WWW: Sweater Day, Hat Sizing Table, Woolfest 2012

The only challenge is to decide which sweater to wear....

Tomorrow, Thursday, February 9th, is WWF Sweater Day in Canada. WWF asks us to turn the heat down and put your favourite sweater on – you don’t need to ask us twice!

The initiative is to help WWF take action against climate change, and work toward a sustainable future.

Sweater Day is a fun way to make Canadians rethink how we use energy and how much we use… WWF says that if every Canadian lowered the heat a few degrees this winter, it’d be like taking 300,000 vehicles off the road!

You can even book a reminder call from one of a group of grannies.

The promotional posters for Sweater Day were created by a local Toronto team, aided by friends of Knitty Jasmine Cirjanic and the gang at The Purple Purl. The photographer provides a great behind-the-scenes view on his blog.

Amazing resource alert: a hat sizing table. And not just head circumference, but also lengths – very important for figuring out how long hats & earflaps should be!

A great Kickstarter project… Knitting the World together. Bonnie Kate Wolf, a knitter and art student in London is raising funds to help her knit a 7 foot wide map of the world. The map is her final project for her degree at the London College of Communication. She’s raising funds to help her buy the 6000 yds of yarn needed. Contributors will receive a high-resolution image of the final map.

The amazing thing is that the knitter only picked up needles for the first time a year ago!

Happy Fleece buyers at Woolfest

Planning ahead for the summer, Woolfest 2012 has been announced. Friday and Saturday June 22 & 23 in Cockermouth, Cumbria, the event promises lots of excellent fiber fun. From fleece animals and rare breeds, through fleece, tops, craft equipment and materials, to finished clothing, accessories and unique hand-crafted woollen goods, there is something for every fiber enthusiast.

Wonderful story from Australia about the resurgence of wool as both a luxury and practical fiber in clothing... Over three quarters of Australia’s wool last year – over $2 billion’s worth – was sold to China for use in the clothing industry.

Awesome video of an experiment conducted in space, using a static-charged knitting needle.  Although we do sort of resent the implication that knitting needles would be otherwise uninteresting in space.  I mean, honestly, I think knitting socks would be an ideal way to pass the hours on the journey…

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8 thoughts on “WWW: Sweater Day, Hat Sizing Table, Woolfest 2012

  1. Cari

    Great post! Love the head sizing link, and you are absolutely correct; knitting needles are awesome on Earth, too.

  2. Seanna Lea

    I’ll have to suggest this to my husband for tomorrow. We might not be in Canada, but anything about heat that applies to Canada surely also applies to New England!

  3. Kate Mc

    I like the idea of wear a warm sweater day. I will talk with my local yarn shop and look at finding a way to do that here in the US. We use WAY too much energy! Thanks for the idea.

  4. Chloe

    knitting and anything related to knitting (or knittin’)is not mundane.
    and i have the perfect sweater to wear! it has pandas on it. 🙂

  5. AlisoninOz

    Hi Knitty! *waving* at you from Adelaide South Australia where that newspaper article was published (and where that frock was designed). At our show (agricultural and horticultural) in September we have (and have had ever since I can remember – and I am rapidly heading towards a half a century) fabulous wool fashion parades that showcase what is done with Australia wool – the parades tend heavily towards the woven rather than the knitted, but still, wool is wool (even if you can’t wear it Amy). So thanks for giving good old Aussie wool a plug, and keep up the wonderful work with Knitty. I love Knitty because of the funkiness and the fabulous size range.



  6. Maura

    Thank you so much for the hat chart. What a great resource especially since I can’t measure every head for a hat….

  7. Betsy

    They had time to make the video and do research and whatnot beforehand, but no time to knit? Why did they even have the needle with them if they weren’t going to knit? Sure, it may be science, but sometimes ya just gotta say it: that was dumb.
    PS – thanx for sharing.

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