complex patterns on the couch in the evening, my favorite time and place to knit!

  94. Lynn

    I am always looking for more light. I know it is an age thing – darn! This is a great idea! Include me please.

  95. Sada

    I’d love one of these…I’ve been using an LED booklight but it’s tricky to position and keep in place…

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways! 🙂

  96. Maryanne

    What a timely post! I can’t seem to get enough light on my knitting lately either. I was seriously thinking of digging out the headlamp I got for camping when my girls were in scouts years ago.

  97. Elizabeth S

    I’ve needed reading glasses since the very day I turned 40. I insisted there was something wrong with my computer monitor at work, and made them get me a new one. Nope, it was me. I’ve recently graduated to bifocals….

    If I don’t win I’m definitely buying one of these!

  98. Merna

    Of course we all need an extra knitting light and Stitch Light is so cute!

    You said:
    “If anyone else needs a bit of extra knitting light, today is your giveaway day!”

  99. AlisoninOZ

    What a cute little light! I could give it a very comfotable home here in OZ with one very short-sighted knitter!

  100. SusieQ100

    Needing more light? I know that feeling!! I could use it to read in bed at night too, so I don’t disturb the other half!!

  101. Catherine Dean

    I imagine seeing my stitches clearly. There’s never enough light. Would love to win one of these.

  102. carolyn

    Okay, initially I thought it went around your head so I couldn’t figure out where the pocket went! Now that would really put me into crazy knitting lady territory. Around the neck is a brilliant idea though.

  103. Avimatic

    I’ve occasionally used a head lamp to work on detailed knitting – this looks like an even better solution!

  104. Janet Martin

    I love my standing lamp, but how cool would this be for wheb I’m knitting away from my favorite chair!

  105. Tina

    wow, what a great tool! Just what I need for the coming early dark nights – who wants to cuddle up cozily on the sofa with her knitting while all the room is brightly lit 🙂

  106. KnitterPam

    Oh I love this little light! I used to have a focused reading light that I would use for knitting in the car (or in bed), but it hasn’t worked in a while…

  107. Nina

    This would come in very handy for me. I live in a rural area and power outages are more common than I would like. Multiple day outages no less.

  108. Susan

    From the far far FAR side of 40, it would be wonderful to be able to see … the black socks I am making up for my grandson!

  109. Bellafiore

    I am on the farside of 40 pushing the near side of 50 and loving the fact that I’d be able to have a little more light….being an enlightened knitter is a great thing!

  110. turtle

    this would be so handy! Our old home has no wireing in the living room at all for lighting, so everything depends on lamps… not the best thing sometimes. But i think this would rock for when we are camping, which is almost every weekend year round! I would love this for evenings by the fire to be able to see and knit! 🙂

  111. Jen M

    Thanks for the giveaway! This would be perfect in my dark little apartment. Also, I’m sure my boyfriend would appreciate being able to watch tv and/or play video games with the lights off again!

  112. Diane

    The Stitch Light looks great! It would be handy for a lot of knitting situations. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  113. Jane G

    The shortening of daylight in the northern hemisphere this time of year is hard on the spirit as well as the eyes. It would be nice to bask in this light!

  114. tracy van wormer

    I only have one thing to say……”you…light up my life…you give me hope….to carry onnnnnnnnnn……”
    Actually…I am old. I am nightblind. This light would be great!

  115. Mary

    I agree, once I passed up 45 it seems like there is never enough light anywhere… wouldn’t it be nice to have my own light 😉

  116. Sy Yunn

    I’d love to win this. It would so handy for travelling. I find the overhead spotlights on airplanes useless. I am forever trying to position myself so I dont’ cast a shadow over what I’m trying to see.

  117. Ina

    Oh my gosh! I love this! This is EXACTLY the gadget I need – my 1920s-era house just doesn’t get enough light no matter what I try.

  118. Ariana

    I REALLY need this. My apartment has a huge living room with no overhead light, and the two lamps I have just don’t provide enough light to knit by at night.

  119. Brandi

    What a great idea. The hubs gets invited to parties and dinners where we sit for hours(his coworkers are used to me bringing my knitting). Often the lighting stinks. This would be such a great help.

  120. Beverly

    What a great idea! I had to click to the website and read the review on Knitters’ Review to understand how it worked, but I know it would be very useful. Especially when I’m bothering someone watching a movie because I want to knit with my Ott-Lite on.

  121. margaret

    Being 75 it is getting harder to knit at night with darker yarn for me but I would love to try this product and see if it helps. Could my skill testing question be simple though, like: Where do you live? I am sure I could answer it correctly!

  122. Jackie C.

    Can’t read all the comments to see if this has been mentioned before, but Clara at Knitter’s Review did a piece on the Stitch Light — she used hers during a power outage cause by Hurricane Irene. I seem to remember her liking it a lot.

  123. Carol Y

    This looks like a really useful light. The one I have now could use a lower light level setting like this one.

  124. Carla in MT

    Those are really nice!! I have been using a similar light for a few years.. usually on road trips when hubby is driving. MT winters means very short days!!

  125. Lisa

    I’m drifting towards the far side of 40 now too, and a Stitch Light would be a welcome help to my nightly knitting!

  126. Leslie

    My older eyes would love this – esp. since I tend to keep using dark yarns… purples, blacks. *sigh*

  127. Zelda

    Oh, being on this side of 50, these older eyes would benefit from the Stitch Light! Knitting , Coronation Street and Stitch Light what more could I ask for!

  128. Pam

    On the far side of 40 (not too far), I can definitely appreciate the need. Thanks for the opportunity to win! My eyes thank you, too.

  129. Debra

    With this light I wouldn’t have to wear my headlamp. Believe me it is not an attractive look! Thanks for the giveaway.

  130. Bonnie

    As you say, once we’re on this side of 40, light matters! This looks like a nice way to alleviate the issue. Pick me! 🙂

  131. Maureen

    A light would definitely come in handy. That and my magnifiers might make my knitting a little easier to see. 😉

  132. Jen O

    Love that light — I could use this in the hour it takes every night to get my daughter to sleep lol!!

  133. Emily

    Love this light! It would be wonderful on all those long holiday drives to visit relatives, when knitting should not be a daylight only exercise!

  134. Mary Kay

    I am very curious to see how this works with my knitting. It could be really useful when my daughter has nightmares and I have to sit in her room until she goes back to sleep!

  135. Louise T

    Would love a dedicated knitting light. I have been using the headlamp my kids use but this looks better.

  136. shelly

    I need extra light when I go to my knitting group. There never seems to be enough light and I often find mistakes when I get home.

  137. Debra

    That would be so much easier than keeping a flashlight on my shoulder so that I can knit while my husband watches tv!

  138. Laurel

    Looks great. It would be nice to have extra light like this. Saw it on a video podcast recently and thought it was a great idea!

  139. Karen Sobel

    Would be more than delighted to have one – would have quite useful when Hurricane Irene came thru CT a month knocking out power

  140. Deb G

    I really like the idea of using additional light and the bonus tool keeper bag would be extra handy! This light would get much use and all my knitting friends would want one too!!

  141. Angela

    Hmm, on the far side of 40 huh? Yeah, I’m there too, and this would be uber useful…..even good for carknitting!

  142. Marlitharn

    Neat, I could definitely use one of those; our house is as dark as a crypt even during the daytime!

  143. Patty Premovich

    This would really be handy as most of my knitting now gets done while in the car – with DH driving, of course! With our shorter days, knitting time gets shorter, too… unless one has a good light! 🙂

  144. Shirlucky

    I’m on the far side of a lot more than that! I think this would come in real handy! Thanks for the chance!

  145. giulia

    Looks cool! I’d love to give it as a gift to my mum, who always complains she doesn’t see the stitches that good anymore 😛

  146. Kathi

    I totally get that whole “wrong” side of 40 issue. And it’d work great for lots of other things, too! Grilling in the dark comes to mind. With the days getting shorter, I can see using this alot.

  147. Suzie

    Can’t see the big E on the eye chart without glasses since I was about 8. Also on the far side of 40 now, so things aren’t getting any better!

  148. CarolK

    I know what you mean about needing extra light. I haven’t heard of this one and will go check out their site. I have a few lights specific for doing knitting and other close work.

  149. Claudia

    I can’t get enough light because of my cataracts. This will help me see more and knit more. Thanks for the giveaway.

  150. Mary Caton

    I would love to have more light when I am knitting in the evenings. My “blind lady glasses” could use more help! 🙂

  151. suzalele

    northern hemisphere knitting+over 50+cataracts+predispostion to black clothing+early to bed husband=gee that light would be really handy!

  152. Nancy

    Oh am I ever in the market for lighting for my knitting! Safest place for me to knit at night is in bed, and my nightstand lamp annoys the heck out of my hubby!

  153. Colleen

    bottle green cables in the winter anyone? course not. it was meant to be finished by now!
    this light wd sure help!

  154. Jennifer

    I have been looking for a light like that! How nice to get a discount even if I don’t win!!

  155. Nancy Hannah

    OH this is interesting! I am way past 40, and blind as a bat. My reading Rx. is not available in stores, so I have to have prescription readers on top of my progressives. I was thinking of a mining hat! LOL.
    Please randomizer pick me!

  156. CaroleP (OH

    Far side of 40???? That’s after 50 and 60, right? That’s me – my eyes keep telling me, not after dark either. Haven’t heard of that light, but after checking it out I’m sure I really neeeeeeeeeeeed one. Thanks for the opportunity, Stitch Light!

  157. Barbara

    love the light. would probably use it more around the house for peering into those dark cubbyholes and corners but would be grand to have!

  158. Deb

    That would be especially nice for over 50 eyes like mine. It sure would make it easier to knit something for the grandkids.

  159. Jennifer

    It’s kinda sad when you start looking over your glasses to see your stitches…sigh
    Love the techie light though!

  160. Irene

    this would be great! I like to knit while watching tv but my other half prefers to watch in the dark! this may be the solution to our…. lighting disputes!

  161. Eileen

    Over forty – check! Live in grey Portland, OR – check! Would love this light! Good luck, everyone.

  162. Michelle

    OOooh that looks nice. I knit in bed when my dear boyfriend has gone to sleep, sometimes he wakes up and makes me turn the light off 🙂

  163. Angelbis

    I hate that I need mote light to see these days! Stitch light looks like a great tool to have,,,

  164. Janet

    If this light is anything close to as powerful as my running “headlight”, it would be awesome for knitting.

  165. deb

    i would love one of these. will definitely look into one of them. thank you for the conests. it makes us aware of all the great new products out there.

  166. Roxanne

    over 40…well, to be honest, over 50 and I would LOVE one of these lights! Thanks for sharing!

  167. Maureen

    I LOVE this light!!! Older eyes…too many dark yarns on dark needles…what a fabulous gift! Thank you for the chance to win!

  168. Roxy

    Seeing as its permanantly dark over here in th UK as winters drawing in, one of these would be really useful round about now!

  169. Kathy

    A great tool for those of us whose eyes are not what they used to be – but who love to knit anyway!

  170. Regina Lefevre

    Even with the room lights on, I seem to cast a shadow over my own knitting…this is a great idea!

  171. trillium

    Well, I sure could use this to help me see and to save on my electric bill! It’s already fall here=gray, darker, & rain.

    I don’t know if I will get the question answered correctly. . .hope it is easy!

  172. Karen Lauterwasser

    This looks like a great thing. I am on the other side of 40 myself, and sometimes there is just not enough light to suit me. Our knitting group meets at Starbucks, and some spots in their shops are downright dark!

  173. Ruth

    Knitting while the other half sleeps. That would be nice, or trying to figure out exactly what stitches I used to recreate something. That would be lovely.

  174. Erin Dessain

    Knitting for my husband has become quite a challeng since he prefers black and dark blue and I can barely see the stitches these days. Fortunately he likes very plain work as well. We only knit boring things for the ones we love!

  175. Leslie Olson

    Tried to knit on an evening car ride last weekend – could have really used this – – –

  176. Janice D

    Boy, I sure understand about eyes on the far side of 40. I love gadgets in general, and this will be so handy.

  177. Matthew

    That would be cool. Living in the NorthWest makes it light longer during the summer, but much darker during the winter time.
    Good thing I have people to knit for. Started a set of socks for the girls & my wife wants a shawl/poncho now too.

    This would really help out!

  178. olwyn

    Absolutely. Need. This. Don’t know why, but lately I’ve only been knitting dark green, dark grey, dark brown, dark black! Great idea.

  179. Kristin H

    Very cute light! And much more stylish than wearing my backpacking headlamp while knitting.

  180. Kate

    I lost power in last month’s hurricane and my first thought was “Oh, no–how can I knit in the dark?”

    If only I’d had one of these handy!

  181. Kanjun

    This is super helpful! I do so much night knitting on teh train. Also seems very nice for color accuracy when taking photos. =)

  182. Doreen

    Here in Saskatchewan we are entering a long season of dark. That light would help me get through it!

  183. Martina

    I’m on the wrong side of 60! I need more light in the worst way! What a great knitting tool. I love the concept!

  184. Paulette

    Stitch Light, Stitch Bright
    First Stitch I see tonight
    I wish I may, I wish I might
    To have the wish I wish tonight

  185. Sue Graf

    My guys have all sorts of lights for fishing and hunting. I definitely need one for knitting!!!

  186. Jane

    Always need more light in the Pacific Northwest, all day long starting towards the end of October!

  187. DominaNefret

    It has been getting cold and dark over the last few days. Since October came. I can see how this would be very useful.

  188. Mischa

    ooh, ooh! I want one!

    I tried to reply earlier but my phone posted before I was done. I hope this doesn’t disqualify me, but I thought I’d let you know.

  189. Rachel

    Looks like it would be fantastic for knitting without bothering ones movie watching family, how did you know?

  190. Tara A

    What a handy tool. There isn’t enough lighting where I am living now and that would be really helpful

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