Obsession: awesome app!

my new friend.

Ask Jillian. This is my new obsession: Voxer.
It’s an app for iPhone and Android, and it allows you to have walkie-talkie-like conversations using your voice with your friends.
I boop Jillian to tell her something funny, or boop my sister to ask a question about our upcoming vacation. I’ve had the hub snoring next to me and had a conversation with the sister, whispering back and forth, after midnight. If you happen not to be near your phone when a message comes in, just tap it and it plays back.
It also does text messages and lets you send photos, but my favorite thing is the Walkie Talkie bit. LOVE IT.
It feels like a toy, but it’s damned handy. Free app, free to use. Do keep up on the updates — it’s already improved in stability considerably since I first found it about 3 weeks ago.

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5 thoughts on “Obsession: awesome app!

  1. Samina

    Explain, please? Are you not using phone minutes or texts? Is that the appeal? Otherwise, why not just talk or text? Thanks for enlightening the uninitiated!

  2. Anna D

    I so need to brush up on my French! Love the lion; was that a bison in one shot? Personally, i don’t need a phone that’s smarter than I am…..

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