Spinning Tuesdays: Corespinning with a Spindle?

In a recent class I took  someone talked about Sarah Anderson’s method of corespinning that she calls Wrap and Roll.

The basic idea is to wrap your core on a spindle, suspend it between your knees as you spin and let the extra twist put into your core yarn untwist via the spindle. It was mentioned in passing, but the idea kept knocking on my brain, so I went and looked it up on You Tube.

Sure enough, I found a video, not by Sarah herself but by someone who had taken her class.

I sat down and tried it. I knew it would be fiddly to get started, so I sat out in the sun and tried to just go with it.

I used 2-ply laceweight as my core and wound it on a favorite Indigo Hound spindle.

Indigo Hound spindle wrapped with core yarn

After a few false starts, I got it working. The spindle unspun the extra twist I put into the core.

Spindle hanging between my knees as I spin

I didn’t spin with my knees quite so far apart, I did that for the picture. And no, sadly, it’s not that sunny today.

I made a mistake in choosing my spindle for this project. My spindle has a relatively long shaft and the Sidekick has a lowish orifice. I should have used the lightest, shortest shaft spindle I had because I spent more time than I wanted unwinding and rehooking the core.

But the method works

A little over twisted

The yarn was a little over twisted, somewhere in between the regular core and the unspun core. I think that extra twist was me not being a very relaxed spinner with this method.

I love the idea and now really want to take a class with Sarah Anderson. I can’t imagine what I could learn from the brain that came up with this!


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