WWW: Contest! Socktober; Knitting Group Donates 100,000th item to Charity

Very handy!

Bonus contest! Because we love our readers and we love getting cool products into your hands…
We’re giving away a complete set of Hiya Hiya Bamboo Interchangeable Needles, both the small and the large set.

The small interchangeable set includes 7 sets of tips in sizes from 2-8US (2.75-5mm). The large interchangeable set includes 6 sets of tips in sizes from 9-15US (5.5 – 10 mm). Each set also has 4 cables (2 x 26″, 1 x 34″ and 1 x 42″ cables) a case and needle grips to help with tightening.

1 person will win this package, valued at $159.80.

The usual rules apply for our giveaway: Leave a comment on this post before midnight, eastern time, on Sunday, October 9, 2011. A comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If s/he answers correctly s/he will win our prize.

Thanks to Hiya Hiya North America for donating this prize!

that is a LOT of fish!

We heard this week from Kimberly Ligocki, the manager of K2Tog, a local yarn store in Albany, CA. This summer, the K2tog team embarked on a community knitting project that involves the Fish Hat as published on Knitty.

K2tog and its knitters have promised to knit a unique fish hat for every student at the local Richmond High School who score proficient or better on their state math exam. GET IT? “ProFISHent”. To date, the knitters have made more than 80 hats and will give them away at a ceremony on Oct 12.

Richmond High is an inner-city school in a city with one of the highest crime rates in the Bay Area. The K2Tog team have embarked on this project to convey their caring support towards the students of this troubled school. And Knitty is so glad that a project we published can help do something important.

To celebrate the launch of eight of STC/Melanie Falick Books bestselling titles as e-books Open Road Media created short video profiles on three of their authors: Andrea Berman Price, Joelle Hoverson and Melanie Falick. The videos are lovely, definitely worth a viewing.

A knitting group in Chesterfield County, Virginia, announces that they have donated their 100,000th item to charity. Amazing! The group has been active for 10 years, and donates to numerous hospitals, homeless shelters, and police and emergency responders.

Color us intrigued… Rockhurst University, in Kansas City, is setting up a Halloween-themed “Mystical Math Room” as a way to engage students and the public in mathematical learning. Activities will include, apparently, a Haunted Batting Cage, Mathemagician, Sudoku and Crazy Mathematical Knitting.

It’s Socktober. What are you knitting for your feet? Need any ideas… ?

Wonderful words.

Friend of Knitty, Rachael Herron, has just released “A Life In Stitches“, a memoir about life and knitting. In this interview published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Rachael talks about her knitting life and her writing life.

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1,224 thoughts on “WWW: Contest! Socktober; Knitting Group Donates 100,000th item to Charity

  1. Erin

    ………….. hiya hiyas! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    and the whole fish hat phenom totally made my day!

  2. Jenn

    I’ve been in the market for a set of interchangeables! This would help me get quite a few items off of my WIP list!

  3. Cheryl M

    Love the idea from K2tog, what a great way to support the community and encourage students to do well on their exam!

    Socktober for me is attempting to knit a pair of socks for my brother (who has big feet!!), first attempt didn’t turn out so well, hopefully this one will end up better.

  4. Susie

    It’s leave a comment to enter, yes?
    Thanks for the fun of a drawing, and for such a fabulous prize!

  5. Buttercup

    I love the fish hats-wish I had someone to knit one for.

    Great prize-I have wanted to try the hiya hiya interchangables for a while now.

  6. Becky

    Please enter me for the contest. Those needles are great.

    Also I love the fish hat project. I’m currently on my second fish hat which is going to be long enough to use as a scarf. But my first was for a woman with cancer who wanted “interesting head coverings”. I wish those young testers luck.

  7. Liz

    I’ve asked for yarn to make Samus on my Christmas wish list, and I would love a set of interchangables to make Samus with!

  8. Diane

    Thanks for the giveaway!!! I love those fish hats– just put them on my “to do” list

  9. Yvonne

    As a newer knitter, I have been buying needles for each project that I start. A set of interchangeables would be great.

    I’m really inspired by that charity knitting accomplishment too. I wonder how long it would take to match it if my group started now? hmmm

  10. Helen

    Pick me! Pick me! It’s my birthday on Monday and new needles would make me amazingly happy 🙂
    For Socktober, I’m knitting Monkey by Cookie A. which is also from Knitty 🙂

  11. Carol_M

    LOVE that wall of fish hats!!! And I’ve always wanted to try Hiya Hiya needles, so count me in.

  12. sarah

    Whoa my gosh! What a prize! I’ve got one pair of Hiya Hiya needles right now, and they’re pretty much the best thing ever.

  13. Steph

    The hat project is a great idea, I am sure they kids will appreciate the fun and warm winter hats.

  14. Duncks

    In my ever so picky search for the perfect interchangeable needles, Hiya Hiya seems to be the cream of the crop. What an awesomesauce prize!

    *crosses her fingers and hopes*

  15. Kristy

    Oh wow, those needles would be amazing…

    And I love the fish hat idea. It’s always great to see people supporting education!

  16. Kristin Fitzgerald

    What a great prize! I’m off to find that fish hat pattern!!

    kristinfitzgerald on Ravelry

  17. Sarah

    Oh, my. I would love to win the HiyaHiyaBambooInterchangeables. I was thinking about getting a set for my birthday this month, but do not think I have saved enough money.

    I hadn’t plan on Socktobering, but I am knitting socks right now. I guess that means I am in on the game, too!

  18. Rayna

    Hi Kate,

    That’s a great prize, and I’d love to be included in that draw! I have several sets of their metal needles and would love to try these out.

  19. Claire (LittleRedDragon)

    I’ve never commented on a knitty blog post before, in part because I’m never sure I ought to enter for contests as I’m in the UK… But this one is too good to not enter for, and feel free to bin the entry if the postage here isn’t OK!

    I also thought the post was really interesting and it’s made me think I ought to knit more for charity rather than just for myself and deserving friends and family…

  20. Lee Wells

    I would love to win those knitting needle sets! Knitty is an excellent resource for patterns and information and better knitting needles would make it easier to knit all the patterns I want to make.
    Happy knitting, Lee

  21. Dana

    Oh I’ve just been thinking that I need more than one set of circulars.
    My Socktober socks are probably not going to be finished this month, but I have quite a few other projects on the needles.

  22. Margo

    Nothing on the needles. I’ve been in a knitting slump of late and these needles could be just the thing to get me motivated.

  23. Jen Feely

    Have always wanted to try interchangables and prefer circs to straights for everything. Would love to try these!

  24. Christine

    Great prize! And kudos to the fishy hat knitters – great community involvement, and warm and generous support can really go a long way to motivating a child to do well.

    However, I do wonder about kids in that school who have genuine learning disabilities and who, with all the motivation and hard work in the world, could never score proficient on a math test. I am not suggesting that the fish hat knitters should do anything differently – it is good to motivate kids to success – I just wish, I guess, that there was a different rubric for kids with learning difficulties that allowed them to have their progress recognised too. Or perhaps there is? Is there a way for kids with special needs to score a proficient by adapting the test or the help they get with it?

    A matter for the education people, not the knitters, but as a former teacher, I couldn’t help but think of those kids.

  25. julianna

    Wow! What a generous gift. Love the posts about the fish hats — having knit one myself. 🙂

  26. Fleur

    With the upcoming winter I am knitting knee high socks for myself and my mum. Also I am working on a sleeveless sweater for a friend. The best alpaca I have ever worked with (Alta Moda Alpaca by Lana Grossa), it is so soft that you want to hug it 😉

    Needles like those are excellent to work with, especially for sweaters and shawls.

    Apart from those projects I recently was yarn bombing, I would love to do more of that. Curious about it? Take a peek on my site.

    Have a nice day all. Ciao, Fleur

  27. Teresa

    Love, love, love the fish hat idea! Wonderful thing that they are doing. Also love hiya hiya interchangeables – havn’t tried the bamboo tips yet and sure would love to!

  28. Susan

    Needles are always necessary!! The join is going out on a few of my circs right now … need more!

  29. Theresa Smith

    The wall of fish hats is hilarious and inspiring all at the same time. That is a lot of love for those students. I hope many of them do well!

    The needles look lovely, and I have heard so much about Hiya Hiya. Mehbeh…

  30. Kristen Wilkinson

    I used to love metal needles, but the more I knit, the looser I get. I need wood for a little more friction! Thanks to Hiya Hiya!

  31. DeeAnn

    Those needles are beautiful! I love bamboo.

    For Socktober I’m going to learn how to knit two-at-a-time socks.

  32. Cat

    Ooh, interchangeable needles. I really want some, since no one seems to want to buy me the set I’ve had on my Amazon wish list for over a year.

  33. Nic

    I’ve just discovered how much I like hiya hiyas, I would love the chance to win such an amazing prize! Thank you for a great giveaway.

    Also, 100,000 knitted items…that is amazing, so many people benefiting from the groups’ generosity!

  34. Bonnie

    WOW! What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for having it. (Random: I’m currently knitting the Henry scarf from a back issue of Knitty. Very clever, that scarf.)

  35. KateMc

    I am currently knitting two pairs of socks a warm yellow for my sister and a wild combo of colors for my daughter. I would love to try these needles. They look wonderful. Good luck all!

  36. krystina

    WOW what a great giveaway, thanks for the chance! And yeah, that IS a lot of fish! I love that pattern, so adorable.

  37. Lisa Barrett

    What a fantastic giveaway! A set of bamboo interchangeables would be VERY useful. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  38. molly nichol

    the proFISHency awards are simply brilliant! what a creative way to encourage and support learning in the community!
    ‘hats off’ to the genius who came up with the idea!

  39. Katy Lowder

    What a wonderful idea to encourage the Bay Area students! Such a generous giveaway! Thank you, Knitty, for being all around brilliant and encouraging knitters of all speeds and spiciness!

  40. Elizabeth

    Those needles are beautiful, and such a generous give away.

    The knitting group in Chesterfield County, Virginia should be so pleased with their accomplishment- that really is amazing.

  41. Linda

    Oh, I love those Hiya hiya needles. I have a pair or two of the circs. and would love to try their interchangables.

    There is so much charity work going on these days, and so much need for it. With a lot of bad news always on TV or in the papers, It’s nice to read about positive things happening.

  42. Mary Katharin

    I love the fish! What a great idea to provide incentive for excellency!

    plus – I’d love to use the set of needles for my own charity projects.


  43. Meg

    With Christmas coming, (only 80 days! yikes!) until that day, I’m stocking (no pun-really) up on quickie knit gift ideas. Thanks for all the Fish-(wink wink)

  44. Dari Trout

    All the good works we knitters do!! Kudos! What an awesome giveaway! A needle for every project! WooHoo!

  45. Barbara

    Wow, those needles would be amazing! I love using circulars for everything, but the ones I have are a mixture of thrifted and cheap ones. Some nice needles would be perfect!

    As for socks, I’m knitting a pair each for my two boys from some hand-dyed yarn my mom gave me.

  46. Shannon Larson

    I love Hiya Hiya needles. I have a set of the steel interchangeables and would love to have the bamboo ones too. They are some of the best needles out there.

  47. Christine

    It’s amazing how a few knitters can get together and make suck a difference with charity knitting. Good job!!!

  48. Domestic Arts

    Have heard of the HiyaHiya interchangables. I have had experience with their finer circular needles for lace knitting. We in the lacing community really recommend them

  49. Chelsea

    A contest, wahoo! I’m working on my first pair of official socktober fest socks. Hoping to bang out at least 4 pair this month 🙂

  50. Karina

    Wow. That’s a very generous give-away. Sure, I wouldn’t say no. I don’t actually own any interchangeable needles and I’d love to give them a try.

  51. Rachel

    I’m looking for a new set of interchangeable needles! I love working with bamboo needles. They just feel so nice. I’d love to win these!

  52. M. Peterson

    I love my Hiya Hiya bamboo circs and my steel tip interchangeables, so I have to imagine I’d love their bamboo interchageables equally as much!

  53. Whitney

    Oh, what nice needles. My circular set is getting somewhat battered after years of use.

    I would like to do more charity knitting but lately it seems like I always have a queue of gifts to knit. So I’ve been limited to the occasional preemie hat here and there, since they are easy to do quickly while in the middle of a larger project.

  54. Bennycatgirl

    That wall of fish hats has made my day! As has even the idea of the Hiya Hiya needles. Bamboo FTW! Good luck to all. 🙂

  55. Lark

    I love the fish hats! Such creativity. As for the needles, I bought my first Hiya Hiya fixed circulars a few months ago, and I love them. The join is incredibly smooth. I’m also a fan of interchangeables, and would dearly love to try this set!

    (Not sure if my previous post went through, and I got a message about the server not responding when I tried to submit it. The “older posts” link isn’t working, either, so I can’t check. Apologies if this is a repeat; it wasn’t by choice.)

  56. Kamigaeru

    Despite my ever-growing needle collection, I still come up short every now and then. And I don’t own a single interchangeable set yet! These would be great to test drive.

  57. Jeanne

    Interchangeable circulars are my favorite needles. Love the versatility. It would great to get to try out Hiya Hiya’s version.

    Thanks for sharing the knitting charity news, too! Love to hear about craftiness in the community.

  58. Bethany

    I have a circular needle set, but it’s falling apart – my US 13 tip snapped off the screw tip of the cable midway through a blanket border of a bajillion stitches!

  59. Robin

    That fish project is amazing! Charity knitting is inspiring and shows how just a few people together can do such awesome things.

  60. Tina

    I have made one fish hat. I can’ imagine making 80! I’m sure the students think they are really cool though. I love hiya-hiya needles too. Their may favorite. It is cool that they come in bamboo now.

  61. Deb

    I don’t think I can ever have too many interchangeable sets! Besides, I am feeling very unlucky today–prove me wrong!

    1. Julia

      A good friend of my daughter’s went to Richmond High. She visited there during her high school years. She came home with eyes opened to the priveliges she enjoys at her high school.

  62. Kate in Toronto

    The prefect Socktober give away. I have just taught myself toe up, two at a time sock creation and would love interchangeable bamboo needles.

  63. Roxy

    I love the fish-hat idea! Its a really touching gesture.

    (I’d also love those interchangable needles…)

  64. Cris

    I try to always have one project I’m working on that is for charity. Right now it’s an afghan for the Linus project.

  65. Beth

    I’m part of a charity knitting group, but we haven’t given away even close to 100,000 yet. That’s a lot of stiches! I bet they’d go faster on some new needles. (hint, hint)

  66. Anne

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway!

    The only thing that could beat that would be numerous stories about using knitting to inspire, encourage, teach, learn, and reward! And you did that too!!
    Thak you!

  67. Jennifer

    Pretty needles! *crosses fingers hopefully*

    Also who knew that october was sock month? I simply must cast-on a pair to celebrate!

  68. Serena

    I find purchasing needles to be the most expensive part of knitting. I would cheer if I won this set! Thank you for the giveaway!

  69. SarainBrooklyn

    Oooh, what a swell giveaway! And yay for fish hats, and mythical math room. (And thanks for the sock nudge.)

  70. Layla

    Hiya Hiya Hello! This is looks like a fabulous giveaway. I really like that the VA volunteers kept track of the donations. This is an excellent motivator that I just might try with my knitting group!

  71. Gina in the SF East Bay

    Very local for me today. Hats off to the amazing people at K2tog (my favorite local yarn shop)for their amazing contributions to our community with their ProFISHent hat drive. I can’t wait to see the hats around town. And dear Rachael – she is such a doll. Once I started her first two novels, I simply could not put them down. I’m looking forward to more of her excellent stories and insights.

  72. Barbara Stoner

    I really want a interchangeable needle set and was leaning towards the Hiya Hiya set. I couldn’t decide between the large or small. Please, please pick me!

  73. Maryann

    Those HiyaHiya needles look great. I recently got one circular and it was very nice. I would love to win!

  74. Leah

    My friend has Hiya Hiyas and they’re great. Also, I saw a new knitting book the other day that I thought you might like.. It was called the Knitter’s Life List. It was really interesting..I feel like it managed to encapsulate a lot of the things I’ve learned about knitting culture over the past few years.

  75. Erin

    Lovely, interchangeable cables. I have always dreamed of owning them but prefer to spend that much money in one whack on yarn. :>)

  76. not supergirl

    Is it silly that I always get nervous about the skill testing question? I’ve been knitting for years, and I try new things, and I’m assuming it’s a basic question to weed out the non-knitters who just want to win a prize to resell it, but still… I hope I win, and I hope I’m up to the subsequent test. 🙂

  77. Amy B

    I was born in raised in Chesterfield County – so proud of From the Heart and their knitted contributions to charity!!

  78. paisleyapron

    I wonder how much those fish hats will be appreciated. I do hope they inspire some young people to learn to knit…it’s great for the brain. Thanks for a super giveaway!

  79. susie m

    Oooh…I was just admiring my one Hiya Hiya circular needle and thinking it was time to upgrade to a whole set. This would be so cool…plus my 49th (really) birthday is next week!

  80. Kathy

    I would love to try these needles. I wonder if they’re more commonly used in Europe because I’ve never seen them– and because people over there who use them really like them. Great prize!

  81. Anita

    Thanks indeed to Hiya Hiya North America for a very generous prize.

    Also thanks to everyone at Knitty for your generosity in feeding our knitting minds and fingers with great patterns and blog posts!

  82. Renee Cook

    I love all the fish hats and the group that knitted them for the kids! Great job!

    I’ve been hearing a lot about the Hiya Hiya needles. Would love to score a set like this!

  83. Kim A.

    Would love to have some interchangeable needles! Also, thanks for the great story about the fish hats. It reminds me I need to make one.

  84. Kristi

    Size 2 interchangeable needles sound wondeful! What an awesome giveaway. And I just love the picture of all the fish hats!

  85. Meredith

    mmm, this giveaway would save me from buying non-interchangeable needles below size 4 from KnitPicks. And they’re bamboo…love it! I need smaller circulars to make baby items for my first baby! *crosses fingers*

  86. Emily

    I have heard a lot of great things about these needle sets but I haven’t been able to try them yet! I would love to get them!

  87. Aimee

    Hiya Hiya Needles, how I covet you!

    The fish hats are exactly what all the “small fry” on my Christmas knitting list are getting this year!

  88. Elizabeth S

    Oh! oh! oh!

    (Translation: My, those needles are beautiful, and they look so useful, too. Bamboo is my favorite needle material – so comfortable to hold. I do so wish I could win these lovely sets. How generous of the Hiya Hiya folks to give them away!)

  89. Cynthia

    Woohoo! Needles! Want!

    Ahem. Okay, got the greed out of my system. Thanks for the reminder that I really want to make that Fish Hat. It is so fun looking. 🙂

  90. Diane

    Too bad I’m so far away from Kansas City… that mystical math room sounds fun.

    So does the set of interchangeable needles! Oh random number generator, please pick me.

  91. seashoreknits

    HiYa HiYa are the BEST needles. I loev everything about that company and would be thrilled to win that set of interchangeables!! Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  92. Susan

    BOTH sizes of Hiya Hiya needles! Wow! Who wouldn’t love to have them. What a generous gift.

    I loved reading about the fish hats. I grew up in the SFO Bay Area. Albany has always been a trouble spot, but these days there is a new attitude, a new kind of caring for each other.

  93. Carolyn

    So much really interesting info and great links in todays post! Sure would like to win the giveaway too – my needle basket is a mess.

  94. Jennifer

    Love the fish hat idea. May have to get the knitting group where I teach to do the same thing. PS I want those needles!

  95. Diane Eskritt

    What a great prize! People (usually store owners) often tell me that I would knit better and faster with newer needles.

  96. Sydni

    That would make an awesome birthday gift!! I’ve been looking for a set of bamboo interchangeable needles. Count me in!!

  97. Connie

    I love Hiya Hiya and would be so happy to give them a home. I love the fish hats what a wonderful project!

  98. Eklectika

    I’ve always wanted an interchangable needle set! Count me in!

    And now I’ve been reminded of the fish hat…and I think I need to make one!

  99. Claudia Horner

    Wow, I’d love to spend my knitting days using those interchangeable Hiya Hiya circulars! Pick me; pick me! Thanks for being Knitty. It is always fun to read.

  100. deb j

    Love the fish hats…..I plan on making them for both of my grandsons. Reminds me of that song my kids used to sing….
    fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish heads….
    fish heads, fish heads, eat them up….YUM!

  101. Seanna Lea

    The needle set would be awesome. I am always looking for more needles of certain sizes (like how do I use so many needles sized 2-5).

    100,000 items to charities is huge. I don’t know if any of the knitting groups I’ve been a member of could come close! Kudos!

  102. Erika

    Socktober and I haven’t started any socks! You know what would help? Hiya Hiya needles in size 2!

  103. Infomom

    You can’t see them, but there are three of my fish hats in the picture! Yay for K2Tog and yay for Knitty’s pattern!
    Oh, and I’ve always wanted interchangeable needles.

  104. RLJ

    For some reason I don’t have a set of interchangeable needles in my stash. I think that needs to change.

  105. Sylwia

    I.would.love.to.own.those.needles. Been looking at sets of interchangeable needles for a long time – I am so tired of knitting on cheap-o aluminum ones with those nylon wires that always get tangled up!
    Could I win this, plz?

  106. Sally

    Charity knitting is good for the soul and for learning new skills at the same time. Yeah for From the Heart!

  107. Holly

    I would love to win the needle set! I love that the small set includes small enough needles to make socks and other fingering weight items. Thanks for running the giveaway!

  108. Jen

    1. Cool needles!
    2. LOVE the fish and what a great concept!
    3. I’ll have to check out the videos.
    4. Congratulations to Chesterfield County! Way to go! Whoo-woo!
    5. I may have had more interest in school if had involved knitting. Hmm…
    6. Socktober – you’re on!
    7. I’ll have to check out the book.

  109. Helen

    Oh, by all that is yarny and gorgeous, those needles!

    … and I love the fish-hat-sneakily-eating-another-fish-hat, too.

  110. Susann

    I love bamboo needles and have never owned interchangeable circulars. What treat these would be!

  111. SusieQ100

    I’ve heard that Hiya Hiya’s are good needles, but haven’t seen them for sale here. Here’s hoping I can win them!

  112. Mary

    Love those needles and love the fish story. If I won them I could make a fish hat for someone 😉

  113. Andrea

    I’ve heard excellent things about Hiya Hiya needles, and I do know that I love bamboo needles, so I’d love to win this!

  114. Linda S

    I love the fish hat project–what a great idea. Hope the kids aren’t too cool to wear them. NICE giveaway!

  115. Eileen D

    I would love to win the needle set. I’m continuously running out of needles for projects…

  116. Reb

    I have learned the hard way that a couple circs here and there is not, in fact, enough. Thanks for the contest!

  117. Pilaar

    Love the math project “Crazy Mathmatical Knitting”! The needles look very wonderful too 🙂

  118. Erica

    Wow those needles look great. And all the stories of people using knitting to help others is inspiring!

  119. Nancy

    What a great combination…bamboo and interchangeable. Would love to try them.

    It’s interesting to read how much knitting is changing lives through charitable donations and involvement in education. I was at the Contemporary Museum of Art in Chicago last week and found works of art composed of both knit and crochet.

  120. Jocelyne

    Oooh. Needles. Not to have to wonder if I can cast on that project today or if I have to borrow or buy a new needle size. So awesome.

    Also? I love the fish hats.

  121. Emily

    When I first started knitting I couldn’t imagine needing so many needles… but now, I realize that I seriously do! How awesome would that set be!!!

  122. Mary Caton

    What a prize! I am dreaming of the wonderful items I can knit on these needles. Thank you, Hiya Hiya North America for the opportunity. I will be checking out your website today.

  123. Francie Owens

    Wow, what a wonderful prize!

    And yes, I’ve knit a fish hat too and love it!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  124. Kara

    I love HiyaHiya needles, and I love bamboo! The combination sounds amazing, thanks for the chance to win some!

  125. Kitten With A Whiplash

    I’ve been reading the comments, and since no one else seems to want the needles, I’d be glad to take them off your hands. Yeah, I know – Dream On, Kitten! What is Crazy Mathematical Knitting? How could they tease us like that?

  126. Loretta

    Yay for Socktober and Knitty contests! I just bought some spaarkly sock yarn, and I’m thinking of making a pair of Twisted.

  127. duni

    oooh- so much cool stuff to read! and since all my needles are already in other UFOs it would be lovely to win a new set so i could start some more… 😉

  128. Lisa

    I love that fish hat project. What a great way to reward students! And thanks for the awesome opportunity to win some interchangeable needles. It would be an awesome October birthday gift. Speaking of which, I should probably add it to my wishlist anyways 🙂

  129. Josiane

    Seeing as I have a very busy month ahead, I have a very modest goal for Socktoberfest: weave in the ends of that pair of socks I finished knitting when it was too warm to wear socks (thus the motivation level to weave in the end being lower). As warm socks season is now back, those will be a welcome addition to my sock drawer without adding stress to my schedule. 🙂

  130. Sarah

    Interchangables sound lovely; they’d make my sock experience much more enjoyable. I am undertaking a sock project or two this october and hoping that the mates come out the same size this time…

  131. Angela R

    I’m pretty intrigued by Crazy Mathematical Knitting, I wish the website had a description of that!

  132. Rebecca M

    I haven’t tried bamboo since I first discovered metal needles, but HiyaHiya might just convert me…

  133. Larissa

    I’m definitely passing the idea of the Fish Hat incentive along to a few friends of mine-they work in inner-city schools and I think that this is a great way to motivate people! And, who knows, you might inspire them to learn a valuable and fun skill!

  134. Bonney

    What a great post!! An opportunity to win a great set of needles and the fun idea of knitting hats to offer incentive to students. I just love it!

  135. Kathleen

    I’m in for the needles and will definitely be knitting at least one fish hat for my local urchins.

  136. Karen Lauterwasser

    What an awesome collection of fish hats! I might just have to break down and make myself one. Maybe it will help me remember some of the math I seem to have forgotten.

    And those needles – please throw my name into the (figurative) hat. One can never have enough needles!

  137. Megan

    These interchangeable needles look absolutely beautiful! I would feel so lucky to add them to my needle collection.

  138. Cinnamon

    I want the needles! I think one cannot have enough interchangeables. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  139. jennifer t

    Way to go HiyaHiya, that is an awesome prize and I agree with everyone that says you can’t have too many needles. I keep finding myself needle short!

  140. Leesa Gentry

    I would love a set of interchangeable needles. Have slowly added some to my collection but a full set of large and small would be great.

  141. Anne

    I love the hat for proFishiency! What a neat idea as a prize!
    I could knit quite a few neat hats, fishy or otherwise, with those wonderful needles, so please pick meee!

  142. Therese

    I love this set; it’s just what I need!
    I love the fish hats, so I hope to have time to knit one of thise this year.

  143. Beth

    Interchangeable needles that go down to a size 2! Want! (I’ve only seen down to a size 4 so far.)

  144. Jen M

    Holy cow, holy cow, I NEED this set! I’ve had my eye on it for ages but couldn’t justify buying a set for myself.

  145. Cynthia RD

    I love the photo of all the fish hats. What fun they must have had knitting them…perhaps on HiyaHiya needles? 🙂

  146. Shannon/SpinSanity

    I love the fish hats and where they’re going. Such an awesome idea!

    Putting in my comment for a chance. I’ve never tried Hiya Hiyas and would love to. With four knitters in the house, there are never enough needles.

  147. Abi/StickyKnits

    I’m a young knitter and I thinks it’s awesome that your giving away needles,and I could really use some needles. 🙂

  148. Allison

    Interchangeable needles are the most fun of all the knitting tools. I could tell you a story about an old set of Denises and how they were made into robots by my five-year-old. But I guess I already have, basically.

  149. Denise Katz

    I wanna win – please pick me. now that it’s been said… I am knitting a HUGE pair of socks for my husband. husbands have big feet! I am also very intrigued by the fish hats and think that is a FABULOUS idea! Good job

  150. Colleen

    i love my HiyaHiya dpns and am in need of inter-changeables…just don’t have the $$ to “try” them. Thanks for the chance HiyaHiya and Knitty.

  151. Robin F.

    Oh yeah- wooden interchangeable circs- I’m so wanting those. Hats off to all the knitters who donate to those who need.

  152. Joyce

    That fish hat has been sitting in my queue for a while, and I think I need to check that off the list. Those are some awesome looking fish hats on the wall, and what a great cause as well. =)

  153. Jessica

    Those interchangeable needles are great!

    For Socktober, I just finished the Broad Ripple socks in Crystal Palace Bamboo peapod and started a “zombie” sock pattern from ravelry.

  154. Meg

    I love the fish hats and the idea to give them to the kids. What a fantastic thing to do! I’d sure love to have those needles – I’ve been looking at them with longing:-) Thanks for the opportunity.

  155. Valerie

    Hiya Hiya I WANT YOUR NEEDLE SETS!!!!!!! It would make a fabulous birthday gift to me!
    The fish hats are incredible! I hope the recipients appreciate them.

  156. Crystal

    I’d love those needles. My Christmas present is going to be the master hand knitters program so they would get lots of use.

  157. Cari

    The story of the fish hats appealed to the math nerd and the punster in me…and then there was news of Crazy Mathematical Knitting in the Mystical Math Room. Great stories and great blog post!

  158. Lynn

    Love the bamboo needles. My dad just sent me the article about the chesterfield knitters as it was in their local paper.

  159. Amanda Katz

    What a fabulous way to encourage the students to do their best and improve. If you like a funny fish hat, and what kid wouldn’t! The display is amazing and thank you for sharing and promoting what the group is striving for – educating our youth!

  160. Bonnie

    Love the fish hats and the awesomeness of knitting for others.
    Kudos K2!!
    A complete needle set is something I have always thought I should get myself but probably never will…..

  161. Carolyn

    Wonderful giveaway…I would love to win these needles, especially the small size interchangeables.

    Great blog today about the fish hats, what an awesome idea to help the young people of this school. Way to go!!! (knitters and students)

  162. Betsy

    100,000 donated items to charity in 10 years??? LOVE it! Way to go Chesterfield Count Virginia! Now, can someone explain to me what Crazy Mathematical Knitting is?

  163. Chloe

    Knitting needles!!! you can never have enough, especially when they’re of such good quality like those.

  164. Kirsty

    Wow, well done k2tog – an achievement to be proud of, to be sure!

    Socktober rocks! I’m knitting universal toe-up socks for my new walking socks, then I’m going to attempt either Double Helix or Skew because they look cool (and I have Wollmeise that is screaming to be played with).

    Oh, and Hiya Hiyas would be lovely to work with 😉

  165. mwknitter

    I am finishing up the 3rd pair of socks for my 3 grands. Will then make some booties. I’m hoping to get a pair of alpaca socks knit for myself because Accu=weather is predicting an unusually cold & snowy winter for Chicago this year. Alpaca socks are so warm & soft.

  166. Tracy

    Anyone know if they will be posting photos/instructions for their Mathematical Knitting? Kansas City is too far of a drive for me

  167. Laurie

    Bamboo is my favorite type of needle, and I’ve been thinking about a bamboo set of interchangeables for awhile.

  168. Amanda

    I’ve got some toe ups in DK and some cuff downs in worsted going for Socktober, and a friend of mine has hinted she wants some knee highs for Christmas. Work work work. 😉

  169. Anne

    I have been using interchangable circular needles for years.
    I have several worn out pair and would gladly use the set being offered in the contest.
    What kind of question will you ask?

  170. Sada

    I <3 my HiyaHiya fixed circs, I would double <3 a whole set of interchangeables…fantastic giveaway as usual!

  171. Emme

    What a great idea for encouraging students to do better in school. And the knitting group that donated 100,000 knitted items to charity is just inspiring.

  172. Melissa

    OOOooooh! Pick me! Pick me! I would love some shinny new knitting needles. I love the fish idea too! Very cute!

  173. Lisa

    Would LOVE to win this prize, I don’t knit with straight needles any more, I always use circulars!

  174. Audi

    Hiya Bamboo Interchangeable Needles are on my wish list! I love Hiya needles, I have a circular needle from them, that I can’t stop using.

  175. Bettina

    The fish hats are such a wonderful idea for encouraging kids! It’s lovely that people are trying to help them out.

  176. Megan

    After seven years as a knitter I have yet to own a set of interchangeables. I knit almost exclusively with bamboo, so these look great!

  177. Linda

    I’d LOVE to win the set of needles! I have many knitting needles, but still never seem to have just the right size.
    Thanks for this great give-away!

  178. Kathy

    For Soctober I’m knitting B and B socks, only toe up and changed the braid and not the cascade yarn called for, so only more or less using the pattern.
    And, yes, I could use that lovely set of needles.

  179. Mary

    Maybe I’ll finish up my husband’s giant socks this month… thank goodness they’re not kilt hose!

  180. Bets

    Wow, that is a wonderful thing to do for the Richmond High kids!
    And, thanks for another fun giveaway 🙂

  181. Irene

    OMG! Hiya Hiya makes the BEST needles! I let a friend try one of mine and she ended up getting a set of her very own! I love the ultra-smooth joins, super flexible cords, and the shorter tips. And the GORGEOUS cases!

  182. Linda

    Does anyone know whether the security folks at the airport can detect bamboo needles like they can stainless?

  183. Pat L

    Those needles look wonderful. And I can’t find half of mine which are probably buried in UFOs somewhere. So winning them would be timely. (And I promise not to hide them on myself.)

  184. Lauren

    Oh, I love Hiya Hiya needles!! Hope to win this one. Thanks!

    Love the fish hats, and what a wonderful idea, too!

  185. c8h10n4o2

    Wow. Drooling over the needles.

    Great for the Richmond High students! Having lived very close, they can use the encouragement.

    And I always had Science Bowl and Mathletes at Rockhurst. Might need to cruise by and check that out. Even though the Jesuits scared the bejeesus out of me.

  186. Lisa (in BC)

    I love the fish hats. What a wonderful idea and bit of cheering for the students. Sign me up to try out the Hiya-Hiyas please!

  187. Aimee

    Because one can never have too many needles. Maybe one day they could have interchangeable crochet hooks, too? Bamboo is my favorite to work with. Nice and ‘grippy’

  188. suzalele

    My son proudly wears his fish hat all the time! Maybe with new needles, I can make him a different colored one!

  189. Karin

    Would love to see a group photo of kids in fish hats! Love the needles, too. Will I get to say Hi, Hiya?

  190. Sarah

    If I happen to win the giveaway, I will give the needles to my dear friend, since I already have my knit picks options, but she does not have a set! : )

  191. Ellen

    I’m still not very good at knitting, let alone answering questions about it, but I’d love to try & win a set of Hiya Hiya needles!

  192. Jo-ann

    There are never too many knitting needles in the world. I really need some circular ones as I am sadly lacking in this area. Intrigued by the crazy mathematical knitting (I am a mathematician in my day job).

  193. AlisoninOz

    Hiya hiya! Waving at you here from Oz! (where the bamboo needles would get not only a warm welcome, but a hot place to live)

  194. Lisa

    I’ve never tried interchangeable needles, but they seem like such a great idea. Just the fact of not having to guess whether I have the right size would be amazing.

  195. Darlene in North GA

    I would love to win those nice needles. I have Addi Clicks and I’m sorry to say, they keep coming disconnected. Yes,I DO tighten them and they DO lock. But it’s a twist lock and as I knit, they work loose. I don’t think the Hiya Hiyas can do that as they lock tightener.

  196. KarenV

    What a great prize! And what fun fish for a great cause. I had to go back and take a look at the pattern again.

  197. Crystal

    I absolutely LOVE my stainless steel Hiya Hiya interchangeables. I would love to try the bamboo ones!

  198. Rabbit

    LOOOVE the Fish hats! My grand-nephews will love them and so will the little girl across the street, and, oh, ME!
    Oh, and the needles? Yeah, I could use a set: I have three wires in my current set and one is broken and the other two are in use, so I need a new set so I make these hats!

  199. Maggie

    I love interchangeble needles!!! I’ve been wanting Hiya Hiya. BTW, your mother’s jewelry samples next to the blog show that weird skeleton skull. That seems to be good for this month! Magpie27

  200. Helen

    Love knitting with bamboo needles and winning the Hiya Hiya Bamboo Interchangeable Needles would make my day!!

  201. Tia

    The fish project is amazing! May have to do a series for a soon-to-be baby in the same vein…and what better way to knit up a set of hats than with circular Hiya Hiyas. 😉

  202. snoopy

    I really like the fish hats! I am nearly finished with my first, it’s such a great way to use up stashed scraps. The hats on the wall are just awesome, and giving them to schoolkids as a reward for doing well in school is great, too.

  203. Caroline

    Please enter me into the contest.

    The needle set looks amazing.

    I love that the fish hats are encouraging kids. They are one of my favorite patterns.

  204. Nina Bauer

    I am an avid knitter in need of more needles.

    On another note those fish hats are adorable.

  205. Alessandra

    Those fish hats are amazing and so bright. Also the needles would be great to get me started on my Soctober socks.

  206. d

    Oh dear, the fish! The fish! I wonder what the students’ reaction will be… 😀
    Also thanks for another generous giveaway. I guess there’s no one who would say no to more needles, right?

  207. Helen

    “ProFISHent”?? Uughhhhh.

    Still, anything to support mathematical skill is awesome in my book 🙂

  208. s-j

    wow, i had no idea there were interchangeable needles that go as small as sz.2! very cool. and i love the fish hats as well!

  209. cath

    I’d love to be entered in the draw for those needles. I think it’s so cool that people are willing to knit fish hats for kids as an incentive. I also find it pretty cool that the kids think the fish hats are an incentive.

  210. Tiffany

    What a great contest! Thank you for your fun blogs and providing a way for these give aways! By the way I was coveting these at a recent knit show.

  211. Chris

    Thank you Knitty and Hiya Hiya North America for this wonderful chance. Thanks, too, for another great blog. Those fish hats are amazing! And now I need to find more sock yarn.

  212. Lynn

    Like everyone else, I love the fish hats! Would also love to win the needles! That would make this knitter very happy.

  213. Marianna Brough

    The interchangeable needles look like a dream come true! I would love to win them. :->

  214. Erica

    Hello, source of inspiration, Knitty! I just saw the fish hat, too! I am going to make one of those…

  215. kelly-ann (on ravelry)

    I would love to try some Hiya Hiya needles – have heard great things about them.

  216. Kate

    Hey there… those are some great looking needles! And how cool is it that knitting can help motivate kids to learn? 😀

  217. Naomi

    I’ve heard wonderful things about the Hiya Hiya needle set. I also love all the fish hats! What a wonderful idea! I love knitters.

  218. lindaran

    This is an awesome giveaway – I haven’t tried Hiyas yet, this would be a great way to start!

  219. Shilo

    I adore the fish hats! I think I’ll do the same thing for my kids when they pass their standards of learning tests. Great idea!

  220. Shay

    Fish hats ftw! ^_^

    Oh wow, I would love those Hiya Hiyas! I prefer bamboo needles and interchangeables are excellent!

  221. Karrie

    My winter goal is to learn to knit socks. I have been pouring over possible books and wondering what supplies I needed. These HiYa HiYa needles are sure to help me get the right start!

  222. Janice D

    This is the most incredibly generous giveaway ever! Hope my luck finally changes.

    The fish hats are so cute!

  223. Nancy G

    What an amazing prize. And who doesn’t need more needles? My fingers, toes and eyes are crossed in hopes of winning this great give-away!

  224. Anne Ball

    Love these. Think of all the thins one could create with these needles. And how nice the needles would feel in your hands.