Namaste Giveaway!

I’ve never known a knitter who didn’t love bags.  The lovely folks at Namaste have donated one of their fabulous Mini Messenger bags for a giveaway. If you’d like to add to your bag collection, this giveaway is for you. Prize Value $85.

Mini Messenger stylish and practical!

The usual rules apply for our giveaway: Leave a comment on this post before midnight, eastern time, on Sunday, November 6, 2011. A comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If s/he answers correctly s/he will win our prize.

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1,435 thoughts on “Namaste Giveaway!

  1. Seanna Lea

    I love the Namaste bags. They have great customer service (one of my bags needed a repair and they were awesome about sending me a new one). The best for me is that they are professional enough to be used in the corporate environment. I love them!

  2. Kim

    My projects would look much better being toted around in that bag than in my current – a large zip-top bag!

  3. Irene

    This is pure bliss. I saw this on a blog the other day and had sighed to myself wishing that I could have one 🙂 Good luck to everyone !

  4. Sandee

    There is no such thing as too many bags, not that my husband agrees. He will never notice another one.

  5. Emma

    Ooh I had real trouble choosing between the Monroe and the Messenger. I got the Monroe, but to get the Messenger as well would be icing on the cake!

  6. Margaret

    Bags and shoes are my favorite because they always fit no matter how much turkey and dressing I eat. Bags are happy things. Love!

  7. SpiffyB

    Ooh! Pick me! I have totally been checking these bags out – I know, I know, I already have a Zuma and a Monroe, but you can’t really have too many Namaste bags, can you? 🙂

  8. Erin

    I’ve actually been looking for a knitting bag…the only one I have is just a large clear plastic tote. Something with pockets would be great!

  9. Marion

    Ooh, now, that looks very useful and attractive too! I’m a bagaholic – can’t resist the chance to acquire a new one!

  10. Sylvie

    That seems big to be called “mini” but it also looks like the perfect size, so who am I to complain?

  11. Marielle

    Oh my goodness, their bags are lovely! This is the perfect opportunity to add one to my collection!

  12. CaroKnox

    I want that bag! Because I assume I will then be thin and have awesome hair all whilst walking down a street in some European capitol. So sign me up!

  13. Carrie

    Love the bag. I think you are right about knitters and our bags. After all we need things to carry our knitting around with us!

  14. Traci

    This is on my Christmas list!!! I saved up to get one at Rhinebeck but none were to be found: (
    Fingers crossed.

  15. Ann-Marie

    I’ve coveted a Namaste bag for a long time, and this one really looks great. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  16. Jodie

    I just know if I had that bag, I’d look as cool as the picture with the model in it! Yes, this bag would make me lose 30 pounds I’m sure!

  17. Christine

    I’m always curious about the “skills question” hmm. Who knows if I would have what it takes to answer correctly?

  18. zuzu

    I really like Namaste bags (I have 3). But my favorite style (the Vintage) is no longer offered, and if the flaking around the top of mine is at all common, I know why. I’m seriously thinking of trying to remake it in canvas, since I’m quite sure Namaste won’t.

  19. Heather V

    Never really thought of myself as a bag-lover, but then I do have a few that are all but worn out, so maybe I do fall into that category :).

  20. coryy

    WOW! That would be great to stash my “Christmas” knitting projects, since I probably won’t realistically finish them until february anyway….
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Toni

    That’s amazing, because if I were ever going to buy a Namaste bag, that’s the only one I would actually want!

  22. Lucy

    I’m not alone?! And here, I thought I was the only one that combined my knitting with an almost need for more bags! What an awesome giveaway!

  23. Harriet

    I’d love to win that bag. Just don’t tell my husband I want another bag. He just does not understand.

  24. Sharlene

    Love the Namaste bags and have been wanting an eggplant mini-messenger for awhile. Looks like a great bag!

  25. Karina

    That’s a nice giveaway. Yes I’d be willing to take that off their hands. 🙂 My thanks to you and Namaste for offering it.

  26. Mandi

    I *adore* Namaste bags. I have the Zuma, the Laguna, and the Hermosa. I use them for everything. The Hermosa is my go-to bag for my laptop and knitting, and for a carry-on bag when travelling. It’s my favorite! I’m loving this messenger bag. It could definitely be my everyday bag to hold knitting, my camera AND all my normal “purse-stuff”. Their bags are SO versatile!

  27. Kristin

    This bag is great! And it just so happens that one of my bags is torn and I need to replace it! 🙂

  28. --Deb

    What a lovely bag! It looks like it would be a wonderful place for my knitting to marinate while I wait for my electricity to come back on. (Four and a half days and counting.) And did I mention my birthday is on Monday?

  29. Michelle

    I would love a brand-new knitting bag. That’s completely out of my price range (stupid college), so I would really appreciate it. Thanks for the give-away!

  30. Beverly

    Fabulous bag. I would love to add it to my collection. It would be a huge improvement over the plastic grocery bags!

  31. Solarmama

    Ooh! That would be perfect for me to carry my knitting while riding my bike. I hope you pick me! (and that I can answer the question!) 🙂

  32. Nathan

    The folks at Namaste come through again. They donated a bag for our retreat. I couldn’t win it at my retreat so now I can win this one.

  33. Heidi

    I long for a knitting bag that is not currently employed as a diaper bag. This one would be mine, all mine!

  34. Kathy

    Yes, this one needs to be added to my knitting bag collection! My other two Namaste bags need more siblings!

  35. Jayne

    I could use a namaste bag to lug all my shower things in as we haven’t had water/heat/electricity or phone since last Saturday due to a freak snowstorm that created havoc in our area.

  36. angela

    Lovely! Most of my knitting bags are free giveaways from cosmetics or conferences. This would be a classy alternative!

  37. Gayla Edwards

    Would love to be seen with that bag on my shoulder! Headed to NYC later this month, this would be perfect!

  38. Layla Y.

    Oh Oh Oh!!!! Me Me Me!!!! Sorry I lost a little control and have to wipe the drool away… I would love to win this bag!

  39. Kaitlin

    Messenger bags are the best– and so are Namaste bags. I’ve totally been drooling over the ones at my LYS.

  40. Larissa

    I’m a total bag junkie and don’t yet have a messenger bag…I’ve heard great things about Namaste bags!

  41. Dawn

    A knitting bag with style that definitely looks as if one of my projects would fit neatly inside!

  42. Kate

    Sometimes I shy away from commenting because I wonder if I am good enough to answer a “skill testing question” but these bags are so awesome I had to throw caution to the wind and go for it. 😉

  43. audrey

    I love bags, especially since I can store plenty of knitting in them! I’m looking into taking the train into work so I can craft on my hr commute, this would be perfect for my transportation!

  44. Barbara Stoner

    I love Namaste bags! I could use it for knitting and/or diaper bag for the little one I am expecting in June!

  45. Carol

    There’s not much besides wool that I love to collect – but (knitting) bags of any kind have become an acquisition addiction…

  46. Gina in the SF East Bay

    I love, love, love Namaste bags. My mother gave me one for Christmas a couple of years ago. Even though it was a color I wouldn’t have picked out for myself, it is my absolute favorite. Would love a little mini to go with.

  47. Rachel

    I’ve been wishing I could get that bag for a while now, but being a college student, I really can’t justify spending $85 on a bag. Fingers crossed!

  48. DakotaAJ

    Oh My! If I win, I can take this off my Christmas Wish List, and add some of that lovely new BT yarn!!! PLEASE, count me in.

  49. Chris

    You know, I don’t play the lottery. The stakes are so high, the odds of winning so low. But for this bag, how can I not try? It’s beautiful.

  50. Heather W.

    Ooooo. I LOVE that bag. I’ve been thinking about replacing my commuting bag with something a little more stylish, and this looks like just the thing!

  51. joan

    Well I am post reply 523 what are my chances of winning this wonderful bag. Slim and none but it is sure fun to try these contests.

  52. Meredith

    I love bags. Could never have too many. And I have yet to own one specifically for knitting supplies, so it would definitely be a useful upgrade for me!!

  53. Barbara

    what a gorgeous bag! I agree with you – most of my knitter friends have more bags than I thought possible – I don’t think any of them have this bag – it’s gorgeous.

  54. Jeanne

    OOh. That is gorgeous. I love messenger-style bags & kind of could use an upgrade. current one is Battered!

  55. Holly

    I need some good luck have been living without heat and power for 6 days now and am really crabby because knitting by candle light is impossible (at least for me knitting navy and dark purple stripes impossible to tell the colors apart)

  56. Rebecca

    I’ve recently gotten the Namaste bug. Their bags are great and made of very strong material too. Everytime I scuff my Monroe and cringe that I’ve blemished it, when I look for the scratch, there’s nothing to be found. Fabulous!

  57. Johnida

    Wow! Great looking bag. I can always use another project bag, especially a messenger-style since I bike to knit meet-ups!

  58. Nigel Pottle

    How could I not want that bag – I’ve been coveting one ever since I saw the first one via Franklin Habit.

  59. Marisa

    Yay! Bags!!

    (Also: Namaste has fantastic customer service. The zipper broke on my brand-new bag, and they *immediately* sent me a new one, no questions asked. With a post-paid label for returning the damaged bag, even.)

  60. Renee Cook

    I’ve always loved the look of messenger bags and yet, have never owned one! Simply lovely bag.

  61. Kari W.

    I have looked longingly at that bag since the first time I set eyes on it. So I too will throw my hat into the ring and cross my fingers.

  62. Denise Katz

    I am seriously a Bag Lady! I really like that version. I have a couple Namaste, but the messenger bag is really my style… I pray to the random number generator to pick me!

  63. Susan

    Ooh, a Namaste messenger bag! This would be perfect to stash my knitting when I ride my bike around town!

    No, I don’t knit and ride at the same time. Safety first.

  64. Joy Blum

    Love these bags ans would love to try one out before I buy more. Thanks for the contest. Keeping my hopes up!!

  65. ChiLibrarian

    I think it’s lovely. And as I was literally knitting out of a paper bag today while waiting for my car to get new tires, I need it!

  66. Jenn Lee

    Such stylish bags! Even if I don’t win, I might have to buy one. Or maybe Hannukah Harry or Santa will bring me one this year!

  67. d

    I’m definitely not the multi-handbag and hundred-dollars-per-bag type, but those bags look positively stylish AND practical. Lovely.

  68. Cinnamon

    I don’t have a bag collection, but I want to, and starting it of with a Namaste bag would be perfect!

  69. Fara

    SO pretty! I have several projects that would look spectacular in that bag. Thanks Namaste and Knitty!

  70. Megan

    This bag is so lovely. Namaste makes such creative, beautiful products. I’ve been carrying around the same messenger bag since freshman year of college (I’m in grad. school now) and just dreaming of something more grown up. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  71. Camilla

    I’ve been waiting (rather impatiently) for my LYS to get those in so I can check it out in the flesh. Love Namaste!

  72. colleen mcguire

    I would feel much funky’er than I am with that bag on my shoulder. And i could put my new crochet hook so i can pull it out and practice on the subway, or while waiting for my children!

  73. Julie

    This bag rocks! I bought one for my sister for Christmas. Funny how I can buy things like this for others but would never buy one for myself.

  74. EllenVDL

    Oh YES!!!! I’m positively giddy just thinking of having a small chance of winning this awesome bag!

  75. s-j

    oooh! you’re right, we do love bags (at least i certainly do). and ones with good knitting pockets are the best!

  76. Sherray

    I am guilty… I have a bag fetish! And I would LOVE to add this one to my collection. Love the color, too!

  77. LeAnn Brown

    Wow, skill testing questions… sure hope I can keep up! That’s an awesome bag, can’t wait to see the question!

  78. Chloe

    great bag! lots of room for knitting and other essentials…even books! finding bags for books is always a challenge.

  79. Michelle B

    OMG I love that bag..not only would it be awesome for knitting but also for work! Plus it’s my color!

  80. Kathleen

    That is a great bag – I promised myself one when I hit my weight loss goal. But if I won one, I could buy a different style…

  81. Nicole

    I can’t believe you’re giving one of those beautiful bags away!!! One can never have enough bags! More places to stash yarn!

  82. Erica

    Love it! As a poor college student, I’m definitely too poor to afford a nice knitting bag like this.

  83. Sage

    Yes, its true, as a knitter I love yarn … and I love bags, not quite, but almost as much!

    And this bag is a beauty!

  84. Cynthia RD

    I’m not near as cool as the model in the photo,but a Namaste bag would sure help my street cred!

  85. Leslie F

    Ooooooh, please, ME! I have been coveting one of these for ever so long.

    And I hope the skill question is easy-peasey.

  86. Leesa Gentry

    I adore all bags and this one looks amazing. Can you have too much yarn or too many bags, think not! What would life be like without tons of bags and yarn.

  87. Irene

    love it love it!! No such thing as too many bags… that would be like saying you have too much yarn!

  88. Lisa Rogers Lowrance

    Namaste! I have a new iPad and need a bag that van hold it, my knitting, and my daily stuff. 😀

  89. jtlhmmwabodf

    I’ve been coveting a bag like that for months, but it’s waaaay out of my price range. Would be awesome to win!

  90. Inara

    I love, love, love this bag – I’ve been eyeing this style up for quite a while. And I have to confess to some curiousity concerning the ‘skill question’. In my head, this involves a quiz over knitting technique.

  91. Bekah

    Beautiful! And look what a lot of comments it commands 🙂 Going to go have a look at their website…

  92. Jennifer

    Wow! That certainly is an upgrade from the purse system I currently using.

    Congrats to whoever wins. I’ll try not to be green with jealously.

  93. Julia in KW

    Random comment to go with the Random Number Generator…I could use a smile…hope it’s me!

  94. Dianna

    You’re right – this is one knitter that really likes bags! I’d love to have the bag – so . . . pick me please?!

  95. Carolyn

    That bag doesn’t look very mini – I think it would hold a big project and then some! Really nice.

  96. Maria Olshin

    That’s a fabulous bag! It looks like it’s exactly the right size for most carry-along projects.

  97. Beth Rudo

    I love that Namaste bag, the shape, the color, even that it has a shoulder strap, and would love to have it!