WWW: Socks in Public, Knitting Behind Bars, Knitted Periodic Table

The winner of our Flügel yarn pack contest is Ginger from Oregon. Thanks to the lovely people at Blue Sky Alpacas for the prize!

Image courtesy Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun

A wonderful article about knitter Lynn Zwerling, who has launches the “Knitting Behind Bars” program in Maryland, to teach inmates how to knit. Although prison staff were initially skeptical about the program, it’s proven to be very beneficial. Participants find it soothing and calming, and there has been a marked improvement in their behaviour, mood and attitudes.

Ms. Zwerling maintains a blog about the program, and you can purchase specially dyed limited edition sock yarn to help support the program.  (The colorway is called “I Fought the Law and the Law Won”.)

Six teenage boys enrolled in a high school entrepreneurship program at a school outside of Philadelphia have started a business selling hand-knit hats to their classmates.

Wool is an element, isn't it?

Chemists in Wellington, New Zealand, have just completed a project to knit a replica of the periodic table of the elements. The project was unveiled at the University of Waikato during the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry conference starting last week.

The project was initiated by the Wellington branch of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry and took over three months, with 162 knitters using over 12 miles (22,500yds, 8km) of yarn. The project has Facebook group with lots of excellent pictures!

Image courtesy Matthew Sherwood/The Star

Our own Kate is featured in a punny but fun article in The Toronto Star about knitting socks in public.

A nice little piece from a knitter about colors and how you see them – and how knitting with Koigu is changing that. (Bonus: the slippers are Kate’s design!)

This article about a winter clothing collection campaign in Winnipeg reminds us that, as the cold weather approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, there are families in need of warm winter clothing. Consider making a contribution to a program in your area.

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  2. Sheila Rovelstad

    The yarn designed for the Knitting Behind Bars Project, “I Fought the Law and the Law Won”, is not a limited addition. This yarn will remain on my site and will continue to support the Knitting Behind Bars Program.

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