WWW: “Do Knit Disturb”, World Record Knitting, and a “Jumper Pouffe”

Love it!

Some knitting, some crochet – but still entirely yarny: a hotel in Brighton, UK, has unveiled its latest theme room: “Do Knit Disturb”. The work of designer Kate Jenkins, it’s guaranteed to keep you warm – and amused – during your stay. Great photos at the link and more details here.

A 71-year-old in the UK has broken his own Guinness World Record for the longest piece of “French Knitting” (also known as Spool Knitting). Over 20 years, he’s created a piece over 16 miles long, and is still working on it. I adore the video of the town’s mayor being pressed into service to help measure the piece.

Amusing collision: the fall edition of the Creativ Festival was held in Toronto this past weekend, at the downtown Convention Centre. All was well and good until members of a local crochet guild, the Toronto HookUps, got misdirected, and ended up in the exhibit hall next door, which was hosting the “Everything To Do With Sex Show”. Article slightly NSFW.

A NY-area blog suggests three reasons why it’s better to knit your Hallowe’en costume

Excellent for cats.

And if you’re looking for something to do with a worn-out or moth-eaten old sweater, consider turning it into a “jumper pouffe” – a knitting-covered footstool. How-to instructions at the link.

Update on a story that was making the rounds last week: vets helping with the clean-up after an oil spill off the coast of New Zealand had originally asked for knitters to contribute some sweaters to help protect the skin of penguins who have lost their feathers due to oil damage. They report that they have received more than they can use. This reminds us of an important thing: before you contribute your hard work to any cause, please do check with the organization to confirm what they need.

Knitters in Oregon wishing to contribute to a good cause are encouraged to get involved in an initiative being run by the shop “All About Yarn”, knitting hats and scarves for residents of a local women’s shelter.

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7 thoughts on “WWW: “Do Knit Disturb”, World Record Knitting, and a “Jumper Pouffe”

  1. Seanna Lea

    I love the idea of penguin sweaters, but at knitting on Saturday it was surprisingly hard to articulate to others why this might even be necessary. I’m glad that they have enough for the penguins and will try to make some things for a local shelter this year.

  2. Kris

    On closer inspection, the items in the”knitted” hotel room would appear to have been crocheted. Go to the “Do Knit Disturb” link for a better look.

  3. Meredith E

    I want to know who can cut up a Dale to turn it into a footstool. I knit that same sweater and I can’t imagine taking scissors to it. (Maybe once its good and worn out? Just to keep it around?)

  4. Michelle B

    I made the Hallowig in robin’s egg blue and I love it!! It’s hilarious! I just need to wash and block it. Thanks, Knitty.

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