Knitting Goals: Update

And Kate’s Must Have Cardigan is done!

Very happy with the fit
Cabley goodness

A fun knit, and wasn’t actually a lot of work when I was focused on it.

I’m in two minds about the length… It seemed very short, and I would have made it longer if I’d had more yarn. I bought the yarn so long ago that there was no hope of matching the dye lot. But now it’s done, I’m very pleased with the length.

There is only one button on it for now, since I haven’t found precisely the right buttons. I’ve got my heart set on those classic leather buttons

The perfect buttons. Now to find them.



Jillian is knitting along on her third of six Knitty projects for the the year, Groove by Stephen West:

Groove in Madelinetosh DK

The first section is done! I love how the colors are playing out. The yarn is Madelinetosh DK in colors Clematis and Bark.

And Amy’s almost ready for the decrease rows on her Lanesplitter.


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10 thoughts on “Knitting Goals: Update

  1. Aunt Marti

    This might surprise you, but I found the identical real-leather buttons at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts! I just used them on a sweater I made to send to my sailor son in Japan.

  2. Seanna Lea

    If you find the perfect leather buttons, can you help me find the perfect wooden acorn (as in shaped like an acorn) buttons. I’ve been on Etsy when my local button shop turned out to only have these metal buttons that while cute were too showy for the top.

  3. Lyn

    I also have those buttons from JoAnn’s and I love the length, with the T hanging lower. It looks great!

  4. Christa Giles

    Button Button is a fantastic shop in Vancouver that carries LOTS of buttons (I know, shocker).. and they’ve got real leather buttons in a wide range of colours and sizes, along with new-matching or old-mismatched options!

  5. Vicky

    Both awesome projects 🙂
    I love the colour of your cardigan. Good luck finding the buttons, although I think it looks cool with just the one at the top. I’d be tempted to leave it that way if you didn’t already have the button holes.

  6. Elsa Louise May

    There is a great button store on
    Queen St West of Spadina on the
    South Side in the first or second
    block, if I remember correctly
    Found brass buttons I was looking
    to replace on a blazer

  7. PearlsToronto

    Kate, I LOVE your cardigan! I am about to embark on a new one for myself (though by the time I finish it, it will likely be too warm to wear it here in Toronto). You’re an inspiration!

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