Knitting Goals: Qiviut Socks and Escargot and Lanesplitter, and the Cooperative Press Contest Winner

Comfy and, more to the point, warm.

Kate’s qivuit socks:

They are finished! And not a moment too soon: we had a cold snap over the weekend. Don’t tell anyone, but I wore my Qiviut socks two days in a row…
It’s a plain and simple pair of top-down stocking stitch socks, 56 sts on 2.5mm needles. There are two advantages to having small feet: fewer sts means less knitting, and also more leftovers! I’ve got about 40gm of the skein left, which is enough to make the feet of two more socks. Since it’s my feet that get the coldest (rather than my ankles), I’m going to make a toe-up pair with Qiviut feet and something else for the leg. They’ll look sort of funny, but I will be so warm I won’t mind!

Jillian’s Escargot:

Project #2 from Knitty done for the year (my goal is 6).

Escargot from the current issue:

Escargot modeled by hat thief

Escargot finished and stolen in the same day, that has to be some sort of record. Of course, the thief is my daughter.

The yarns are Dream in Color In Vino Veritas for the main color and Spring Tickle for the accent.

I purposely made the snail part of the hat larger to offset my huge hair. But now that the girl has it, I think I’ll restitch it to regular snail size.

Next up in Knitty knitting queue is Groove by Stephen West.

Get into the Groove

I’m going to knit it in Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Clematis, an indigo blue and one of her browns Bark or William Morris. Of course I may completely change my mind once I’m standing in front of the display at my LYS .

Amy’s Lanesplitter:

Lanesplitter in cotton tape is progressing well. Supposedly I have about 6″ of straight section to go and then the blissful decreasing.

The other secret project for Brenda Dayne’s “Welsh for Rainbow” is on the final segment. I took my own advice (instead of agonizing over a billion options) and chose a simple-but-perfect lace pattern to use for the last rows.

One repeat done, making decisions quickly and I’ll have it done in time to hand it to Brenda in person when she starts her North American tour in early May!

Cooperative Press Winner!

The winner of the spectacular Cooperative Press, explode your head with all of the creative ideas, book giveaway is:

Robin in Ohio. Happy Knitting!

A huge thanks to Shannon at Cooperative Press for the generous giveaway!

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7 thoughts on “Knitting Goals: Qiviut Socks and Escargot and Lanesplitter, and the Cooperative Press Contest Winner

  1. Mandyz

    Wait, is there a reason one should be secretive about wearing wool socks for 2 days? I do it all the time…

  2. Carol Gilham

    Wool socks should only be aired between wearings–frequent laundering unnecessary. Save the planet.

  3. Seanna Lea

    Wow. I’m jealous of your qiviut socks. I have a small ball of qiviut, but I’ve been putting of using it. My feet are cold all the time, so I keep wondering if I need even warmer socks.

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