WWW: Contest winners, NYC Yarn Crawl, Knitting the Weather

The winner of the yarn pack for the Gratitude socks is Kaitlin in Minnesota. Thanks to Lisa Souza for the gorgeousness.

The winner of our Darrin cardigan yarn pack is Cheryl in Utah. Thanks to the Fibre Company for this fab prize.

A purrfect project

And although some of us at Knitty are dog people, we know that there are people out there who prefer cats. And for them, we present the following: a slideshow from the book Best in Show: Knit Your Own Cat, the companion volume to last year’s Knit Your Own Dog. The book is already available in the UK, to be published in the US later this year.

A crawlin' we will go...

The third annual New York City Yarn Crawl is being held the weekend of September 30-October 2nd. As always, there will be a scavenger hunt a raffle and prizes and much yarny fun.

Awesome yarn shop name alert: The Mouton Rouge in Morris, Illinois.

No matter the weather...

A fabulous and fascinating knitting project on the Craft Magazine blog: “Knit the Weather“. The artist Lea Redmond creates what she calls “conceptual knitting – knitting projects that go beyond the pattern to become a small act of performance, community outreach or experimentation”. She has launched a year-long project to “knit the weather”. The first piece of the project, the Sky Scarf documents the changes in the weather over a year – each day, the knitter will work a stripe in a color to match the sky.

A yarn-bomber in New Zealand who is leading efforts to “dress up” Nelson, New Zealand, reports on her collection of “anti-knitting” letters and complaints.

This may be the best thing I've seen this year.

Rad grandma alert: A knitting group in a retirement home in New Zealand is knitting slippers to give to the Georgian team visiting New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup. One of the knitters proudly displays her knitting tattoo, which she got on her 80th birthday (!) on a dare (!).

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  1. Seanna Lea

    Wow. I don’t know how I manage to miss the NYC yarn crawl each year (I never go down for a full weekend, just a single day). I’m not making it to Rhinebeck this year, so I should see if I can make it to a single day of this.

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