Surprise Giveaway!

Thank to Roxanne at Zen Yarn Garden we have a giveaway today!

Serenity Silk, Silver Moon colorway

1 skein of luxurious Serenity Silk 75% Superwash Merino/15% Cashmere/10% Silk
Approx. 500 yards (100 g) , prize value $34 CAD.

Also, for the weekend – September 23rd to Sunday, September 25th, Knitty readers are welcome to use the discount code “KNITTY” to receive 10% off their orders at the Zen Yarn Garden shop.

The usual rules apply for our giveaway: Leave a comment on this post before midnight, eastern time, on Sunday, September 25, 2011. A comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If s/he answers correctly s/he will win our prize.

Thanks to Roxanne at Zen Yarn Garden for this yummy prize!

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1,469 thoughts on “Surprise Giveaway!

  1. Liz P

    It’s the first time I leave a comment because I’m never really sure if it’s ok for someone from overseas to participate…

    I love grey and this particular shade of grey is lovely!

  2. Rose

    I have never entered as I am intimidated by the skills question qualifier, but I want this yarn for my daughter so I’m risking it. Enter me please!

  3. Fleur

    Grey as a mouse, they say here in Holland. It means that you are or look a bit dull. No way that I think that is true! I love dressing in my classy grey skirt with matching legwarmers (this is the winter I am talking about)… all I need is a nice grey shawl or scarf to put the elegant grey cherry on top of the cake!

    By the way: last week I had a knitting friend visiting, she also looked great in her grey sweater with a lovely grey shawl or scarf (never know what is the best description in English) with wonderful big sequins at the edge of it.

    Sure: grey can be very stylish. Every mouse knows it 😉

    Have a nice weekend, all! Ciao, Fleur

  4. Maxine

    oh this is just scrumptious !! love the color, these days grey/steel is my favorite color (pair it with yellow)

  5. sheralynn

    Oh man, what a beautiful base, and beautiful colourway! Must scurry to the shop to see if it’s available for purchase. 🙂

  6. Edith

    What a nice give away, and what a fabulous color. It’s great with the wintercoat I’m planning to buy this weekend!

  7. Jaclyn

    Oh, oh! I was in their booth at Stitches Midwest and LOVE their stuff! I picked up several skeins but not this color! *fans herself and falls over*

  8. gerri

    Love Zen Garden. Knitted many a scarf or shawl using it. It is major luscious. Made a scarf with Serenity that I gave as a gift. Beautiful

  9. Kathy N.

    Wow, love the silver color! I have another similar yarn that would pair up nice for a shawl I’ve been stalking. 🙂

  10. Kristi ~ artsea

    I was just in NC for two nights, now we’re driving home and I’m catching up on my reading… Your farm looks so sweet! Congrats! And the yarn your giving away on this post looks stunning. More pics of the farm please!!!

    Naturally.artsea@gmail (dot com)

  11. Iris in Hel(sinki)

    Truly yummy! Love the colorway, it really fits the name. I would just ooh and aah for a while, then decide what to make…

  12. Pam Wall

    I could use some Zen in my life! I absolutely love that color! It reminds me of the lovely winter sky before a storm.

  13. ~Jo~

    Beautiful yarn, just the kind that would make a great pick me up for some hard times I’ve been dealing with. 😉

  14. Helen

    Oh, wow, that is gorgeous! Not that I need any more yarn (do any of us? YES) – or have a cat in hell’s chance of winning it – but fingers crossed.

  15. Huguette

    Oh my– that’s *wonderful* yarn! I can see that becoming an awesome handknit Christmas gift for some lucky someone!

  16. Huguette

    Oh my– that’s *wonderful* yarn! I can see that becoming an awesome Christmas gift for a lucky someone.

  17. JJ

    That’s the kind of yarn I can only dream of owning, and it’s also one of my favorite colors. Count me in, please.

  18. Klaudia

    I would like to have more time for my knitting. Life and reality seems to catch up on me too many times, and this prevents me from just being able to sit and calmly knit. I would like a chance though to do just that, with your wonderful Serenity Silk.

  19. Teri

    Zen is one of my favorite yarns – I made a gift for my sister but would love to have a little something for moi! Thanks!

  20. Christina

    I love a challenge and this yarn! Can you post the skill testing question afterwards? I’m curious what you will ask!

  21. Salma

    I love this kind of yarn and color for crocheting an university cute bag for my daughter,
    I love to win it, please, count me in,

    Thank you in advanced

  22. Mia

    I love Roxanne’s colors! I still one of my original skeins I bought from her right after she started dyeing. Now to go see what she has that I need to have today!

  23. Phyllis

    This must be perfect blend for gliding through one’s fingers as it is knit or crocheted, and awesome around the body when finished and worn.

  24. Cheryl

    This yarn is perfect!!! Content, Color, all of it! I love moon related things and the moon goddess is my goddess!!!!

  25. Kay

    Roxanne offers some very scrumptious yarns of delicious color & softness. I’d love to win one of her ZYG lace, especially in this gorgeous gray/silver!

  26. Jenny

    I love Zen Yarn Garden, but unfortunately haven’t had a chance yet to buy any yarn (I’ve bought some of her patterns though!). This would be a great prize to try out the shawl pattern, Raphaelite.

  27. marcie m.

    The color is beautiful! I have never knit with this yarn but it sounds delicious to work with. Good luck to me!

  28. Jenny

    Just bought a raincoat with sleeves that are too short, Momma needs some fingerless gloves! Winning this delicious yarn would be the cherry and chocolate syrup on my boring vanilla week!

  29. Karen

    I’d love to use this for my October Shawl. It’s the exact color I was looking for. I have never tried Zen Garden though I’ve wanted to anything that is created in the “Grove” has to be amazing.

  30. Joellyn

    Wow…this yarn tells me I need to make a scrumptious cowl with it. So I NEED this yarn!!..Please pick me!!! 😀

  31. atomicfunk07

    Ooooh that’s pretty. Like the sky above San Francisco on a January morning when all you really want is a cup of tea and socks that match the fog 🙂

  32. Jill_R

    OMG, the Silver Moon colorway looks to die for. SImply lovely! And as Barbara states earlier – Surprise giveaways are the best!!

  33. Nigel Pottle

    Yes, this is a gorgeous yarn. I think I’d need a few more skeins to make something really dramatic. Maybe my husband would even wear something knit with this. He does complain about “scratchy” wool.

  34. Colleen McGuire

    This is an awesome idea! Thank you Knitty and Roxanne. I have been wanting to pick up a skein of this yarn, but everytime I go to place an order, I have to be a responsible adult! This would make an awesome shawl or pair of socks.

  35. Tisha

    I just spent the summer knitting wedding shawls and learning that I love the fingering and laceweight yarns. This stuff looks beautiful! I might have to use the discount this weekend AND hope to win!

  36. Kamigaeru

    Oh wow, what a yummy colorway! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before, but it’s lovely. Grays are my favorite!!

  37. colleen

    scrumptious! Planning out my winter projects. And planning out my knitting for the long drive to Rhinebeck! Yahooooo!

  38. Ann

    Oooh, love the colors as pictured, and the fiber content is one of my favorite! As somebody else has said, I’m off to check the other colors…..

  39. MayaMoonie

    I have always wanted to try some Zen Garden yarn, but haven’t been able to swing it yet. This would make my month!

  40. Irene

    Hey there, I just loved this yarn. I’m 23, an obsessed knitter and I live in Turkey, so finding your product ain’t easy.

    Lots of love !

  41. Kris

    The Silver Moon colorway is heavenly!
    I will definitely check out Serenity Silk. Thank you for sharing this special yarn and giving the opportunity to win a skein.

  42. Elora

    The shading is gorgeous. My first thought was actually snow leopard, but the color groupings are larger than that.

  43. Leslie Olson

    My comment is a question…I’m a new knitter and scared off by every give away due to the skill question…any chance you’d “dumb it down” to welcome some new knitters to the fun?


  44. elizabeth

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I’ll admit, if I don’t win, I might have to go out and buy some. Wouldn’t that be a lovely lacey shawl? Perfect for winter.

  45. Cheryl

    So beautiful!

    LeslieO (if you come back here to look) — in Canada, when it comes to contests that give out prizes, in my experience the skill testing question is usually pretty easy, like “2+4-3=”. It’s a legal thing that has to happen. So don’t let that keep you from entering! 🙂

  46. denisef in c'ville va

    My goodness you can just tell it feels like heaven in addition to looking like it. Covet that Zen!

  47. Claudia Horner

    That yarn looks incredibly dreamy, and perfect for some winter contemplative lace knitting. Sigh, swoon, get out a Jane Austen movie and a pot of tea. Have a lovely weekend dreaming your dreams!

  48. Gretchen

    Ooh, so pretty… I’m on a strict, no-yarn-at-all-no-really yarn diet until my student loans come through, and I’m a new knitter so I have hardly any stash. Please pick me!

  49. Sumitra

    I’m knitting a scarf now out of her yarn in the Parfait colorway, and it was *exactly* the shade of brown-pink I was looking for.

  50. Emme

    Ooh, that’s a fantastic color. And you’re starting the contest on my husband’s birthday to boot. Maybe that will bring me some luck?

  51. not supergirl

    When the page came up, that yarn took my breath away. It’s so lovely, I can imagine what beautiful things I could make with it if. But if I win, I’ll make the skein part of my decor first!

  52. Not That Heather

    Oooh. I want to bury my nose in that skein and inhale! That would make a gorgeous shawl thingie for autumn. . . .