WWW: The Technology of Socks, NaKniSweMo, Yarnbombed Music Video

All the cool kids are doing it...

The winner of the mini messenger bag is Ellen from Katy, Texas. Thanks to Namaste for the prize!

It’s November – you know what that means… NaKniSweMo. If you can’t write a book for National Novel Writing Month, considering knitting a sweater for National Knit a Sweater Month. There are prizes, too! Join the Ravelry group.

The Cast On Podcast, hosted by Brenda Dayne (long-time friend of Knitty and designer of the now-classic Mrs Beeton pattern) is back, big time! Having reached the milestone of 100 podcasts, Brenda has recently rejigged her format to shorter-but-more-frequent ‘casts, full of her trademark charm and warmth, wrapped in a velvet voice. And of course…lots of knitting. Listeners are glad to have her back.

Brenda is celebrating the relaunch with a brand-new page on Facebook and listeners can expect a contest soon, too, we hear.

I bet she's wearing handknit socks...

This past week, Rachel Maines, a historian at Cornell University presented a paper on the Technology of Socks and their importance during the two world wars early in the 20th century. Her presentation, “Socks at War: Trenchfoot Casualties in the American Forces in World War II,” spoke about the challenges of treating and preventing trenchfoot, a debilitating condition that was due to the moist conditions in the trenches, and the role of good socks – often handknit. During World War I, 150 million pairs of socks were needed, and home knitters were pressed into service.

Dr. Maines has also authored a study on how fiber arts went from industry to hobby. “Hedonizing Technologies” is a a course at Cornell and is available as a book.

With the demand for local wool growing (you’re welcome 🙂 ), the American Sheep Industry Association and the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association have made an urgent call for more Ohioans to get into the sheep-herding business, and for existing producers to expand their flocks.

Watch the video – lovely sheep, lovely dogs, lovely scenery. It’s a good and realistic look at the work of shepherding.

Combining knitting & TV mystery series! All my needs met!

Two excellent stories about artisans working to revive traditional textile industries…

A fabulous profile of Gudrun and Gudrun, Faroese designers who shot to fame for designing the snowflake sweater featured in the very popular Danish mystery series The Killing.

And Philadelphia-based industrial designer Andrew Dahlgren is working to resurrect the knitting industry in the once textile-dominant city of Philadelphia. ADMK, his project management and “industry design” company, is re-envisioning textile manufacturing and labor, revolutionizing the classic cottage industry model for the 21st century.

Cozy and catchy!

The band Seventeen Evergreen has released a rather fabulously fun “yarnbombed” music video. Don’t try to understand, just enjoy the sight of a mysterious yarn-covered arm stretching out from under a heap of clothes, a yarn-covered telephone, yarny Luchador masks, and a fully yarn-enrobed band dancing in a fully yarn-covered room. It seems to be equal parts crochet and knitting, but all fun!

And if you get the feeling that a lot of thrift stores were raided to make the video, you’re right. Some great photos showing the making of the video

Celebrity knitter alert: Judy Greer!

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    OMG – NaKniSweMo- just hearing about it for the first time and it is 9 days into November. Can it be done? Should it be done?

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