WWW: Pucks & Purls, Collapsible Knitting Needles, The ‘Hoxton Bonnet’

A match made in heaven.

I know that a lot of knitters in North America enjoy a hockey game to go with their knitting. After all, between October and April, there’s an awful lot of it on TV. However this year, for the first time, you can enjoy the hockey live! Saturday February 11th the first annual Pucks & Purls event is being held at the Toronto Marlies game. Tickets are very affordable, and the caliber of the game very good. There will, naturally, be contests and prizes and much yarny fun. More info at the blog. Tickets are available through Toronto’s Downtown Knit Collective, online, or at participating stores.

The artist's own face.

A fascinating interview with artist Andrew Salomone who hacks a knitting machine to realize his design ideas. Using Photoshop and the knitting machine, he is able to knit photorealisitc designs into knitwear. He started with a knitted balaclava with a picture of his face on it.  His best known idea is the ‘recursive Bill Cosby sweater‘, showing an image of Bill Cosby wearing one of his trademark sweaters that shows an image of Bill Cosby wearing one of his trademark sweaters…

Starting a new trend, on radio

Fun story out of the UK… two popular radio DJs, Radcliffe and Maconie, helped by the Treacle Wool Shop in Northumberland, are trying to start a new fashion trend: the ‘Hoxton Bonnet’.  Yes, that’s right – starting a new fashion trend on the radio. The DJs had been commenting on-air on a new  trend amongst their fashionable co-workers: hats with bobbles (pom-poms) on them.  They  mused on the size of the bobble, wondering about the biggest you might be able to put on a hat. Always up for a challenge, the team at Treacle Wool Shop decided to help them out: they knitted up a couple of hats and made the largest pom-poms they could manage – each using over 100gm of yarn!
Our DJS have been wearing their hats since they got them, and talk about them on air frequently. The funny thing is that it seems to be catching on… the term ‘Hoxton Bonnet’ is starting to spread.

An interesting little project reported on the MAKE blog: collapsible knitting needles. For knitters who prefer long straight needles, this may be the answer to how to safely transport them.

From last year, an interview with New Zealand sock knitter and designer Belinda Too, telling the world at large what we all know about knitting socks: it’s not difficult and it’s enormous fun!

Best papparrazi shots ever? Katherine Heigl has been photographed shopping for yarn!

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    Could you please warn people when linking to the Daily Mail? Their brand of politics / news is one I wish to avoid supporting with adviews.

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    Noirem – that’s a bit harsh! they aren’t THAT bad! (I tend to go on there and leave sarky comments mind you – always good for a laugh 🙂 )
    Thanks for mentioning Radcliffe and Maconie on here – they really do go on about those Hoxton Bonnets! They are on 1-4pm on BBC6Music in the UK – and I do recommend them – they are a delight 🙂

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