Obsession: good tools

i love you.

I want you to meet my new leeetle friends.


Backtrack. In my job as editor, I get to try a lot of needles to review them for our Cool Stuff pages. For just about ever, all metal needles have been sent away to get tested by someone other than me, since metal + my usual non-woolly yarns = heartbreak.


Except I’m now knitting with camel [and a few other animally but non-woolly fibers]. And camel is grabbier than anything else I’ve ever knit with, almost. Which is awesome, for things like stretch and bounce! But is not awesome when all your needles are bamboo and wood, which grab fibers that are already grabby.


My LYS — the fabulous Purple Purl — had these brand-new HiyaHiya SHARP interchangeables in stock, and after looking the set over and examining the details carefully, I decided they just might be my solution, so I treated myself. You’ll get to read a full review in our Spring+Summer issue, which comes out in March, but a little sneak peek: I love these needles. Slippery over the join, just like I needed them to be [and I’m knitting with two strands of camel/silk laceweight!] and the new SHARP point is perfectly pointy.


Very happy knitter, me.



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16 thoughts on “Obsession: good tools

  1. Mimi

    I have the small and fat needle sets of the sharps too and I could not love them more. I love the case too. So slim — it’s very easy to carry them around.

  2. duni

    I picked up a set of the regular ones (wish i knew there were sharps!) on a whim at Article Pract whist on vacation in December. I love them and almost all the cables are on projects as we speak. I really need to pick up a couple more tips to add to the collection!

  3. Seanna Lea

    I really want to get a new set of interchangeables. For the longest time I had the Denise set, but the rubbery plastic was hard to work with and they were exceptionally tasty to my cat. I’ll have to check these out!

  4. LauraSue

    Ooooh, Amy, I got a set for Christmas and I lurve them. I love that they go down to size 4–or is it size 3 (American, sorry), and that I can get a set of smaller sizes or larger sizes. I rarely knit with anything larger than a 7 or 8, so the smaller set was perfect. They are wonderful.

  5. Yvonne N

    These are my all time favourite needles – the bamboo are also excellent when you need grabby needles.

  6. Wendy

    I love my Hiya Hiya Interchangeables too. Have the small & large (non-sharp) steel sets. Thinking of getting a few pairs of the sharp tips for sock knitting.
    Really like the weight and smoothness of the steel tips. The Hiya Hiyas have become the only needles I use.

  7. Julia F

    Hi Amy,

    When I took a long-ago road-trip with you, a set of HHs drove me *mad* by coming unscrewed every other row. Have you had any issues with that? Typically I love HHs, and I really did like the cables and lengths of that set.

    1. Amy

      How old is your set? And did you have the little rubber pads they now include to help you tighten the joint? With these babies, mine haven’t loosened at all, let alone coming unscrewed.

      First set of ANY kind of interchangeables I can say that about.

  8. Nicki

    I just discovered the Hiya Hiya Sharps, and LOVE them! The store owner told me they were coming out with smaller sizes (0, 1, and 1.5) sometime in February. I’ll be all over those, as I LOVE to knit socks.

  9. Darcey

    So, somewhat unrelated to this, but… you’re the person to ask 🙂

    I get to come back from India to Canada on a home leave trip this July (yay!). Well, husband’s home is Toronto, I’m American, but anyway… and my mother is coming up from the US and wants to schedule a yarn crawl. I know some shops have closed since we left (like The Naked Sheep) – do you know of a comprehensive list of shops outside the Purple Purl & Romny, in Toronto? I need to get her hooked on the lovely Canadian yarns you can virtually not find anywhere else, like Handmaiden…

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